Monday: The Meeting

Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Something significant in your relationship with Steve Rogers happens on different days of the week.

Warnings: some sparring, swear words, impure thoughts

A/N: This is the first installment of a series I’m calling Days of the Week. Basically, something special happens on different days of the week in a relationship, and because of this they won’t be in order. But they should make sense. Thanks for reading! ~J

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Steve curses himself for being so kind sometimes. Like right now when he’s sore from training most of the day with Bucky, mind blank from filling out paperwork till 3 AM the night before, and slightly irritated after a meeting with Fury. He wants nothing more than to go back to his apartment, order take-out for one and pass out in his bed with the TV in the background. A string tugs at his heart as he thinks of going home to an empty and cold apartment. But, he curses himself again, he had promised Fury that he would stay later and help train the new SHIELD recruits today.

He walks into the training center with his shoulders slumped in fatigue. His eyes skim over the recruits as he searches for his co-trainer. “Captain Rogers” a silky voice says behind him. He turns towards the voice and wishes that someone had warned him about you.

He can’t seem to swallow or make a sound, he feels like he’s been punched in the gut. He takes in your long, shiny hair pulled into a braid. Would it be wrong to reach out and see if it’s as soft as it looks? Stopping at your wide eyes, they’re full of mischief. He definitely wants to get in trouble with you, he would do anything with you. He takes in the slight blush of your cheeks and full lips that had just uttered his name. He wants to hear them fall from your rosy lips again and again. It takes all of his self control not to press his own against what he swears must be made from rose petals.

He quickly roams over your body and has to look back up before the urge to pull you to him is too much to fight. “I… I a-assume you’re my co-trainer?” he coughs out. You look at his face and your cheeks turn slightly rosier, you hope he doesn’t notice. You’re mouth works before you’re mind does “Yes. I’m Agent (Y/L/N)” and you reach out to shake his hand. You cringe internally at how rough your voice sounds and how your hands are slightly shaky. But, when you’re looking at someone who looks like they stepped down from Mt. Olympus it seems like a normal response.

Steve is too busy staring at you and cursing himself for sounding so inept that he doesn’t notice. “I look forward to working with you Agent. Should we start?” He says as he starts walking to the middle of the training floor, still turned around, eyes trained on you.

“Steve” you try but it’s too late, he’s tripped over the edge of the mat. He lays on his back, wind actually knocked out of him, and looks up in wide-eyed shock. You can’t help the laugh that falls from your lips, after trying so hard to stiffen it. His eyes turn from shock to awe at the sound of your laugh, his new favorite sound. Realizing that you were just staring down at him, you reach out a hand to help him up. He grasps your hand and you both have to stop yourselves from shivering at the jolt that runs through you.

“Thanks” he sheepishly mutters and works his hand through his hair. Your eyes follow the movement and wish it was your own. “Let’s get started” you grin and lead the way to the center.

After 2 hours of working with the trainees, Steve thinks he has lost his mind. Everytime he hears your laugh or even catches a glimpse of you, he freezes. His brain short circuits and all he can do is try and discreetly stare at you. He’s never seen fighting look so elegant, almost as if you were in a well rehearsed ballet with your opponent.  

“Stop standing around Rogers and help.” you laugh. That brings him out of his reverie and a new blush to his face, he doesn’t think it’ll ever go away. “Do you wanna spar?” he quickly questions, not really sure why he had asked. Actually he does know, he wants to be close to you again, anything to be close to you. You gawk at him for a while and he thinks he may have said the wrong thing. But, before he could apologize you coquettishly answer “You’re on Rogers”.  

“Alright rookies. Carefully watch Captain Rogers and me spar. You’ll learn a lot from him, a lot of what not to do” you tease and his heart skips a beat, or several. A smile tugs at his perfect lips as he walks away.

You both face each other on opposite sides of the mat. He thinks to himself that this is the only way to redeem himself. He has to impress you or he might jump back into the ocean and freeze himself for another 70 years out of embarrassment. For the first few moments, you both get into fighting stances and simply look at one another.

You try to assess where you think his weak spots will be, but you’re pretty sure that someone built like Steve Rogers has no weak spots. Every time you look him over you just want to pin him to the mat and kiss him You shake those thoughts out of your head. Pull it together, it’s just a boy you think not worth the heartache. Once you started, you couldn’t stop. You wanted to know what he looked like under his uniform, to see if his skin really felt like the marble it seemed to be. Before you know it, he steps towards you and swings. You easily duck out of the way and back away further from him. He comes at you again and again. Every time, you easily block. The familiarity of the dance comes back to you and it’s almost like you could see his next move.

As you were watching him, he was judging you. He knew not to underestimate you. You may be smaller than him, but were for sure more agile and fast. Thoughts of how he wanted to know all the ways you could move filled his mind and he chastised himself for it. Now was not the time he thought. From his view he swears you look like a siren, and he would gladly walk to his death towards you. So he steps forward, plants his foot and swings, trying to catch you off guard.

The trainees watched mesmerized as you matched each other blow for blow. Both beautiful in motion with fluid and strong swings. He is strong and good at hand to hand, but you were more buoyant on your feet. After what seems like hours, he finally manages to land a swift kick to your leg, but you bounce up fast. You could see that he wasn’t expecting you to be up so quickly, so you take your chance. He sees the glint in your eye and knows he’s in trouble.   

Quickly, you land a kick to his unguarded side and he moves left. Without missing a beat, you use your momentum and swing your legs up and catch his chest. He wasn’t expecting you’re weight and tumbles onto his back. You were perched on his chest with a wolfish grin.

You’re both panting from effort and tension that seemed to arise from the spar. He looks up at you with such a prideful look you almost throw yourself at him on the spot.

Steve doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks he may be in love with you. You were so graceful and beautiful, but powerful and lethal. He can’t stop just looking at you with admiration and with a huge smile on his face. It’s another few moments of staring at each other before someone coughs. You feel your face getting red and move off of Steve, offering him a hand up. The same jolt is felt again as he stands up and grins down at you. “Alright, class dismissed” he booms at the rookies but still looking down at you.

You move away from him slightly so you can breath, his presence seems to suffocate you. You reach up to put the strand of hair that has fallen back in place and glance up at Steve again. “I’ll see you later Captain” and with that you give him a show stopping smile and walk past him to the locker rooms. Smile turning into frown as you felt your heart’s erratic beat as you walk away from him.

He stands there longer, just watching you leave. He can’t stop tracking you as you walk away and his heart seems to break a little as he watches you step away. Somewhere deep down inside he knows that you’ll be important to him. He now lauds himself for agreeing to help today.          

Preview: “To the Victor” chapter 16

              Bristling, he headed quickly down the corridor toward the elevator.  He jabbed his thumb into the button to summon the lift, shifting his weight nervously and trying to decide what to do.  He really should speak to Steve and make sure he ate, that he was okay.  He needed to go to his workshop, though, and check in on his own efforts to find Stone. God, twice now he was searching for a dead man.  “J, where did Steve go?”

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“Leap of Faith”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: After hiking up a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean, you confront Steve about why he hasn’t acted on his feelings for you.

“Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran)
“Stronger” (Clean Bandit)
“On Our Way” (The Royal Concept)

A belated one for JinWoo, the master of taking leaps of faith.

A/N: This one has been in my queue for about a month, and I rewrote it yesterday after a horrible session of therapy. Forgive me for the bumps and mistakes, I’m still not used to writing for/about Steve. - j xx

“Whoa… This is beautiful..”

“Yeah, it is…” Steve breathes out, silenced by his awe of the view.

The isolated cliff you stand on sits tall, almost angrily, breathing in the salty air of the ocean below with small gasps. There’s a rocky edge that looms over the majestic sea, which spawns fantastic waves. Boasting a gradation of shades ranging from a peaceful sea green to a deep blue, the ocean dances the line between raging waters and a lulling calm.

The hike up to the high point had been a rather challenging one, but anyone who endures the hike is rewarded with with a stunning vista of the surrounding area. While the rest of the Avengers have chosen to frolic and relax on the beach, you and Steve toughed the upward hike and are treating your eyes to a view worthy of the gods.

Steve glances at the you with a small smile. “You okay, (Y/N)?”

“Peachy, Captain. Just peachy,” you sarcastically wheeze. You use the sleeve of your shirt -why on Earth did you wear a long sleeve on a hike?- to dab your forehead before shooting the blonde an infuriated look. “How are you not sweating? Does the serum also make you look like a model even after a six mile hike?”

Steve glances down at his body before shrugging. “The wind blew it off?” he weakly offers. The super soldier bursts into laughter as you dramatically roll your eyes at his answer. “Sorry, (Y/N). I probably should have warned you about this hike’s difficulty.”

“Mmhm, no wonder everyone else opted to skip the hike.” You take in a deep breath and allow yourself to bask in the warm sun and salty air. “But man, they’re really missing out,” you happily sigh.

“Yeah, they are…”

This time you glance at Steve, letting your eyes wander over his physique, which is fantastically showcased in his tight blue workout shirt. Your eyes return from its journey only to make eye contact with his brilliantly blue eyes. Knowing that he caught you ogling at him, Steve arches an eyebrow. You, shameless about your lustful admiration for his body, deviously bite your lower lip and wink.

“One day that look will get you in deep trouble,” Steve grumbles. He’s suddenly aware of how hot his face is and looks away, hoping the ocean air will cool him down.

“Too late, Captain. I’m already in too deep.”

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BM actually stands for Bee Movie a 2007 American computer animated family comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner, the film stars Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger, with Matthew Broderick, Patrick Warburton, John Goodman and Chris Rock in supporting roles. Its story follows Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld), a honey bee who sues the human race for exploiting bees after learning from his florist friend Vanessa

mobile masterlist
  1. Jake Virtanen -You never saw? (J)
  2. Olli Maatta Pt. 1  - 5 kids and skates (J)
  3. Tyler Seguin - Baby stuff everywhere!  (J)
  4. Olli Maatta Pt 2 - Kittens (J)
  5. Michael Latta - Oneis fun (J)
  6. Jake Virtanen - Magical Christmas  (J)
  7. Olli Maatta - Sick and cuddles (J)
  8. Christian Thomas - I’m going nuts (J)
  9. Olli Maatta- Dance with me? (J)
  10. Christian Thomas Pt. 1- More manners than you (J)
  11. Christian Thomas Pt. 2 More manner’s than you (J)
  12. Sven Andrighetto - Meeting the parents (J)
  13. Michael Latta - Hurt feelings (J)
  14. Michael Latta - Girly time (J)
  15. Sebastian Aho - Minä rakastan sinua (J)
  16. Mitch Marner  - I love you (J)
  17. Ben Bishop - I missed you (J)
  18. Olli Maatta - Hometown visit (J)
  19. Christian Thomas Pt. 3 - More manners than you (J)
  20. Claude Giroux - Daddy’s girl (J)
  21. Mitch Marner (mlm) - I’ve wanted to do that for a long time (J)
  22. Mike Condon - Boat Rides (J)
  23. William Karlsson - Drunk (J)
  24. Sebastian Aho - Gas leak. (J)
  25. Gabriel Landeskog - Just like Daddy (J)
  26. Taylor Hall -Surprise! (J)
  27. Alex Galchenyuk - That’s my girlfriend! (J)
  28. Conor Sheary - Deal (J)
  29. Jack Eichel - What if… (J)
  30. Christian Thomas - Fight (J)
  31. Dylan Larkin - You like Chocolate (J)
  32. Eddie Lack - I’m not drunk (J)
  33. Alexander Wennberg - Future Hockey Player (J)
  34. James Neal - Do you want kids (J)
  35. Mitch Marner Ft. Auston Matthews -Nightmares and truth  (J)
  36. Andrew Shaw - Blanket fort (J)
  37. Teuvo Teravinen - I love you (J)
  38. Tyler Seguin - Baby Seguin? (J)
  39. Mitch Marner Pt. 1  - I’m deaf (J)
  40. Jacob Chychrun - Help me! (J)
  41. Connor McDavid - Date night (J)
  42. Jack Eichel - Hot girl (J)
  43. Connor McDavid - Losing Teeth (J)
  44. Max Domi - Puppy time! (J)
  45. Andre Burakovsky - Where do babies come from? (J)
  46. Niklas Kronwall - Help me! (J)
  47. Tyler Seguin - Beach fun (J)
  48. Dylan Larkin - Crowds (J)
  49. Mikael Granlund - Jealous (J)
  50. Mitch Marner - Why? (J)
  51. Matthew Tkachuk - You got this (J)
  52. Auston Matthews - Book (J)
  53. Tyler Seguin Ft. Andre Burakovsky - Beautiful  (J)
  54. Steve Ott - Uncomfortable  (J)
  55. Michael Latta - I love them (J)
  56. Leon Draisaitl -Bucket list (J)
  57. Tyler Seguin - What about hockey players? (J)
  58. Max Domi - What if they don’t like me! (J)
  59. Artemi Panarin - Dance (J)
  60. Colton Parayko - Note  (J)
  61. Nate Schmidt - Even when you’re married (J)
  62. Mitch Marner Pt. 2 - I’m Deaf  (J)
  63. Ben Hutton - Breakdown (J)
  64. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date?  (J)
  65. Olli Maatta - Snow (J)
  66. Dylan Larkin - Not going to be mad (J)
  67. Zach Werenski - Key (J)
  68. Tyler Seguin - How could you?! (J)
  69. Auston Matthews - Hurt (J)
  70. Jordie Benn - Lumber Jack  (J)
  71. Sidney Crosby - Kids (J)
  72. Christian Thomas - Plane ride (J)
  73. Christian Thomas - Christmas Joy  (J)
  74. Dylan Larkin - Wild Lights (J)
  75. Ben Hutton - Home for the Holiday’s (J)
  76. Michael Raffl - What Now?  (J)
  77. Auston Matthews - Awkward  (J)
  78. Michael Latta - Forgive and Forget  (J)
  79. Luke Glendening - Snowman (J)
  80. Auston Matthews - Breakup  (J)
  81. Michael Latta - First Period  (J)
  82. Dylan Larkin - Game Lost (J)
  83. Mitch Marner (Mlm) - Can’t remember  (J)
  84. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - Summer loving (J)
  85. Joonas Rask - Beside me (J)
  86. Ben Hutton - Road trips and I miss yous (E)
  87. Auston Matthews - Hate or love? (E)
  88. Connor McDavid - Bet? (J)
  89. Michael Latta - This can’t be happening (J)
  90. Elias Lindholm - Falling (J)
  91. Auston Matthew - Tamales (J)
  92. Olli Maatta - Cold Day (J)
  93. James van Riemsdyk - Who is she (J)
  94. Ben Hutton - Meeting the parents (J)
  95. Sebastian Aho - Red String (J)
  96. Mitch Marner - Cinnamon Pancakes (J)
  97. Jakob Chychrun - Stripper or Volleyball player? (J)
  98. Tyler Seguin - You’re something else (J)
  99. Sidney Crosby - Shark Soup (J)
  100. Olli Maatta - See you tomorrow Pt.1 (J)
  101. Colton Parayko - Note Pt 2 (J)
  102. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date Pt 2 (J)
  103. Morgan Rielly - Who’s louder (J)
  104. Tyler Graovac - First goal (E)
  105. Andre Burakovsky - Eight (J)
  106. Andre Burakovsky - I have a game (J)
  107. Artturi Lehkonen - Proud (J)
  108. Shea Weber - Toothbrush (J)
  109. Nikita Scherbak - No power (J)
  110. Trevor van Riemsdyk - I can’t wait (J)
  111. Jacob Trouba -  Come on! (J)
  112. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - What about her? (J)
  113. Christian Thomas - Oh honey! (J)
  114. Tyler Toffoli - Anything you want (J)
  115. Olli Maatta - Slide daddy, Slide! (J)
  116. Dylan Larkin - Mean girls play dirty (J)
  117. Auston Matthews - Winners get…(J)
  118. Justin Jackson - Date a real man (J)
  119. Morgan Rielly - Cuddle Bug (J)
  120. Artemi Panarin - No title (J)
  121. Olli Maatta Pt. - See you tomorrow (J)
  122. Baker Mayfield - Energy (J)
  123. Auston Matthews - Winter fun with a dash of love (J)
  124. Dylan Larkin - Because I love you (J)
  125. Patrik Laine - Like a date? (J)
  126. Taylor Hall - I’ll take care of you. (J)
  127. Conor Sheary - I’m Proud of you (J) (Personal)
  128. Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Bucket face (J) (Personal)
  129. Jakob Chychrun - The bag (J)
  130. Dylan Larkin - Far away (E)
  131. Tyler Seguin - Black Rose (J)
  132. Robby Fabbri - Letters (J) (Personal)
  133. Trevor Riemsyk Ft. Jonathan Toews - Alone (J)
  134. Mikael Grandlund - Smile (E)
  135. Sebastian Aho - Not a single thing (J)
  136. Mitch Marner - Bonfires (Personal) (J)
  137. Ben Hutton - Great Date (J)
  138. Teuvo Teravainen - Baking + Stress = Breakdown (J) (Personal)
  139. Dylan Strome - V - Day (J) (Personal)
  140. Dylan Strome - Another Strome for the NHL (J)
  141. Ben Hutton - Can you believe it. (J)
  142. Jake Virtanen - Home (J)
  143. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but… (J)
  144. Tom Wilsom - Why are looking at me (J)
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  150. Mikael Granlund -Death and Love (E)
  151. Morgan Rielly - I shit myself (J)
  152. Sebastian Aho - Jealous Aho (E)
  153. Auston Matthews - NYC (J)
  154. Dylan Larkin - Family Skate (O)
  155. Auston Matthews - Stop (J)
  156. Jori Lehtera - Grumpy Jorsti (E)
  157. Connor McDavid - Bet Pt.2 MLM (J)
  158. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 2 (J)
  159. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but…Pt. 2 (J)
  160. Sebastian Aho - Fake Injury (O)
  161. Dylan Larkin - Grumpy McGee (J)
  162. Luke Glendening - Big Green Nachos (J)
  163. Dylan Strome - A Strome, really (J)
  164. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses (J)
  165. Morgan Rielly - You know I love you right (J)
  166. Dylan Larkin - Clubbing Catastrophy (O)
  167. William Nylander - Book store fun (J)
  168. Alex Galchenyuk - A stupid game (O)
  169. Patrik Laine - Who are you? (J)
  170. Sebastian Aho - Knee Pain (J)
  171. Dylan Strome - Acceptance (O)
  172. Anthony Cirelli - I like you too Dork (J)
  173. Morgan Rielly - Would you rather (J)
  174. Mathew Barzal - Condoms (J)
  175. Andre Burakovsky - Jeeper Creepers (J)
  176. Mikael Granlund - Bad mood (J)
  177. Jakob Chychrun - They love you (J)
  178. Morgan Rielly - Morning cuddles (J)
  179. Tyler Seguin - Sixteen Times (J)
  180. Zach hyman -Happy Hanukkah (J)
  181. Alex Galchenyuk - We got this (J)
  182. Tyler Seguin - Welcoming baby Seguin (J)
  183. Elias Lindholm -Wanna join - (J)
  184. Ivan Provorov - Corny Jokes (J)
  185. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 4 (J)
  186. Connor McDavid - U.S. Navy (J)
  187. Dylan Strome - Pink Everywhere (J)
  188. Josh Morrissey - Bunny (J)
  189. Connor McDavid -Birthday Concert (J)
  190. William Nylander - Real Pucks (J)
  191. Alex Galchenyuk - Mess (J)
  192. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 5 Ft. Jamie Benn (J)
  193. Patrick Kane - Team Dinner (J)
  194. Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greet (E)
  195. Phil Kessel - Lingerie (J)
  196. Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites (O)
  197. Max Pacioretty - Gally Jersey (J)
  198. Martin Jones - Food pictures (J)
  199. Zach Werenski - Can you not (J)
  200. Auston Matthews - “Buttercup” (J)
  201. Andre Burkaovsky - Judgey (J)
  202. Markus Nutivaara - Panic Attacks (J)
  203. Carter Hart - Valentine’s Day (J)
  204. Mitch Marner ft. Matt Martin - Little Martin (J)
  205. Brent Burns - Sad as hell (J)
  206. Sebastian Aho - Broken English (J)
  207. Auston Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it! (J)
  208. Ben Hutton - Don’t tell my mom (J)
  209. Sebastian Aho - Say you won’t let go (J)
  210. Auston Matthews - (E)
  211. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  212. Michael Latta - Like Mark and Juliet (J)
  213. Travis Konecny - Halloween Fun (J)
  214. Michael Latta - Like Mike and Juliet (J)
  215. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  216. Sebastian Aho - I’d be better if you were here (J)
  217. Tyler Seguin - Make up fail (JA)
  218. William Nylander - Proud Daddy (J)
  219. Andre Burkaovsky - Dancing with the star (JA)
  220. Morgan Rielly - I made it (J)
  221. Dylan Strome - D.A.D.D (J)
  222. Dylan Larkin - The first to..(J)
  223. Justin Faulk - Dreaming (J)
  224. Auston Matthews - Run the 6ix (JA)
  225. Max Domi - My Everything (JA)
  226. Leon Draisaitl - Our Future (G)
  227. Phil Kessel -Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? (J)
  228. Morgan Rielly - You’re amazing (J)
  229. Matthew Tkachuk - Because I love you (J)
  230. Dylan Strome - Moving Day (J)
  231. Leon Draisaitl - I’m not a puckbunny (JA)
  232. Joonas Rask - Meeting the family (J)
  233. Johnny Gaudreau -Loud (J)
  234. Connor Brown - Draft Day (J)
  235. Auston Matthews - Cabbie Show (J)
  236. Tom Wilson -Teaching (J)
Modern Outsiders Headcannons-

-Steve&Sodapop have broken both their legs and arms at least three times because one of them told them to “do it for the vine”
-Ponyboy is a total fanboy and has a fandom tumblr account and an aesthetic account
-Two-bit is vine famous because he’s constantly posting videos of the groups antics.
-Darry is the wine mom and has a Facebook account
-Darry and Tim meet up the third Monday of the month to gossip about their gangs/kid brothers(sister) while drinking tea/beer.
-Curly drags Ponyboy(who drags Johnny(who drags Dally.)) to gay pride rallies during the summer.
-Angela Shepard loves F.R.I.E.N.D.S
-Ponyboy is an apple fanboy while Steve has an android.
-Those two will argue for three hours straight about it.
-Ponyboy, Two-Bit, Dally, and Soda pronounce it “J-if.”
-Johnny, Darry, Steve pronounce it “g-if”.
-Johnny and Ponyboy get into hour long debates about how it’s pronounced.
-Sodapop hates the word “yacht”. He thinks it doesn’t look like a word
-Dallas got braces when he was sixteen and would get really pissed when someone would mention it
-Sodapop and Steve are Vine and YouTube famous
-Ponyboy is secretly Tumblr famous
-Darry loves lush bombs
-Tim loves candles, like if you go into his room there’s just a shit load of them and his room always smells like a candle store
-Sodapop’s nose is slightly crooked because he bit the dust while doing tricks on a hover board.
-Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-bit watch Steven Universe and Gravity Falls a lot
-Dallas watches keeping up with the Kardashians way more than he’ll admit
-Darry is constantly calling Dallas or Tim to figure out what different internet lingo means
-Old Man Darry constantly needs Pony’s help to use new technology
-Johnny and Ponyboy are the kings of Dance-Dance Revaluation and hold the highest scores in all of Oklahoma
-Darry took dancing classes
-Ponyboy is an amazing artist but he’s too shy to showcase it unless he’s doing it anonymously
-Curly once dyed his hair bright pink because someone told him that the color pink was gay



M·A·C Steve & Yoni

Heads up! Game-changing Korean design duo Steve J. and Yoni P. bring a little punk and spunk to M·A·C— snag your favs today. #MACSJYP

Who says you can’t go home (chapter 5)

I have to start by thanking you all for your patience, I know I’ve been really slow in updating this one and writing a lot of other stuff in between. My muse is fickle and doesn’t always go where I need her to go.
But I am determined to finish this story so if you stick with me we’ll get there, eventually ;)

Now, where were we?

Story: After finding each other again Bucky and Jess spend the night together but things don’t really go as planned. When Bucky shuts down Jess has no choice but to call in Steve to help her.

No warning, just a lot of angst and feels and some fluff.

(The song playing at the end is Blue Moon by Jo Stafford.)


Previous chapters: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4


Who says you can’t go home (chapter 5)

Jess woke up gasping for air, heart racing and hands shaking, sweat all over her forehead. For a moment she had no idea where she was, nothing about this small dark room felt familiar but then it all came back.


He was sitting on the floor next to the mattress with his back against the wall. Jess kneeled down beside him. His entire body was shaking and he was staring out in front of him with a look of sheer horror on his face.

‘Bucky,’ her sigh was heavy and filled with compassion. She reached out to touch his face but he pushed her hand away.

‘Don’t touch me!’ he snapped.

He wrapped his arms around his knees and started shaking even harder. He turned his face away from her, avoiding her eyes so she wouldn’t see his tears.

‘Bucky, it’s okay,’ she whispered.

‘Okay?! I could have killed you!’ he shook his head in protest.

‘But you didn’t, I’m fine, see?’ she insisted.

He didn’t say another word, nor did he look at her.

Jess stayed beside him and they both sat in silence for a while, Bucky was still shaking and showing no signs of calming down. His forehead was covered in cold sweat and his lip was trembling.
She wanted to wrap her arms around him and convince him she was fine and he hadn’t hurt her, but she was afraid to touch him again.

She couldn’t think of another way to calm him down and she didn’t want to leave him alone here so she did the only thing left to do. She reached for her phone and searched for the number.

‘Steve? I’m sorry to call you this late, I don’t know what else to do.’

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Mend - Part 5

Story Description: Reader has terrakinesis and going through a lot of emotional personal issues when Steve brings back Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Fem/Reader (enhanced)

Words: 6,616

Set after Captain America: Civil War. Contains Civil War spoilers!!!

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

“Y/N, Sergeant Barnes… Captain Rogers is requesting your presence in the meeting room.” Y/N would have groaned and ignored the A.I. But Bucky, startled by a voice, awoke instantly and shot up straight with a gun at the ready. He pointed it at the door since the speakers for F.R.I.D.A.Y. were placed there. But in his movement, he also managed to move his strong and wide frame over and in front of Y/N, protecting her as an immediate response. 

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