Ironwood teaching Yang?

So as we’ve all no doubt noticed. Half of Ironwood’s body is made of metal.

And yang is now missing a hand on the same side.

Ironwood has previously been shown to be sympathetic to Yang, and if Emerald is revealed to be the cause of her mistake at the arena perhaps he would feel responsible for what happened to her (because y’know. He already probably feels responsible enough but that doesn’t help.)

Imagine Ironwood getting Yang a robot arm, and teaching her to use it. Showing her exercises that help with learning to adjust to having a metal hand.

Imagine Ironwood as the teacher he could be. 

anonymous asked:

sorry to sound like a dumbass, but what did Pottermore say about the meaning of the "sentence" in that James/Aaron/McGonagall gif post? I'm thoroughly confused...

Nah, you don’t sound like a dumbass. Basically, Pottermore gives you a little back story on Petunia and how she met Vernon. Lily and James are in it and it describes how horribly a dinner between the four went. There is a line that reads,

“James was amused by Vernon, and made the mistake of showing it.”

Before Pottermore opened, though, someone posted screen caps of it, but a lot of the text was cut off. So that same line read,

“James… made the mistake of showing it.”

Kelsey, the mastermind of innuendos, saw it and ta-da– our little inside joke was born. There’s even a tag and everything.

Aaron Johnson is our dreamcast for James so that’s where the gif came from. 

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James shows it? link?

Gurrrrrl, he’s shown it so many times, I don’t even know where to start.

lol it’s from the Pottermore thing about Petunia and Lily. The screen caps cut off some of the text so in one of them it says “James… made the mistake of showing it.” And bam. Magic was born. Now I am sure he didn’t actually show it, but Kelsey, Jenn, and I just have a dirty mind.