i’ll be 89 years old and won’t even remember my own name, but i’ll still be wondering what the fuck happened here



GOT7’s Hard Carry EP.03 Teaser

source:  M2

GOT7 Reaction

got7 reaction to you saying ¨i love you’’ first

jackson: ‘’i mean who doesn’t’’ 

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 JB; this boy would be in shock that you actually said i love you first since he was nervious that you didn’t have feelings for him 

‘’i love you too’’

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jinyoung: ‘’im sorry you wha?’’ he would like jb he wont know how to react since he though that you were joking but when you repeated to him the same words he got really shy 

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Youngjae; gif

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BamBam: ‘’ohhhh!, i love you too’’

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Mark: he would be really normal about you confesing and he would  love it.

‘’lets go out for ice cream tomorrow’’

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Yugyeom: (tries to act coo)

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(but fails)

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