dan: my celebrity crush was j law but now it’s evan p

dan: we like the cock everyone

dan: who’s to say that sucking balls isn’t a good thing

some people who i really just don’t understand: he’s straight

Samples vs Original Playlist
  1. Kehlani - 1st Position
    Jodeci - Pump It Back
  2. Monica - All Eyez On Me
    Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing
  3. Jennifer Lopez/LL Cool J - All I Have
    Debra Laws - Very Special
  4.  Ciara - Body Party
    Ghost Town DJ - My Boo
  5. Game & Friends - Celebration
    Bone Thugs N Harmony - First Of The Month
  6. Lloyd - Girls Around The World
    Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
  7. Twista/Trey Songz - Girl Tonite
    Ready For The World - Tonight
  8. Ashanti - Foolish
    DeBarge - Stay With Me
  9. Young Rome/Marques Houston - For Your Love
    Force MDs - Tender Love
  10. Tyga/Game - It Neva Rains
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - It Never Rains In Southern California
  11. Mario - Just A Friend 2002
    Biz Markie - Just A Friend
  12. Tinashe - Just A Taste
    Tony! Toni! Tone! - Anniversary
  13. Eric Bellinger - Kiss Goodnight
    Blackstreet - Before I Let Go
  14. Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey
    Joe - The Love Scene
  15. Tink - Million
    Aaliyah - One In A Million
  16. Big Sean - Play No Games
    Guy - Piece Of My Love
  17. Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice
    Janet Jackson - Anytime, Anyplace
  18. Amerie/Trey Songz - Pretty Brown Eyes
    Mint Condition - Breakin’ My Heart
  19. Drake - Practice
    Cash Money - Back That Ass Up
  20. Ariana Grande - Right Here
    Lil Kim - Crush On You

A playlist of my top 20 songs that features samples along with the original songs. Songs are clickable Enjoy. 

Your daughter has a crush on another member (BTS)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Rap Monster: -Jimin. He would tease Jimin more than he would tease his daughter- “so do you want to call me father-in-law?”

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Jin: -J-Hope. He found it cute that she loved Hoseok so much. She always seemed very happy when he came over to see her- “at least someone makes her that happy”

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Suga: -V. He wouldn’t be a huge fan of his little girl hanging off another guy- “you know Y/D/N, uncle Taehyung has cooties”

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J-Hope: -Jungkook. She would whine when someone tried to take her from Jeongguk to the point that he would have to try to do things with the little one clung to him- “she knows what she wants”

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Jimin: -Suga. She would pass out with a smile on Yoongi everytime he came over. It was the point that Jimin would plop his daughter down on Yoongi right as he sat down- “you make her have a happy sleep so keep up the good work”

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V: Jin. Happily held the hand of her uncle as he helped her walk. She had the largest smile in the world when she looked up at Taehyung- “she’s having a good time, so cute”

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Jungkook: -Rap Monster. She would mange to bring Namjoon to his knees ad play with her. He wouldn’t get to talk much with the adults because he would keep her occupied- “she’s so cute. She doesn’t want to share him”

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You don't need to respond I just needed to say a thing. I find it a little childish for so many people to assume that dan will/should come out. As far as I've read into it I feel like he's "come out" as much as he ever will. He's talked about attraction to all genders. I feel that he's made it clear that his sexuality is what it is and he's going to be attracts to someone no matter the gender. People think he needs to make a video about being bi/pan but really he's made clear that he's existing.

the question i receive more than any other on this blog is some variation of “when/how do you think dnp will come out/tell us about their sexualities or their relationship?” and i’ve never answered it. for a number of reasons, but primarily because so many people in this space operate under such a specific definition of what coming out means and what it should entail. i’m wary, always, of subscribing to a uniform standard for what queerness looks like and how it needs to present itself in order to be taken seriously or treated as valid, and i think the discourse and speculation and constant obsession about dnp’s potential future coming out process does exactly that. in my view the culture around coming out as it exists right now is a relic of cultural norms in which queerness was differentiated and encoded into law and language and social thought as explicitly and intrinsically Other. the socialized obligation to not only categorize and label one’s sexual/romantic preferences but then to announce them to the world at large is only cast on queer people specifically because, unless announced otherwise, society’s working assumption of a person is that they are cis/straight. queer people need to tell the world they are queer precisely because it is different, because it is a deviation from a socially enforced “norm,” and the term “coming out” itself denotes that someone was once hiding themselves and now they aren’t.

for some people (many people) labeling and coming out make a lot of sense. we’re not in a post-heteronormative world. the stark reality is that people DO operate with ingrained cis- and heteronormative frames of thought and it can be tiring to deal with people always making assumptions of your preferences that don’t fit who you are and what you like. labeling your preferences and making sure people know them is a way to avoid those mistaken assumptions. it’s also a way to find other people like you, to ally yourself with a community that is still so marginalized and oppressed in myriad ways, and join in the movement and the fight and take pride in an aspect of yourself that many people would try to deride or malign. but an alternate school of thought is that the gender you prefer having sex with or that you fall in love with is no more a part of your identity that merits announcement and discussion than, say, your preference for masturbating three times a week or your preference for only having sex in the missionary position or any other personal detail about what you do w your genitals in the privacy of your bedroom. it doesn’t have to have a bearing on identity in the most nuclear and concentrated sense of the word, it doesn’t HAVE to be labeled and addressed in a way that automatically reduces and categorizes it and neatly packages it as an object for the public to talk about and weigh in on. the notion of labeling your sexuality and then “coming out” is a construct in the most literal sense, and for some people, who perhaps don’t feel the need to correct everyone’s heteronormative assumptions of them, or who don’t feel the need to find other people with non-hetero preferences, or who think the reality of the life they live since they blatantly/openly share it w someone of their same gender is already pretty suggestive of their preferences, coming out widely and publicly isn’t a priority or a necessity (and in some cases can obviously also be a discomforting, stressful, scary, or even dangerous prospect!!!) for literally thousands of possible reasons.

we can guess that dnp align themselves more closely to this latter outlook. in both of the recent times that dan has discussed sexuality explicitly he talks about not wanting to label it for a public audience. in his diss track he directly addresses his own comments about attraction to more than one gender (j law –> evan p), and then says that it’s hard to put him in a box because he keeps “it” (his sexuality) so blurry. he’s bluntly saying that he doesn’t want to be categorized. in an interview with the sunday times in late 2015 promoting tabinof, the interviewer directly asks dan if he’s gay. dan references tom hardy’s answer to the same question and says that he and phil do not believe that their sexual preferences are something the public has any business knowing–he then delineates the purpose of their role as public figures. they are entertainers and what they seek to offer their public audience is the content they make. that’s it. looking to tom hardy’s actual quote sheds even more light: “I’m under no obligation to share anything to do with my family, my children, my sexuality — that’s nobody’s business but my own…It’s important destigmatizing sexuality and gender inequality in the workplace, but to put a man on the spot in a room full of people designed purely for a salacious reaction? To be quite frank, it’s rude. If [someone] had said that to me in the street, I’d have said the same thing back: ‘I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?’”

as far back as 2009, both dnp were talking about attraction to men and following it with the refrain that they don’t like labels. and that is VALID. it’s transgressive, even, to take a look at all the heteronormativity out there, all of the assumptions that people make about sex and gender and everything else, all of the demand that straights place on queer people to announce their otherness as loudly as possible and categorize themselves as being different, and then to say no, reject all of that pressure, and turn your back on it. refuse to comply with everyone’s expectations and just be happy in liking what you like and loving who you love. just existing, as anon put it so beautifully.

but if a queer person chooses this outlook, chooses to shirk labels and a formal/public statement of their preferences, the default assumption SHOULD NOT be straight. heterosexuality shouldn’t be an assumed sexuality for anyone, regardless of the statements they may or may not have made, but it especially should not be the assumption for two men who did publicly label at one point as bisexual, and who have repeatedly voiced attraction to men. in an attempt to move towards a society that doesn’t make assumptions at all, a world in which coming out is completely obsolete and unnecessary and people stopped giving so much of a fuck about the genders people have sex with, it’s on all of us to change the way that we think about sexuality and unlearn our own biased thought. the burden shouldn’t fall on dnp to correct our thought or go out of their way to tell us that they fuck or that they’re in love–doesn’t that cheapen everything that they are? doesn’t that demand something of them that they’ve said over and over they do not want to give? and haven’t they done enough to tell us about how they experience attraction? it’s on all of us to take those comments seriously and to validate and acknowledge their experiences as they relay them to us, and to contextualize them in the complex textures and nuances of who they are as people.

who they are and what they’ve already chosen to share with us is pretty damn radical in itself: they’re two boys who have shared and built a life together for nearly eight years and who rely on each other on so many levels. they’re two boys who speak of the love and respect they have for each other in numerous ways, perhaps without stating those words specifically, but making it clear through actions and stories of their time together instead. they’re two boys who don’t know how to be without each other, who don’t merely coexist and work together but who have consciously interwoven their lives to the point that all of their experiences are shaped with and through each other. the argument can be made that they’re “out” in the sense of not hiding who they are from us, in the sense that both of them, and dan especially, have taken conscious measures to talk about how much they like boys. the argument can equally be made that they still hide to some degree–they won’t hold hands or hug, they’ll separate beds if they’re showing us the inside of their hotel room, they’ll not say the words i love you in front of us. but to me none of that even incrementally eclipses the glowing reality and warmth of the life they share–it’s as much info as i think they will ever feel okay giving us and it’s more than enough, for me at least, to look to them as models of deepest mutual love and respect (yes between two men!!) and of the comfort that can arise when you find someone to just exist with, outside world and their asks of you be damned


sách The Law of The Garbage Truck – DAVID J. POLLAY


Hai mươi năm trước,  khi ngồi ở băng ghế sau của chiếc taxi đang chạy trên đường phố New York. Chiếc xe chở tôi đang đi ở làn bên phải thì bất thình lình, một chiếc xe màu đen lao nhanh ra cắt ngang đường đi của chúng tôi. Bác tài xế taxi vội đạp phanh. Tiếng lốp xe rít lên trên mặt đường ken két và chiếc xe taxi đứng khựng lại, cách đuôi chiếc xe phía trước chỉ một đốt ngón tay.

Tôi choáng váng, không dám tin vào chuyện vừa xảy ra. Nhưng những gì diễn ra sau đó mới thật sự khiến tôi sững sờ. Người đàn ông điều khiển chiếc xe phía trước - người suýt chút nữa đã gây ra một vụ tai nạn nghiêm trọng - thò đầu ra cửa xe và lớn tiếng chửi bới bằng đủ lời lẽ thô thiển, tục tĩu.

Vậy mà bác tài đang chở tôi mỉm cười rồi vẫy tay chào tạm biệt gã lái xe kia. Tôi chú ý thái độ của bác - rất thân thiện. Tôi ngạc nhiên hỏi:

“Sao bác hiền thế? Gã đó suýt giết chết chúng ta mà”.

Bác tài trả lời, giọng bình thản:

  • Có những người giống như chiếc xe trở rác vậy. Họ chứa trong mình đầy rác rưởi, thất vọng, chán nản và tức giận . Và khi những thứ đó có nhiều, họ cần tìm một chỗ để trút bỏ chúng. Và đôi khi họ vứt chúng lên người anh. Nhưng anh biết gì không, anh không cần phải nhận chúng, anh chỉ việc vẫy tay chào, mỉm cười… chúc họ vui vẻ… và tiếp tục công việc của mình. Đừng nhận mớ rác rưởi này rồi đem đến cho người khác ở nơi làm việc… ở nhà hay ở phố.  “Hãy yêu quý những người đối xử với anh  đúng mực, và cầu nguyện cho những người không được như thế" 
  • Cuộc sống là 10% những gì xảy ra với anh  , 90% còn lại là cách anh  phản ứng với nó như thế nào 

Câu trả lời của người lái   taxi làm tôi nảy sinh ý tưởng về điều mà tôi gọi là “Bài học diệu kỳ từ chiếc xe rác”. Tôi bắt đầu nghĩ: “Tôi có thường để cho những ‘chiếc xe rác’ ảnh hưởng đến cuộc sống của mình không? Và tôi có thường nhận lấy mớ ‘rác rưởi’ này rồi mang đến phát tán tại nơi làm việc, ở nhà, hay trên đường phố không?”. Rồi tôi tự nhủ tôi không muốn “làm bẩn” cuộc sống của người khác, tôi cũng không muốn hứng “rác” của bất kỳ ai. Với phương châm sống như vậy, cuộc sống của tôi đã có những thay đổi tích cực đáng kể.

Khi viết quyển sách này, tôi đã ấp ủ nhiều dự định. Mục đích của tôi là mong bạn không bị những nguyên nhân vụn vặt cản trở con đường hoàn thiện bản thân. Tôi muốn bạn biết cách bỏ qua những điều tiêu cực nằm ngoài tầm kiểm soát của mình. Tôi muốn bạn hãy trân trọng những điều tốt đẹp đang hiện hữu trước mắt.



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what do u think the back of dans denim jacket says

possibilities include:
spicy memes
i love memes
meme lord
edge lord
kinkshame free zone
i read a wikipedia article about sartre and now i’m an existentialist
daniel h.
dani snot on fire
the alien emoji
don’t ask me about my fursona
go away
my celebrity crush was j law but now it’s evan p
weeb trash
phil trash
deep dark and dank

owing Sam Claflin an endless amount of thank you’s for playing my favorite literary character so beautifully. Finnick Odair is a complex character. He is hardened by the world, yet sensitive. He is indescribably strong, yet weak when put in positions when he needs to protect those he loves. He seeps out love, while also killing and doing whatever is necessary to keep the innocent safe. He provides humor & sarcasm while continuously coming face to face with the terrors of Panem. Finnick Odair cannot be described, cannot be labeled, and cannot be given the respect he (as a character) deserves. Yet, Sam Claflin wonderfully gave Finnick all he needed when he came to life. Although he had limited lines and scenes, he allowed viewers to see the complexity and beauty in the character of Finnick Odair and I will forever be grateful for this.