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Percy vs Jason vs Mango

Percy : I defeated the Ares , the God of War himself when I was 12 and saved the world.

Jason : I was raised by wolves , then became Praetor of Camp Jupiter and I battled sword to sword with Porphyrion , the King of Giants.

Mango : um yea uh jack here slayed a 2000 feet tall giantess by pulling the same trick Harry Potter did with the troll….UP THE NOSE!!!


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“Tell you what… the truth is… sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director: Ang Lee

Cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto

Hayes Imagine for Anon.

Hayes Grier Imagine for anon.

Hayes Grier.


I looked around at my livingroom. I was making sure I had everything for the day and that it all was in the right place. I was having my boyfriend Hayes over for a movie marathon.


I wanted everything to be perfect because it was going to be our first time hanging out alone together ever. My parents never trusted me alone with boys and this was a first that they let me be alone in the house with Hayes.


Hayes and I had been dating for a few months and desperately needed the freedom from my parents. Now that we had it, I was going to make sure we wouldn’t lose it.


Looking around at the supplies, I checked off the list I had in my head.


Movies and snacks were laid out on the coffee table. Pillows and blankets were placed on the couch in case we wanted them. The DVD player was all set up and ready for whichever movie we watched first.


I sat down on the couch and rubbed my palms over my leggings. I stared at the black TV screen. I couldn’t wait for my parents to leave and for Hayes to come over.


Just as I thought time couldn’t pass by any slower, my parents entered the livingroom.


“Okay, Y/N. We’re leaving. No funny business, okay? I don’t need my daughter getting pregnant this young.” My father said. I rolled my eyes. I knew my cheeks burned a red color.


“Ew, dad stop. No funny business. I promise.” I replied.


My father gave me a firm nod. Both him and my mother kissed the top of my head and said goodbye. Then, they left. Once they had pulled out of the driveway, I shot up and ran to my phone in my room. I texted Hayes and told him my parents were gone and he was free to come over anytime.


Not even ten minutes later, Hayes was knocking on my front door. I rushed to answer it and smiled at Hayes as he entered my house.

“Hey baby.” Hayes smiled. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. I smiled in return.


I lead Hayes to the living room. I sat him down on the couch and sat beside him. I watched him as his eyes wandered over the movie titles in front of him.


“Which one first?” I asked him. Hayes shrugged.


“How about we start off with light movies and work our way into the darker ones? Let’s start with the Lion King.” Hayes said. I nodded.


I stood up and picked up the DVD case. I walked over to the DVD player and inserted the movie. I pressed play at the appropriate time and made my way back to Hayes. He had laid down and I smiled down at him.


“Cuddle with me.” He giggled. Hayes pulled me down on top of him and I didn’t protest. I rested my head on his chest and watched the movie with him.


Occasionally, I would look up from the movie at him. He would kiss me and both of us would turn back to the movie. After the first movie ended, I reluctantly got up from Hayes’ chest. Then, an idea popped into my brain.


“Let’s make cookies!” I exclaimed and turned to look at Hayes. He laughed at my enthusiasm and stood up. He stepped in front of me and placed his hands on the side of my face.


“Anything for your smile, Y/N.” Hayes said. He gave me a quick kiss. Then, he pulled me to the kitchen.


Once in the kitchen, I pulled out all the ingredients we needed for homemade cookies and I lined them all along the kitchen counter. As I put them in the mixing bowl, Hayes stood behind me with his hands on my hips. He kept kissing my neck, which was a bit distracting but I worked through it. I tried to mix the dough together, but desperately failed. I turned to look up at Hayes.


“Help me.” I smiled up at him. Hayes raised his eyebrows. “Please. You have the muscles and I don’t.” Hayes chuckled.


“Of course.” He said.


While he was still standing behind me, he began mixing the dough. He wrapped his arms around me and mixed the ingredients together. I decided to reward him for helping me. I leaned up and began kissing Hayes’s neck like he was doing to me.

After a few minutes, Hayes ditched the cookie dough and placed his hands on my hips. He leaned his head down and kissed me. I kissed him back, of course. He pressed me into the counter. After a few minutes of making out, I pulled away and smirked at Hayes. His lips were swollen and I’m sure mine were the same. I turned back to the cookie dough and finished mixing it. Hayes just stood behind me.


“Tease.” He muttered as I walked over to the cookie sheet on top of the stove.


“Oh yeah? And how am I a tease?” I asked, not looking away from the cookies that I was balling in my hands.


“You stopped us.” Hayes said. I rolled my eyes and placed the cookie sheet in the oven.


“Doesn’t necessarily make me a tease.” I giggled. I turned back to Hayes and he was staring at me from across the kitchen.


“I was enjoying that.” Hayes said. I smiled.


“Trust me, I was too.” I replied. Hayes moved so he was standing in front of me.


“Then why’d you stop us?” He asked.


“So we could continue while the cookies were baking.” I muttered. With that being said, Hayes reconnected our lips. And while the cookies baked, Hayes and I made out.


When the oven beeped, both Hayes and I groaned. I pulled away from Hayes and pulled the cookies out of the oven. Once they cooled, I placed them on a plate and brought them to the living room.


I let Hayes pick the next movie, which ended up being Pulp Fiction. So much for easing into the dark movies. I didn’t mind though. I tolerated the movie.


Pulp Fiction went as smoothly as the Lion King did, except we made out more during that movie than the other. Once we had watched multiple movies, the sun was down and it was time for Hayes to leave. I didn’t want him to but my parents would be home and he had to go home.


I stood at the door as Hayes gathered all of his things.


“I had fun today, Y/N.” Hayes smiled down at me.


“Me too.” I replied, gazing up at him. I loved looking into his eyes. They were so pretty.

“Let’s do it again soon.” He said. I nodded in response. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips and smiled again.


“I love you, baby.” Hayes said.


“I love you more.” I replied. Hayes shook his head and then kissed me again. He exited my house and left me to clean almost everything up.

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▪ Rolling Stone Remembers Heath Ledger on his Birthday (4 April 2015) on Instagram.

@rollingstone: https://instagram.com/p/1DcSm2NK3t/

#HeathLedger would have turned 36 today. “Look, I’ve experienced love,“ he said of his sex scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ "I know how to love a woman — and I’ve been in love with many women, and I am in love with the most beautiful woman right now – so I know the extent of love. I guess you’d love for me to say that it was difficult, that I wanted to vomit. But the straight fact is, it was just another person. Now, by no means do I wanna fuck him, we’re both very straight and sensible. It wasn’t like Ang [Lee] said, 'OK, guys, just have fun with it — roll camera!’ We had to choreograph, it was definitely like walking on the moon for the first time. But it wasn’t…the butt of a mule: I was kissing a human being with a soul. And part of the magic of acting is, you harness the infinite power of belief. Because if for a second we stopped believing, and looked into Heath and Jake’s eyes, it would have been, 'Oh, God. OK. Hmm. This is…”

From the March 23rd, 2006 issue of @RollingStone.

Photography by Carlo Allegri.