Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl [album]

This album contains Fifth Harmony’s “unreleased” songs/songs that didn’t make it onto one of their albums.

01. Reflection (extended version)
02. Worth It (feat. Kid Ink) [remastered]
03. Voicemail
04. Uptown Funk (feat. Jamine V., Jacob Whitesides & Mahogany Lox)
05. No Filter
06. One Wish
07. Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [remastered]
08. Sensitive
09. Change The Bad Boy
10. Big Bad Wolf (from 7/27: Japanese Deluxe Edition)
11. Over
12. 1000 Hands (from 7/27: Japanese Deluxe Edition)
13. Ladder
14. That’s My Girl [remastered]

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lauren jauregui & y/n {dirty imagine} {requested}

“mom i turn 16 next month why on earth do i need a babysitter!!” i complain following my mom down the stairs. “because you invited people over the last time i left you alone remember!” she replies in her annoyed tone. “it wasnt that bad.” i mumble continuing following her into the kitchen. “they were snorting pot in my living room!!” she shouts grabbing her purse off the counter. “mom you dont…” i started but she shoots me a death stare so i stop. “she should be here any minute.” she goes on rushing to the hall mirror pulling out her lipstick. the second the red touches her lips the door bell rings.  “get that will ya?” she says tracing her lips with the red. i sigh heading to the door. a beautiful brunette hair woman is standing on the front porch wearing a pencil skirt, and a loose button up that is one button away from seeing her breasts. “hello lauren this is my daughter y/n.” my mom introduces when i didnt say anything. “hi.” she says stepping in. “y/n dont be rude.” my mom snaps. “umm … hi.” i say stepping to the side for her to walk in. “ill be back in a few hours y/n dont invite people over.” she warns before shouting her goodbyes shutting the door behind her. lauren is sitting on the love seat when i walk into the living room. i sit on the larger couch across from her. “what do you wanna do?” she smiles. i shrug sitting back on the couch praying her breasts fall out of that nicely loose shirt. ive always loved girls. ALWAYS. i just can help it i see a beautiful girl my downstairs gets flooded. even though ive never done anything with a girl expect kiss. “how old are you?” she asks leaning back as well. “15… 16 next month.” i say loving her legs as they uncross. “how old …” i start not sure if its okay to ask. “iam 21.” she goes on. “are you thinking about any colleges?” she asks. “ummm not really.” i reply honestly. “you have a boyfriend?” “umm no.” i mumble. “girlfriend?” she smiles. i can feel my face go red. “you do!” she laughs. “no, not yet.” i reply watching her bite her lip. i squeeze my legs together to feel something down there. “kissed a girl?” she asks. i nod. “ohhhh fingered?”  blush. “how about licked?” red as a tomato. she spreads her legs wide enough that her skirt rose up her thighs showing me she has no panties. “come here.” she smiles motioning with her finger. i do. i slowly walk towards her sitting next to her. “give me your hand.” she whispers nibbling on my ear lobe. i gasp as i feel her tongue on my neck kissing, sucking a soft spot. she slips off her shoes moving her skirt completely off “you feel that?” she asks. i nod. “those are my lower lips.” she smiles leaning back. “soft.” i smile feeling the wetness leaking from her. “do you feel how wet i am for you?” she whimpers sliding my fingers lower. “put a finger in.” she says holding back a moan. sliding my middle finger inside her she lets a soft moan escape. “thats nice.” i pump inside her adding my index. “ohhh mmmm thats good.” she whimpers softly. “add another y/n.”  three fingers inside her. “thats real good y/n now faster baby.” she tells me rubbing her clit. pumping faster she begins to moan louder. “thats it fuckk thats just right. “ she whimpers showing me how deep to go. “ohhh fuckkk yesssss.” she squeals arching her back. “make me cum.” she tells me pulling me down to her kissing me. the sloppy kiss turns to her moan against my mouth. i kiss down her neck still pumping my fingers, in a pattern of slow rough slow. she loves it. “you sure you havent done this before?” she smiles climbing on top of me. “lets get this off of you.” she smiles pulling my tank top over my head. “look at those.” she smiles licking my nipples. “fuck lauren.” i moan as her hand slides into my shorts. she cups my pussy her nails tracing my entrance. my hips jerk wanting a finger. she smiles pushing me down on the couch. straddling my hips she grinds herself down onto me. my hands grab her ass following her grinding. she pushes her pussy on my thigh grinding down. she moans rocking giving herself pleasure. the sexiest thing ive ever seen. she leans down kissing me i instantly grab onto her button up nearly ripping the buttons off as i tear it from her body. i pull her bra down kissing her breasts. “yes y/n.” she moans slipping back onto my lap. she starts tugging at my shorts wanting them gone. i stand up as she lays back licking her lips. i let my shorts fall pooling around my ankles. “let the panties.” she smiles reaching out to me. i walk closer as her hands reach out to my thighs. “come here.” she whispers wanting me to straddle her face. with her face under me she licks one stripe up my panties. “i can taste you through these.” she smiles as i watch her hand behind me touch herself. one hand is on my thigh the other rubbing her clit. she licks me through my panties. i push down wanting the more. “lauren fuckk please just ….. ahhh my god!!” i moan as she slides my panties aside tasting me. “shittt!!!” she mutters before licking deep into me. i slide as much as i can down onto her tongue. “just like that!!” i moan rocking my pussy on her tongue. “shitt.” i moan reaching back moving her hand rubbing her clit. she moans humming into me making everything so much better. “keep going pleaseee dont stop fuckk!!!” i shout wanting my high more than anything. she doesnt led up as i start cumming on her tongue, she loves it licking every ounce of my juices. i climb off of her still straddling her lap. “you dirty slut.” she smiles sitting up smashing our bodies together. “you like that little girl?” she smiles slapping my ass. i gasp pushing up against her. “huh?” she goes on slapping again. “yes!” i gasp as her hands grab my ass. “my turn.” she replies laying me back down while she climbs onto my tongue. this was going to be so much fun. 

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hope you liked it!!! this one got a bunch of hearts when it was requested! let me know if you want to see a part 2? to this maybe idk i can make this a small series???? let me know what you think!  thanks for reading!!  xx  ♥ 

jasmine villegas & lauren jauregui {dirty imagine} {requested}

“your wearing that on stage?” i ask watching lauren as she zips up her high waisted shorts that make her ass look fabulous.  “yes, is there a problem?” she smiles facing towards the mirror. “umm yes.” i admit walking behind her wrapping my arms around her waist. “your showing a little to much to that crowd.” i smile sliding her hair to one side of her shoulder, kissing her neck softly. my hand glides down her back touching her ass. i reach between her legs leaving it there before going back to her ass. she lets out a small whimper watching me through the mirror. i smile rubbing her ass then smacking it once. “jasmine.” she moans. “is this a little too much ass for you?” she teases moving her ass rubbing it against me. “absolutely not.” i laugh grabbing her hips pushing her more onto me.  reaching around i lock my arms around her as she keeps grinding on me. “damn lauren.” i smile, while she leans against me watching me as i watch her. our lips touch in perfect motion, her tongue slides into my mouth while mine slides into hers. she pulls away gently turning around making our chests smash against each others. “dont you think about me when you dance in front of that crowd while they whistle and shout dirty things to you?” she asks wrapping her arms around me. “of course i do baby.” i smile laying my hands on her ass. “and while they whistle and shout their dirty things i always think about this ass, this pussy…..” i smirk leaning down to kiss her neck once. “this perfect skin, your amazing chest, the way you moan while i eat you out..” i go on making her cling onto me more. “your making me so wet.” she smirks looking down our bodies. “good baby.” i tease. 

i slide my hand between us making the button of her shorts pop open, then with small movements i start to pull her shorts. “jas-” she starts but i pull her lips to my mouth working her shorts down her thighs before she stops me. “i cant.” she says holding my wrists still. “but look at that baby.” i smile looking at her light colored undies that clearly show her wet spot. “we have a little time.” i smile sliding my hand to cup her pussy. a shaky breath passes her lips as she nods her head frantically crashing her lips on mine. i yank her shorts and undies the rest of the way down her thighs. she grips my waist struggling to get my jeans off. “these damn jeans.” she mutters pulling away from our kiss to rip the button from my jeans. “opps.” she giggles sliding them down my legs. “eager lauren.” i laugh pulling off my shirt. “well you saw how wet i am.” she winks taking my hand and leading me to the huge cushion chair in the corner of the room. “sit down jas and take off other panties.” she say in a slow soft voice. i follow her instructions flinging my undies to the floor then taking a seat on the cold leather. lauren sways her hips walking closer to me. she stop when her legs are touching mine. i watch as her hands grip around the him of her shirt lifting it up showing me her toned stomach. my eyes slip down to the place between her legs. “naughty jasmine.” she teases catching me. “can you blame me?” i smile biting down on my lower lip. “iam stripping for you dont you see.” she pouts unhooking her bra. “i see that and i like it, but i see something else i like.” i smirk siting up laying my palms on her hips. she reaches down lifting my shirt over my head. “touch me.” she whispers desperately. i nod slowly tracing my fingertips around her thigh to touch her pussy lips. she hums little tunes as my fingers start slipping inside her. i wait until she looks away then lean forward to lick at her clit. “oh!” she moans startled. “give me your hand and step up.” i say. i pull her up onto the chair, i lean my head back as she stands hovering her pussy over my mouth. “you want a taste?” she teases rocking her hips above me holding onto the wall for balance. “yes give me this pussy.” i demand grabbing her thighs pushing her down onto my tongue. “oh yeah baby.” she moans rolling her hips on my tongue. “thats it.” she whimpers making her clit slide on my tongue. i pay more attention to her clit since i know thats what she likes. “suck my cl- …yes baby!!” she moans while i suck down on her clit reading her mind. her juices drip on my chin while she rocks back and forth. “fuck…… lauren!!” i moan into her pussy. i cant help but let my fingers slide into my own pussy. “are you wet jas?” lauren moans trying to catch her breath. i nod humming right on her clit. she shivers in response. “jasmine iam going to cum!!” she shouts grabbing my hair tugging at it while i suck and lick at her pussy. “oh shit!!” she yelps slapping her hands on the wall, rocking herself down using my tongue as her own personal toy. she lifts her hips to get down but i stop her before she can move anymore. “jas-” she starts but i stop her reconnecting my tongue inside her pussy. “jasmine!!!” she squeals dropping some of her body weight on me. i laugh, wrapping my arms around her thighs wanting as much as her pussy as i can get. “jas wait.” she begs trying to get free. “jasmine!!” she squeals again, reaching down to me. “stop… wait ughhhh oh god!!” she whimpers, her thighs clinch around my head. she curse at me but even then i keep going. i want her to cum one more time before i let her go. my tongue goes over her clit multiple times, i suck down on it. “holy shit!!” she whimpers cumming for a second time taking us both by surprise. she straddles my lap leaning against me while i wipe my chin and lips. “you taste so good you know i had to get another taste.” i smile looking down to her. 

after a moment she reaches down between us sticking two fingers inside her pussy. “mmm” she hums rocking down on her fingers. i watch mesmerized. her body tenses we both know she hit a spot she likes. “oh.” she moans quietly. she pulls her fingers out then pushes them back inside her slowly. “faster.” i mumble keeping my eyes on her. she smiles obeying. “mmmmhm.” she hums, slaps from her juices fill my ears. just as i thought she was going to make herself cum again she pulls her fingers out putting them close to my mouth. i already know what she wants me to do so i bring her fingers into my mouth. she watches batting her eyes at me loving every minute of this. fuck just by the way she looks at me like this i want her back on my tongue. without a sound she gets off my lap and sinks down to her knees. her hands grab my thighs pulling me forwards. “someone else is dripping.” she smiles giving my pussy one long lick. i suck in air wanting much more. her places my legs over her shoulders sliding her face closer to my pussy. “eat me out.” i whimper grabbing the chair arms. “yes princess.” she smiles grabbing my ass licking my hole then shoving her tongue into the wetness of my pussy. “yes lauren.” i yelp grabbing her hair. she hums, moving her tongue around at an incredible speed. my mouth drops open not able to scream or moan. in seconds my back lifts from the leather, my thighs clinch around lauren, i let out a small whimper coming undone under her tongue. i close my eyes breathing heavily relaxing. lauren gets between my legs, laying on me. my legs wrap around her waist as i start to feel my favorite feeling in the entire world. her lips on mine. her kiss is soft and warm against mine. she presses her hips down, moving around until theirs friction against my open core. “lauren.” i moan. our kiss gets heated within seconds, her lips move down to my neck leaving me a small spot near my collarbone. her movement gets rougher against me as her lips get lower wrapping around my nipple. my clit rubs against her. i hold onto her arms as she gets faster. “fuck babe your gunna make me cum again.” i whisper moan bring her lips to mine again. she smiles rolling her hips in small circles. the building up in my lower stomach starts, my breathing gets faster along with my hips moving with laurens. “cum for me baby, thats it jasmine you like me rubbing your clit huh baby?” lauren whispers in my ear biting down on my earlobe. my head throws back as i feel my high taking over. “yes baby girl.” lauren says rocking faster until iam done with my high. “oh shit.” i breath out sitting up with lauren. she smiles sitting on my lap. “that was fun.” she laughs pecking me on the lips. “very fun.” i smile laying me head on her. “told you we had time.” i say. “mmhm.” she hums getting comfy. “oh god!!! the show!!!” she jumps up grabbing for her clothes all over the floor. i laugh forgetting myself that she had a show to do. “three minutes lauren!!” someone shouts from the other side of the door. 

hope you guys dont mind how long with one was lol, hope you liked it, let me know what you think & thanks for reading xx 


Angel ♢Miley Cyrus♢ -is going to be covered in tattoos, two sleeves, and a nose piercing. She dresses only in dark colors doesn’t like the color pink and she’s kind of a heartless bitch

Allison ♤Zendaya Coleman♤- Is a bad ass, with three or four tattoos, she does have a nice side she just doesn’t like annoying people. Most of her outfits remain casual. Some bright colors here and there but mostly purples blues and greys.Oh and she is a kick boxer

Skylar ♡Jasmine Villegas♡- is the good girl of course, she’s gonna feel pressured through out the story and she only has a piercing on her lip and a belly piercing she loves bright colors but there’s only this one guy who is of course Justin will make her feel wild and free

Natalie ♧Demi Lovato♧: Has one tattoo which is on her hip, it’s a rose.She very reserved and doesn’t like to speak or yell for that matter. She also finds Miley a tad bit annoying. She wears pastel colors. And a lot of sweaters to hide her arms

Chris Brown- has a sleeve, and a very detailed tattoo that says ‘bruh" on his back. He has a lip piercing he wears somewhat in between clothing. Using greens or blues once and a while. And he’s a drug dealer… which in fact he stops at the end. FOR LOVE

Justin Bieber- Justin is cocky and he’s street racer, he’s filled with tats of course, he has a dark past which I haven’t figured out yet, and he’s also a flirt

Dylan O'Brian- is a mean fuck, he’s careless , does what he wants, pretty much a bully, he drinks a lot and when he’s drunk he gets really angry, he likes setting things on fire later on in the story he falls for Angel but Angel doesn’t feel the same way because she’s heartless but as time flies she will start liking him his arms, chest and back in tatted, no piercings

Zayn Malik- dark and dangerous. His tattoos cover his whole upper body. He also has a lip piercing. He gambles does drugs, deals drugs, and races.He said he would change for No one. But that’s a lie.