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Ok, I am a mega shipper, and I can’t seem to find a lot of blogs that don’t hate on one ship or shippers who don’t ship what they ship, so, I am specifically looking for:

Wincest blogs that don’t hate on Destiel or Destiel shippers.

Destiel blogs that are pro-bros and don’t hate on Wincest shippers.

Rare!shippers who ship stuff like Benny x Dean, or Rowena x Lucifer, or Charlie x That One Random Fairy, etc. and don’t hate on other shippers.

Preferences for blogs that don’t post a lot of underage stuff–not my thing.  I can’t deal.

Reblog if you fit one of these profiles, please!


Okay it’s story time! (I promise there is a reason why Jared is never doing the same thing as us.)So my friend and I went to TorCon 2015 and decided to split a J2 op. We walked up to the boys and I explained that we wanted just big hugs and silly faces. Well…. Turns out Jared didn’t get the memo (or has the listening skills of Thomas) cause when we went to get our print …. Jensen,Me and my friend look like goofs and Jared is smiling adorable off to the side.
My friend and I laughed it off and we promised that the next con we’d go to we’d ask for a do over or something.
Well we couldn’t wait a whole year so we decided to go to JaxCon (which was flippin amazing !)
While we were in line for our J2 op … Clif came over to talk to us. He saw that we had an old op printed out and asked what we were doing. (Clif kills me.. He’s so funny)
Clif: “what are you guys doing?”
Me: “ Well we got this done at TorCon and we were inpatient… So we hopped on a plane to get a do-over.”
Clif: *raises eyebrow* “what do you mean?”
Me: “ Clif, look closely … Who’s the only person smiling in this picture?”
Clif: “Hahahahahah Oh my God.. Jared is such an asshole! ”
*all of us started laughing*
Me: “Yeah, we’re going to tell Jared that HE needs to look like a goof now.”
Clif: “this is gonna be good!”

We walk up to the boys and show them the pic..
Me : “ So we wanted to redo this picture but the complete opposite….This time we’re going to be smiling and *i look at Jared* you’re going to be doing a silly face.”
Jensen laughs … Jared’s confused (muffin I love him so much.. Anyways)
Jared: “wait what? What am I doing?!?”
Jensen: *points to us three* “WE’RE smiling … And YOU’RE *points to Jared* doing a S I L L Y face !” *rolls his eyes at Jared and smiles.
Jared: “OOOOH okay ..silly face ..I got this.”
We thank the boys and walk away… And Clif stops us
Clif: “ Shit! I forgot to watch! Did he do it ?!”
Me/Friend: “ Hhaha we hope so!”
Clif: “I’d laugh if he was doing the same face as before! If so I guess I’ll see you at TorCon.”
We said bye to Clif and went on our way……. Once we got out op we were so happy. Jared nailed it ❤️
-The End

“ the show isn't just about the brothers anymore”

people who say that ..seriously fuck you.

  Jared and Jensen have dedicated the past 11 years of their lives to this show . They are the only ones in every episode .They are away from their families 9 months out of the year because of this show . 

So yes , the show is just about the brothers. Everyone on the show is expendable besides the brothers .The brothers will be in every episode until the series finale .

Even Mark Pedowitz , the president of the CW knows Jared and Jensen are the show . Without both of them , there is no show

“Both Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] are having a blast,” Pedowitz said. “As long as they’re having a blast, it’s a great thing. The show is performing better than it did last year, as well as you could ever hope. … I’m very hopeful that we’ll see it again.”

anonymous asked:

if you have the time could you please give some j2 or wincest fic recs? :) would be greatly appreciated! :)

absolutely, yes. i have another j2 rec list here (heart-favorites and things i’ll never be over) and i still stare at each of those with drippy eyes and a bitten lip. ♥


Carve (3k, NC-17 – it’s labeled as dean smith gen fic, but i’ve always read it as swesson and considered it as such. it’s an american psycho AU – with sam as the chloe sevigny character – and it is so so chillingly adept.)

Gutless (4.7k, NC-17 – young sammy, obsessive love, serial killer perversities. sam + dean + jeffrey dahmer. there’s nothing about this one that doesn’t make me want to scream into my pillow and fuck the mattress.)

Between Darkness and Light (32k, NC-17 – wincest crow AU. two of the most painfully beautiful/beautifully painful things in the world sewn together. very cruel and delicate and 90s-feeling. love story words through a horror film lens.)

fly (5k, no real rating – another one labeled gen, but i also didn’t notice that until i was all the way finished and gaspy. it reads as wincest if you have a wincest heart. gives a delightful sense of dread the whole way through.)

Flowers in the Impala (2.3k, R – scary boys, outsider POV, unstoppable love. this feels real to me. if i let myself forget, i always feel like this happened. or was meant to.)


My Playground Love (1k, R – baby!jensen and mr. padalecki. it’s not so much what happens in this one, but the fact that it happened at all. porn, poems, and pussyboys. my fucking heart in one punch.) 

We Were Born Sick (4k, NC-17 – jared works at the library and something is very wrong with jensen. i could read this one a hundred times over and it’ll always feel as pure to me as it did the first time it touched me.)

Tell-Tale (2.7k, R – perfect perfect perfect serial killer fic. so fun, so horrifying, so shattering. i wanted to predict what would happen but i just couldn’t. and then i fell in love.)

Tangled Web (4.4k, NC-17 – were-spider!jared works at a funeral parlor and quickly becomes taken with a pretty mourner. the beauty here is outrageous. both of them. the words. the story. the lovely fingers that wrote this.)

Old Richmond Ray’s Cornfield (8k, R-ish – prisoner!jensen/runaway!jared. i won’t ever get over this author’s writing style. so special and careful and every moment feels critical. never a wasted word. reads like an old black & white film.)

♥ hope you find something (or all the things) you love! ♥

Jared and Jensen Skiing? Again!? The J’s also at the Yale Saloon grand opening?

So, once again the J’s are spending time together. Is that a surprise? No.

First, the J’s went skiing at Grouse Mountain Resort (Photo Below):

Then after a fun time of Skiing, they went to the Grand opening of the Yale Saloon. (Photo’s Below):






I’m very happy about this, because whenever the J’s do things like this without other friends, or without the wives… When it’s just the two of them, all it does is solidify my TinHat position.

Thank you boys.


- K

Don’t underestimate your own strength. To persevere. To make it through the most difficult times. And, just as importantly, don’t underestimate your ability to help someone else during their most difficult times. Sometimes, all it takes is a kind word, or a gesture, to help someone make it through their day.
—  Jared Padalecki