Such a Joker (15/?)


As I come closer my blood rushes. If this isn’t a trick Jerome and I could finally be free together. Together, and happy. That’s all I want.

I climb the stairs one by one getting closer to the open window. Once I get there I look in seeing someone reading a newspaper covering their face. I pull out my gun and hop into the room. The figure sets the news paper down reviling a man with dark hair, and a determined look. I held up my gun as in a protective proaction.

“Now after I say I’ll help you you’re going to pull a gun on me? Please dear I mean no harm. Just want you two together is all.” “And why is that?” I ask not lowering my gun.

The man stands up and gestures to the seat in front of his desk. I move forward, but keeping my gun armed. “I want those criminals in there. I figure they can do some good for me, and if you agree…well then guess who gets her sweet boy back? Huh?” “How would that help you?” “Oh come on I’m not going to spill all the plans. Some are just still turning in my mind, but I can get him out.” I narrow my eyes.

“Who are you?” “My names Theo Galavan, now what do you say? You help me I help you? Not to hard if you ask me.” “If I help you Jerome gets out safely?” “You have my word.” Theo raises his hand in honesty.

"How do I exactly help you then?” “You’re the biggest part! Who would have ever guessed a psychotic beauty would be working for the GCPD. Busting people for crimes shes committed as well. What you would do is give us the inside look on everything. Letting us just skid right past the law, and in return you get Jerome, glory, money, anything you want. Just name it.” “I help you, and Jerome is free?” “Yes.” I stand up smirking and stick out my hand. “Deal.” Theo shakes my hand with delight.

Perfect, now follow me (y/n). There’s much more to discus.” “Aye okay Gal.” I say practically skipping down the marble floored hall.

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