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Ankle Biter - Taehyung x reader | Single Dad! AU – Complete

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The Joker x Reader - “Old Habits”

Everyone in the underworld answers to The Organization. This only happens once, but you will be auctioned to the other members that already served their term and for 6 months you will belong to that person. You have to do anything they ask, both on personal and business level. All the profits go to The Organization; you can’t keep anything for yourself; you can’t escape, you can’t avoid it, just postpone the inevitable. After your 6 months, you can choose and stay as a bidder (just like you did).

“We’ll start the bidding at $500.000 ! “ the auctioneer points towards The Joker, who is chained to the wall and sure doesn’t look pleased with this evening’s events. But there is nothing he can do about it and he is aware of it. He certainly fought them, that’s why he’s tight up. J should have known better but …there he is.

You lift your hand up and so do several more.

“You’re popular, Mister Joker” the announcer snickers and you know J enough to notice he might snap soon. Please don’t do anything reckless, it’s only going to make it worse, you think to yourself, worried.

“What about a million dollars, hm?”

Poison Ivy turns towards you, winking:

“Wanna share him? We can go half-half girl,” she bites her lip, enthusiastic.

“Not on J, Ivy”, you answer, determined to hold your ground.

“Uhhhh, you’re no fun Y/N! But I can understand how powerful an old flame can be… ” she sighs, playing with her hair.

“ 2 million?” you hear and you lift your hand again. So many wanting him… If anybody else gets The Clown Prince of Crime it won’t be pretty. He can probably handle it… and yet something inside you doesn’t want you to give up.

“ 5 million! “ you raise your voice and all heads turn towards you.

The Joker finally notices you and grinds his teeth, definitely not glad with the encounter.

“6!” Ivy waves at the auctioneer, excited.

“7!” you keep on going, irritated she is just doing it to antagonize you.


You take a deep breath and loudly exclaim:

“12 million!” People start talking and whispering and Ivy pouts, already bored:

“She can have him for that price,” she giggles, elbowing you. You pinch her arm, smiling and relieved you won.

“12 million going once, going twice…. Mister Joker is sold to Miss Y/N for 12 million!”

Everyone starts clapping and congratulating you; he just stares with a blank expression on his face, wanting to kill everyone in the huge room. At least he didn’t do anything stupid for once.


“Untie him,” you command once J is brought to your quarters. He starts cussing, trying to kick the guards and you cover his mouth while they take the chains off.

“Please shut up, you’ll get in trouble. It’s your turn and there is nothing you can do about it. If you run or try to trick them, they will take away everything from you and you’ll have nothing to get back to in Gotham, you know it. Most than likely you’ll end up dead; they don’t like rebellions, no matter who the person is. Are you good now?” you ask and his chest goes up and down really fast but he nods a yes. “Good, “you let go and the guards are done too. “Leave us,” you signal and once they are gone you close the door behind them, finally relaxing a bit.

“Where the hell were you???!!!” he stomps towards you, extremely furious and pushes you so brutally you almost fall on your back. “You just left me without a word???!!  Gone for 8 months and now I find myself here with you as my buyer for the next half a year?!!! Do…do you know how long I’ve… I’ve searched for you?” he takes it down a notch, keeping his hands in his hair, panting.

You just regain your balance and calmly inform him:

“You know I postponed my time for as long as I could until they didn’t play along anymore. They came for me at my apartment and I had to go. I couldn’t contact you because they don’t allow it, you know the rules. I thought you would have guessed on why I disappeared…I didn’t leave you…” you blink faster, rubbing your cheeks, not wanting to get too emotional about it.

“Why didn’t you come back, hm?” he points his finger at you, still mad. “Your 6 months were up two months ago!!!”

“I stayed for you!” you suddenly scream and he frowns, not expecting it. “I knew your time will be up soon and you won’t be able to avoid it. I wanted to buy you so none of the ones having a grudge against you will !!!! Once you leave you can’t come back so I stayed. That’s why I chose to remain here as a bidder, you, you…ungrateful JERK!!!” you lash out at him, upset and almost regretting your decision.

“Jeez, thanks,” The Joker has the nerve to sarcastically mock you, even if on the inside he gets the picture.

“You dare talking to me like this, J?!” you tremble with anger, trying not to have a meltdown. “You know this is everyone’s chance to get revenge on those whom they don’t like or have a grudge against. And you, King of Gotham… “ you smirk, fuming with vexation,”… have a lot of enemies among our own. You should be so grateful right now that you’re mine and not someone else’s! Do you know Ivy wanted to share, huh? Do you know what happens to the men she buys? I’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. Harvey hates you, he would have torn you to pieces until the bitter end of your 6 months. Riddler would have driven you insane, really insane; you wouldn’t have recognized yourself at the end of your time!!! You think you know mind games? HA! Try his!… And the list goes on and on!”

You take a deep breath because spitting out this stuff made you all worked up.

J definitely seems speechless for once; he keeps on looking at you up and down, debating:

“Who… who bought you?” he utters, taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

“I was lucky it was Dr. Freeze,” you sniffle. “Due to his…condition, I mostly just had to do the business part for The Organization. A few times…”, he sees your eyes getting teary, “…I don’t want to talk about it, OK? And then I stayed…waiting for you…so I can get you and nobody else. That’s how much I cared. But don’t worry, that’s not the case anymore,” you hiss at him, regaining your composure. “ I just wanted to repay you for that time during the Wayne Industry heist you saved my life. I don’t want to owe you, understand?” you quickly make up a reason this way it won’t show how hurt you are. He has no idea what you’ve been through and what it took for you to stay when all you desired was to leave and run back to him.

The Joker just lifts his shoulders up, puckering his lips:

“So this means I don’t have to sleep with you and all that stuff since I’m yours for 6 months?”

“Exactly, I don’t want you to touch me; just worry about the business part of it and get them as much money as they want!  I’m responsible for you so try not to get us both killed. Then you’re done and that’s it. If you want to stay as a bidder afterwards, it will be your choice,” you grumble, shaking your head since J is really getting on your nerves.

He deliberates for a few seconds before talking again:

“So…what am I supposed to do if I…get…the urge, Doll?”

“What?!” you snarl, not amused. The Joker was hoping it would make you smile.“Whatever you did while I was gone!” you bark at him and head towards the bathroom, adamant to take a shower, maybe it will help cool you off.

You hear the knock in the door and it scares you. Were you two really loud?! Hopefully they didn’t hear the argument or you’re in big trouble.

“Take your shirt off, quickly!” you tell him while you pull your dress over your head, taking your bra off and tossing it to the side. He knows why so for once he does as asked and you push him in bed, getting on top of him really fast and covering everything you can with the blanket.

“Come in,” you turn your head and one of the guards walks in, averting his eyes when he sees the both of you like that.

“What is it? I’m busy enjoying my prize!” you growl, covering your breasts with your hands.

“I’m so…so sorry to interrupt, Miss Y/N. I have the Organization’s list of everything Mister Joker has to do for 6 months, all the heists, kidnappings and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” J replies, irked, getting on his elbows. “Just get out, we know the drill; the lady’s having fun, OK? She sure wants her money’s worth so I have to get back to business, like…NOW!”

“Leave that stuff on the table,” you point with your head and the guard obliges, turning around afterwards and exiting your quarters.

“Of course, m-my apologies again,” he nervously stammers, closing the door.

“Good, this helped, it looks believable,” you whisper. “Would you take your hand out of my bikini?!” you slap his arm, trying to kick him in the crotch as you get off him.

“Heyyyy, watch the merchandise, you paid 12 million for it!” J snickers and he doesn’t like the fact that you’re still upset. But he was a complete ass, so…

“You’re not worth it, trust me…” you sadly reply and he bites his tongue because he sure wants to say something very mean. “I’m going for a shower, I have 2 more bathrooms in my quarters, pick one,” you let him know with a sour expression on your face, heading back towards your own.


“So I’m sleeping here?” he inquires, slamming 4 pillows on the bed.

“Yes, you know the rules: you have to sleep in the same bed with your buyer. Sometimes they raid the rooms at night, they sure don’t care about privacy too much. You can’t lock the doors, ever.  We have to follow protocol.”

The Joker huffs, fiddling around with his boxers before sitting down.

“How was sleeping in the same bed with Dr. Freeze?” he inquires, watching you roll your eyes:

“Cold!” you shortly reply and continue: “This is a double king so there’s plenty of space. Make sure you stay on your side, don’t try your sneaky ways with me,” you warn him, getting comfortable under your comforter. You reach your hand and turn off the lamp when you hear:

“Hey, Y/N, do they have stripers here?”

“Shut the hell up, J!” you place the cover on top of your head, hoping he’ll be quiet.

“No, seriously, do they?” he tries again.

Since you don’t answer, The Joker assumes he can continue yapping:

“I think you should know I might have got somebody pregnant.”

“For God’s sake, give it a rest, will you?” you turn on the other side. “I don’t care!”  but after a few seconds he is so pleased to hear your muffled voice from under the covers: “Did you really?!”

His maniacal laughter resonates in the bedroom and you decide not to say anything anymore.


You wake up sweating, feeling really hot and you realize why: he got under your comforter and he’s squeezing the life out of you in his sleep.

“J, wake up, go on your side!” you take his hands away from around your waist, not wanting him so close to you. “This better be your gun!” you push him away, not entertained at the situation.

“Nope, not my gun, you know I sleep naked,” he groans, half asleep. “Old habits, don’t flatter yourself,” and he tries to snuggle by you again.

“I’m not. Stop bugging me, I mean it!” you punch him in the arm, aggravated again.

“Don’t hit me!” he musters, trying really hard not to hit you back. “…What the hell is this?!” J grumbles, feeling your skin from under your t-shirt.

“Not all my missions were easy, I have more scars now, “you confess, not happy at the memories, pulling away from him and he finally lets go and rolls over towards his side of the bed.

“I’m sure you deserved it,” he maliciously responds, getting cozy with his pillows. He certainly likes to bite.
“Just make sure you do what you have to do for your 6 months and then you’re done…we’re done with this nonsense…” you sulk since you are fed up with his crap.

“Whatever, I don’t give a damn!” he has one last outburst before winding down. “Hey, Y/N, can you imagine me sleeping in the same bed with Dead Shot or Harvey? Those guys are boring.”

And you thought he was done. But you don’t reply.

“But Ivy though… that woman knows how to make other men want her and… ouch, hey, watch it!” The Joker protests when he receives one of your pillows right in the face. “ I’m keeping this one too,” he decides, and he hears you mumble not very nice things; it pleases him to realize he still has the power to antagonize you.


He came back from one of his mission with a black eye. Because of his pale skin, it looks so much worse than it is.

“Can you see?” you ask, staring at his eye: definitely doesn’t look clear blue anymore: just red, swollen and inflamed.

“Somewhat,” J sighs, grabbing the ice bag from your hand and placing it over his bruise.

“You should go to one of the doctors here, I don’t want you to go blind,” you pout, unconsciously keeping your hand on top of his.
“I thought you don’t care, Doll,” he pushes your hand away, pretending to be in pain.

“I don’t,” you are fast to respond. “I just want you to be able to continue with your assignments, remember I am responsible for you.  Are you sure you don’t need a doctor?”

“Pffttt, I’m OK, I’m The Joker. I don’t need anybody for anything,” he puffs, hinting at you not being important to him.

Like you need clues.

“Yes, honey,” you make it a point of being overly sarcastic while saying it, “we are all aware of that!” and you slam the door, leaving the confused J sitting on the couch with a displeased expression on his face. He sure believed you will put up with his temper and venomous remarks and baby him. This is what you used to do…


He returned from a robbery with two bullet wounds in his right arm. The medical team took care of that and patched him up well, but you know it’s not going to be easy: he’s never been a good patient.

He keeps on tossing and turning, wincing in pain while you want to nap. You try not to pay attention but he won’t quit. You even cover your head with a pillow; it’s no use.

“Doll, I think I have a fever,” he whines, pulling at your blanket.

“Uuuhhhhh,” you get up on your side, wishing you have shared him with Ivy so she can get a taste of his wonderful interpersonal skills. But since you didn’t…joke’s on you. “No you don’t!” you snap but move towards him anyway to check. Old habits

“See? I’m burning up,” J complains and starts purring when you touch his forehead.

“You’re fine, you don’t seem… too…hot…” you utter and glare when he takes your hand and kisses it.

“I am hot, maybe horny, can’t really tell,” he flashes his silver smile at you, winking.

“Stop your stupid games!” you back out, regretting you felt for it.

“What games?! I got shot and I’m in pain. Com’ere,” he gestures for you and it makes you cringe.

“No, I’m fine where I am,” you decline and The Joker is not used with rejection. He opens his mouth to say something vicious and you just ignore him. “Good night!” you cut it short, wanting to rest. You manage to put your ear plugs in, not willing to listen to a single word that comes out of his mouth anymore. He sure blurred out a lot of things that you didn’t hear.


2 in the morning and you wake up startled, not knowing why. You stretch, adjusting against your body pillow when you hear J groan in his sleep, uncomfortable from his fresh wounds he got on another commision today.

He’s dozing off in the middle of the bed and since you have the nightlight on you can distinguish the grimace of pain on his face and messy green hair all over the place. You watch his restless sleep for a while and bite your cheek, worried without even noticing. You move close to him and touch his forehead but it doesn’t seem like he has a fever.

You remember how you used to comfort him when he got injured in the past and you press your lips against the bandages, not even knowing why you’re doing it. Old habits

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?” J yawns, scrunching up his face with his eyes closed.

“Kissing it better,” you bitterly reply and can’t help but sensing your heart beating faster when he answers:

“It does feel better…” and he softly pulls on your hair, snoozing, playing with the long strands until he’s out cold again. You wouldn’t know that what you did sure relaxed him; he wouldn’t admit to it even if it kills him, but he really misses your touch. Old habits

You swear in your mind this is the only time you will be nice to him since he really screwed up. You have to be strong, this way you can have revenge for all the anguish you suffered for his sake.


Today is the end of his 6 months service and The Joker ended up being stabbed on his mission. Since it’s quite a superficial lesion, they allowed him to take the rest of the day off. He mopes around the quarters, delighted his ordeal is over with. He sure didn’t enjoy serving his time for The Organization. So much money, diamonds and guns he got for them and he couldn’t keep anything. He completely detests it but there was no way around it.

Where is she? J wonders since he didn’t see you at all today. He really wants to get out of there as soon as possible.

You enter the rooms with the 4 guards and seem deep in thought. When you leave the premises for good you have to always be accompanied by them; you can’t take anything with you; all stays behind.

“Finally, Y/N, let’s get out of here!” he impatiently grabs your hand and starts dragging you out. “Walk faster!” J barks and after a few moments you yank your hand away, staying behind while the security team closely follows his steps. He turns his head, reaching for you again while pacing down the hallway.

“Come on, what you are doing?! Move it!”

“I’m staying…” The Joker hears your voice echoing and he halts, alarmed, not even knowing why he has this strong desire for you to follow him.

“You’re what?!” he tilts his head, irritated and wants to head back towards you but the guards won’t let him.

“You can’t go back, sir, you know the rules. Please keep on walking!”

“What the hell are you doing, Y/N?! Let’s go!” he yells, trapped in between the wardens.

You blink fast a few times, hesitant. You sure want to get out of the place as fast as him… yet:

“They’re bringing Frost in tomorrow,” you talk loud enough so he can hear you. “I want to get him; a lot of them hate Jonny for his connection to you.”

“That’s so stupid, Doll! I thought you want to run out of here as soon as I was done with my time!” he shouts as the guards make him move again.

He keeps on looking back and you don’t say anything; you just lift your hand and wave a faint good-bye, your eyes getting watery while watch him depart. You don’t even know why you are so upset; he’s definitely not worth it.

“Fuck!” J grumbles, irked he won’t see you anytime soon. He can’t understand why his selfish self keeps on having doubts about leaving you behind; you’re definitely not worth it. “Hold on!” he gets the attention of his wardens. He takes a deep breath and passes his fingers through his hair, wanting to keep his mouth shut but something inside makes him pronounce the words: “I’m staying as a bidder.”

“Are you sure, Mister Joker?” one of the guys double checks.

“Yes, I’m sure, even if I’m aware this is the most stupid ass decision I’ve ever made…besides dating her, of course,” he scoffs, heading back towards you.

You pretend you don’t care at all when he comes in front of you and starts rambling, dramatically gesturing to accentuate his feelings:

“If you think you will get Frost and sleep with him in the same bed without me supervising the whole damn thing, you’re wrong!”

“Huh?!” you look so confused when he angrily hugs you.

Him and his stupid jealousy… Old habit.

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Sleep Tight: J-Hope Scenario/requested

Anonymous said: Hi!^^ you write scenarios too right? If so, right now it’s really late here and I can’t sleep, could I get a fluffy hobi scenario that’ll get me to fall asleep? Thank you<3

Here you are! This is a perfect distraction from my depressing drama lol. Hope you enjoy :)

While I’m writing this, I’m listening to “Oceans Away” by Arizona. :)

The poor guy keeps getting kicked in the shins as you roll back and forth trying to find a way to fall asleep. There was just too much on your mind, and you couldn’t stop worrying about your job, about Hobi, and about life in general. It was a battle like this every night, and got worse when Hobi wasn’t next to you, snoring lightly in your ear and sniffling once in awhile.

Finally, you gave up. Huffing quietly, you lay on your back with your arms laid on your stomach, listening to the soft hum of the ceiling fan and the occasional movement from your boyfriend.

Hoseok. He was truly the only one that could get you to go to sleep without any problems. Being the worrier you were, you’d be concerned for the future nights where he wouldn’t be next to you, but hundreds of miles away in a different country on tour, and you had to face the night alone.

While you were trying to get comfortable, Hobi was kicked square in the knee. Normally you didn’t move around a ton, and all he remembers before falling asleep was holding you in his arms. But now, in the dark that was 3AM, he cracked one eye open and noticed that you were now sitting on the edge of the bed. 

You were planning on taking a walk, and was just about to get up when you heard Hoseok shift and gently pull at your wrist.

“Y/N, where are you going? Its-” He stops and turns to look at his phone on the nightstand next to his side of the bed, “3 in the morning.”

“I was going to take a walk. I can’t sleep, just go back to bed. You have to get up in like, 3 hours.” You said, removing his hand from your wrist and standing up. You didn’t want to worry him, and the look on his face showed that he was concerned.

“Wait, just come back to bed. Please. It’s cold outside.” He pleads, jutting out his lip and patting the empty space next to him. You sighed, utterly exhausted and slightly scared of going out onto the streets so late at night, so you climbed back into bed.

“Turn towards me,” Hoseok says quietly, peering down at you. You’re positioned with your head under his chin, forehead touching his upper chest, and warmth flooded your chest after Hobi pulled the blankets up to your chin.

“I want you to wake me up if you can’t sleep, I want to help you.” He whispers, moving the fabric from your back. He began to lightly draw shapes on the skin of your back, gently moving his fingers in different motions down your shoulder blades and to the small of your back.

Already comforted and warm, you snuggled deeper into his embrace as he snaked his other arm around your waist and began humming an oddly familiar tune. The vibrations began to lull you to sleep, and just as you finally sunk into sleep, you heard Hoseok say, “I love you. Sleep tight.”

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Hold Me Tight (J-Hope, You) Scenario

By popular demand… here’s the sequel to Cold. To be honest, it wasn’t supposed to have a second part but so many have asked for it and so I decided to write one and I think it went…better than the first. haha! 

Rated T for Too emotional ;P



Everyone has fears.

Some have fear of heights; some of failure or incompetence; others fear spiders or flying cockroaches…

Mine was a single sentence:

“I want you to work with us for the next album.”

I felt my heart get stuck in my throat as the PD of Big Hit Entertainment called me up, asking if I can collaborate with one of his artists.


“Oh I–”

“You did a fantastic job on their mini album, Y/N-ssi.” He said and I felt a swell of pride in my chest, appreciating the compliment. If I say so myself, I thought I did do a pretty good job on the album.

But it wasn’t a solo project, a small voice in my head said; my thoughts lingering to a name that made me want to scream as much as it made my heart twist into knots.

“Thank you sir but,” I sighed, hating myself for letting go of something as big as producing another song for one of the hottest groups in the industry today.

But I knew I would hate myself more if I took the project. “But I can’t do it.”

“Oh?” The disappointment in his voice is eminent and I bit my lip, hoping for the topic to be closed. “Why so?”

I sighed mentally, not wanting him to sense just how personal the reason was. There was one rule in the industry: It’s a business deal. Nothing personal.

But that’s exactly what I got into, I winced as I tried to make-up a viable excuse. “Well, I… I just have some other things to attend to. I have a few tracks in line and I’m not sure if I can squeeze in–”

“Just one song for the album is all I ask.” He said. “I’d want you to work on the whole thing to be honest,” he laughed slightly. “But if you are as busy as you say you are, I’m sure a track won’t be too much?”

I laid back on my seat, trying to find a loophole to this nightmare. But with exhaustion seeping through my bones from the all nighter I pulled on last night and the the hunger which was very much being reminded by my growling stomach, I didn’t have the energy to argue. With a sigh, I surprised myself by saying, “Okay. Sure. I think I can take a track.”

“That’s great! Thank you Y/N-ssi.”

I winced deeply at his excitement, realizing just what I’ve done. “I’ll be working with–”

“All of them are now part of the album composition. Even the maknae is experimenting and has even finished a song. But you’ll probably working with the rappers like before.”

Great, I thought. “Okay. So I’ll need the themes and details of the album in a week. So I can start up a demo track and we can have something to work with.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll have their managers get in touch with you.”

After bidding our final thanks and goodbyes, I hung up and grabbed the pillow by the couch; burying my face into it and screaming into oblivion.

Nice going, Y/N.

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The Joker x Reader x Dead Son -“Lost” part 1

Your son died and everything came crashing down really fast. Who would have thought the King and Queen of Gotham have hearts that can break?

Read Part 2 herehttp://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/154843339491/the-joker-x-reader-x-dead-son-lost-part-2

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You leave your suitcase by the elevator and go back to the living room. The Joker gets up from the couch and slowly walks towards you.

“Don’t go,” he whispers, looking at you with sad eyes.

“I need a break, J, I just can’t be here right now…”you manage to say, feeling you’re going to start crying soon. “Every time I glance at you I see Kase. He looked so much like you. I can’t even… I just need to be away for a while, OK?”

“Don’t leave, you are all I have left,” he pleads and he is not the type that begs.“I know you blame me…but I didn’t know he sneaked out that night and went with our men.”

“Kase always wanted to prove himself to you…Always… For God’s sake, J, he was only 19,” you whimper and start sobbing, not being able to control yourself anymore. “H-he was our only child. Would you even have stopped him that night?”

“Of course I would have,” the Joker replies, his eyes getting teary. “This was so uncalled for, Princess, he was my kid too; of course I would have stopped him.”

You just shake your head in agreement, wiping your tears.

“I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it,” you apologize, sniffling while he hugs you tight, caressing your long hair.

“Stay…” he growls, not wanting to let you go.


It’s been two months since you moved to your secluded property in the woods you bought a long time ago under your maiden name. Quite far from Gotham, 5 hours away or so.

Today is a very difficult day for you: your son would have been 20 years old. It is also the Joker’s birthday. He turns 50. He was so excited when Kase was born on his birthday. He called him: “my perfect little present.” You smile at the memory, brushing your hair and staring out the window. There will be no celebration today, no party and laughter.

You just texted J to tell him Happy Birthday and he answered right away. “Thank you, baby doll. I’m coming; meet you there around 3pm?”

“Yes,” you shortly replied, already getting ready. He is driving from Gotham so you can both go to your son’s grave. He is buried on the property, about 2 miles from the cabin.

You can’t believe how fast time has passed. J is 50…but you can’t even tell, it would be hard to guess with the way he looks. One thing is for sure: his eyes got even more intense. You look in the mirror, tracing your jawline. At 45, you barely have any wrinkles yourself. The dark circles under your green eyes are the only testimony of the numerous sleepless nights you had since the incident.

It will be nice to see the Joker again after so many weeks, you think, starting to put on your make up. You are quite surprised he didn’t come to drag you out of there and take you back to the city. He absolutely hates sleeping without you. You wouldn’t know, but J drove to the cabin so many times. He arrived at night, parked the car at a safe distance, then just watched you. It took everything he’d got not to run inside and hug you when he saw you cry. But he knew that might make things worse.  After all, you wanted to be completely alone for a while.


All you can do right now is start walking towards the grave. It’s nice and warm outside so you don’t take the car. You wanted to wear something else for the Joker, but in the end you decided on the black dress. It just seems more…appropriate.

You arrive there early and you sit down on the grass, waiting for him to come. So many thoughts go through your head. How you miss your son…

*** ”Can I go with you guys tonight?” Kase asked, impatient.

“No, not on this one, it’s too dangerous,” J replied, pulling you in his lap as you passed by.

“But I’m 19, I can take care of myself, you know that!” he sulked, upset it wasn’t going his way.

“I have to agree with your dad, love,not this time,” you smiled, trying to calm him down.“I don’t want you hurt. We are breaking into Arkham to get Frost out. Their security gets heavier and better each time we break in.”

“That’s right, Princess,” J grinned his silver teeth at you, kissed you softly, then winked at Kase.

“God, dad, can you please stop calling mom all these names? It’s embarrassing.”

“Did you hear that?” J elbowed you. “We’re embarrassing, Y/N,” he squealed, slapping your thigh. “Hey, your mom will always be my Princess,” he pecked your lips, ”my Pumpkin,”(another peck), “my Baby doll,”(another kiss), “MY QUEEN” (another kiss), “my Kitten,” he roared , then kissed you again.

“Ewwww you guys, seriously. Mom, do something!”

You snickered, amused at how much the Joker loved teasing him. You signaled him to come sit by you. Kase rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, but did as asked. You pulled him close and squeezed his face, kissing his cheeks like when he was a baby.

“Mom, this is even more embarrassing,” he complained, but the smile creeping up on his face made you so happy. He knew he was being teased to the max.

“You have your father’s eyes, sooo handsome” you tilted your head, looking at both of them. You parted Kase’s hair to the side so you could see his face better. He had toxic green and bright red highlights to match the color of J‘s hair and yours.

“Mom, please stop, you make us look…normal. That is truly the most embarrassing thing ever,” he fakely whined, dramatically gesturing with his hands. He definitely got that from the Joker.

“You know you do a good job as a parent when your kid is embarrassed, hmm, Y/N?” J asked, holding tight to your waist, snorting.

Kase huffed, defeated:

“I’m soooo glad nobody can see us right now, our reputation would be ruined. “

Speaking up his mind without hesitation… He definitely got that from you.

*** “Dad, I’m getting a new tattoo,” he boasted, walking in J’s office. “What should I get?”

The Joker was looking over the new hideout’s building plans, busy as heck.

“Ask your mom,” he scoffed, writing on the paper.

“I did and she said to ask you.”

“Well, go back and ask her.”

“But dad, you’re the Joker,” Kase stated the obvious, exasperated.

“Yes, I am the Joker but your mom is The Queen. Go ask her and see what she thinks, kaaayyy? I don’t want to sleep in another bedroom or on the couch. AGAIN! Thank you very much. You always get me in trouble, kiddo. And I don’t like not sleeping with your mom in the same bed because I always want to…”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Kase shouted, covering his ears and rattling the heavy gold bracelets on his wrists. “I don’t want to hear this, la-la-la-la-la-la,” and walked away, singing the words.

J laughed to himself- it worked every time.


You don’t even know how much time has passed. You just keep on looking at the grave, absent minded. There’s not even a body in there, the explosion destroyed everything. Just an empty coffin as empty as your soul.

“Hi, Princess,” you hear the Joker’s voice and you turn your head to look at him. He is wearing a black suit and his green hair really stands out. It makes him even more attractive, you tell yourself, sadly smiling, noticing yet again so much of Kase in him. J never wears black; the only times when you saw him in this color was at the funeral and…now.

“Hi, baby, Happy Birthday,” you force yourself to giggle, lifting your hands so he can help you up. You wrap your arms around his neck so tight he can barely breathe but he doesn’t complain. He just holds you close, ecstatic to touch you again. He was so alone without you.


You quietly stood there for a while, holding hands, not really wanting to say anything to each other. There is no point. The sky darkened and the wind is picking up.

“You think we should go? I think rain is coming,” you mutter, lifting your gaze towards the sky.

“Are you coming back to Gotham with me?” The Joker asks and before you can answer he confesses:

“I don’t want to be on my own, not today. Come on, baby doll, the penthouse is so empty without you…and him…The silence drives me insane. I’ll drive; you just have to come, hmm?”

You hesitate for a few moments.

“I think we should stay here for the night, just me and you. I don’t want to go to Gotham yet. What do you say? Just the two of us…yes…?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he nuzzles in your hair, as you begin to walk towards his car.


You cook dinner and talk, catching up and remembering so many things about your life when there was the three of you, together. You even made his favorite birthday cake, knowing he will come to see you. You start bawling when J blows up his “50” candle and then the “20” one for Kase. It hurts so bad it makes you sick. You notice the tears in his eyes and your heart feels like it’s going to fall apart from the misery. You go and sit on his knees, holding each other tight.

“Y-you think h-he was in pain?” you stutter, burying your face in his neck, crying.

“No, I don’t think so, Doll,” he whispers in your ear, trying to calm himself down without succeeding. “It was over fast, the blast was so strong that…”

“W-we don’t even h-have his body,” you cry lauder, digging your fingers in his back.” H-he’s been g-gone for half a year but it feels like an eternity,” you grunt, shaking from the agony of your sorrow.

“Ssstttt, stop crying Princess,” he asks, hoping to reason with you.

“O-only if you stop crying,” you whimper, stroking his hair.

“I’m not crying,” he sighs, biting his lower lip to make himself feel something else but this accursed despair. “Y/N, it’s OK, I got you…We have each other, right?”

The grief in his voice makes you wince. You lift your head to look him in the eyes.

“Always, baby, just me and you,” you try to smile as he cups your face and kisses you, hungry for your touch.


You wake up in your bed, snuggled to his chest. You move a bit so you can see him sleep. He seems so…peaceful; you have to admit you are a bit jealous. You press your lips against his collar bone tattoo with your name and Kase’s.

“That tickles, Kitten,” he shrugs, still with his eyes closed.

“Wanna wake up?”

“No, not yet, you kept me up all night, you naughty little fox.” You scream as he pinches your butt.

“Heyyy, play nice, old man,” you sulk, slapping his hand.

“Never!” he suddenly rolls on top of you, starting to bite and kiss his way down to you tummy. “Who do you call old, hmmm? Misbehaving, aren’t we?” he snickers as you struggle to escape, laughing.

Your cell goes off and he grumbles, annoyed.

“Don’t you dare, Princess!” he threatens, firmly holding you still.

“What if it’s something important? It might be Frost.”

“Don’t care…” J pouts.

The phone won’t stop ringing.

“Baby, just one sec, let me see who it is,” you implore, reaching your hand for the night stand.

“Fine, but you have to compensate me for the interruption,” he warns you, already having a few things in mind. He brings the pillow under his chin, watching you.

You get yourself to the edge of the bed and look at your cell. Unknown number. Weird, no one you know then. But since you went through the trouble, you slide your screen anyway:


A bunch of static noise, then you barely hear the words:

“Mom! Mom, can you hear me? It’s me.”

More static and hardly the voice again:

“Hello? Mom, is that you?”

You freeze and start trembling, not being able to make a sound.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” the Joker asks, getting up by you and yanking the cell out of your hand.

“Who’s this?” J inquires as you watch him with big eyes, panting.

“Dad? It’s Kase, dad…” more static noise. “I don’t know where I am, dad, please help me…”

Before J can say anything else, the call is dropped.

You cover your mouth, gulping, you even forgot to breathe.

“J, who…who was that?” you utter, completely baffled.

The Joker looks more puzzled than you are.

“It…it…sounded like…”

“Don’t say it!!” you yelp, scared, not even daring to hope. “Oh my God, was…was that?”

“Jesus, Princess, it sounded like him.” The Joker puts down the phone, glaring at you.

“But…he’s …,” you respond, touching his arm in disbelief. “Can… can we trace the call?”

“Not here, but we have people in Gotham that could.”

You look at each other for a few seconds before he snaps:

“Let’s go, what are we waiting for? Gotham is not that far!”



J.R. couldn’t get the disappearing supers out of his mind. The slow increase of police reports, the lack of media coverage, the concerned citizens, then the sudden end to what seemed as the highest rate of missing persons cases in Aisling in years.

Yes. He was disturbed that people were disappearing. But he was more concerned (or interested in the fact) that no one was talking about it. No photos on milk cartons, no posters, no statement from the New Order, nothing on the news… But why

After doing some snooping he knew that it wasn’t homeless people, or born superiors without families that were plucked from the streets… These were normal, everyday Aisling citizens, taken from their homes and places of work and then just deposited back and no one thought that was odd? The police were no help on the matter, he didn’t think they would be, loyal to the New Order, mouths shut tight. But J.R. wasn’t satisfied. And it was an anonymous tip that had lead to him to vow to investigate until he had enough information for a story to run in the papers, possibly on the news.

He knew when he smelt something fishy.

So, here he was, getting statements from people in the quiet, unassuming, corner of a park in North Aisling. Pressing play on his recorder,

“My name is J.R. Bryne, investigative journalist and editor in chief for the Aisling Post-Gazette. I’m keeping a record of this conversation to make sure I don’t forget anything. This can be as brief or as long as a statement as you’d like. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” He lit his cigarette, “Mind introducing yourself? How long you’ve lived in Aisling and, if it’s not too personal, if you are a superior or human first. And we’ll go from there, alright?”   

Roommates (Jungkook Smut)


Is he going to talk to me today? He’s been pretty silent all day, only coming out to eat and wash. He had his earphones in, loud with music so he couldn’t hear when you called out to him.

Why do you even like him in the first place?

“I’m going out, Y/N. Do you need anything?”

I need you to fuck me until I see tomorrow. Even when I’m angry at you, I would forgive you in a split second.

“No, come back safe.”

“Don’t worry about me.” With that, he left and you sat on the couch. You lived with Jungkook, him needing some time away from the dorm. You two were at least on speaking terms, him being very reserved and isolated with you.

Of course, you only agreed to let him stay in hopes he would kindle the feelings you had for him and make some progress.

But it was anything but progress.

He looked at you as just his friendly roommate, only telling you about the duties you shared, his half of the rent and when he’s leaving. He wouldn’t dare to strike a conversation with you outside of that, making you frustrated.

“Why didn’t I ask him?” You hated carrying this little frustration, he was like a robot to you but completely normal around everyone else. Was it because he hated you? Did you forget to do something for him and he has a grudge against you?

These stupid thoughts won’t get you anywhere. You tried to distract yourself with tv but it was pointless. You turned it off, going to your room to grab some clothes. Maybe a shower could help clean your mind.

You turned on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot and stripped off your clothes. Was he not attracted to you? Were you ugly? Or annoying? Maybe he thought you were too clingy.

“I’m going crazy.”

You got into the shower, the hot water and stream welcoming you. You loved how the hot water hit your skin, your muscles relaxing under the heat.

You scrub your body clean, making sure everywhere was clean and just let the water hit you. Your thoughts usually flowed in the shower, always coming out with new ideas but with no one to share them with.

You sighed, turning off the shower. You grabbed your towel, one for your body and the other for your hair. You dried your hair, walking back to your room knowing Jungkook wasn’t home yet and wanting different clothes instead.

You turned your back, shifting through your clothes and you hear footsteps coming towards your room. What if it was a murderer or a robber? The best way to defend yourself is the element of surprise.

“Y/N, I thought that you should-”

“Ah!” You jumped him, falling on top of him and he dropped what he was holding.

“Oh, Kookie..”

“Y-Y/N. What are you doing..?”

“I thought you were a murderer? Sorry~”


“What is it?” He was looking down and you realize your breasts were in front view and your knee was pressing against his bulge.

“J-Jungkook!” You moved off him quickly, sitting against your end table. He sat up, looking at you hungrily like he was a beast that cornered their meal.

Your eyes went to his bulge, it was evident even more so. That couldn’t because of you, was it?

“S-Sorry, it’s so sudden and I didn’t mean to. You were changing and I should have knocked-”

“Don’t look away.”


“I w-want you to look at me, Jungkook.” You said, his eyes looking at your face. You looked so sad to him, he didn’t understand. He moved over to you, wiping the tears for you.

“I’m looking at you..”

“Jungkook.” He leaned in to kiss you, his lip pressed gently against yours and you placed your hand on his cheek. He pulled away, looking down at your knees and you tilted his head up.

“I want you.”

“Then take me, Jungkookie.” You climbed on top of him, kissing him while your hand stroked his bulge. Your towel hung loose on your body, and his hand grabbed your breast.

His tongue explored your mouth before pulling away. His soft groans in your ear, it turned you on. You sat up, beginning to grind your hips against him and his hands kneaded your bare breasts after pushing down the towel.


“You’re getting hard, Kookie.” He sat up, grabbing your hips and put you on your bed. The soft mattress against your back as he completely undid the towel.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He said before he sucked your nipples. His teeth nibbled on them softly, his tongue swirling against them before he kissed your body softly. His lips lingered around your thighs, leaving hickeys before touching your pussy.

“So wet..”

“A-ahh.” He touched you, precariously and you felt yourself needing more of him.

“Touch me more.” You kneaded your own breasts after he began to finger you. He pumped you slowly, but increased his pace to hear you moan louder.

“You like this, Y/N? I didn’t know you were so naughty like this.”

“Ngh-don’t say t-that.”

“Your pussy’s so wet for me, Y/N.” He teased you with his words, his fingers pumping into you at a faster pace with each thrust into you.

Your mind was a mess, a pool of nothingness only consists of his name. He pulled out of you, licking your juices off his fingers before reaching for his cock.

He took off his pants along with his boxers, then his shirt and pulled you up. Your breasts pressed against his chest as he slid into you.

“Oh fuck, J-Jungkook.”

“So fucking tight.” His cock pounded into you, your skin slapping against his hard. He held you up by holding your hands and you felt him kissing your neck.


“Fuck, Y/N.” You moaned his name, his lips still pressed against your neck while thrusted into you.

“Do you want to cum, Y/N.”


“Then say it, Y/N.”

“Please, Jungkook I-I want to cum.” He found your clit, squeezing and pinching it. You moaned boisterously in response and the intensity of your climax made you scream out his name.

You felt him pull out, finishing on your ass and you breathed heavily into the sheets. You wiped the sweat from your face and touched the cum on your ass.

“I’ll come looking for you now.”

My moms reaction to each BTS member in Fire

Jimin - Tight pants 

J-Hope - Tighter pants 

Jungkook - Tightest pants… Why is that hole so big?? 

Suga - I don’t know I like his hair

RapMon - Holes in pants… Too big

Jin - Why one hole?

V - I feel sad for him.. He’s the runt of the litter

Bonus dad reaction: “They’re loitering. They’re bad people. They’re bad for you.”


Rear Admiral Hannah Shepard + Commander Kathryn J. Shepard

A tight and close family of fearless space faring women, with the goal in mind to kick ass.

Kathryn couldn’t have been more happy with the news. She hadn’t seen her mother in such a long time.

Heart (Jimin Smut)

*Trying something new~*

You were sexy, smart, confident but shy and insecure. He wanted to know more about you, what you loved, what you hate, what you need.

He wished on his lucky stars that he would meet you and boy, did he get lucky. You talked to him, sweeter than he imagined and he almost forgot he was Jimin. The man in charge of charms in BTS but with you, he’s a regular man.

He was friends with you, it hurt him for a bit but he endured it for you. He did it for your smile, your cute laugh, even for your tears. Why did you do this to him? Why did you awake his heart that was asleep in its cage?


“What- Oh my god.”

“I thought it would be okay since I’m home and everything.” You were in a long shirt, and your hair was messy. Out of all times he’s seen you, you’ve never been more beautiful to him. Your legs were exposed to him, your thighs driving him wild. You sat next to him, cross legged and grabbed your bowl of ice cream you scooped prior.

“Jimin? You want some?”

“Huh, yeah it looks good.” You happily fed him a spoonful and he didn’t even car about the taste. You continued to use the spoon, sharing a indirect kiss with him. The thought somehow excited him, knowing he was that close with you but it became bittersweet. He might have just been trapped into the “nice guy” zone.

“Y/N?” He called your name, the sound of your name always made his heart beat faster. You looked at him, his voice piquing interest.

“You got a little chocolate on your lip.” You reached for a napkin to wipe your lip but his hand stopped you. He took the jump, full on kissing you. His hand intertwined with yours and his lips dominated yours.

He knew that it was going to change how you thought about him. You could break him heart so easily now if you wanted to but maybe, in a small part of him you weren’t going to reject him.

He pulled away, still holding your hand and you looked into his eyes. It was always like you thought you could find the answers through this eyes but found nothing.

“I love you, Y/N. I always have, and I probably always will. I don’t know if you like me back but-” Your lips cut him off, proving his mind wrong and his heart reigned free.

“You talk too much, Jimin.” He pulled in you for another kiss, this time letting his dominant side take over. You were now in the palm of his hand, your body enslaved to his touch.

“Do you want this, baby?” He was quick to use nicknames, knowing you felt the same and you nodded. He scanned your body, the thin material of your shirt a barrier between your bare skin.

He slipped your shirt off, exposing his eyes to your soft skin. You blushed, not knowing what to do but his lips began its mission. He was rough with you, unbeknownst to you being a virgin. His lips marked you, the purple bruise making him feel proud.


“I love that way you say my name, baby.” He said before sucking hard on your collarbone, you were moaning under your breath and he fondled your breasts.

His hand reached to unhook your bra, releasing your breasts. He noticed how hard your nipples were and couldn’t wait to touch more of you. His hand reached between your legs, teasing your pussy a lot.


“Are you wet for me, baby?”

“Nngh..” His lips trailed down your body, pushing you up a bit so he could get between your legs. He left little hickeys on your thighs before rubbing his finger against your pussy.

“You like that, baby?”


“Don’t what? You want to stop?”

“N-No, please. Please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Your tongue, a-ah.” He lifted your legs, slipping off your panties before spreading them again. He moved closer to your pussy, breathing against just to see your body shiver to it.

He began slow, just licking your pussy softly. His licks were long, starting from the bottom of your pussy to the top. He found your clit, and began to suck on him. He nibbled on it even, just hear your moans grow louder. He could feel your hand grip his hair, tugging at the strands.

He didn’t mind it, continuing to suck on your clit before going back to licking your pussy. His tongue played with your hole a bit before he began to actually taste you properly. You were sweet, better than any candy he has tasted and he was savouring your flavour.


He lifted his head, knowing by the shaky tone in your voice you were close. He slipped off his shirt to which he saw a faint blush appear on your face. He didn’t want to be some far behind and he slipped down his sweatpants. He pumped himself before rubbing his tip against you.

His precum mixed into with the wetness of your pussy and he pushed himself in slowly. You basically screamed his name, maybe you weren’t used to his size and you had tears forming in the corners of your eyes.

“Y/N, are you alright? You have tears-”

“I’m fine, you can move.” His hips thrusted into you, brisk and plunging deep inside you. He moved closer to your face, still pounding into you.

“Fuck, baby you’re so tight.”

“Mm, J-Jimin.”

He could feel his cock beginning to stretch you out, like you were a virgin. His mind didn’t have the time to ponder and you clutched onto a pillow. It covered your jiggling breasts from his view but you were hugging into it so tight.

“I-I think-” He couldn’t hear the end of your thought because what came out of your mouth was no longer words. You came rather quickly but he wasn’t done yet.

He continued to thrust into you, determined to make you cum again and himself cum. You pulled him down, pressing his lips against yours. Moans were muffled by the kiss and your tongue explored each other’s mouth.


His thrusts became sloppier, his body getting close to him coming. He tried to go deeper inside you, hoping to make you cum first agains.

“I-I love you.” Your voice became shaky again and he just had to last a few more thrusts before you came again. He came inside you, and pulled out of you.

“Hey, Y/N… Were you a virgin..?”

“Why are you asking?”

“What aren’t you answering?”

“I was… And you’re so rough~” He became flustered while you teased him. He didn’t know you were, or he would have be more gentle and romantic.

“I doesn’t matter because I love you, Jimin.” There it was, that perfect smile.

BTS when you fall asleep next to them in the car


Have a very happy weekend everyone! I’m dying on the inside since we don’t know when Yoongi’s mixtape is going to be released ^-^ If Jungkookie cried while listening to it, I’m sure I’m going to cry an entire ocean :’)

Let’s support each other and BTS well! :* Al eonni sends you all her love <333

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Jin: “What do you mean that because you already slept in the car you are wide awake now? Oppa drove all the way and it’s past midnight already, let’s go to bed, please! [laughing but dying on the inside]”

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Suga: *God, Yoongi would love it so much like???? He’d lovingly steal glances at you sleeping in the passenger seat next to him and he’d smile to himsef like an idiot the whole ride home. He’d tell you how cute you are and if you answered him in your sleep, he’d loose his shit completely*

Originally posted by syubs

Rap Monster: *I don’t mean this in a mean way but I can see Namjoon just talking about something to you and not noticing for a while that you have already fallen asleep? And then as soon as he noticed, he would apologize to the sleeping you and say something like ‘You must be so exhausted from the trip, babygirl. Sleep tight~’*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

J-Hope: *Hobi is so the type of guy to start massaging your thigh or stroking your hair if you are sitting in the passenger seat next to him. He’d continue to do so even after you fall asleep, all the while sweet talking to you~*

Originally posted by hobilu

Jimin: *It’s downright torture for him because he wants to look at you and hold you but he can’t because he needs to concentrate on the traffic*

Him: “Ahhh what is this? Concentrate on the road, Park Jimin. You need to get _______ home safely. You can cuddle her then”

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

V: *starts listening to his embarrassing trot music on low volume as soon as you have fallen asleep, turning it off and being serious again whenever you shift in your sleep*

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Jungkook: “Oh man holy shit, now I’m responsible for bringing _______ home safely completely on my own. Okay, you got this, Jeon Jungkook. Just pay extra attention to all the signs and speed limits and we should be fine”

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BTS reacts to you buying cheap food

Rap Monster: He would be very curtious when you order and not make a big deal out of it or say anything when you order. but after the waitress walks away he would question you, telling you he could buy you stuff and take you out to buy a bunch of food and snacks for you.

“dont worry about it babe, ill always take care of you.”

Originally posted by y--oko

Suga: yoongi would eye you suspiciously but he would never say anything about it. hes someone who cares silently so sometimes food or money would just randomly pop up and you knew exactly who it came from.

“its not me, but whoever is doing it must want you to know that they care and love for you and want you to have all the luxurys life could possibally hold. but ahem yeah thats weird hehe.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

jin: jin would immeditally make you get more, and pay for it. insisting even after you swear you can pay, we wont let up. hed never let that go and always pay and make sure you have enough money.

“no princess, take it. i have plenty!”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

jimin: he would at first think that you were trying to diet and become extreamly worried. because he loves your body so he would purposly gush over you. when you figured out what he was doing you assured him that you only got a small plate becuase money was tight at the moment. after you said that he said:

“well why didnt you just say so? you got me all worried for nothing idiot, ill get you whatever you need!”

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

V: taehyung would playfully tease you when you told him you got a small serving because you didnt have much money. but once it was time for the check to come he descretly paid for it as you went to the bathroom. afterwards taking you out to get some grocceries so you didnt have to waste money. 

“aish jagi you one expesive date! but i love paying for you so just come to me when moneys tight okay?”

Originally posted by hellosarang

j-hope: hoseok would get worried about your finacial circumstances and would make a scene about it. after you got him to quiet down you told him it wasnt to big of a deal, you just really wanted those new converse. after laughing at you he insisted on paying for the both of you and making you get more to eat.

“aish jagi I love you, but your a little stupid sometimes.”

Originally posted by bangthebae

jungkook: he would be a little confused at first at your small order considering you usuallly eat like its your last meal. you got pretty flustered when he blatendly asked why you got such a small meal. after you explained he got quiet then laughed loudly before telling you that money is never an issue when your with him. he makes you order more then gracioucly pays for it all.

‘You weirdo just ask next time.”

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Coach Me

hi so im feeling like im at death door’s with my flu so the pt2 of taste me is taking longer than expected BUT because there hasnt been any hoseok on this blog yet why dont we take this opportunity to appreciate a god by the name of Jung Hoseok


warning: gets a lil hot and steamy in the dance practice room soo

“Don’t stay for too long, Y/N,” Jimin called out as he zipped up his black Adidas jacket. “It’s already 11:00pm.”

You nodded gratefully and reached back to tighten your high ponytail, which had loosened due to the intensity of the extra dance practice. “Thanks Jimin. I would’ve asked Hoseok, but he’s busy as always,” you replied, frowning slightly at the reminder of J-Hope’s tight schedule.

“It was my pleasure. Besides, you look really good doing our choreography! Keep those body waves coming and I bet hyung won’t be able to stay away from you,” the cheeky redhead teased as he slung his gym bag over his shoulder. “Good night Y/N!”

You chuckled, waving a good bye, and turned back to the mirror. Alright, so how did Jimin teach me again? Ah, right, use the mirror technique! You recalled as you rolled your shoulders back to loosen up. You walked right up to the mirror and took a deep breath.

“Try touching every part of your body on the mirror, from top to bottom, noona. That will help with the smoothness of your roll and also improve your flexibility,” Jimin’s voice echoed in your memory.

You relaxed your body, and studiously practiced the body wave you’ve been working on for the past forty minutes. Head, neck, chest, stomach, hips, and knees, you chanted internally as you hit every checkpoint.

After getting the hang on the roll on the mirror, you decided to move on to the next level and stepped away from the shiny surface. You walked over to your iPod and pressed shuffle and play on your “dance like no one’s watching” playlist. Immediately, “Coach Me” by San E and Hyolyn flowed through the room, the beat of the song pulsing through the studio’s surround sound system. Closing your eyes, you found the soft, sultry beat of the song and began to freestyle, swaying your hips seductively and performing your sensual body waves for your imagined audience. You slowly melded with the rhythm of the suggestive song. You were so concentrated; you failed to acknowledge the quiet footsteps padding down the hall, and the creaking open of the glass studio door.

               Hoseok was hoping to surprise you by coming to pick you up from the studio, but instead received the shock himself as he halted at the door, eyes glued to the sweat glistening on the back of your neck and disappearing into your tight crimson tank top. He unconsciously licked his lip as his eyes trailed down to the sensually swaying hips that hinted at a fun time. He brought his eyes back up to your face, and noticed that you still had your eyes closed as you took in the risqué song’s melody. Smirking, he quietly made his way over to your tantalizing swinging hips and slid his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest.

Your eyes popped open and you attempted to turn around, only to find yourself locked in Hoseok’s embrace. You immediately relaxed as you felt Hoseok’s breath on your neck, making you shiver in delight.

“Well, wasn’t this a nice surprise,” a rough voice whispered in your ear, making you gasp lightly.

“I didn’t think you’d come,” was your breathless reply.

The dancer gave a low chuckle, as you felt the vibrations of his chest against your back. “Don’t I always?” He released you from his warm embrace and gave your Spandex shorts clad bottom a swift smack, making you yelp in surprise. “Now, show me what Jimin taught you.”

Looking down, you inhaled and exhaling slowly, gathering your confidence. Lifting your head, you gazed seductively at Hoseok as you began to sway your hips again. Spinning around, you performed the suggestive body wave once again, but this time, for an audience. You bit your lip sensuously and continued to lock your gaze on him, tempting him with the sultry roll of your body, accentuating the sexual tension in the room with the help of the risqué song.

Coach me teach me love me I be a good girl~

You sang the lyrics softly as you softly trailed your fingertips along the side of your leg, cheering internally as you noticed Hoseok clench his fist. You were about to turn back around when a blur came out of nowhere and scooped you up as you let out a squeak of surprise. You clung onto Hoseok’s neck as he smirked victoriously. “I got you now, sweetheart.” You bit back a moan as he pressed a kiss to your jawline. He started to head towards the exit.

“Wait, where are we going?!” you cried out, confused.

Hoseok stopped in his tracks and looked down at you, silencing you with a smouldering gaze that was almost predatory. “I’m not just good on the dance floor, you know.”

Your own eyes widened, feeling a sensation of excitement as you thought of all the possibilities to come. “Oh?”

“Jimin taught you pretty well, but now, it’s my turn to coach you.”


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18. Who’s She? The final chapter

So guys I finally finally made it. :) This is the last chapter of Who’s She and it’s the longest chapter I’ve ever posted in here by far. At this point I wanted to thank all of you for reblogging and liking this story until now, it really means a lot to me! <3 I really hope you will enjoy the last chapter ‘cause I worked very hard on the last parts of the plot but I’m not really pleased with it. I think I could’ve written it better, but it took me so long to write it that I didn’t wanted to change it anymore, also everything I wanted to be in it is in it now. So I hope you guys will like it. And here we go now. <3

Who’s She part 10: The final chapter

You woke up this morning cuddled up in white sheets that felt warm and comfortable on your naked body.

Like you were in a trance you looked at the man laying next to you.

His pale skin with all those black tattoos seemed like it would shine fainting and his bright green hair greeted you as soon as you were full awake.

The memories of last night were stuck in your head, it felt like a part of you was finally complete again.

You’ve missed your clown and you couldn’t deny it anymore.

You wouldn’t leave him a second time, it was like he said, you belonged to him, to nobody else.

He was your one and only, no matter what he had done in the past.

He had done it for you and as you saw last night, you weren’t much better than him.

You’ve killed one of your best friends and instead of regretting it you slept with your crazy clown lover in her former bed, after his henchman was told to get rid of her corpse.

Thinking about it again, was strange but the feeling to have Mr J back was way better than to worry about a dead friend.

Admit it (Y/N), you’re crazy, no one would think about such things like that.

You shrugged in mind at the voice inside your head.

Whatever, the only thing that counts was that you and Mr J were unified again, after he had destroyed half of the city, to find you.

„ … find her …“

Your eyes moved back to Mr J, who was still laying next to you, but he suddenly seemed to be unsettled and he was talking in his sleep, something you’ve never seen or heared from him before.

„I said … find her …“

Was he talking about you?

„Where are you …? Where are you … doll? Why aren’t you with daddy anymore …? Where are you hiding …“

„Come home …“

„I’m home again, I’m here, J“, you whispered carefully and wrapped his arms around your body to cuddle yourself against his bare chest.

J’s voice died down, after you placed a soft kiss on his pale chest.

You didn’t look up, you knew he was awake now.

For a few moments everything was silent and you already thought he was mad, ‘cause you had seen him more or less weak, even if it was just a dream of him, but then his arms you had wrapped around your upper body pressed you into him with an unbelievable tight grasp.

He was a little rough, but you didn’t care about it, you were speechless what a big kind of affection he suddenly was capable of, to show you.

You knew you meant something to him, but you always thought it was only this crazy obsession, his own way to show you his- you weren’t sure if you could call it love, you didn’t even know if he actually could feel real love.

Or if his kind of feeling love was obsession.

But now … Could it be …?

That you made the Clown Prince of crime weak?

That you made him feel love?

And that this was the reason he executed all those people in your life, because he was obsessed and at that point also confused about this new feelings, that drove him crazy.

Even crazier as he was already.

So was this the point?

He fell in love with you, unexpected?

And he was scared to lose you?

You really wanted to know if this was true, but you knew he wouldn’t admit it, even if you were right.

He wasn’t a man for saying things like: I love you, or I need you, he was the kind of man that showed this feelings with saying things like: You’re mine. You belong to me, you’re my property and nobody has to touch you like I do. Otherwise I will kill those people, without mercy.

But was this love now, or still obsession?

Or both?

You couldn’t imagine the Joker really loving someone, even if the thought of him loving you, like you did, was beautiful.

Maybe you should take a shower to become a clear mind, it was spinning in circles already again, like ever when you were with him.

Besides his strong grasp around your body starts to feel a tad uncomfortable now and you were sure a few hours later you would have some bruises, where his grip was especially tight.


You looked up at him, after you heared no response.

„I need to take a shower“, you said carefully.

He was looking at you now, still not letting go off you.

Something seemed to be wrong with him, he never was that silent in front of you, only if he was planning to murder someone who had looked at you, but this couldn’t be the case this time, you were completely alone with him.

„Stay“,  he just said with an even more gravelly voice than usual.

His cold blue eyes met yours for a second and there was the answer you were searching for, a few minutes ago and it made your heart jump higher, as if it wanted to burst out of your chest.

It wasn’t just an crazy obsession anymore.

You could see the need in his eyes, the need to have you around, after you’d left him.

Your abandonment must have done something to him, it must made him acknowledging that he needs you, even if he would never admit it.

You wanted to say something but right in that moment J’s phone rang somewhere in Laura’s former bedroom.

He let out an annoyed growl, while watching the phone vibrating on the floor in his jacket pocket from the bed.

„Don’t you want to take the call?“, you asked.

„No, I’m busy“, he snarled and suddenly placed harsh kisses all over your body, as he came above you.

The phone turned off after another minute and J had slid his hands under the sheets you were cuddled in, to touch your body.

You felt needy for him again, as soon as his coarse hands came into contact with your soft skin.

„Already wet for me again, hm? That’s daddy’s good girl“, he said after touching your pussy with his signature grin.

But before J could’ve done more pleasure to your body, his phone was ringing again.

His eyes darkened in anger after hearing it for the second time.

Whoever has to call him while he was busy with giving some lovin’ to you must be a very brave or stupid guy.

„What?“, he snapped after getting his phone from the ground, while he came back to you within half a second, teasing and kissing you again.

You heared a few words spoken from Frost but you couldn’t tell what was the reason he called.

„Get the car, we’re going for a drive“, J just growled, before he hung up, now looking you in the eyes.

„We have to go, baby“, he said kissing you rough and stroking your right cheek with his thumb.

„What’s wrong?“, you asked.

„Nothing. Just a little hide and seek game with Bats and Gordon“, he grinned.

„Have they found you?“, you asked worried.

„Not me, doll. Us, but don’t worry they won’t catch us.“

„What do you mean? Are they after us already?“, you asked slightly panicking.

„Sh. Don’t panic, everything will be alright. Trust me“, he whispered kissing you again, before he pulled you out of the bed with him.


There were gunshots so many gunshots that you couldn’t even tell which were the one’s from the police and which were the one’s from J.

Besides you were too busy with clawing your fingers into the leather of the passenger’s seat, while J was driving the car through the city with so much speed that you already prayed to god: Please don’t let us die in a car crash, please.

„You look sick, doll. Are you alright?“, J asked a bit more sirious between all the laugther he gave to Comissioner Gordon and Bats while they were following both of you in Mr J’s car.

„You’re driving too fast“, you said trying not to sound as scared as you really were.

„I’m sorry, baby, but it’s necessary“, he said whilst firing off new bullets out of the window to get rid of at least on of your followers.

„We’re almost there, baby. Hold on. They won’t take you away from me.“

Something in his voice sounded different than before, like he had already planned something for you and him.

„What do you mean?“, you asked before falling on your boyfriends lap, while he had taken the next sharp bend.

He laughed looking down at you, as if you were the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his whole life.

„Bad girl, not in public“, he chuckled with a dirty grin on his face.

You were still worried about his driving skills and his new plan, but him making filthy sex jokes always got you smiling.

„Okay, baby. Here we go. It’s you and me now“, J suddenly said and you finally took a look back at the street, before your eyes widened in shock and fear.

„J!“, you screamed before his car passed some kind of a barrier and you two were falling into the deep water of the Gotham River.


Joker’s POV

It was the only solution to get away from Batsy and the police.

J had driven his shiny purple Lamborghini into the dark blue water, of the Gotham River.

He could still hear (Y/N) screaming his name, while he tried to break her out of the car.

She was unconscious, stuck between the passengers seat and the dashboard, her (h/c) hair was like hovering in the water, she looked like she had just fallen asleep.

And even now, half on the edge of death, she was beautiful.

Stupid bastard why haven’t you warned her earlier, one of the many angry voices in his head said.

J freed her out of the car as fast as he could, every new minute he would stay with her under the water, could be her doom.

Finally the cold air of Gotham City hits Joker’s face as he brought (Y/N) to the next jetty, that led to Gotham’s port.

She was cold and not even breathing anymore.

He laid her down on the wooden ground, opened her mouth and breathed air into her lungs.

Don’t you dare, dying now doll.

„Goddamn, (Y/N) be a good girl for daddy and wake up“, J said rough still trying to reinvigorate her.

„Come on, wake up! Wake up! DIDN’T YOU HEARED ME?“, he yelled losing all of his patience now.

She couldn’t be dead, she’s his girl, she’s strong, strong enough to be with the Clown Prince of Crime, it couldn’t be that easy to take her away from him …

You’re not dying here, you heared me, doll? Death can’t have you, you’re mine, mine alone and you will be nowhere else than besides me, when I brought you back …“, Joker said, his voice full of obsession, his eyes gazing maniacally at her half dead body, before he carried her into his arms and starts walking to the only place that can give rebirth to his doll, the only place that could save her, that could make her his own forever.


Joker stared deep down to the chemical vats underneath him, then back to the inanimate girl in his arms.

„Don’t worry, baby. Daddy will fix you“, he whispered before he finally jumped into the chemicals again.

The acid greeted him like an old friend, he felt free, feeling the familiar burning on his skin again, after all those years and he watched in amazement how the chemicals warmed up the ice cold body of his girl within a few seconds.

Her skin returned to it’s natural color but a few moments later, the color began to fade away, it faded and faded until she was as pale as the man who held her in his strong arms, while her (h/c) hair turned into an even more intense and darker (h/c).

J’s watchful facial expression turned into a big grin as he finally felt her body moving up and down in a steady rhythm and she finally opened her now crystall (e/c) eyes again.

She looked even more beautiful than before and Joker couldn’t be more proud of what he just created.

Daddy’s little doll.


Come on, baby …“

Oooo, I can see you want that, that’s my girl.“

Yes, daddy …“

Where are you …? Where are you … doll? Why aren’t you with daddy anymore …? Where are you hiding …“

Come home …“

You need me.“

You’re mine now, forever.“


You looked up to the man that held you in his strong arms.

You knew who he was and joy hits you with a big smile after looking him into this beautiful cold blue eyes.

He was your daddy.

You were his girl.

„You’re my daddy“, you whispered with a girlishly shy smile.

„That’s right, baby“, J grinned and gave you a big and passionate welcome back kiss.

„Are we going home now?“, you asked wrapping your arms around his neck like the good little girl you were now.

„Everything you want, doll“, J purred kissing along your neck, before he helped you get out of the acid vat.

„Alright, enough now. Game’s over, Joker.“

You turned around in fear as you saw Batman and the police, together with Comissioner Gordon standing right behind you and you couldn’t even look how fast the Bat put you into handcuffs.

„Batsy, don’t be stupid“, Joker growled dangerously.

He had pulled out his gun and pointed it straight at Comissioner Gordon.

The other police men in the hall pointed their guns directly at Joker in one quick move.

„Give her to me!“

„No. This girl is better off without you“, Batman said.

Without him?

„No!“, you tried to free yourself from the handcuffs, as soon as you realized what Batman just said.

They checkmated Mr J, what also meant that they would seperate you from him.

„Stop it. It’s only for your best, (Y/N)“, Batman said and held you back before you could ran to your daddy again.

„NO!“, you screamed crying as the Comissioner ordered to bring you out of her.


In the distance you could hear Joker yelling for you after he started the gunfire, but it was already too late.

They got you and not even Mr J could do something about it anymore.


One month later

They’ve found out about everything, so they decided you were not sane.

You have been at the Arkham Asylum since one month now, one month full of agonies and anxieties.

You never thought you would ever see the world through Mr J’s angle, through the bars of an old rotten cell, at the old work place of your mother.

After they arrested you they just wanted to plead homicide, what would’ve brought you to Belle Reve for ten years, because of Laura’s death, but whilst keeping you in police custody they sent a doctor to you because of a few mental breakdowns.

And here you go now.

They said something was messed up in your brain, after Joker saved your life with bathing you into the chemicals that made him who he was.

They said you weren’t accountable anymore and probably very dangerous, that’s how you came back to Arkham.

The place where your mother had been working before she died, the place where you met your lover for the very first time, the place Mr J became obsessed with you, the place where you became addicted to him and the place where you finally got a cell all by youself, directly in front of Mr J’s old one.

Except that this time the cell was empty, as empty as your heart.

You didn’t know what happened to your daddy after they took you away from him, but everytime you heared the gunshots inside of your head you were just crying, 'cause you knew how small the chances were that he was still alive, after all those guns had been pointed at him, as he pointed his one at Comissioner Gordon and demanded for you.

Come back, please come back, daddy …

I’ve been out on that open road. You can be my full time daddy, white and gold. Singing blues has been getting old. You can be my full time baby, hot or cold

Everyday since they arrested you, you started to sing this song, it kept you away from crying sometimes, not always, but it was something that kept you alive, you couldn’t explain why, but you also couldn’t explain half of the things you were feeling or you had been going through the last month.

„Ah, our little voice wonder. Look how beautiful she still is, even after one month in this hell hole.“

As soon as you heared his voice you let go off the bars you had clasped with your fingers and stepped back into your cell, until you could feel the stone cold wall in your back.

Your body was shaking and trembling in fear.

He always came at this time.

He hadn’t forgot about you, since your mother had been working here.

Since the day you saw his men torturing J in his cell.

„Fuck off“, you hissed through gritted teeth, pressing your still shaking body harder against the cold wall.

„Oh, no. Where have you learned those filthy words, hunny?“, Griggs asked feigned hurt.

„Good girls don’t do that.“

„Don’t touch me, don’t even dare to touch me again“, you whispered in anger and fear, as Griggs had unlocked your cell and came towards you with a disgusting grin onto his face.

„I said leave me alone!“

You kicked him in the crotch after he tried to touch you like the last time.

„AH, you little slut!“, he grunted.

You wanted to grab the keys he had left in the keyhole at your cell, but before you could reach them, Griggs got up from the ground and tugged you onto your bed.

„No! Let me go!“, you screamed and tried to push him away, but he was already on top of you and kept you away from screaming, because he had pressed his right hand onto your mouth.

„Shut up!“, he hissed.

„Now let me tell you, that wasn’t very nice of you, hunny. What would your mother think about this behaviour?“, he mocked you.

You were still fighting back but nothing helped, he was too strong.

„You’re always so feisty I like that“, he said smiling but in the next second he had back slapped you multiple times to make you shut your mouth.

It worked, you were half unconscious, a little blood stream came out of the left corner of your mouth as Griggs ripped the Arkham clothes from your body.

You could only see blurry but it was enough to be more disgusted than ever.

He was about to rape you again and the best idea to never make you forget this was recording it.

„Come on, sweetie smile for the camera“, he said amused, before climbing on top of you again.

His wait was too much, you couldn’t even breath right.

„Please, let me go …“, you whispered choking.

Tears were forming into your eyes.

When will this hell ever end?

„Sh, everything’s good baby, enjoy it. What would your daddy say if he could see this?“

He would skin you, asshole.

You cried out in pain as Griggs finally had made his way into you.

„Holy fuck, how’s Mr J supposed to fit in you, you’re so tight“, he laughed.

The tears had made their way down your cheeks and all you wanted was to kill Griggs, seeing him suffer like he made you.

Please daddy, where are you? Please, help me. Your doll needs you …


Joker’s POV

„Boss, we got something“, Frost said.

Joker turned around to face his right hand.

He looked exhausted.

After (Y/N) had been arrested he had managed to escape Gordon and his men, but he didn’t rest since then, he was searching for his girl again, but this time it was harder to find her.

The police made sure that Joker wouldn’t be able to find out where they brought her and it made him even crazier than feared.

His condition was more alarming than the last time when she had left him for six weeks.

He was more dangerous this time, even more fearless and more than willing to distroy the whole city if they won’t gave her back to him.

„What is it?“, Joker growled, making sure Frost and the others would be dead men if they brought him some junk again.

„It’s a recording. One of our contact men at Arkham had given this to me. He said this is what you were searching for“, Frost said calm, but behind this he was as scared as everyone else to lose his life, if this recording wouldn’t turn out as something useful.

„Then what you’re waiting for, put it in“, Joker snarled unpatient and pointed at the DVD player.

Frost hurried with putting the disc into the player but what was shown there wouldn’t finally calm his boss down.

Quite the contrary.

Sh, everything’s good baby, enjoy it. What would your daddy say if he could see this?“

Holy fuck, how’s Mr J supposed to fit in you, you’re so tight.“

Come on, hunny. Don’t you wanna say hello to your daddy? Let him know how good you get fucked in here?“

Frost stepped a few inches away from his boss after he saw how red his face got in anger and how heavy his chest was moving up and down, while he had to see how his girl got abused in front of this asshole’s camera.

Come sweetie, smile for your daddy.“

But she wasn’t smiling at all.

Tears were running down her cheeks, while this fucker was abusing her, she looked like she got beaten up a few minutes earlier before this video was recorded, there was a little blood stream comming out of the left corner of her mouth and it seemed like this bastard was nearly choking her with his weight.

Frost wondered how many more seconds of this video it would take to make Mr J totaly freak out.

Oh, baby you’re the best fuck in my whole life.“


Even Frost cringed a little bit after Mr J shot the TV down.

„The car, now!“, Joker barked at Frost, who nearly jumped out of the door after this order, while Mr J was searching for his most precious collection of knifes and guns.


You were traumatized.

You haven’t spoken to anyone, after you got raped for the fourth time now.

All you wanted was everyone in this entire asylum to die.

They deserved it.

No one helped you, they knew what Griggs had done to you and they didn’t give a shit about it, not even the doctors which had known you since your mother had been working here.

And now you knew, she was one of them.

One of them who didn’t know anything.

Mr J was right, it was better to kill her, they were all the same, everyone of them, even her.


You looked at the outside of your cell in fear.

What was that?

After a few seconds of silence you heared some people screaming, then gunshots.

They came nearer and nearer until you had to put your hands onto your ears, because the sound of machine guns felt like your eardrums would burst every second.

You closed your eyes, hoping it would stop soon, so you didn’t recognised the tall green haired person that came into your cell, until the Joker cupped your face into his strong hands.

Without thinking about it you opened your eyes, just to look in this beautiful pale face that you had been missing a whole month.

He pressed your head against his chest, were you cuddled yourself into his silver jacket, to feel the warmth and safety of his body.

„I’m here, baby. Everything’s going to be fine now“, he said.

Oh how you’ve missed this low and gravelly voice of him.

„By the way, I have a surprise for you“, he smiled and kissed you rough.

You didn’t waste time to respond his kiss, before he led you out of this hell hole of a cell once for all.

„Now, now, now. Frost where is our beloved Captain Griggs?“, J shouted into the room.

„He’s here, boss“, Frost said and nodded at the chair were some of Mr J’s henchman had tied Griggs up and put a gag into his mouth.

His eyes got wide as he saw you coming in with Mr J.

He was sweating like hell, that means Mr J knew what Griggs had done to you.

„Ah, Captain, Captain, Captain“, Joker said coming towards the asshole.

He sounded like a father who was scolding his son for misbehaviour.

„Still only a filthy little son of a bitch, aren’t you?“, Mr J asked, circling Griggs like he was his new fresh prey.

Griggs wanted to give some lame excuses, but the gag in his mouth made it impossible to speak.

„Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah“, J said and bashed his hands against Griggs shoulders.

„All of that chit chats gonna get you hurt.“

Mr J growled at him, while he reached his hand out for Frost, who should give him the crowbar that J had brought here as a special gift for Griggs.

„Question …“, J snarled with his most eerie voice as he circled Griggs for the second time.

„Do you really thought you could fuck my girl against her own will without me noticing and punishing you for it, hm?“

Griggs shook his head in panic and fear.

He knew that he was going to die now, but he still was in the hope that it would happen fast.

Oh little did he know that Mr J would make him suffer, until he wished he was allowed to die.


Mr J’s next reaction was like a thunderclap.

The crowbar hits Griggs face for the first time and Mr J had no mercy on him.

The gag that was supposed to be in Griggs mouth landed on the floor with a few of his now broken teeth.

He was crying out in pain and that’s where you began to enjoy every second of what J was doing to him.

You came nearer a smile growing on your face as you saw Griggs whining.

„Oh you think this hurts? Then you don’t even know what real pain feels like“, Mr J growled a sadistic grin on his face as he stepped in front of his victim again.

„I can’t wait to show you my toys!“, he said as excited as a little child on Christmas Eve and slapped him a few times against the cheek.

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„(Y/N), please I’m sorry“, Griggs suddenly said and looked at you with pleading eyes.

You couldn’t believe what a big rat he just was.

„Did someone said you are allowed to talk to her?“, Mr J yelled and the next hit with the crowbar followed into Griggs stomache.

He was gasping for air, before spitting blood out of his mouth.

„Now be a good boy and apologize to her as the filthy little rat you are“,J growled cutting the ropes with whom his men had tied Griggs to the old wooden chair, before he trashed him to the ground.

„Crawl to her feet and let her know what you are“, J snarled walking up to you and placing his hands on your shoulders so he could rub them gently.

„You’re enjoying this, baby?“, J asked smiling against your right cheek, before placing a soft kiss on it.

„Yes, daddy“, you smiled back.

Griggs was covered in his own blood, looking damaged as hell already, as he kneeled in front of you, doing whatever Joker wanted him to do.

„And what do we say now?“, J asked like a father scolding it’s child.

He put the crowbar under Griggs chin, letting him know that even if he would say the right words, no one could save him from a very painful death.

„I’m so, so sorry (Y/N). I’m nothing than a disgusting little rat and I’m not even worth looking you in the eyes to tell you what a filthy bastard I am.“

„What do you think, baby? I couldn’t have said it any better“, J whispered into your ear, enjoying every second of the torture he gave to Griggs.

„Do you want me to shoot him, now? Releasing him from the pain, already?“

Oh, what a wonderful feeling, to have the life of this asshole in your hands now …

Griggs was looking up at you, as if he was begging for death to take him.

„No, not now“, you said without a smile.

The pictures how he abused you several times were hitting your mind again after looking down at him.

„Tell me what you want me to do to him, doll. I’ll do everything you want“, Mr J whispered, kissing and comforting your neck.

„Make him suffer, until you can see how life runs out of his body“, you said with such a cold voice, that even Frost in his corner found scary.

„Oooh, you heared that, ashhole? We will have so much fun together“, Mr J growled.

„Frost would you please be so kind and tie him to the table, I’m right there.“

Of course Frost did what his boss said, while J was talking to you again.

„You wanna join me, baby?“, he asked.

You shook your head and smiled at him.

„He’s all yours.“

„Then let me offer you a seat in the first row“, J grinned and turned the chair -on which Griggs was sitting a few moments earlier- so you could perfectly see how J would torture him on the table where all the Arkham patients normaly became their shock therapy.

„Frost the suitcase“, J ordered as if he was a doctor, who was ready to operate now.

Frost handled him a medium-sized suitcase in which were placed several of J’s favorite weapons.

Knifes in every form and execution and also a few guns.

„Griggsy, Griggsy, Griggsy … do you know what happened to the last man that even dared to stare at my girl?“, Joker asked taking one of the knifes into his hand.

Griggs couldn’t even speak anymore, he was scared as hell and he wished death would take over him before the clown could lay one of his sadistic hands on him.

„He’s hanging in some butchery near the city now“, Joker chuckled.

Tears of fear were now running down Griggs cheeks.

If this guy just stared at Mr J’s girl, what would only happen to him?

„Oh come on, I thought you were a big tough guy. Why the fuck are you crying?“, Joker laughed, while he was now ripping off Griggs upper clothes, until Joker placed his knife on Griggs chest.

„You know what? I only skin people who really deserved it, so we can say you’re a very honored man“, Joker cackled, his silver teeth gleaming into the light that was shining near the table, before he finally began his work.

Griggs was screaming a perceived eternity, before Joker got finally annoyed by it and executed the man with a gunshot between his eyes.

After work was done Mr J looked at you, you seemed to be drowned in thoughts.

„What’s wrong, doll?“, he asked after packing his things together and handling them to Frost.

You were standing in front of him and couldn’t resist but fell into his arms and kissed your way up to his neck.

He was purring and growling at you in response, holding you even tighter after he wrapped his arms around you too.

You were so glad he was finally here.

„Let’s go home, baby.“  


Patient File no. 145

People who knew (Y/N) (L/N), would’ve been shocked how the encounter with one crazy clown had ended up.

They would never have thought about her ever going crazy like that.

She was a good girl.

A lovely daughter, a great student.

But in all our sessions with her we maybe found out that she was missing something all the time.

Her life was like a picture book straight from the beginning, every line was drawn out for her already, so she decided to draw a new one all by herself.

Painting it green and purple.

Or at least this was, what she told us.

Concluding we can just say, we don’t know anything about her now.

The girl she used to be was gone from the day on she met the Joker for the first time.

So the question for everyone will always be:

Who’s She?

(Not my gifs!)