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How about A3 with Chase? :3

Well, look! That was a great idea! C: 

I mean, just look at him C: This little ball of joy >u< He deserve more happiness dammit :v xD
Hope you like it and I didn’t destroy it too much for you! :D Also thank you so much for your patience! :D

Me: It’s so hot in here.
Hubs: No, your fever is back. Can I do anything for you?
Me: Yes. When I die…tell Jared I love him.
Hubs: *eyeroll*
Me: oh yeah, I love you too… I guess.

I’m fi̼͖̥̱̲͊̄ͯn͖̋̌̏̅͞e̹̝̜̖̭ͩͧ.

You have no idea how proud I am of this doodle *u* Hope you enjoy it too! C: Scary nightmares guys C:

Davey in Eb Minor

Davey Jacobs had lived in New York for a long time.

It was an ideal place for a writer, full of noisy, loud areas and just as many quiet places, tucked into narrow streets with big windows.

There was always something going on, always something to write an article for, always something to add to one of his books, even his day job was full of inspiration, people who came to the library with lives lived and stories to tell.

After almost ten years of living in the City of Dreams, he’d thought he’d seen it all. Naked people painted bright colors, people fighting loudly, strange costumes, every culture he could imagine, artists capturing the city on the page. People walking dogs as big as he was tall, people walking dogs smaller than his shoe, people walking kids on leashes, once a person walking a rat, several times people walking cats.

And yet, he’d never seen anyone quite like the artist that had captured his attention today.

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Ray: Yo, shoutout to whoever left all these stickers in my room
Ray: You’re absolutely gonna regret that choice, but thanks

Jack: What kind of stickers?

Ray: Mainly superhero ones
Ray: And Hello Kitty for some reason
Ray: Eh, I’ll probably put them on my guns or something

Michael: I mean. Who did you think it was, Ray?

Ray: Listen, I was hired for looks not brains
Ray: Thanks, bro <3

Michael: No problem. Saw them and thought of you for some reason.

Geoff: Ray and Michael sitting in a tree…

Jack: F-U-C-K-I-N-G

Michael: Ray, you should terrorise their personal items with your new stickers.

Ray: Waaaay ahead of you my dude

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Hey, could you do Jack in A1 and Signe in A3? Please and thank. 💜🖤💜🖤

How can I say no to that adorable request? >u< And thank you so much for your ask! C:

Hyhy, maybe I’m not at PAX but who can stop me from enjoying it? 8) xD
So here you have it! C: Two cute beans in one big heart :D I should draw them more often :P Hope I didn’t destroy this doodle too much tho, I don’t usually draw more that one person and I can’t draw hair or girls or cute people, especially those 3 things in one xD So sorry if it looks bad ;-;
Hope they’re having as much fun as they can >u<

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I love your writing so much!! If possible could you do a jack x reader with 16 or 36? Just if you have time or something! Thank you!

this man

here’s ya request my friend!

prompts; 16 “just let me carry you” and 36 “you’re beyond shivering, just take my jacket”

Originally posted by clinomaniajess

(oops, not my gif)

tw; ya get cold and you argue with jack (sounds like a good time though), mentions of alcoholism (and i suppose abuse?) but nothing in full detail

        “Stupid, stupid, stupid” You groaned as you trekked through the rain. You worked a little flower stand in lower Manhattan. Although you technically had a boss, your working hours were really up to you and you have decided to stay open late these past few weeks. It was harder to sell flowers in the fall so you were doing whatever you could to earn some extra cash. Honestly, you didn’t even make enough in the season to buy a coat. You had no idea why you had thought you should keep that idea running today though, as it had been raining all day. It had started as small drizzle (which was probably good for your flowers anyways), but then had turned into heavy soaking rains. You prayed silently that your uncle would be black out drunk so you wouldn’t have to deal with him badgering you about being late. 

        It was becoming more and more difficult to see as you kept having to blink to keep water out of your eyes. Sighing heavily, you turned onto what you thought was your street, only to find more shops, all of which were dark. Now you felt tears prick your eyes. You just wanted to go home to your cot. At this point, you weren’t even that scared of your uncle and his anger, you just wanted to sleep. You leaned against a brick wall and slid down, swallowing a sob. You let out a hard sneeze. 'Great’ You thought, ‘I’m lost and now I’m getting sick’. You curled into a ball, partially because you were now crying and partially to block out some rain. The cold, unforgiving drops of water landed angrily on your back. By now, your shirt had to be see through, but it wasn’t like it mattered. You were lost, and the only other people who were out tonight where drunks and gangsters. 

        Suddenly, you felt a hand on your back. Startled, you looked up at the face of Jack Kelly. Whenever you bought the paper, you always made sure to buy it from Jack. Some days he would stop by your stand and talk to you for a little bit, maybe even buy a rose. Although you two weren’t super close, you would consider Jack a friend. You thought he was kinda cute too. Which only made you feel worse about him catching you like this. 

        “(y/n), what happened? Why’re youse out ‘ere, it ain’t safe?” He asked, concern dripping off of his face. You opened your mouth to say something and ended up coughing instead. It wasn’t too violent, but it still made Jack frown and move closer to you. 

        “I-I thought I’d tried and stay o-open late. Then I-I couldn’t see anything and I-I got l-lost. W-why are you out h-here?” You weren’t sure if you were stuttering because you were cold, because you were crying, or because Jack’s jawline was so damn fine. He brushed off your question and took his coat, his only source of warmth, off. You put your hand up to stop him as he moved to wrap it around you. “J-Jack, I c-can’t take your j-jacket, y-you’ll freeze!“ 

        "Hey, I’ll survive. Look at yourself, you’re beyond shivering, just take my jacket.” He insisted, shaking his head. You hadn’t noticed how terribly you were shaking. You must have started to go numb. You put your hand down and reluctantly let him let him cover you with it. “It ain’t really my jacket anyways, Davey’s ma made me take it. Didn’t 'ave da heart ta tell her dat it was too small for me. Looks cute on you though”

        If you could have blushed, you would have. It wasn’t unlike Jack to drop random complaints on you, but they still made you feel giddy every time, no matter how cheesy or out of place. He blew warm onto his hands and pressed them on either side of your face. His eyebrows furrowed and his hand slipped up to your forehead.

        “Youse skin is warm. I tink ya startin’ ta burn up.” He noticed, wiping away from stray tears. Dread filled you. If you got sick, that would mean at least a day or two of not being able to work. Maybe it wasn’t a huge deal to other, but to you, every single penny counted for something. You shook your head, refusing to believe it, trying to think of some reason as to why your skin felt warm. 

        “I think your hands are just still warm.” You protested, swatting his hand away. 

        “Youse needs ta get home, where do ya live?” Jack said, standing up. With Jack’s assistants, you followed suit. You’re legs were stiff from being in that position for so long and you leaned on Jack for support. 

        “Hawthorne” You mumbled, a little breathless from your sudden movement. Jack looked at you in surprise, almost impressed. 

        “How da hell did ya end up over 'ere? C'mon, youse is stayin’ at the Lodgin’ House tanight.” You felt a surge of panic. Stay in the Lodging House? All night? Your uncle would be furious when you came home the next night, and if he found out that you had stayed with a bunch of boys? You weren’t sure you’d come out of that alive. 

        “J-Jack, I c-can’t, my u-uncle, h-he’ll get mad!” You cried, pulling some of your weight off Jack. Jack raised one of his eyebrows. He had been guessing that something wasn’t quite right with that man. 

        “(y/n), you’ll be fine. He’s gotta understand dat Hawthorne is a good, 45 minute walk from 'ere and I ain’t risking keepin’ you in de rain any long den we hav'ta. An’ he has a problem wit’ dat, den he can take it up wit’ me.” You had to admit that Jack actually had a logical point. 

        “You’ll walk me home tomorrow, right?” You felt stupidly small as you asked him. He nodded with an of course. Then he started reasoning with you again. 

        “But if ya skin is still like dis in the morn’, den ya gotta stay for da day an’ let us take care of ya.” You’d never heard him use a tone this serious. He continued before you could say no, “We’s gotta guy, Davey, you’ve meet Davey before. He’s da one wit’ da lil’ brotha?” You nodded, the one with the nose. “Well, he’s real good at dis type of stuff on a'count dat he reads a lot. He’ll know wha’ ta do an’ you’ll be back sell dem beautiful flowers in no time. Okay?” You had no strength left to argue. 

        “Okay.” Jack bent down and tried to scoop you up but you put a hand on his shoulder. You were tired and maybe sick, but you weren’t broken. You didn’t want to get his clothes all wet either. This didn’t stop Jack as he said, 

        “Jus’ lemme carry ya. Ya tired.” You gave in once more. You laid your head on Jack’s shoulder. It was rather nice to have someone carry you, you decided. 

        “Thank you, Jack. Thank you so much.” You felt him squeeze your arm in response as you drifted off, protected from the rain by the greatest man you’d ever met. 

frozen pt. 2 || jack kelly

so there were not one, but two requests for a part two

i had to complay

so here you doods go, i hope it is worthy of your reading standards 


““How da hell did ya end up over ‘ere? C'mon, youse is stayin’ at the Lodgin’ House tanight.” You felt a surge of panic. Stay in the Lodging House? All night? Your uncle would be furious when you came home the next night, and if he found out that you had stayed with a bunch of boys? You weren’t sure you’d come out of that alive. 

        “J-Jack, I c-can’t, my u-uncle, h-he’ll get mad!” You cried, pulling some of your weight off Jack. Jack raised one of his eyebrows. He had been guessing that something wasn’t quite right with that man.”

“        “But if ya skin is still like dis in the morn’, den ya gotta stay for da day an’ let us take care of ya.”         ”

            tw; nightmare, mentions of abuse, being sick (??)

        “Where were you?!” Your uncle roared, brandishing a fist at you. You tried to explain to him why you were gone but he started hitting you. And hitting you and hitting you and hitting you and hitting you.

        Shaking seized your body, making you groan in frustration and confusion. You opened your eyes, expecting to find your uncle, but instead finding Jack Kelly. You blinked a couple of times. Why was Jack in your room and why was your cot so firm? Then everything came crashing back to you. Of course, you were at the Newsboy’s lodging house, you must have fallen asleep while Jack was carrying you back here. He had woken you up, that’s why you had been shaking. 

        “You okay? You was makin’ noises in ya sleep, dey didn’t sound so good.” You blushed, realizing that you must have woken him up. 

        “It was nothin’, just a bad dream. Sorry to wake you.” He shook his head, sitting down next to you. 

        “I woke up a little early. Da rest of dem will start waken up in about 5 minutes or so. You wanna talk about your dream?” You shook your head no, you could barely even remember it. There was your uncle and he was mad and.. you shivered. You looked out the window not too far away. The sky was a light purple still, but the sun was beginning to peak out of the ground. Jack put his palm against your head, pulling your attention away from the scene outside. Even in the dim light, you could tell he was frowning. “Ya still burnin’ up. I don’ think it’s a good idea for youse ta go ta work taday.”

        “I’m freezing, what are you talking about?” You complain, not wanting to miss your selling hours. Why couldn’t Jack understand that you needed that money? It was easier for him, he only had to keep one head above the water, but you? You had to float two. You started to sit, only for a sudden dull pain to hit you, making your hand shoot for your head. Jack placed both hands on your shoulders and eased you back down, pulling the blanket over you. 

        “You need rest, ya stayin’ here today. I’ll have Dave stay with youse.” It didn’t really look like you had an option. He was probably right anyway, it would be best to stay here. 'Besides,’ you thought, 'when was the last time anyone actually took care of me?’ At least he wasn’t leaving you there alone to wallow in your own sickness and pity. You curled up, trying to draw the blanket closer to you. Jack smiled down at you and whispered, “I have to finish gettin’ ready. I’ll check on you again before I leave. Get you and Davey comfortable.”

        You nodded, closing your eyes and paying no mind as Jack slip out the window. Visions of Jack were beginning to fill your head. He was saying something, but you couldn’t quite make it out. Your dream was put to a halt by the ringing of bell and the grumbling of boys. Your eyelids slowly opened again and you realized you’d only been asleep for a few minutes. You could feel your face go rather red at the sight of half dressed boys all around you. If your uncle could see this scene, you’d be in so much trouble. 

        A boy with a crutch popped though the window, already dressed and ready to go. He looked around, a grin on his face. There was a friendly glint in his hazel eye when he noticed you. You gave him a weak smile in return. He hobbled over to you, awkward bending down. 

        “Jack asked me ta tell you dat he’ll be down a minute or two.” His voice was cheery and you decided that you liked this kid. He was very nice. You thanked him, sounding like a choked frog. His smile was dashed for a moment. “Youse sick?”
You nodded, the slight movement making your world spin. It didn’t take long for that friendly grin to come back, chuckling, "Of course, de only way Jackie can get a goil ta spend de night at de lodging house is by gettin’ her sick.“
You tried to laugh at his joke, but all you got was a couple of hard coughs. The dirty blond sighed, "I should probably let ya be. Da name is Crutchie by de way, don’t t'ink I mentioned det."  

        ”(y/n)“ You croaked, readjusting your position a tad. Crutchie gently patted you on the head, ignoring the fact that your skin was basically fire. 

        "Well, I hopes ya feel better, (y/n). Youse seems like a very nice young lady.” You smiled, cuddling more into the pillow as he left. Not four seconds later, Jack Kelly appeared by your bedside with another boy in tow. You reconogized him as Davey. Sometimes, Jack brought him and his little brother (Lin? Lee?) to your stand. You haven’t talked much to Davey as he always insisted that you and Jack wrap up your buiness so they could get back to work, but he had been very polite to you and his brother was awfully cute. You weren’t sure how you felt about spending the day with him though, he seemed like kind of a square if you were being honest. 

        “A'ight (y/n), dis is Davey, youse met before. He’s gonna stay with you, make sure you don’t die or sneak out or nuthin’. Maybe get ya somethin’ ta eat.” At that last part, he looked at his friend, making it clear that Davey would follow through with that. “An’ youse take good care of her, Dave. She’s a special little lady, ya got that? You keep her happy." 

        "Yeah, yeah, Jack. I get it, I won’t let anything happen to her.” Davey mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck and giving you an apologetic look. You were rather flatter that Jack was being so protective over you. After all, it wasn’t like you were his girlfriend or anything. Just some girl he liked to talk to now and then. You were sure that he was this way with girl, with anyone, that he found in your condition. Still, it felt nice to feel protected. 

        “Good. If anything does, I’ll soak ya.” Jack growled, giving Davey a look. The poor guy threw his hands in the air. You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit, even though it felt like hell on your vocal chords. Now Jack turned his attention back to you, a lopsided smile plastered on. He brushed back some hair and placed a kiss on your forehead, making you blush. “You get better. I’ll check in on ya a little later.”

        “Bye Jack!” You whispered hoarsely. He gave you a little wave and strutted out. The rest of the boys followed him, saying goodbyes and get well soons to you as they did. Now it was just you and Davey. There was a moment of awkward silence between you two, neither knowing what to say to the other. 

        “I’ll, uh, get you some water.” He said, leaving almost no space between his words and the time he took to get to the small space the boys used as a makeshift kitchen. You sat up slowly, blinking through the pounding in your head. In no time, Davey was back with your water. Concern washed over his features when he saw you clutching your forehead. He placed the glass of water on the cluttered bedside table, going to rub your back. “You okay?”

        “Yeah, my head just hurts. I’ll feel better once I have that glass of water.” You say softly. Davey hands you the water, watching you carefully. You couldn’t be more grateful. The liquid helped clear your head a little bit. You took a deep breath after your final gulp. Davey took the cup, standing it back on the stand. “Thank you so much, Davey.”

        “It was just water!” The brunet laughed, running his hand through his hair. 

        “No, I mean, yes, thank you for the water, but I meant, just, thank you for staying with me. I’m glad I don’t have to be by myself.” You said, leaning back on your thin pillow. Davey seemed rather taken aback. 

        “It’s really no problem. We all want you to get better.” Now it was your turn to laugh. 'We all’. These boys were too kind. They probably didn’t even know you existed, yet they were willing to let you stay with them and one of them was missing out on his selling hours to take care of you.

        “You guys don’t even know who I am.” You chuckled. Davey laughed a little nervously, raising an eyebrow. 

        “Jack talks about you all the time.” You looked up at him in confusion. 

        “W-What does he say?” You asked quietly, both worried and excited for what you might hear. 

        “He talks about (y/n), the flower girl. He says that you’re beautiful and kind and the most amazing girl he’s ever met.” A a smile so huge that you thought you might break, crossed your face. You thought that Jack was pretty fantastic as well. “You should get some more sleep.”

        You couldn’t even think straight as you laid down. Your eyes fluttered shut as Davey threw another blanket on top of you. The dream you’d started came back, only this time you could hear what Jack was saying. He was telling you how beautiful you were. How wonderful you were. This was much better than images of your angry uncle. 

                                         ~ to be continued ~