2017 SPN Conventions
  • JACKSONVILLE, FL January 20-22
  • HOUSTON, TX January 27-29 
  • LAS VEGAS, NV Februrary 9-12
  • NASHVILLE, TN Februrary 24-26
  • SEATTLE, WA April 7-9
  • ASYLUM, Blackpool, UK May 12-14
  • JIBcon, Rome, IT May 19-21
  • PHOENIX, AZ June 9-11
  • CHICAGO, IL July 14-16
  • SDCC, San Diego, CA July 23
  • VANCOUVER, BC August 11-13
  • MINNEAPOLIS, MN August 25-27
  • PITTSBURGH, PA September 8-10
  • SECAUCUS, NJ September 22-24
  • TORONTO, ONT October 6-8
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA October 27-29
  • WASHINGTON, DC November 10-12
  • HONOLULU, HI November 17-19 

anonymous asked:

Your thoughts on SFcon? I had mixed feelings for this. So much het. Right from cooking to falling in love.. Yeah. Oh and Gen's dad was on stage with Jared.. And Jensen. What? Why would they attend? Since when are "in laws" involved?

Anon #2: At SF con, what do you think about Gen’s father going up there on stage and getting an autograph from Jared?

Anon #3: During the SFcon gold panel, when j2 were reccounting how jensen forgot his passport: “WE both made it back alright”. Of course they were gonna go back together. They go everywhere together.

Anon #4: So Gens dad is at the convention and needs something signed from his son in law on Stage?! Why is everybody especially in the G camp being so Extra lately?


To Anon #1 & #2: In watching the main panel, I actually found myself cringing at the Het questions being asked. I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing, some of these fans actually have the nerve to stand there next to the J’s and the only questions they ask about are “What do you like to cook for your family?” Or “What is something you guys like to do for family time?” If you pay attention to the J’s when those women ask these questions, they’re NOT happy…. At the same time though, the J’s do this to themselves, they should’ve put an end to those type of questions a long time ago. But they put up with it because the fat checks they receive, so my sympathy for J2 only stretches so far.

I also love how whenever these types of questions were asked, the fans in the audience went “Aaawwwwww.” And the fans did that shit on purpose, because by doing that it basically made the J’s have no choice but to answer the question. Because if they didn’t, and told everyone to stop asking personal questions, it would’ve made them look like assholes. And the J’s knew that too which is why they answered even though they clearly didn’t want to. 

Another thing I noticed is when Jared asked who watched the episode last night only a few people cheered and clapped. And Jensen said (I’m paraphrasing): “Only like 12 people clapped/or cheered.” You guys! That just confirmed that most of the people at these Conventions aren’t there for the show… They’re there to know more about the J’s personal lives. 

That is so SAD.

I’m a tinhat, which basically revolves with my nose being in J2′s business. But if I ever went to a convention, I would never stand there and ask questions about their home life.

To Anon #3: I know that was kind of funny… Because even if Jensen couldn’t fly, that shouldn’t  stop Jared the “best friend” from flying out and going to see his own family. When they said “we almost didn’t make it” all I could do was laugh because like I said, just because Jensen wouldn’t of been able to fly wouldn’t/shouldn’t of stopped Jared from going home. The fact that they have to do everything together is telling.

To Anon #4: They’re just trying to get that promo while the promo’s good.


- K


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anonymous asked:

Are you still watching Supernatural? What episode are you on? What are your thoughts now about the show?


I was just talking about this on Twitter the other day haha! Well, last night I finished Season 11 and I have to say it was actually pretty decent. 

Something that I just have to bring up is this “Destiel” mess. 

As you guy’s know it’s been a long time since I watched the show. So when I began to start watching it again just recently, I told myself that I was going to watch with an “open mind”. One of the “things” I was looking for in these Supernatural episodes was for any hints of Destiel. Now I say this because I was trying to figure out what all the fuss has been about over the years. And when I watched Supernatural at first, I wasn’t a big fan or a Tinhat. I only became a J2 Tinhat after I stopped watching the show. 

Anyway, because when I first watched the show I wasn’t looking or saw any signs of Destiel because I didn’t even know what “Destiel” was or that it even existed. So this time around, before I started watching again, like I said I thought I’d keep an open mind

Needless to say, I saw absolutely nothing hinting towards any sexual or “I’m in love with you.” Type of “feeling” going on with Castiel and Dean. If anything I noticed a strong friendship which is FINE

But I have to say that most of these Destiel fans are imagining shit when it comes to there being some sexual tension/budding homosexual relationship between these two men.

Destiel is a ship, and there are many different ships in many different fandom’s and there is no problem with that. You can honestly ship whatever you want, it’s only a damn show. The problem that I’ve always had with Destiel fans is the fact that they attack writers about “queer baiting” and how they started calling Jensen homophobic because he shut that Destiel shit down publicly at a convention. 

Most of these Destiel fans attack/bully anyone who doesn’t agree with them and that’s disgusting

Spoiler Alert: I also noticed in the show that no one really gave a shit about Castiel lol, especially Sam. I mean yes some of the characters on the show paid lip service to “We have to save Castiel” but it’s almost like Cas didn’t matter. 

Castiel didn’t even really get acknowledged by “Chuck” either which was a big surprise to me.

I also have to say that the Amara/Dean little love connection they had going on was a bit stupid as well.


- K

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