Hey, check this out! A group of Japanese musicians and Sailor Moon fans have grouped up for a Sailor Moon tribute band called ‘Sailor Soldiers’ (English)! From their website:



To celebrate Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary!
(We) 'girl musicians’ who love Sailor Moon have assembled!

“We want to share with everyone the amazingness of the Sailor Soldiers who taught us about love and justice!”
“We want to become the Sailor Soldiers we’ve been admiring/aspiring to!”
With those feelings in our hearts, we became the rock band 'Sailor Soldiers’, and we’re gonna stage a live performance of all those songs we love!
Cosplay participation is all OK☆, so let’s all have fun becoming the characters!

Vocals (Sailor Moon): “Tsukino” ETSUYO
Keyboard (Sailor Mercury): “Mizuno” Emu (music myspace)
Guitar (Sailor Mars): “Hino” miko, of the band exist†trace
Drums (Sailor Jupiter): “Kino” natsume
Bass (Sailor Venus): “Aino” ERY, of the band KiLLKiLLS

You can hear samples of their music skills at the respective links, and they all sound good! How exciting!!

If you’re in Japan, you should go see!! The performance is at the Shibuya Star Lounge in Tokyo on the 26th of October, and tickets cost ¥2,000 (which is pretty cheap). Apparently they’ll give out special rewards if you show up in costume too! I really want to see this, I hope they put up recordings.