Bisexual Lead TV Characters

(1995) Xena | Xena: Warrior Princess
(2003) Marissa Cooper | The O.C.
(2006) Jack Harkness |Torchwood
(2010) Bo Dennis | Lost Girl
(2013) Piper Chapman | Orange is the New Black
(2013) Stella Gibson | The Fall
(2013) Hannibal Lector | Hannibal
(2014) Dorian Gray | Penny Dreadful
(2014) Captain James Flint | Black Sails
(2014) Clarke Griffin | The 100
(2014) Annalise Keating | How To Get Away With Murder

*this is by no means a comprehensive list. this was done after a cursory search.

anonymous asked:

James shows it? link?

Gurrrrrl, he’s shown it so many times, I don’t even know where to start.

lol it’s from the Pottermore thing about Petunia and Lily. The screen caps cut off some of the text so in one of them it says “James… made the mistake of showing it.” And bam. Magic was born. Now I am sure he didn’t actually show it, but Kelsey, Jenn, and I just have a dirty mind.