Salvation Verse: Preview

Born in the quaint town of Deliverance, Texas, Jared and Jensen were raised to be good little Christian boys: attend church on Sunday, pray at the dinner table, and spread the scriptures and gospel whenever they could. But all of that changes when Jared moves away and returns years later only for there to be something quite different about him–something that Jensen cannot explain but finds himself pulled in by. Raised to believe that homosexuality was a sin and that they would not be delivered into the Kingdom of Heaven for it, both boys find themselves in a war between who they are meant to be and what their church tells them to be. Together, the boys will experience heartbreak, homophobia, and the pain of being shunned by their community–but in the end, will they find their ultimate salvation… with each other?


“When it’s one of them, it’s fine, but as soon as the other walks in, they light up and their ages seem to drop by 30 years. It’s like the difference between having one puppy in a room and having two puppies in a room – like it really is, they increase exponentially.”