Catherine Lisa Bell is a British-American actress who grew up London, England. After moving to America she became known for her roles as: Sarah MacKenzie in the tv-series J.A.G, which she played for 8 years ; and as Denise Sherwood of the series Army Wives, which she played for 6 years ; and Cassie Nightingale in The Good Witch film an tv-series, which she played across 7 years.

If you don’t recognise the face yet, her surname might ring a ‘bell’   :-)

The case of Krell’s death?

Maybe you remember TCW’s story from “Darkness on Umbara” to “Carnage of Krell” in season 4? In the middle of the fight, Palpatine & Jedi Council ordered Anakin to come back to Coruscant immediately while general Krell took his place as a commanding officer of 501st Legion. Through the next episodes it turned out that Krell betrayed Jedi Order and Republic and in result, clone troopers decided to arrest General Krell for treason against the Republic. A fight broke out, but in the end troopers captured the traitor. Except imprisoned Krell was killed by clone trooper. 

The thing that always bother me about this arc is lack of aftermath.

Like, really, I would love to see at least one more episode about what happened on Umbara, but  N.C.I.S. / J.A.G.-like style; you know, with full focus at investigating the case of mere clones killing one of well known / respectable military commanders who also happens to be Jedi. And even if high command / Jedi Council would believe them that Krell betrayed the Republic, he was shot not during arresting but while being imprisoned. What could raise a lot questions, like who actually is responsible for that?

We - as the viewers - know what really happened on Umbara. Not only Krell was guilty of death of many loyal soldiers, but he also sabotaged transmitter. The Umbarans (who lost their capital) were going attack 501st Legion current position and if they won, they would free Krell. Separatist would gain not only powerfull ally but also get important intel. Captain Rex’s decision to kill Krell wasn’t motivated by revenge or hate, but it was based on pragmatic thinking. Then again, it wasn’t him who shot ex-Jedi, but Dogma (who at that time was imprisioned too).

In the end General Kenobi’s battalions have routed the last hold-outs of Umbarans, and Republic army secured all sectors. But did the clone troopers report what really happened? Did Rex and the few clones decided to keep silent (the nod between Dogma and Rex seen in the ending of episode could imply that??) or did they report all the mess to Kenobi & high command? Because if yes, there should be investigation, if Krell really betrayed Republic and why (and on whose order) he was killed in prison since he could have important intel about Dooku and Separatist. Then again, how clone troopers can prove that Krell betrayed Republic, if even Jedi masters like Yoda or Mace Windu didn’t notice his changing view of Jedi Order and war? This is a mess that no one wants, especially not Jedi. And we know from TCW that Jedi don’t stand up for their own people (the lost padawans) and are even less supportive for those charged for crimes (Ahsoka), so why they would stand up for clones? And I mean that, the TCW!Council has an awful tendency to wash their hands of everything that would put them in bad light.

And let’s be real, it doesn’t matter how clone troopers are loyal to Jedi and Republic, they still don’t have any civil rights. The show may not focus at this issue so much as some EU/Legends sources but the dehumanization & prejudice towards them IS there since the first episode. So, who would be the best choice to blame for all the mess? Yeah, the clone troopers.

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Harm: I keep forgetting I don’t know you.

Mac: Deja vu again?

Harm: Only whenever I see your face. Or hear you talk. I wouldn’t know about your smile, I haven’t seen one yet.

Mac: There’s not much to smile about.

Harm: I guess not.

Mac: Sounds like I have a twin out there.

Harm: Not anymore.

We the People, 2x01, JAG

Tomorrow, today would just be a yesteryear for the most of us, but not for those who would still live in their pasts. Not for those who can’t move on, forgive and forget. Six hundred and twenty seven minutes left before we welcome another beginning. Less than six hundred twenty seven minutes to fill the last page and still you’re there. You are there waiting and struggling to carry out the past with you until tomorrow. You know it is but amazing how I, you, we have managed to flip every page of this written heart beats and memories of ours in this chapter of the book called life. And I think it would be more amazing if we would all be brave enough to leave our anxieties, hatred and all other negative thoughts and feelings before welcoming another series of pages, before welcoming another series of blessings of tomorrow. I believe too that it would be more amazing if we are to make new memories while carrying a big smile from tomorrows yesterday. I believe. Do you? So? Would you mind writing your day 365 with me?

- a letter from yesteryear, j.a.g.