Preference #25 "You're so cute when..."

Gilinsky- “You’re so cute when you ‘problem-solve’.” He chuckles commenting at you as you keeled on the counter to reach the top shelf of the cupboard where the cereal had conveniently been moved to. You stuck your tongue out and grabbed the box of rice crispies and set it on the counter turning to close the cupboard you yelped when you felt his hands grasp your waist and pull you off the counter. “Just get me next time, shorty. I don’t want you getting hurt,” He scolds before giving you your good morning kiss.

Sam- “When you’re baked. I swear to God you were the cutest thing last night. For some reason you kept making all these jokes and terrible puns but it was adorable.” He laughed flipping through Saturday morning cartoons with you on the couch. You buried your head into the crook of his neck groaning a bit embarrassed by the night before, “Thanks for taking care of me, baby.”

Cam- “When you walk around in your underwear.” Cam comments smacking your ass lightly as you walk past him in the hallway getting ready to take a shower. “Robes are for losers now are you going to oogle at me or join me?” You smirk tapping his shoulder knowing he’d be hot on your heels at the invitation.

Nash- “When you wear my clothes.” Nash muses smiling wildly when you tripped down the stairs in his pajama pants and muscle tee. “These pants are too damn long! Be less tall Nash.” You shook your head at him smiling also amused at his reaction. He hugged his arms around your waist resting his chin atop your head before kissing your cheek, “Only if you cook me breakfast, cutie.”

Matt- “When you’re asleep. You curl up into this little ball and you just grab onto me and hold me like I’m going to abandon you at three AM or something.” Matt remarks brushing his thumb over your intertwined hands. You steal his snapback and shrug at his remark blushing a bit unsure of what to say, he sighs contently though squeezing your shoulders with his free arm and kissing your temple, “I just love that I get to see that side of you. You’re all mine, cupcake.” He grins goofily as usual.

Johnson- You laugh-your eyes get all shiny and your nose wrinkles up. If you laugh hard enough your knees just fall up towards your chest and your cheeks get all puffy like a little chipmunk.“ He gazes at you lovingly and you glare playfully smacking him as his head laid in your lap- at the chipmunk remark. "You’re much cuter, sir Johnson.” You shake your head determined. He just grins and leans up and pecks your lips, “You couldn’t be more wrong, princess.”

Shawn- “ When you kiss me!” Shawn exclaims as you chilled in the dressing room you poked him in the ribs gently giving him a sweet kiss to the cheek followed by a peck at his lips. “You’re too adorable…” He whispered gazing into your eyes with a loving grin. He pecks your lips as well before leaving a sweeter lasting kiss on your lips and you look at him lustfully. “…You think we can…?” He grinned wildly now, “Before the show? At least once!”

Hayes- “You play video games with me.” Hayes admitted blushing a bit. “It’s pretty damn cute when you think you can beat me.” He smiled innocently as you made a face at him from upside down on the couch. “Not as cute as you, my little 2000.” You kiss his cheek and he turns away before surprise attacking you tackling you onto the couch with another surprisingly rough kiss mumbling after he broke it, “I’m not cute…”

Aaron- “When you get all hyper. I swear just watching you run around and start yelling random things is the absolute cutest thing. I could just watch you on caffine for hours, y/n.” He strokes your hair as your eyes drift closed feeling dead tired after a busy day and having extreme hyper moments through out. You sighed smiling and shook your head allowing him to kiss your lips goodnight before turning off the lamp.

Taylor- “When you’re focusing really hard and you bite your lip and your eyes get all squinty. It’s a-freaking-dorable but you better know you drive me insane with it.” Tay sighs kissing your neck near absent mindedly as you talked laying in bed together. Smirking, you bit your lip and turned to him batting your eyelashes a tad for effect. “And what are you going to do about it?”

Nate- “You rap with me. You should see yourself you get all tough and it just makes me want to keep you in my arms forever,” He smirked kissing the top of your head gently wrapping his arms around you making you giggle. “Well, I try my best to earn my street cred skathan.” You huffed a bit making him chuckle.
“Whatever you say lil mama.”


“Tell you what… the truth is… sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.”

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director: Ang Lee

Cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto