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BTS - Hold me tight (3D version)

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Hold Me Tight (J-Hope, You) Scenario

By popular demand… here’s the sequel to Cold. To be honest, it wasn’t supposed to have a second part but so many have asked for it and so I decided to write one and I think it went…better than the first. haha! 

Rated T for Too emotional ;P



Everyone has fears.

Some have fear of heights; some of failure or incompetence; others fear spiders or flying cockroaches…

Mine was a single sentence:

“I want you to work with us for the next album.”

I felt my heart get stuck in my throat as the PD of Big Hit Entertainment called me up, asking if I can collaborate with one of his artists.


“Oh I–”

“You did a fantastic job on their mini album, Y/N-ssi.” He said and I felt a swell of pride in my chest, appreciating the compliment. If I say so myself, I thought I did do a pretty good job on the album.

But it wasn’t a solo project, a small voice in my head said; my thoughts lingering to a name that made me want to scream as much as it made my heart twist into knots.

“Thank you sir but,” I sighed, hating myself for letting go of something as big as producing another song for one of the hottest groups in the industry today.

But I knew I would hate myself more if I took the project. “But I can’t do it.”

“Oh?” The disappointment in his voice is eminent and I bit my lip, hoping for the topic to be closed. “Why so?”

I sighed mentally, not wanting him to sense just how personal the reason was. There was one rule in the industry: It’s a business deal. Nothing personal.

But that’s exactly what I got into, I winced as I tried to make-up a viable excuse. “Well, I… I just have some other things to attend to. I have a few tracks in line and I’m not sure if I can squeeze in–”

“Just one song for the album is all I ask.” He said. “I’d want you to work on the whole thing to be honest,” he laughed slightly. “But if you are as busy as you say you are, I’m sure a track won’t be too much?”

I laid back on my seat, trying to find a loophole to this nightmare. But with exhaustion seeping through my bones from the all nighter I pulled on last night and the the hunger which was very much being reminded by my growling stomach, I didn’t have the energy to argue. With a sigh, I surprised myself by saying, “Okay. Sure. I think I can take a track.”

“That’s great! Thank you Y/N-ssi.”

I winced deeply at his excitement, realizing just what I’ve done. “I’ll be working with–”

“All of them are now part of the album composition. Even the maknae is experimenting and has even finished a song. But you’ll probably working with the rappers like before.”

Great, I thought. “Okay. So I’ll need the themes and details of the album in a week. So I can start up a demo track and we can have something to work with.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll have their managers get in touch with you.”

After bidding our final thanks and goodbyes, I hung up and grabbed the pillow by the couch; burying my face into it and screaming into oblivion.

Nice going, Y/N.

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An exclusive mix by House Shoes - recorded live in-studio for the Tight Songs radio show, hosted by Fresh Selects, on XRAY FM: xray.fm/shows/fresh-selects

Originally broadcast on Episode #59, 5/30/2015: mixcloud.com/FreshSelects/tight…oes-may-30th-2015/ 

Artwork by gangsterdoodles

Full tracklist:
1. Black Spade - New U [0:00]
2. Knxwledge - OpinyunGayme [01:40]
3. Brenton Wood - I Like The Way You Love Me [2:09]
4. Knxwledge - dntleave[k] [2:40]
5. SWARVY - Stevie (baywatch) [3:48]
6. Black Milk - Gold Piece (instr.) [4:56]
7. Blundetto - Nautilus [5:25]
8. Mashmakhan - If I Tried [8:44]
9. Raj Mahal - Rario [10:40]
10. denitia and sene. - Casanova. (Knxwlege Remix) (instr.) [11:56]
11. Knxwledge - so[rt]. [13:03]
12. The Swingle Sisters & The Modern Jazz Quartet - Sascha (Little David’s Fugue) [14:32]
13. Knxwledge - mylife [15:19]
14. SWARVY - My 1 & Only Love [16:25]
15. Bilal - You’re All I Need (Feels Like Heaven) [18:11]
16. Bilal - Gotsta Be Cool [19:21]
17. Onra - (2009 Beat Tape - Track 19) [21:14]
18. TUAMIE - nanamimiithankthee [22:34]
19. T White - Discovery (Wind Cycle Map) [23:58]
20. SWARVY - Chicken Fest [24:53]
21. D.R.U.G.S. BEATS - Dying [25:45]
22. Shash’U - The Message [27:41]
23. Gary Bartz - Gentle Smiles [28:52]
24. ILLingsworth - x64 [29:32]
25. Black Milk Story & Her (instr.) [30:19]
26. D’Angelo & The Vanguard - Welcome To The Show (J Dilla) [31:45]
27. The Command All-Stars - Autumn In New York [33:12]
28. Mort Garson - They’re Off To Find The Wozard [35:40]
29. Tiombe Lockhart - California [36:19]
30. Black Milk - Scum (instr.) [38:02]
31. Rodion G.A. - Cantec Fulger [41:45]
32. Stelios Kazantzidis - Efige Efige [42:37]
33. Knxwledge - behindme [44:22]
34. Ext aka Rudy Eckes - Strange [45:37]
35. Steve Kuhn - Meaning Of Love [47:10]
36. Rodion G.A. - Zephyr [48:27]
37. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bibo No Aozora [50:04]

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[M] Hold Me Tight - Jungkook

Rated M - Smut
Jeon Jungkook - BTS
Hold Me Tight 

You had just placed the last dishes in the kitchen cupboard, after a fun and noisy dinner with BTS. Jungkook threw the remaining plastic cups in the garbage as he looked at you from the corner of his eyes. You looked back at him with a small smile. “Is there anything you want to tell me?” You asked, wiping your little hands with a cloth. 

“Yes” He answered shortly. You nodded and sat down with him on the couch. If there was something he needed to tell, you wanted to know it now.
I … you know I always try to impress you, I always try to make you see me as a man and not as a kid. There are a lot of things that I don’t know about love, and I’m still lacking in so many things as a boyfriend, but you’re still with me even tough i’m younger by two years and … ” You looked at him in the eyes, even when he diverted his gaze . Your hands were on top of his cold ones, holding them tightly 

“… And we have been dating for a year and a half now and we didn’t give that step yet ….” He finally looked at you, taking a deep breath after seeing you smile. You chuckled, putting a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
You’re talking about …making love?” You asked, your eyes twinkling when you saw your boy blushing. 

Yeah, that ….” He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “I know it’s not the most important thing, but we have been dating for quite a long time and i’m afraid you will get tired of me…” You immediately hugged him, tightly, hiding your face on his neck. 

“Like you said, it’s not the most important thing, Jungkook. For me you are good enough, I love you with all you have and what you do not have. Don’t worry, I will wait until you’re ready.” You whispered, pulling away slowly after depositing a light kiss on his nose. You patted his knee and got up from the couch, heading to the kitchen.

“And I’m ready.” Jungkook said suddenly, making you almost trip on your own feet. Jungkook walked towards you and grabbed your hand, pulling you closer. “I am not experienced I know, I’ll be clumsy and shy, I won’t know what to do, where to put my hands or which are the specific body parts that make you feel good, but I will try to be amazing. I really want to. ” He whispered, looking straight into your eyes. He placed his hands on your rosy cheeks, those cheeks he kissed countless times.

“Are you sure?” You asked in a whisper. He nodded with a smile. “Completely. But I also have to ask you … are you sure you want to do this with me?
You laughed and nodded, hugging his waist. “Completely.”
And that was enough to Jungkook. He leaned in slightly, kissing your cherry coloured lips. You kissed back with no hesitation, with the same desire and passion. 

Don’t be nervous.” You whispered breathlessly against Jungkook’s lips now a little red due your lipstick.
You grabbed Jungkook’s hand and placed it on top of your still covered chest by a white lace t-shirt. You looked at him when you saw him gulping, looking at his hand on top of your breasts.
“Is everything okay?” You asked laughing a bit. Jungkook nodded and licked his lips, smiling back at you.
“Everything’s more than okay.” He muttered, returning to kiss his favorite lips, slowly caressing your breasts. You smiled against his lips, as a signal that he was doing just fine.

Between your giggles, kisses on the forehead, nose, shoulders, you started to take off his sweater, revealing Jungkook’s toned body, the body of the boy who had stolen your heart and continues to do so.
With sweaty hands slightly trembling, Jungkook also took your shirt off, throwing it to the corner of the room next to his.
“Don’t worry, don’t be afraid to touch me, i’m not a porcelain doll, I won’t break.” You encouraged him. 

He took a deep breath and kissed your forehead. “I don’t want to be a disaster.” He said, making you smile because of his innocence.
“You won’t. Hey, I am not any expert either, and no one is born knowing how to do everything.” You said, pinching his nose. The way you were looking at him and encouraged him, made all the problems go away. He was in your hands, and he trusts you even with his eyes closed. 

You knelt in front Jungkook, taking off his black jeans, leaving him just on his also black boxers. You kissed his stomach, one of your hands was on his hips while the other was now touching his clothed manhood.
Jungkook bit his lip and closed his eyes when you started to kiss his nipples, following all the way back to his neck, biting the smooth skin, smelling like vanilla.

A moan left Jungkook’s lips, it was shy and not loud, but it was still a moan. He pulled your hair gently, looking down at you with a burning desire.
“I think … it is my turn to do the same to the princess …” he smiled in a sexy taking charge kind of way, taking you by surprise. 

And in no time you were on his lap, he brought you to your room and threw you on the bed.
He knelt in front of you and made sure to take off your skirt and panties all at once with his teeth.
When he saw you completely naked, he went from a sexy beast to a shy baby in an instant.
“Come here.” You murmured holding his hand, pulling him closer to you under the red sheets, with you on top. 

“I trust you don’t worry, it will be good, I know it will because it’s with you. It’s also my first time, so i‘m also nervous..” You spoke softly, slowly getting rid off his boxers. Now, under the moonlight that shinned across the room, you were both naked, body to body, his legs tangled with yours.
Jungkook looked at you with so much love and admiration, he caressed your cheeks and smiled at you, his eyes full of love and lust. The black-haired boy left light kisses on your neck, licking that special spot behind your ear, causing you to smile and sigh in pleasure. “Humm, right there …” you whispered, caressing his bare back.

Your bodies were already covered in sweat, showing the desire and the love between two people who love each other and would join two bodies into one.
“I want to feel you so badly.” He whispered against your breasts, licking your nipples, making sure to keep eye contact with you all the time, now that he was on top.
Minutes passed, and you both tought it was enough of fair-play already.
You bit your bottom lip and grabbed a condom. “I’ll ask you again …” You began, but Jungkook kissed you immediately, swallowing any words. “I want this, I want it very much, for so long.” He muttered against your lips, while putting the condom on his lenght.

Jungkook pushed himself into you, slowly, never breaking eye contact, with a breathy moan. You closed your eyes and squeezed the sheets in your hands, your lips slighty parted, in both pain and pleasure. He looked at you for a while, after being all inside you, letting you breath and adjust to his size. He smiled. Even with your messy hair, red cheeks and sweaty forehead, you were the most beautiful girl to his eyes. 

“You’re beautiful …” he mumbled, caressing your waist with his thumbs.
Soon, he started to move, in and out, starting a bit clumsy and amateur, but soon it turned out so sexy, the perfect amount of pleasure and speed. Jungkook rested his forehead against yours and in between moans of pleasure, he kissed your lips, his tongue dancing with yours.
“You feel so good baby.” He hissed in your ear, hiding his face on the curve of your neck, biting your skin, making you moan, loud enough for him to go faster. 

The clock marked already 3 am when both of you lay side by side covered in a sheet of sweat.
Jungkook looked at you, smiling from ear to ear.
“You were spectacular.” You said, caressing his hair. Jungkook rubbed his nose against yours and pulled you closer.
“Except for the part where I got a little lost and couldn’t look at you in the eyes …” he said making you laugh. He chuckled, hiding his face on your shoulder, kissing the small hickey he left there earlier.
“It was so good …” he finally said, holding your face with his hands, leaving lots and lots of kisses on your slightly bruised lips, after the long night.
“Thank you for everything.” You whispered, hugging Jungkook’s waist and laying your head on his chest, eyes closed, sleep already taking over your body. 

“I should be the one saying thank you, for trusting me. You know I love you,right? " Jungkook raised his head slightly to look at you when he didn’t receive an answer. The smile that appeared on his lips couldn’t be bigger when he saw you sleeping peacefully already.
He snuggled up a little more into your arms, closing his eyes with you near. There is no better feeling than falling asleep in the arms of the one you love the most, after you have shown her how much you love all of her too.

Bangtan when their girlfriend can't sleep:

JM: Goodnight sweetie~❤

You: Jimin, I can’t sleep…

JM: You can’t sleep? I have an idea of what we can do then ;)

You: Oh Jimin~

JM: u keep trying and I’ll go to sleep with jungkookie~ *skips out of room happily*



JH: Goodnight my love~

You: but honey I can’t sleep.


You: calm dow-

JH: WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?1?!??¿ *starts crying*

JK: Goodnight

You: but I can’t sleep..

JK: idc go to sleep

You: but I can’t-


J: Goodnight honey, sleep tight~

You: I’m having trouble sleeping, will u cuddle me?

J: of course I will child~

You: but I’m not a chi-

J: ShHshshshHshhshHshhHHshhshHshhHS MOMMY’S HERE

V: Goodnight my lover

You: but I can’t sleep


You: nothing, I’m just having problems


You: no! Its just my body feels too awake..

V: well that’s because u aren’t sleeping yet, silly.


V: OK geez, fine. Don’t gotta be so rude. Goodnight, luv ya bitch >:(

SG: Goodnight…

You: but I can’t sleep..

SG: try harder baby

You: But I’m not-

SG: I’M TIRED go tf to sleep u dumbass bitch, OK? I luv u~

Rap Monster:
You: I can’t sleep..

RM: let me read to u

You: but that book is boring, it’s only about Kanye…


An exclusive mix by Ivan Ave - made for the Tight Songs radio show, hosted by Fresh Selects, on XRAY FM: xray.fm/shows/fresh-selects

1. Watch The Skies Intro
2. Wendell Harrison - Take Time Out
3. Unlisted (Might flip this)
4. Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue
5. Tihomir Pop Asanovic - Ostavi Trag
6. String Connection - Moment Na Sopran | Syntezatory
7. Billy Paul - Fire In Her Love
8. Glenn Jones - Meet Me Halfway There
9. Steve Arrington - Beddie-Biey
10. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence & Faith Evans - Stressed Out (Raphael Saadiq Remix)
11. Dwele - The Truth
12. Happy Black Messiah Day Interlude 
13. D'Angelo - Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine (Jay Dee Remix)

Originally broadcast on Episode #38, 12/21/2014: www.mixcloud.com/FreshSelects/tig…8-dec-22nd-2014/

Artwork by Gangster Doodles 

Made with SoundCloud
Hold Me Tight [ Part 5 : Jung Hoseok Pt.2 ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 || Kim Taehyung ||

Synopsis :  Katoptronophilia. 

I hope you like this guys. I know I’m taking so much to update but promise that once my exams are done I’ll have more time. 

Originally posted by hoseokwhy

” Turn around and put your hands behind your back “ Hoseok leaned forward from behind you, just where you couldn’t see him

” I’ll show you how I play “

“ I’m going to teach you a lesson in submission ” He spoke quietly, walking around the room, where he was unseen to you.

For a moment, other than your quiet breathing, there was complete silence as he seemed to be looking for something. Something that he soon found with a pleased hum.

You flinched slightly when his touch was on you again. Hoseok took both your wrists into his grip, slowly wrapping the thin rope around them. He leaned in his chest almost touching your back and his breathing tickling your earlobe.

“ Do you trust me ?” He whispered hoarsely making you inhale sharply. “ Because you shouldn’t ” As he spoke the words he pulled violently on the binds knotting them. Your whole body shook with the rough and brusque action, nervousness spiking inside of you.

“ Face me ” He ordered again and you just followed whatever he said, turning to look at him. Hoseok massaged your cheeks with a dark, threatening, smirk.. “ You look so beautiful ” His voice dropped again, like he was toying with you, shifting from dominant to sweet.

You looked down blushing at both his compliment and your position, but suddenly aware of your helplessness when giving the ropes a slight tug which confirmed that you definitely won’t be able move them.

He closed in the distance between the two of you, capturing your lips between his teeth tugging gently then roughly at them. Hoseok let out a shiver-inducing low and satisfied grunt when you whimpered weakly under his touch. He stopped the kiss before it got too deep tracing his tongue teasingly over the outline of the bite, you later found out that it was one of it secret likings.

“ Come down, kitten ” His smirk forever present, he stepped back to give you the space. You nodded sliding off the bed onto your feet then sinking to your knees before he could even tell you to.

“ Good girl ” He praised, and you strangely enjoyed it being praised.

With your hands the way they were and him standing straight in front of you, all the control was put in his hands. Your hot breath fanned over his rigid member, strainingly hard as he waited for you to make the first.

You wrapped your lips around him teasing the head into your mouth, twirling your tongue around the sensitive and throbbing shaft. His hands sneaked up behind your head, fingers entangling in your hair, guiding you forwards and further into his length.

You winced at the stretch, pulling back for a breath when the sting hit the back of your throat almost making you gag.

He shook his head growling in dissatisfaction and his grip on your head got even tighter, maybe even painfully tight. You breathed in deeply again, already anticipating what’s to come, taking as much as you could with him pushing the rest into your mouth.

Giving you a moment to adjust to him, you started to bob your head at your own pace, hallowing your cheeks and sucking harder. His breath hitched with a moan, hips bucking into your mouth abruptly. You tried to free your hands and use them to prevent it from touching the back of your throat but tugging the binds only scraping your skin with redness, the pain from it even bigger. This time you did gag so he pulled back slightly, shooting you a not-so-apologetic smile when you looked up at him with teary eyes.

Hoseok played with the wet strands on your forehead, pushing them back with delicate slender fingers, before he started thrusting back a lot slower but just as deep. Both his hands holding you in place. The string of moans and hoarse grunts escaping his dry parted lips traveled straight to your core, his head throws back and eyes squeezed shut.

“ Fuc- ” He whispered still his movement, letting go of you, his member slipping out of your mouth with an obscene sound. You look up at him, confused and breathless, knowing that he was close from the previous erratic pace.

“ You did well ” Hoseok helped you up with his hand on your chin and the other wrapping around your waist “ so well ”. His lips were on yours again, more passionately, his tongue swiped across your lower lip humming at his own taste on your swollen mouth before letting it slip it to wrestle yours shortly.

“ Untie me ” You wiggled your arms in a silent plea.

“ No…no, doll ” He smiled, resting his forehead against yours “ We’re not done yet ”.

“ I want to touch you ” You made it sound more like a whine, hoping for better results.

I am not done yet ” He kicked your legs apart catching you by surprise and momentarily making you lose balance.

Hoseok~ ” You trailed off into a soft moan when his two fingers fully entered you in one go, your overwhelming wetness making it more than easy for him to move the digits smoothly.

“ I will but … ” He wriggled his fingers inside of you, hitting the roof of your core, your knees going weak “ You still have to do as I say ”. You just nodded, too eagerly, provoking a shrug from him.

He untied them, gentler than he knotted it, as if this was going to hurt more. You rubbed your wrists, traces of the ropes still clear on the abused skin. Sighing, you shook your arms before wrapping them around his hips and stepped closer to greet his uncomfortable erection still poking at your stomach.

You kissed his collarbone, just over the-now-darkened hickey you took such great care imprinting into his skin earlier, humming raspily.

“ This feels better ” You mumbled feeling your way up his back until your hands were cupping his face, bringing him down to you.

“ Happy birthday ” You breathed out against his lips before connecting them briefly pulling away to look him in the eyes.

“ The best birthday I could ask for ” Hoseok flashed you the  sweetest grin you’ve seen today, his heart shaped lips inviting – alluring - “ I don’t want it to end just yet ”  

“ It doesn’t have to ” You smirked pulling him back to the bed.


He groaned when you tightened your thighs around him, heels digging into his lower back, clamping down on him. Breathing loudly into your ears.

The hands that kept you down against the mattress were brought into yours, fingers intertwining with yours over your head as he prompted himself up. The new angle letting him drive deeper into you, hitting that spot again.

As he buried himself to the hilt, Hoseok leaned down to bite into your neck tasting the salty sweat of the sheer coat of sweat that now glistered your entity. You were suddenly jerked around onto your stomach and Hoseok pulled you up onto your knees, his touch left your for a moment before he seized you again, trapping your against him again.

“ Look up ” He whispered “ Look at yourself ”. You glanced up at the large mirror that you only seemed to notice now. It was another first for you, seeing yourself this way. Hair messed up and stuck to your face and neck with the same sweat that covered your entire body making your skin shine with a unique glow. A glow you never thought would look so …

“ Beautiful ” He said, speaking out your thoughts. You saw the strong lean arms wrapped around you, the veins protruding from it in the most sensual way you possibly have ever seen. Before you could complain of the void, Hoseok was inside you again, entering you from behind. Taking his time torturing you with shallow thrusts and slow pace enjoying how your body moved with every movement of his and how it reacted.  Your full round breasts bouncing with each thrust, grounding his hips against yours. How much your reflection allowed him to see all of that. Enjoying every bit of it. And you couldn’t deny you did as well, more than you imagined.

Whoever came up with “ You can’t mix business with pleasure ” was sure a liar.

You pushed yourself back to meet his hips, both urging him to go faster and harder. Taking the hint, he picked up the pace. Your head dropped down, eyes tightly shut as you clawed the sheets until your knuckles were white, spilling your moans into them.

“ I said watch ” His tone was stern, demanding. He seized your hips again bringing you up until his body fit perfectly on the curve of your back, not slowing down the fast and angled thrusting. Pounding you into oblivion.

“ Open your eyes, kitten ” He whispered, his chin on your shoulder, enabling you to move like a reminder of his previous order. His free hand gripped your neck, keeping you looking straight. “ I would you to see every second of it ”.

You whimpered loudly, putting your hand over his own on your throat while the other traced circles over your clit. Felling the familiar coil forming warmly and blissfully in your lower stomach.

“ Taking me so well ” He nuzzled your hair for a second, planting a kiss, before grunting “ Fuck – so tight ” He struggled to breathe out when your orgasm made you even tighter around him.

The hand on your throat closed, but not enough to cut off your breathing, making your mind dizzy as your climax still buzzed through the tensed muscles of your walls. His pounding lost rhythm as he was desperately seeking his own release unable to take anymore.

With one strong thrust you were pushed forwards, elbows sinking into the bed and face hidden in the sheets as you whined from overstimulation, feeling his seeds sprung into you hotly. So much so you could even sense some dribble down your thighs as he pulled out, collapsing on his side next to you.

You did the same turning to face him, his eyes still shut and heart beating so fast you could see the veins on his neck throb. You moved in closer, leaving a feathery kiss on his lips, and finally able to truly admire his tired and exhausted state. An image you never want to forget.

Hoseok smiled opening his eyes to peer at you, his hand almost instinctively coming up to brush back your hair. Mimicking your action, your bodies touching again, he leaned closer to kiss you. He just left it on your forehead instead.

Before he pulled away completely to hug you closer, closing his eyes to let sleep win over, he whispered

“ I don’t think I can let you go now, kitten ”

Just to let you know, Taehyung’s part is still open for requests I got a few and you guys are some kinky ass people xD   Keep the kinks flowing. I might merge all of them.

When are you going to get the chance to confess all the dark things you’d do to V ?