Edward KennedyDukeEllington (April 29, 1899 – May 24, 1974) 

Portrait of Duke Ellington. Printed on front: “James J. Kriegsmann, N.Y. Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Associated Booking Corp. Joe Glaser, President. New York, Chicago, Hollywood.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library
BTS reaction to their GF saying I Love you and then hugs them.

‘How would bts reaction be when their girlfriend says love me then hugs them‘



Out of nowhere he’ll be so loving with you so he’ll be hugging you.

‘What did you do now?’ he’s going to just keep hugging you…

‘I can believe I actually have someone like you in my life’…

‘Don’t let me go then, please love me’ your arms would be now around him and just surprised about your words just having a moment for yourself

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‘It’s everything okay? Why would you say something like this? I love you never forget’

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‘Eehh…? Are you okay?’ he say just hugging you.

You are kookie

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‘I always will no matter what happen between us, I will always love you’

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‘OF COURSEEEEEE!!!!!!! HOW CAN NOT LOVE YOU’ he’ll saying giving you lots of love.

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He’s just going to hug you not saying anything about it

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You will hug him from behind taking him by surprised, his heart would shutter and just grab your hands and enjoy the hug until he turns and buries you in his chest, ‘I do’

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Look, during this part of the interview, Patrick could have been talking about a great many roles, but all I heard was…Patrick wants Marvey!

Patrick wants to play Mike Ross, realising that he is in love with Harvey and not with Rachel.  He wants to run from it, deny it, and rage about it.  Then in the season finale, BAM, they GET. IT. ON.

Or maybe I have seventeen pairs of my shipper goggles on.  Link.