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Hi so I read about what you said on why Kanye is trash, but why is j law? I mean, I don't know her that well but I like her. What has she done? Not trying to sound rude, I just want to know so that I'm not totally oblivious to the things she's done

dw its fine. basically she’s biphobic and lesbophobic, she thinks bisexuality is a ‘lesbian phase’ and she used lesbian as an adjective to describe how she looked and enforces those stereotypes. she’s also lowkey racist and she was trying to call out a man (who isnt fluent in english) who was asking her questions who was looking down at his phone to ask her questions which had his questions on it for him and she ridiculed him publicly. shes also ableist and views ocd as a ‘quirky’ thing and she tries too hard with everything and acts like shes Quirky™ for eating pizza and falling over a couple of times

Nobody can stay beloved forever. I never believed it, the whole time. I was like, just wait: People are going to get sick of me. My picture is everywhere, my interviews are everywhere; I’m way too annoying because I get on red carpets and I’m really hyper, most likely because I’ve been drinking, and I can’t not photo-bomb somebody if it’s a good opportunity. But it’s something I always tell myself: ‘You need to calm the f— down. You don’t want to constantly be a GIF.‘
—  Jennifer Lawrence, on the perils of being everyone’s imaginary BFF.