OK WTF…?… 
Today I was scooping the dog poop out of my back yard when I noticed my spare water Reservoir for the dogs was out in the brush on the edge of my back yard. I picked it up to put it back where I kept it, and the base was full of Lighter fluid, and the water bottle had remnants of Antifreeze in it. I filed a MP report, and they took the water reservoir and that was pretty much all I could do.
I posted a topic about it on a local forum for military spouses on JBLM, attempting to warn others that there is possibly someone going around tryng to kill pets on post. 
Instead of “ok, thanks, we’ll be careful  or anything of the like, I basically get "You’re trying to blame others for something you’re doing”… WTF?!

Until you’re training in your sleep.

A gun team from the Raider Ready Reserve (R3), 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, gives support by fire to its team down range during a team live-fire exercise at Range 60 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Teams practiced infantry maneuvers during dry and blank round iterations of the combat scenario, and finished by sending live rounds down range. The soldiers are getting prepared to deploy to Afghanistan if they are called upon.

(Photo by Army Sgt. Ryan Hallock, 30 JAN 2013.)


alright so this was me yesterday on our 5k fun run to open nurses’ week

the theme was to dress up as a superhero so I dressed up as: super gay trash: because queers need representation too (and im trash)

i also won $10 for having a unique costume and it was so much fun since my whole class kept my pace so i dont fell out the run and we were singing cadences and it was great because esprit de corps

(i would like to thank @boboacademy for this hella cool shirt and credits to the trash bag i stole from the utility closet and dammit my pants were falling down while i was running)


THE COOLEST SHIT I’VE EVER DONE IN MY MILITARY CAREER! #BangBang #Expert #FireForEffect #50cal #Qualification #JBLM #America #SprayAndPray

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