“Pro-wrestling is fake!”

Well, if you mean pro-wrestling is scripted, I don’t think any one can argue with you on that.

However, if you mean wrestlers don’t have athletic capabilities or the stunts they do aren’t dangerous-

Or that pro-wrestling being scripted makes it any less enjoyable to watch-

Let me tell you something, brother-

You couldn’t be more wrong.

I think our divas division is very strong and more competitive than it has been since I’ve been on the roster. They definitely are underutilised and don’t get enough air time – some matches just leave you blown away by what they do. I think Trinity (Naomi) is one of the girls that is going to transcend and change the division. She’s so athletic – if she was a guy she’d be a Pro Bowler in the NFL or an All-Star in the NBA, she’s that good.
—  Jack Swagger on GiveTheDivasAChance movement and the diva to look out for.


why do fangirls love wwe

just look at it they not even sexy

they not even funny 

they are bad u should never obssesed over them 


they not even cute 

it’s just a dumb weird fake sport