NHL!Bitty, Pt. IV - RPF

@missweber requested NHL!Bitty dealing with Hockey RPF. This got a little longer than expected, with a side pairing of Jack/philly-cheesesteak. Takes place a few months into Bitty’s second season with the Schooners. 

Origin: From Samwell to SeattlePart I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping | Part III - Post-Season

The most annoying thing is that for all of the ‘Jack/Parse’, ‘Jack/Tater’, ‘Jack/Sid’‘Jack/fucking-every-player-on-the-east-coast’ fic, there are a whopping SIX  ‘Jack/Eric’ fics on Ao3. Six.

On one hand, Eric’s proud they’ve hidden their relationship so well, on the other, Eric is insulted. But really, with their disappointing portmanteau of ‘Jeric’ or ‘Zittle’, it’s not surprising they’re horribly under-appreciated.

“I just wish my fans were more creative.”

Over Skype, Eric watches Jack plow through a Philly cheesesteak with no small measure of jealousy. He’s lonely and hungry, and his asshole boyfriend is doing this on purpose.

“You know,” Jack says, talking out of the side of his half-full mouth, “if you let the Schoons call you ‘Bitty’ our name could have been ‘Zimbits’. That’s kinda on you.”

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Cartoon Network Commercial Breaks (August 15, 2003)


Shatters And Glue

Season 13 episode 4 spoilers!

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, Jack Kline

Words: 2000

Warnings: Verbal fight

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good day :) So, I while ago a little birdie ( @ocean-calls-me ) told me that it would be kind of cool to include Jack in fic since his a smol bean. I started writing this a while back, but since I’ve been running a little short on time to write lately, I decided to center it around a scene in 13x04 to make it easier for myself. I’ll try to come up with something a little bit more different next time. I kind of needed to post something anyways, so I hope you enjoy this still!

Feedback is very much appreciated <3

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Being quite a few years younger than your half brothers, you had always put them on a pedestal. You looked up to them like nobody else, they were your heroes.

And you had always trusted Dean’s decisions, just like you trusted Sam’s.

But not anymore. At least not right now.

Your small family was in shatters. Pieces that wanted but couldn’t seem to fit together as good as they did before. You had been through bad spots before, the lowest of low. You had been through times when you though that there was no light in the end of the tunnel, that the light had forever gone out.

Things had been better for some time, but now you were back in that same spot, as if you’d never been anywhere else. Cas, dead. Crowley, dead. Rowena, dead. Mary, gone. Your world was simply echoing empty.

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spockoandjimjim  asked:

can we take a sec to think about 1) how over the top Jack Zimmermann's early 2000's bar mitzvah would have been 2) how the poor bab probably just wanted to go to gettysburg

ooooh my god you KNOW alicia and bob went all out. the whole zimmerclan(n) getting drunk and dancing very very poorly. small chubby jack in his designer suit doing his torah portion wishing desperately that he wasnt the center of attention right now, thanks. i dont even know what his parshah was but i Do know his d’var torah related that shit to hockey. someone else take over im too emotional abt this!!!