Jason’s photographs flow from a sensitivity toward “the inveterate minuteness” of inspiration, from an attentiveness to what Henry James called “the stray suggestion, the wandering word, the vague echo.” They are definitively pictures of and from the world, one comprised of disjuncture and efflorescence — a whole world of disparateness in which voluble conflicts are the equal of irresistible attractions. They are diaristic, instinctual, self-deprecating and playful images, and in them the urge to capture and to frame is continually swarmed over by the virulence of life in a constant process of replication.

“I am attracted to the things that I feel connect deeply to my own personal psychology. I came from a pretty difficult background that I am still sifting through and dealing with, and I have always found comfort in the offness of a subject, while at the same time I have always tried to find something right (for me) about it.” — Jason Nocito

The Wholeness of Disparate Parts: a conversation with Jason Nocito, just published at thegreatleapsideways.com


I did this interview over a few months with Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa. Honestly it felt more like a Photo therapy session than an interview(in the best possible way)…we talked a bout a lot of stuff including - my work, my mom,my childhood,my behavior patterns and how i didn’t get into grad school twice…He also wrote an incredible intro using words i literally had to look up.