“Pro-wrestling is fake!”

Well, if you mean pro-wrestling is scripted, I don’t think any one can argue with you on that.

However, if you mean wrestlers don’t have athletic capabilities or the stunts they do aren’t dangerous-

Or that pro-wrestling being scripted makes it any less enjoyable to watch-

Let me tell you something, brother-

You couldn’t be more wrong.


- The Shields debut match at TLC (2012)
- The Shield, and The Real Americans vs the Usos, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio - Survivor Series (2013)
- The Shield vs Evolution at Extreme Rules (2014)
- The Shield vs the Wyatt Family - Elimination Chamber (2014)
- Roman vs Daniel Bryan - Fast lane 2015
- Roman vs Brock - Wrestlemania 31
- Roman vs Big Show - Extreme Rules 2015
- Roman VS Sheamus - Raw (14th December 2015)
-Roman vs Dean - Survivor Series 2015
- Roman VS Dean vs Brock - Fast lane 2016
- The Shield Triple Threat - Battleground 2016
- Literally any of his matches against AJ Styles

Feel free to add your own


WWE ECW (2006-2009) is finally up on the WWE Network now for anyone that cares. Personally liked the last year or so when Christian was champion (only problem with the show at that point was that it was still called ECW), but of course the last 11 months of this show are missing.

all i really want is a wwe universe high school au where vince mcmahon is the head principal and stephanie and brie are fighting to become prom queen (plot twist nikki starts her own campaign with bae john cena) against summer rae, layla, then sports queen AJ steps in because she needs to she number one and somehow paige is dragged along and brie and the principal’s billionaire princess battle with steph’s supportive “i got u babe” bad boy boyfriend motorcycle riding hunter and brie’s martial arts enthusiast/book worm “i really don’t think we shouldn’t be doing this but I love you” daniel bryan but Jericho is gonna try to succeed in ruining steph’s campaign then there’s ziggler on the cheer squad and miz being the spoiled rich kid of a movie star and cody rhodes being the jock who’s obsessed with astronomy and dustin in all the drama plays plus captain roman and the usos on the football team. Naomi and Natayla on the cheerleading squad …randy orton being the feared jock with braces, jack swagger being the loudest during the pledge of allegiance along with history teacher zeb which angers russian transfers rusev and lana, seth in the book reading and wrestling club who listens to punk rocks during class with his hidden phones, cm punk being the badass kid who isn’t ashamed of his comic book obsession, dean being the lone wolf who smokes in the boy’s room, adam rose being the class clown hosting ALL the parties, renee and eden working on the school newspaper, kane being the smart quiet kid who can recite Steinbeck but crush you like a twig if you give him a stare…but he becomes friend with daniel bryan when they’re stuck together in detention and heath slater trying to start a rock n roll band in school and wade barrett doing the school announcement beginning with, “…I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…” kofi, big e, and mark henry in the athletic club yet also the school president, vice president, and school treasurer plus bray wyatt in poetry class “follow the buzzards” and bo dallas being the school’s freaking mascot and just nxt is the middle school k-8 across the street with bayley, sami zayn, adrian neville, sasha banks, enzo amore and collin cassidy with solomon crowe who always is the last one in the bus stop along with dean so he calls dean “moxley” because it sounds cooler and dean just plays along and calls him sami.

And just

Fuck it all I’m gonna write this