Got7 Reaction: You watch a movie together and there is a hot scene

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JB: He would at first try to just ignore it, but if the scene is longer than he expected, he would try to distract himself from the scene by focusing on different things like eating the snacks you guys had on the table. Regardless if he was eating or ‘ignoring’ the scene, he would still look at you to see your reaction to tease you about it after.

Mark: Even if he is the oldest member, I still think that he is really awkward in this situation, especially if you weren’t together for that long. He would first look at you with an embarrassed smile and then would turn his head in another direction. He probably wouldn’t look at you before the movie is over, because he is still a little embarrassed about the scene.

Jackson: He definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed or awkward, because of the scene. Jackson would look at you and wait to see your reaction, if your reaction was anything that could hint at that you’re turned on, he would kiss you and just completely forget about the movie. On the other hand, if you didn’t show any signs of being turned on then he would forget it and continue to watch the movie.

Jr.: He would laugh and cover his face, because he thinks the scene is really awkward to watch. After he calmed down, he would cuddle with you to hide his face which is still red from blushing. 

Youngjae: He wouldn’t be embarrassed about it, but if he saw you being embarrassed because of it, he would try to distract you. Youngjae would make weird faces at you to get you to laugh and when he noticed that the scene was over, he would give you a quick kiss and would cuddle with you for the rest of the movie.

Bambam: He would be most awkward out of all of them. He would probably grab the TV-remote as fast as he can to turn of the sound so it would be less embarrassing for him. He also would try to avoid eye contact with you and just be really shy throughout the rest of the movie, but after the movie is over he would just be his normal, cute self again.

Yugyeom: I think he would just continue watching the movie even if he would be shy and embarrassed about it. You would look at him, because you didn’t want to watch the scene and when you see that he is still watching the movie while smiling. You would ask jokingly if he was happy that the scene was in the movie and he then would desperately try to tell you that he isn’t happy about it and that he was just to shy until you tell him that it was just a joke.

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got7x guilty pleasures

got7x you and the guilty pleasures you share.

Mark: playing online games.

Jackson: binge watching. hellooooo netflix and dramafever. don’t expect to get any sleep when this kid is over.

JR: baking desserts ^^

JB: Youtube, watching pointless videos.

BamBam: shopping.

Yugyeom: learning girl group dances.

Youngjae: blasting your favorite disney songs and belting them out like it’s no one’s business.