ok here are the RUMORS from back in 2011 that j2 showered together.

it started with this tweet from a Vancouver paparazzi:

This person is really aggressive, so it surprised a lot of people when he replied with more info:

gettinmyhateon: @grahamtracey @pursuit23 the trailers have a small hot water tank cliff said + they never have much time on set anyway

Now no one really believed him (he was rude and often spread rumors) but then the rumor was fueled when an SPN fan said:  “Based on what I’ve heard - it’s true. They do sometimes shower together on set. I heard it from a PA. PA said “they’re in the shower” and “both of them?” was asked and the PA said “yep” and laughed.” 

i just enjoy that rumor a lot so i thought id share ^-^


BodySwap!fic recs

hello there nonnie, sorry for the late reply, here we go, since you didn’t ask for wincest or J² I included both :P


There’s gotta be a punch line in here somewhere by lyra_wing.  It’s porn with extras. Sam is funny, Dean is drunk and, most important of all you get the nice and shiny image of Dean in glasses. Well, okay, you could argue that there are more important things in this, like how much of a little brother Sam can be at times. But really? Dean in glasses. While having sex with Sam. Did I forget to mention that part? Why are you still reading this?

A Day In The Life by laminy The first thing Sam noticed when he awoke, was that he was on the opposite side of the room.  As in the bed different than the one he went to sleep in.  He sat up rubbing his eyes.  Looking around, he realized Dean wasn’t with him; they didn’t sleep together, they just changed beds…

Keep Our Minds on the Sum of Each Other by lazy_daze Written as a gift for ignited as part of spn_holidays!! Written to her prompt: Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen bodyswap. Humor, but not over the top schmoop.

let’s never discuss this again  by apocalypsos Written for the j2_otpathon, for the prompt Sam/Dean, body swap, Jared’s apartment. 

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl by kellifer_fic  A body swap has Dean seeing a Sam he’d thought he’d lost forever. Dean woke up with a fuzzy head, a mouth that tasted like he’d been licking the inside of a beer can filled with cigarettes and an arm snugged tight around his waist.  A male arm.
Turn It Over And  by monkiedude AN:I bet a gen bodyswitching story would be AWESOME.  This, however, is not that story.

Flip It Back Over by ethrosdemon Being in Dean’s body feels like living life on a two second delay. He lifts his arm and startles himself over and over when he looks down and sees the wrist cuff and the bracelet.

a little superstitious now by estrella30. The thing about spells was that they rarely worked in real life like they did on TV or in the movies.  (this fic is simply awesome)

A Curse is Just a Curse by queenklu “Don’t look at me, Dean,” Sam snarled, tearing at the buttons of his shirt, “You’re the one who grabbed that talisman like you’d never seen one before!”

High Fantastical, by guns_and_butter Dean Winchester wakes up just in time in drown, and things only get worse from there.

A Rate of Conversion, by ponderosa121  PWP

give or take the subject or the verb by joyfulgirl41 Dean and Sam have to explore their feelings in order to solve the case.

After the Body Swap by truelyesoteric Jensen and Jared had a strange week six years ago. The hard part wasn’t so much having lived as each other, in each other’s body, for a week. The hard part was pretending that the body swap had never happened.

Give Them A Push, by lazy_daze  Jared and Jensen are zapped back to the “real” (French Mistake) world, but there’s a problem

Things Are Getting Strange, I’m Starting To Worry, by poor_choices and it’s sequel: Forever Be Dozy and Dim & And As For Some Happy Ending Jared is pretty sure this sort of thing is just supposed to happen in the show.

The Message of The Buddha, by tiana  AU. When Jared moves in as his roommate, Jensen is annoyed that his perfectly ordered life is turned upside down. And that’s just the beginning of the changes in store.

Balance, by setissma

while filming SPN “They’re two days into filming the body swap script, and it just isn’t working

Then Selfless Love Will Change You Back by dev_earl for j2_everafter

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anonymous asked:

yes i'm serious :( say something that will make me feel better about it

jared talking about how much he loves jensen:

jensen talking about how he loves jared (theres more but im lazy):

and best friends ^-^

jensen srsly sang to jared OW

“Think they’ll notice?” Jared doesn’t have to look at Jensen to know there’s a grin firmly on his face. 

Jared snorts, “of course they’ll notice. They’re obsessed with our love.” 

Jensen’s hand shifts in Jared’s back pocket before pinching Jared’s butt. “Our love for our wives, you mean.”

Jared rolls his eyes before smacking a big wet kiss on Jensen’s head. “Smile for the camera, asshole.”