Mardy Bum (Split)
  • Mardy Bum (Split)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Whatever People Say I Am...

Studio Version in the left ear

Acoustic Version (x) in the right ear

Be sure to listen with headphones

(This is only the first verse because after that the two tracks were too inconsistent)

Why is it suddenly so normal in society for young girls to obsess over grown men three times their age and imagine them romantically with another man just like that and have come up with almost a full new language to talk about this pairing and write cute to sex scenes about this pairing why is this normal and why am I a part of it

can everyone stop acting like “strong female characters who are badass and can still be feminine!!!!” is somehow revolutionary…. i wanna see strong tomboy female characters, strong butch female characters, female characters saving the day with hairy armpits and dirty sneakers and ugly cargo shorts. of course feminine strong female characters are great bc theyre still strong female characters, but praising their femininity in particular is so odd when female characters have only ever been feminine, theyre expected to be and not accepted otherwise

The Wolf and The Witch Part 1 (Sneak #2)

A simple touch from you and he would be on his knees desperate to please; he loved every second of it. You might have thought he was sin incarnate, but to Theo…you were the epitome of addiction.

“See anything you like?” you teasingly asked the lust ridden man clutching the fabric of your bed in his claws.

Everything…” He was an alcoholic trapped in a liquor factory. Everything the desired most stood right in front of him and the mere fact that he couldn’t have it made him covet you so much more. 

Chapter one coming soon!!