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janeway/seven + seven's first time sleeping in bed with kathryn and not in an alcove

I will adapt, Seven thought and stared up at the ceiling of Kathryn’s room. Next to her Kathryn was fast asleep, her breath tickled Seven’s neck and Seven’s arm was trapped underneath Kathryn’s waist to rest at her back.

It wasn’t uncomfortable exactly, Seven did enjoy the closeness of being near Kathryn, it was just that the situation was strange to her. Her alcove had been her bed for so long, she didn’t even remember ever sleeping in a regular one beyond flashes of her childhood.

Seven took a deep breath to calm herself, closing her eyes and trying for force herself to go to sleep but it was of no use. She just couldn’t do it.

Perhaps she could sneak out before Kathryn woke and go back to her alcove where she was more at ease. She was resistant to explaining to Kathryn that she would prefer that given how happy Kathryn looked when Seven said she was going to stay the night with her.

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Part 1 of 2 of the making of this Galaxy J7 Strawberry Bun Bun case for Shuto Con! 💕💕🐰🍓

My x-acto knife shown here is for whip only, so it looks super gross. My apologies. 🙇

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