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I feel this down to my bones


WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp - Johnny Depp month challenge

11. Favorite Friendship

Johnny has got many great friendships with a lot of people. He is a very loyal and loving friend. Here are some honerable mentions: Hunter S. Thompson, Marlon Brando, Patti Smith, Bruce Witkin, Doug Stanhope, Bill Carter, Tommy Henriksen, Jonathan Shaw, Jim Jarmusch, …. Johnny’s friendship with Tim Burton is the most famous one but also a very precious one. They connect on so many levels; creatively, emotionally. I find it beautiful how they have been friends for so long and it has resulted in so many great films. But my ultimate favorite one is, of course, his friendship bromance with Marilyn Manson. They have matching tattoos and matching spirits. They speak and treat eachother with such love and respect and are so freaking gay for eachother I love it! They make each other laugh and support and help each other. Truly an inspiring duo that has become a synonym in this fandom for fun, laughter, cuteness and happiness and for that I am truly grateful.


WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp - Johnny Depp month challenge

15. Do you like the Hollywood Vampires?

I worship the Hollywood Vampires, they are a true tribute to RNR and to friendship. They have given Johnny a chance to live his dream, work with his heroes and have something to focus on in a most confusing time. They are therapeutic. They’ve only made three original songs but I really hope they make more because I love them. Their friendship is so sweet and loving and pure and respectful, very inspiring and heartwarming to see. They are an amazing bunch of incredible talented people, my favorite superband. They were there for me during a very difficult time, and for that they shall always have my love, respect and support. Bless this adorable team.


WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp - Johnny Depp month challenge

13. Why do you love Johnny Depp?

There are man reasons why I love and will keep on living this man. He has changed and enriched my life. He makes me laugh, he makes me happy. He gives me strenght and courage to keep going. He calms me down, puts things into perspective. He is my shelter, my sanctuary, my life, my pride, my joy. His work has taught me so much and continues to help me. His philosophies are like little rules you can aply to life and make it better for you. I love how even though he is one of the most famous and loved people in the world he is still so humble and kind and loving and still dresses and behaves like he wants to. I love how he keeps on making people happy. I love how he is able to save lives, save people from darkness. I owe him. All the things he taught me, all the lonely nights he was there. Wether I watched one of his films or saw an interview or even just looked at a picture of his, it made me feel better, safe, supported. So why do I love Johnny? He is magic, a wonder, a miracle, a gift. The things he is capable of doing through his work and existance are incredible. He is a cure.

Believe . . .

Most of y’all are comical,

Only Simple minded fools believe things arent possible,

But coming from a dreamer, my life has no obstacles,

If you wanna succeed, believe its not optional,

It’s possible, with all the worlds possibilities,

Its sick for you to let opportunities pass you by so carelessly,

Take care of the,

Take care of business and you’ll make it to,

Believe in ya dreams & see the many things that you can do,

But if you won’t then I will,

My life will be moving forward while yours is on stand still,

Believe in yourself, and dream beyond what’s in front of you,

You can always do better for yourself

Just depends on how much you want it to . .

Through The Eyes …

Look into my eyes and all you see is pain,

Eyes so red you think the devil would of came,

But the pain inside me you will never see,

It’s locked in a box n I threw away the key,

Never to reveal itself to anyone but me …

But if you look into my heart you will see a different me,

Look into my heart and you’ll see the good inside of me,

This I will present to you and you will clearly see,

But i wont let you get to close to see the pain in me,

The pains of my eyes show want my heart won’t tell,

I keep it to myself because I don’t trust to well,

Experiences of my past taught me to never show nor tell,

If you look at my smile it will be deceiving,

My smile will shine bright, so it makes the pain even harder for you to see,

The pain through my eyes that my heart wont allow you to see …


The pain in my eyes show what the heart won’t tell but you would never know their is pain because of a smile that deceives all so well…