god i know i talk about how i’d die for the happiness of will byers and all but in reality? i breathe in unrequited byeler content like oxygen. that boy is setting himself up for heartbreak especially now that eleven’s back and i am 500% here to see him work through it

Halloween-Steve Harrington Imagine

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Warnings: Fluff, underage drinking, Billy being Billy

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 “Here you go!” Nancy said as she slipped an orange piece of paper into my hand.

  I just got out of fourth period Spanish and it was taking me a little longer than usual to snap myself out of Spanish mode. I blinked and glanced at the paper my best friend had nearly smacked me in the face with. 

   “Stacy’s having a Halloween party? Tragic.” I crumpled the paper in one hand and began opening my locker with the other. 

   “Tragic? No, it’s great, it’ll be a good way for us to just let loose and be normal teenagers for once,” Nancy said.

    After what happened last Halloween, I didn’t think we’d ever be normal again. Unfortunately, I had gotten wrapped up into the Upside Down shenanigans last year after Barb was murdered at Steve’s kickback. Neither of us wanted to go, but Nancy wanted the chance to get closer to Steve even though Barb kept telling me that Steve was into me, which made no sense. He only ever talked to Nancy and I have always been awkward in the few conversations we had. But, we did get close after we fought the demagorgon in the Byers’ house—-rather, after Steve saved me from getting killed by the demagorgon. We talked more after that, but we definitely weren’t a thing like Nancy and Jonathan were.

    “I’d rather not be surrounded by over-aroused, drunk teenagers for three hours,” I said.

    Nancy groaned. “You sound just like Jonathan!”
    “You say that like it’s a bad thing?” Jonathan seemed to appear out of nowhere as Nancy kissed him on the cheek. He smiled bashfully before looking at me.

    “Your girlfriend wants us all to go to Stacy’s Halloween bash tonight.”

    “It could be fun,” Nancy sang.

    “Not really my scene.”

    “Mine neither.” 

    “But you guys, this is an excuse to get dressed up in costumes and get free alcohol,” Nancy said.

    “I don’t even have a costume, I honestly have no reason to go.”

   Then, by some stroke of fortune, Steve showed up, looking as cool as he always did in a jean jacket, white shirt, and perfectly fitted jeans. His almond brown hair looked soft enough to touch and I felt my fingers itching to touch it. I knew better though, he was the star of the basketball team and the king of the school while I was just Y/N Y/L/N, Nancy Wheeler’s friend.

    “You guys are going to Stacy’s party tonight, right?”

    “Yes, we are, but Y/N isn’t feeling it,” Nancy said, sending a knowing look in my direction. 

    Steve looked at me with an exaggerated hurt expression on his face. “Y/N, you can’t skip this party, it’s the party of the year! Everyone gets all dressed up and super hammered.”

     “You make it sound so much more appealing,” Jonathan said sarcastically.

     I felt my face heat up the closer Steve got to me and that stupid grin on his face only made it worse. “Um, that seems great and all, but I don’t have a costume.”

     “I can help with that!” Nancy offered.

     “And I’m not really good at parties…”

     “Just follow my lead.” Steve grabbed my hands and gave me the biggest puppy dog eyes. “Y/N, you have to go to this party for me. I’m graduating soon and this will be the last Halloween party I’ll ever go to in high school and it wouldn’t be the same without you.”

      As much as I wanted to say no and stay at home watching TV and eating popcorn, I couldn’t resist those stupid, gorgeous puppy dog eyes. When I muttered “yes”, Steve looked triumphant, Jonathan looked only a little surprised, and Nancy seemed smug. It wouldn’t be until much later that I would realize my grave mistake.

      At ten o’clock, I dragged my feet into Stacy’s house a little bit behind Nancy and Jonathan. 

    “Come on, Y/N!” Nancy said as she tugged me forward.

    “I look ridiculous,” I muttered.

    “You look adorable,” Jonathan teased.

    I glared at him and adjusted the cat ears on my head. Nancy had felt like being more creative for my costume since she dressed me up as a cat, which meant that I was wearing a fitted, long-sleeved black shirt, tight black pants, and boots with a bit of a heel to them. She put whiskers on my face and drew a cat nose as well. I thought she was going to be something as traditional as me, but she went as a normal schoolgirl.

    I could have killed Nancy Wheeler.

   Though the costume wasn’t that bad, I was nervous that I would look childish in comparison to all the other girls and I didn’t want Steve thinking that I was a child—-I was already younger than him. The party was in full swing with generic Halloween songs blasting from the stereo. Popular people from different grades in varying level of outrageous costumes were dancing fairly drunkenly to the music. We weaved our way to the kitchen and Nancy poured cups of punch for me and Jonathan.

    “Can’t, I’m driving, remember?” Jonathan asked.

    “Right.” Nancy kept his cup and gave me one. “Bottoms up.” 

     We clinked drinks and I began sipping. The drink was extremely sugary until the vodka kicked in, which could have made me nauseous, but I felt okay. After I took another large gulp, I turned to see that Steve had just arrived. He was dressed up as some sort of greaser with his leather jacket, dark pants, and sunglasses. Every time he bobbed to the beat, his feathery hair bobbed with him. Tons of people went up to greet him and I felt my stomach clench. So, I drank some more and before I knew it, I was on my second cup.

     “Hey, guys!” Steve yelled over the music. “Isn’t this party great?”

      “Yeah!” Nancy yelled.

     “I guess,” Jonathan commented.

    “The punch is decent.” I sipped more of it to solidify my point. 

    Steve laughed and poured himself a cup. Then, “Monster Mash” came on, and he insisted we all danced. Slowly, I trailed behind him while Nancy had to drag Jonathan on to the dancefloor aka the living room. The room was crowded but Steve insisted on twirling me around and dancing kind of goofy to make me feel better about my own dancing. The funny thing was that for the first time, I didn’t feel self conscious about my dancing and just had fun. Each song began to blend with the other the more I drank, and I couldn’t help but admire how cool Steve was without even trying. He was the only guy here that could wear sunglasses indoors without looking ridiculous and also super brave. He was perfect.

    “I’m gonna get another drink!” I said over the next song.

    “Are you sure about that?” Steve asked.

    “Yeah, ‘m fine!” I gave him a thumbs up and he shook his head at me.

    I grinned at him as I floated through the crowd back to the kitchen. It was amazing how the punch bowl was never empty. I suppose I was a little more intoxicated than I thought because at one point, I got some of the punch on my pants.

    “Crap!” I exclaimed, dropping the ladel back into the bowl and trying to wipe as much of the punch off as I could.

   “One too many?” I looked up to see the new kid, Billy, staring back at me.

  He was dressed up as some Gothic thing, but it was really an excuse to show off his abs. They were impressive, but could not make up for his ridiculous hair and mustache that made him look like a dad. Steve was much better looking, the girls at school only liked Billy because he was new and from California.

  “I guess.” I grabbed my cup from the counter.

  “You’re Y/N, right? Nancy’s friend?”


  Billy’s eyes raked up and down my body slowly, making me shiver in a disgusted way. “You make a good lookin’ kitten. You here with anybody?”
   I nodded. “Nancy, J-Jonathan, and Steve.”

   Billy raised an eyebrow and glanced behind me. “Looks like Nancy and Jonathan disappeared and Steve’s pretty busy.”

   I whirled around and nearly stumbled, but once I regained my balance, my heart sunk. He was dancing with two of the prettiest girls in school, both dressed up as Madonna. Of course, he’d be into them, Barb was wrong, Steve couldn’t have possibly been into me ever. 

    “Hey.” Billy turned me to slowly face him. “Why do you look so sad, kitten?” 

    I hated the way he called me kitten and I hated how my bottom lip was jutting out, like it always did when I was about to cry. 

    “It can’t be because of Steve? He’s on his way out. C’mon, I’ll help you clean up.”

    I wanted to speak up and tell him I was fine, but I let him lead me to the bathroom upstairs. Unfortunately, it was locked, so he took me into a different room.

    “This should work out just fine.”

    “This isn’t a bathroom,” I muttered, stumbling forward.

     Billy grabbed me and pulled me into him, making me spill my drink. I whined and Billy took it the wrong way as he pulled me closer, trying to kiss me. “C’mon, don’t fight it, Y/N, we both know you want this.”

   “Stop,” I muttered. 

   But Billy didn’t stop and he kept groping me and trying to kiss me. I felt both stiff and frightened as I tried to fight him off. But the booze mixed with fear didn’t help me at all. This wasn’t how I wanted this night to go at all, I wished I had just stayed with Steve or Nancy or Jonathan. I shouldn’t have come.

   “Why are you so stiff? What’s your problem? You’re acting like you’ve never done this before.”

    It was at those last words that my heart stopped. There was no telling how long it would take Billy to realize that his predictions were correct. He might spread it around school and I would be a laughing stock. I tried pushing him away again only to get shoved down on the floor this time. As I rolled onto my back, he seemed to be a big looming shadow over me with only the malicious intentions.

    “Billy, stop!” I begged.

    “Shh, kitten,” he said.

    He grabbed my ankle and pulled me close just when the door slammed open. I froze once more when I realized that Steve was in the doorway. He took once look at the scene and shoved Billy away from me.

   “Don’t you ever touch her again,” he hissed. 

   “Or what? You’ll beat me up,” Billy said with a smirk.

   “Don’t tempt me.” Steve turned around and helped me to my feet. “Let’s get out of here.”

   I didn’t fight him but it was a struggle to walk out of Stacy’s house and to his car. Once I sat down, I breathed a sigh of relief from being out of that terrible situation. The car ride back to my house was relatively quiet except for the music from the radio playing softly.

   “You okay?” Steve asked.

   “I guess. Thanks for saving me again, you always seem to do that,” I said.

   Steve shrugged, a smile on his lips. “It’s nothing.”

  “It really is, though! You’ve saved my life twice now and I can never repay you.”

  “I wouldn’t be mad at you if you returned the favor.”

  I laughed and turned to face him. “You’re so perfect, you know that? Steve Harrington, the most perfect guy in Hawkins.”

  “You’re so drunk,” Steve said with a laugh.

  “Maybe, but I’m telling the truth. So many girls think that Billy is the best thing to ever happen, but he isn’t. His hair’s gross and his mustache looks like a rat crawled on his lip and died.”

   Steve burst out laughing. “That it does.” 

   “But you, you always look good, no matter what you do.”

   “No, I don’t. I look horrible after games.”
   “Still perfect,”  I sighed. “I shouldn’t have gone out tonight.”

    “Of course you should have. I’ve never seen you so…free before. If it wasn’t for that a–hole Billy, you would have had the best night of your teenage life.” 

    I sniffed. “Yeah Billy. But I’m glad you had fun though with those really pretty girls.”

   “Oh, you saw that?”

   “I don’t blame you, they’re gorgeous, belong on Vogue or something, totally your type.”

   “Uh huh, and how do you know my type?”

   “Logic: perfect boys like perfect girls.”

   “And what are you?” 

   “Not perfect, a mess actually, and not a beautiful one, just an average one.”

   Steve pressed his lips into a firm line and looked upset. “Don’t talk about yourself like that.”

   “Like what? I’m just saying the truth.”

   Finally, we pulled up to my house and Steve parked. I took off my seatbelt and was about to get out of the car when Steve stopped me. 

   “Hey, everybody’s a mess, some people are just better at hiding it than others.”

   “Thanks, Steve.”

   “And I happen to think that you’re not a mess at all, you’re a lot better than you think.”

   I smiled at Steve, feeling butterflies erupt in the pit of my stomach as I leaned back against the seat. “You know, the worst part about the Billy thing was that he was going to take my first kiss and I did not want it to be with him, I wanted my first kiss to be special, with someone I liked.”

   “Do you like anyone?” Steve asked, his eyes trained on me.

   “Uh huh, but I don’t think they like me.”

   “Well, that’s a risk you have to take sometimes.”

    He looked the most serious in that moment than I had ever seen him before as long as I’ve known him. It made him more irresistible than ever before, so, I took a risk. I leaned closer towards him, but Steve pushed me back.


    Blinded by embarrassment, I recoiled away and grabbed the door hande. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I can’t believe I did that. Barb was totally messing with me when she said you had a thing for me.”


   But I got out of the car, not in the mood to hear any of his pitiful comments. I slammed the door behind me and as I was walking away, he started honking and against my better judgment, I turned to face him, tears of embarrassment brimming in my eyes.

   “She wasn’t messing with you.” 

anonymous asked:

Imagine the Avengers watching old war footage on a projector and them being surprised when Steve gets choked up when he sees Peggy, Bucky, and the Commandos (comfort from Sam too?)

“Films starting, gang.”

It shall be a pleasure to see the Captain in his prime,” Thor tried to whisper.

“Hey, I’m always in my prime,” Steve grinned. “‘S the point of the serum–”


“The narrator sure seems excited,” Bruce said mildly, drawing an amused snort from Tony. Steve, however, was busy quelling the rising feeling of panic in his chest. He remembered this day, he remembered how it had been one of the few days without rain– not too muddy, not too chilly– and it’d been quiet, too. No skirmishes until almost nightfall. He remembered how the breeze felt against his heated skin, he could almost smell the smoke from Dum Dum’s cigar, he could remember the exact shade of red that painted Peggy’s lips as she’d smiled at him. He’d made some stupid pun and she’d laughed, actually laughed while the Commandos had made various sounds of dismay (he remembered Bucky shoving him a little.)

Steve didn’t realize Sam had been sneaking glances as him, taking in his curled-in posture, the quiet wet-sounding breaths he was letting out as he tried to stop crying.

“Steve?” Natasha asked from beside him. “You okay?”

“What’s up with Cap?”

“He mad?”

“What’d he be mad about?”

Steve wiped hastily at his eyes. Maybe this had been a bad idea; he hadn’t expected the emotions to hit him quite so hard and now he was making a damn fool of himself in front of his teammates.

“Hey,” Sam said, his voice pitched carefully casual. “Tell me ‘bout Dum Dum.”

Steve sniffled a little, feeling embarrassed but grateful when Clint leaned over and shook a half-empty box of Whoppers at him as a kind of ‘there there’ gesture. (Clint expressed his emotions with food a lot.) Natasha silently pressed a napkin into Steve’s hand, giving it a little squeeze.

“What… what do you wanna know?” Steve asked, his voice a little thick.

“The hell kind of name is Dum Dum for a grown-ass man?” Sam asked. The laugh that started out of Steve, and continued for a good minute and a half, coincided with Steve on-screen with the Howling Commandos and Peggy laughing at a terrible joke Bucky had just told, their faces screwed up with mirth. They were, for a fleeting moment, all together again– his new family and his old. He felt something in his chest loosen, even as Natasha muttered that it hadn’t been that funny and Sam retorted that yes, it had.   

Caplan’s Song Fic Challenge

Since I hit 900 followers yesterday, i figure I’d *try* and host one of these things??

  • mutual, followers, i’d appreciate it if y’all could spread this around??

Rules as as follows!

  • must be following your local potty mouth (me!)
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  • you must tag me in the author’s note!!!
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  • no exceptions!
  • anyone can join!
  • once a song is taken, it is no longer available. Sorry!
  • Marvel Characters and RPFs are allowed
  • Seb/Chris characters are allowed as well (ie, Chris Beck, Colin Shae, etc…)

A list of random songs (and the artist) can be found under the cut. If you do not wish to use any of these as a prompt, feel free to inform me what song is your choice.

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  1. Jake Virtanen -You never saw? (J)
  2. Olli Maatta Pt. 1  - 5 kids and skates (J)
  3. Tyler Seguin - Baby stuff everywhere!  (J)
  4. Olli Maatta Pt 2 - Kittens (J)
  5. Michael Latta - Oneis fun (J)
  6. Jake Virtanen - Magical Christmas  (J)
  7. Olli Maatta - Sick and cuddles (J)
  8. Christian Thomas - I’m going nuts (J)
  9. Olli Maatta- Dance with me? (J)
  10. Christian Thomas Pt. 1- More manners than you (J)
  11. Christian Thomas Pt. 2 More manner’s than you (J)
  12. Sven Andrighetto - Meeting the parents (J)
  13. Michael Latta - Hurt feelings (J)
  14. Michael Latta - Girly time (J)
  15. Sebastian Aho - Minä rakastan sinua (J)
  16. Mitch Marner  - I love you (J)
  17. Ben Bishop - I missed you (J)
  18. Olli Maatta - Hometown visit (J)
  19. Christian Thomas Pt. 3 - More manners than you (J)
  20. Claude Giroux - Daddy’s girl (J)
  21. Mitch Marner (mlm) - I’ve wanted to do that for a long time (J)
  22. Mike Condon - Boat Rides (J)
  23. William Karlsson - Drunk (J)
  24. Sebastian Aho - Gas leak. (J)
  25. Gabriel Landeskog - Just like Daddy (J)
  26. Taylor Hall -Surprise! (J)
  27. Alex Galchenyuk - That’s my girlfriend! (J)
  28. Conor Sheary - Deal (J)
  29. Jack Eichel - What if… (J)
  30. Christian Thomas - Fight (J)
  31. Dylan Larkin - You like Chocolate (J)
  32. Eddie Lack - I’m not drunk (J)
  33. Alexander Wennberg - Future Hockey Player (J)
  34. James Neal - Do you want kids (J)
  35. Mitch Marner Ft. Auston Matthews -Nightmares and truth  (J)
  36. Andrew Shaw - Blanket fort (J)
  37. Teuvo Teravinen - I love you (J)
  38. Tyler Seguin - Baby Seguin? (J)
  39. Mitch Marner Pt. 1  - I’m deaf (J)
  40. Jacob Chychrun - Help me! (J)
  41. Connor McDavid - Date night (J)
  42. Jack Eichel - Hot girl (J)
  43. Connor McDavid - Losing Teeth (J)
  44. Max Domi - Puppy time! (J)
  45. Andre Burakovsky - Where do babies come from? (J)
  46. Niklas Kronwall - Help me! (J)
  47. Tyler Seguin - Beach fun (J)
  48. Dylan Larkin - Crowds (J)
  49. Mikael Granlund - Jealous (J)
  50. Mitch Marner - Why? (J)
  51. Matthew Tkachuk - You got this (J)
  52. Auston Matthews - Book (J)
  53. Tyler Seguin Ft. Andre Burakovsky - Beautiful  (J)
  54. Steve Ott - Uncomfortable  (J)
  55. Michael Latta - I love them (J)
  56. Leon Draisaitl -Bucket list (J)
  57. Tyler Seguin - What about hockey players? (J)
  58. Max Domi - What if they don’t like me! (J)
  59. Artemi Panarin - Dance (J)
  60. Colton Parayko - Note  (J)
  61. Nate Schmidt - Even when you’re married (J)
  62. Mitch Marner Pt. 2 - I’m Deaf  (J)
  63. Ben Hutton - Breakdown (J)
  64. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date?  (J)
  65. Olli Maatta - Snow (J)
  66. Dylan Larkin - Not going to be mad (J)
  67. Zach Werenski - Key (J)
  68. Tyler Seguin - How could you?! (J)
  69. Auston Matthews - Hurt (J)
  70. Jordie Benn - Lumber Jack  (J)
  71. Sidney Crosby - Kids (J)
  72. Christian Thomas - Plane ride (J)
  73. Christian Thomas - Christmas Joy  (J)
  74. Dylan Larkin - Wild Lights (J)
  75. Ben Hutton - Home for the Holiday’s (J)
  76. Michael Raffl - What Now?  (J)
  77. Auston Matthews - Awkward  (J)
  78. Michael Latta - Forgive and Forget  (J)
  79. Luke Glendening - Snowman (J)
  80. Auston Matthews - Breakup  (J)
  81. Michael Latta - First Period  (J)
  82. Dylan Larkin - Game Lost (J)
  83. Mitch Marner (Mlm) - Can’t remember  (J)
  84. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - Summer loving (J)
  85. Joonas Rask - Beside me (J)
  86. Ben Hutton - Road trips and I miss yous (E)
  87. Auston Matthews - Hate or love? (E)
  88. Connor McDavid - Bet? (J)
  89. Michael Latta - This can’t be happening (J)
  90. Elias Lindholm - Falling (J)
  91. Auston Matthew - Tamales (J)
  92. Olli Maatta - Cold Day (J)
  93. James van Riemsdyk - Who is she (J)
  94. Ben Hutton - Meeting the parents (J)
  95. Sebastian Aho - Red String (J)
  96. Mitch Marner - Cinnamon Pancakes (J)
  97. Jakob Chychrun - Stripper or Volleyball player? (J)
  98. Tyler Seguin - You’re something else (J)
  99. Sidney Crosby - Shark Soup (J)
  100. Olli Maatta - See you tomorrow Pt.1 (J)
  101. Colton Parayko - Note Pt 2 (J)
  102. Tyler Seguin - Who’s your date Pt 2 (J)
  103. Morgan Rielly - Who’s louder (J)
  104. Tyler Graovac - First goal (E)
  105. Andre Burakovsky - Eight (J)
  106. Andre Burakovsky - I have a game (J)
  107. Artturi Lehkonen - Proud (J)
  108. Shea Weber - Toothbrush (J)
  109. Nikita Scherbak - No power (J)
  110. Trevor van Riemsdyk - I can’t wait (J)
  111. Jacob Trouba -  Come on! (J)
  112. Auston Matthews Ft. Mitch Marner - What about her? (J)
  113. Christian Thomas - Oh honey! (J)
  114. Tyler Toffoli - Anything you want (J)
  115. Olli Maatta - Slide daddy, Slide! (J)
  116. Dylan Larkin - Mean girls play dirty (J)
  117. Auston Matthews - Winners get…(J)
  118. Justin Jackson - Date a real man (J)
  119. Morgan Rielly - Cuddle Bug (J)
  120. Artemi Panarin - No title (J)
  121. Olli Maatta Pt. - See you tomorrow (J)
  122. Baker Mayfield - Energy (J)
  123. Auston Matthews - Winter fun with a dash of love (J)
  124. Dylan Larkin - Because I love you (J)
  125. Patrik Laine - Like a date? (J)
  126. Taylor Hall - I’ll take care of you. (J)
  127. Conor Sheary - I’m Proud of you (J) (Personal)
  128. Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Bucket face (J) (Personal)
  129. Jakob Chychrun - The bag (J)
  130. Dylan Larkin - Far away (E)
  131. Tyler Seguin - Black Rose (J)
  132. Robby Fabbri - Letters (J) (Personal)
  133. Trevor Riemsyk Ft. Jonathan Toews - Alone (J)
  134. Mikael Grandlund - Smile (E)
  135. Sebastian Aho - Not a single thing (J)
  136. Mitch Marner - Bonfires (Personal) (J)
  137. Ben Hutton - Great Date (J)
  138. Teuvo Teravainen - Baking + Stress = Breakdown (J) (Personal)
  139. Dylan Strome - V - Day (J) (Personal)
  140. Dylan Strome - Another Strome for the NHL (J)
  141. Ben Hutton - Can you believe it. (J)
  142. Jake Virtanen - Home (J)
  143. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but… (J)
  144. Tom Wilsom - Why are looking at me (J)
  145. Mitch Marner - We won! (J)  
  146. Dustin Byfuglien - First Kiss (J)
  147. Alex Galchenyuk - Mine (J)
  148. Dylan Larkin -The Ring (J)
  149. Mitch Marner - Wild Night (J)
  150. Mikael Granlund -Death and Love (E)
  151. Morgan Rielly - I shit myself (J)
  152. Sebastian Aho - Jealous Aho (E)
  153. Auston Matthews - NYC (J)
  154. Dylan Larkin - Family Skate (O)
  155. Auston Matthews - Stop (J)
  156. Jori Lehtera - Grumpy Jorsti (E)
  157. Connor McDavid - Bet Pt.2 MLM (J)
  158. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 2 (J)
  159. Sidney Crosby - I’m sorry but…Pt. 2 (J)
  160. Sebastian Aho - Fake Injury (O)
  161. Dylan Larkin - Grumpy McGee (J)
  162. Luke Glendening - Big Green Nachos (J)
  163. Dylan Strome - A Strome, really (J)
  164. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses (J)
  165. Morgan Rielly - You know I love you right (J)
  166. Dylan Larkin - Clubbing Catastrophy (O)
  167. William Nylander - Book store fun (J)
  168. Alex Galchenyuk - A stupid game (O)
  169. Patrik Laine - Who are you? (J)
  170. Sebastian Aho - Knee Pain (J)
  171. Dylan Strome - Acceptance (O)
  172. Anthony Cirelli - I like you too Dork (J)
  173. Morgan Rielly - Would you rather (J)
  174. Mathew Barzal - Condoms (J)
  175. Andre Burakovsky - Jeeper Creepers (J)
  176. Mikael Granlund - Bad mood (J)
  177. Jakob Chychrun - They love you (J)
  178. Morgan Rielly - Morning cuddles (J)
  179. Tyler Seguin - Sixteen Times (J)
  180. Zach hyman -Happy Hanukkah (J)
  181. Alex Galchenyuk - We got this (J)
  182. Tyler Seguin - Welcoming baby Seguin (J)
  183. Elias Lindholm -Wanna join - (J)
  184. Ivan Provorov - Corny Jokes (J)
  185. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 4 (J)
  186. Connor McDavid - U.S. Navy (J)
  187. Dylan Strome - Pink Everywhere (J)
  188. Josh Morrissey - Bunny (J)
  189. Connor McDavid -Birthday Concert (J)
  190. William Nylander - Real Pucks (J)
  191. Alex Galchenyuk - Mess (J)
  192. Tyler Seguin - Black Roses Pt. 5 Ft. Jamie Benn (J)
  193. Patrick Kane - Team Dinner (J)
  194. Alex Galchenyuk - Meet and Greet (E)
  195. Phil Kessel - Lingerie (J)
  196. Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites (O)
  197. Max Pacioretty - Gally Jersey (J)
  198. Martin Jones - Food pictures (J)
  199. Zach Werenski - Can you not (J)
  200. Auston Matthews - “Buttercup” (J)
  201. Andre Burkaovsky - Judgey (J)
  202. Markus Nutivaara - Panic Attacks (J)
  203. Carter Hart - Valentine’s Day (J)
  204. Mitch Marner ft. Matt Martin - Little Martin (J)
  205. Brent Burns - Sad as hell (J)
  206. Sebastian Aho - Broken English (J)
  207. Auston Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it! (J)
  208. Ben Hutton - Don’t tell my mom (J)
  209. Sebastian Aho - Say you won’t let go (J)
  210. Auston Matthews - (E)
  211. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  212. Michael Latta - Like Mark and Juliet (J)
  213. Travis Konecny - Halloween Fun (J)
  214. Michael Latta - Like Mike and Juliet (J)
  215. Martin Jones - Pregnancy announcement (J)
  216. Sebastian Aho - I’d be better if you were here (J)
  217. Tyler Seguin - Make up fail (JA)
  218. William Nylander - Proud Daddy (J)
  219. Andre Burkaovsky - Dancing with the star (JA)
  220. Morgan Rielly - I made it (J)
  221. Dylan Strome - D.A.D.D (J)
  222. Dylan Larkin - The first to..(J)
  223. Justin Faulk - Dreaming (J)
  224. Auston Matthews - Run the 6ix (JA)
  225. Max Domi - My Everything (JA)
  226. Leon Draisaitl - Our Future (G)
  227. Phil Kessel -Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? (J)
  228. Morgan Rielly - You’re amazing (J)
  229. Matthew Tkachuk - Because I love you (J)
  230. Dylan Strome - Moving Day (J)
  231. Leon Draisaitl - I’m not a puckbunny (JA)
  232. Joonas Rask - Meeting the family (J)
  233. Johnny Gaudreau -Loud (J)
  234. Connor Brown - Draft Day (J)
  235. Auston Matthews - Cabbie Show (J)
  236. Tom Wilson -Teaching (J)
  237. Brendan Gallagher - It hurts (J)
  238. Tyler Seguin - Baby bum (J)
  239. Connor Brown - Congrats with the glitter (J)
  240. Justin Schultz - Too much sugar
  241. Auston Matthews - Buttercup Pt.2
  242. Brendan Gallagher- Marry Me? (J)
  243. Alec Martinez - Why did you stop? (J)
  244. Tom Wilson- Surprise! (J)
  245. Micheal Haley (MLM) (J)
  246. Sebastian Aho- You did it! (J)
  247. Frederik Andersen - I’m like you daddy. (J)
  248. Martin Jones MLM - Shoot the puck (J)
  249. Noah Hanifin - Drunk girl (J)
  250. Ben Hutton - Slutty friends (J)
  251. Auston Matthews - Your turn (J)
  252. Brock Boeser - My promise (J)
  253. William Nylander - Best movie night (J)
  254. Brayden Point - cooking and dancing(J)
  255. Antoine Roussel - If you could be…(J)
  256. Morgan Rielly - Play off visits (J)
  257. David Panstrnak - My knight (J)
  258. Zach Werenski - Pit bull love (J)
  259. Andre Burakovsky - The Biellmann spin (J)
  260. Zach Werenski - Zoo love (J)
  261. Micheal Haley - Taco stuck
  262. Phillippe Myers - Lowkey love
  263. Ben Hutton - That dress
  264. Jakob Chychrun - Moves.
  265. Alezander Wennberg - Both woman and men
  266. Kasperi Kapanen - Morning Sex
  267. Leon Draisaitl - You drew blood!
  268. Tyler Seguin - Wanna get out of here?
  269. Auston Matthews - I always picture a really cracky woman.
  270. Jonathan Toews - Trouble x2
  271. Patrick Kane - two years clean
  272. Leon Draisaitl - $500 bet.
  273. Leon Draisaitl - God, I love you.
  274. Morgan Rielly - Relationship goals.
  275. Kasperi Kapanen - the notes.
  276. Morgan Rielly - Molly Wolly.
  277. Micheal Haley MLM
  278. Joonas Rask - Children
  279. Anton Khudobin - You’re such an as-asset.
  280. Olli Maatta - Seunrise Avenue.
  281. Sidney Crosby - Lets have a drink.
  282. Leon Draisaitl - Personal
  283. Tyler Seguin - Secrets
  284. Jamie Benn - What your’s in mine and what’s mine is mine.
  285. Sidney Crosby - My Ass!
  286. Miles Wood - I’ll remember that.
  287. Connor Mcdavid - AH!
  288. Brayden Point - You’re faces.
  289. Olli Maatta - Lost kisses.
  290. Jeff Skinner - Bad skinner
  291. Mitch Marner - Personal for Cade
  292. Kasperi Kapanen - Stressed.
  293. Joonas Rask - Tie me up
  294. Phil Kessel - The one
  295. Zach Werenski - Moaning
  296. Tyler Seguin - Gerry, Carl, or Tony?
  297. Leon Draisaitl - Personal for Eldy
  298. Sidney Crosby - I’m pregnant
  299. Micheal Haley - MLM
  300. P.K. Subban - Ha, ha.
  301. Conor Sheary - Tell me.
  302. Brandon Montour - Worms vs, Minnows
  303. Tyler Seguin - Wake uppp.
  304. Shea Weber ft Brendan Gallagher - 12 year now lost.
  305.  Miles Wood - I forget how luck I am.
  306. Tyler Seguin- Personal for Erica.
  307. William Nylander - There’s a first for everything.
  308. Andre Burakovsky - I hurt him part one
  309. Paul Martin - Personal for Ginger
  310. Tyler Seguin - No one ever goes in the frozen section.
  311. Ryan Murray - personal for Leeyah.
  312. Tyler Seguin - personal for Briana
  313. Dennis Rasmussen - My baby girl.
  314. Shea Weber ft Brendan Gallagher - 12 years now lost pt.2
  315. Brayden Point - Personal for Amanda
  316. Morgan Rielly - “Life, is never right. It goes on ,whether we like it or not. We have to make ourselves happy.
  317. "William Nylander - Blackmail and unlock doors. 

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imagine Steve realizing for the first time that he's in love with Sam

There were more than a few things that the Avengers knew about Steve Rogers. He loved bad puns; he took his coffee black but with a sickening amount of sugar; he really hated Ross from the show Friends; and he was an absolute gentleman about sharing food… except when it came to donuts. Specifically, Krispy Kreme donuts. Sure, he’d murmur politely that someone else could have the last one, but the mournful way that he’d look at the lone pastry made it obvious that he really, really wanted them to let him at it. It became habit to just push the box in Steve’s direction when there were a couple left. It saved them the trouble of watching him squirm, honestly.

Today was a Monday. Avengers or not, they still hated Mondays because Mondays a) sucked, and b) meant the weekly briefing. The only upside was that Tony insisted on the world’s best coffee being present (Clint said that Folger’s was better, but they aggressively ignored that) and, of course, some boxes of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts.

Fury was currently gesturing at a hologram with his free hand (the other was occupied by his huge WORLD’S BEST DAD mug) as he informed Natasha that, sure, this time garroting the gas station attendant had turned out to be the right call, but that she had probably traumatized the cashier and caused more cleanup than was strictly necessary.

“She’s a cashier at a gas station, she’s seen worse,” Natasha mumbled around a mouthful of donut. Scott, who required almost as much coffee as Clint to function, grunted in agreement. Steve was only half-listening (Tony wasn’t listening at all; he was showing Rhodes new schematics on his phone. Or maybe kitten videos, based on the soppy looks on their faces.) He was waiting on tenterhooks for the last few donuts to come his way and… yes!

Steve subtly peeked inside the box to see how many were left for him today. Four! Nice. He smiled to himself as he closed the box and pulled it closer to his chest, but Fury cut off mid-sentence.



“You sick?”

“I’m fine, Director,” Steve replied. He was perplexed; he felt more than fine. He felt great!

Natasha reached over to feel his forehead and he leaned out of range, making a face.
“What’s the big idea?” He heard Bruce stir from his chair. He was usually dead asleep for the first 30 or so minutes of Monday briefings, and no one was about to startle him awake.

“No offense, Steve,” he said sleepily, “but you usually inhale those donuts.”

Steve felt the tips of his ears go a little warm. “I – what? I don’t!”

“You do, Cap. It’s a little hard to watch,” Tony said without looking away from his phone. Rhodes just grimaced, deciding not to get involved in this one.

“Nat?” Steve said, pleading. She looked thoughtful for a minute before replying.

“Have you ever seen the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, Steve?”

“Gotta add that one to the list,” Sam Wilson said as he hurried into the room and flopped into the waiting chair beside Steve. He inclined his head apologetically to Fury and the others. “Sorry, sorry, I know I’m late as hell. Slept through my alarm, and then traffic–”

“Here, Sam,” Steve said, pushing the donut box towards his friend. Sam’s face lit up as he opened it and saw the pastries inside, and Steve felt like he was lying in a warm patch of sunlight when he saw Sam’s soft smile. The sound he made when he bit into a donut elicited a… different kind of feeling in Steve, but that was to deal with later. Mutters broke out around the table.

“Oh my god.”

“That makes total sense.”

“Yeah, okay. Shoulda seen that one coming.”

“Wha?” Sam asked, nonplussed. Everyone was staring at him and Steve.

“Wilson, he saved the last donuts for you,” Natasha said slowly. Steve felt his face heat up. Had he been that obvious?

“That’s… nice of him? Thanks, man,” Sam said, clearly nonplussed. Steve cleared his throat and nodded, wondering if it was a good or bad thing that Sam seemed oblivious to what Steve had been not-so-subtly trying to say. Via donuts.

“If we can get back to the point,” Fury snapped. He brought up the next screen, a looping video of Cap diving in front of the Falcon to protect him from a spray of bullets that Sam could have easily deflected.
“I don’t even know where to start with this shit, Rogers.”

Steve stoically listened to Fury lambasting him for being an idiot in the field, but about 5 minutes into the tirade… he felt a hand on his arm. Sam turned his head slightly, and his usual jovial smirk was a little more knowing somehow.

“Wanna split the last donut with me?” he whispered, pushing the box towards Steve. Steve knew the look of utter adoration on his face was probably visible from space, but he couldn’t help himself. He loved watching the sun rise, he loved Krispy Kreme donuts more than was probably healthy, and he damn well loved Sam Wilson.

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BM actually stands for Bee Movie a 2007 American computer animated family comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner, the film stars Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger, with Matthew Broderick, Patrick Warburton, John Goodman and Chris Rock in supporting roles. Its story follows Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld), a honey bee who sues the human race for exploiting bees after learning from his florist friend Vanessa

dustin: do you still have that bat?

steve: bat? what bat?

dustin: the one with the nails

steve: i don’t know what you- *trips* *100’s of polaroids of the nail bat fall out of his pockets* i don’t know any nail bat i swear i- *100’s more photos of him cradling the bat fall out of his pockets* this isn’t what you think *on the ground frantically picking them up* i can exPLAIN *100’s more photos of him reading the bat to sleep fall out of his pockets* ok listen! i- *even more photos fall out of him feeding the bat in a high chair* please j-jUST LISTEN

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Steve and Sam make their couples' debut at a Wilson family cookout.

Steve looked up nervously for the fourth time in 10 minutes. He could have sworn he’d smelled something burning…? But no, the smoke alarm wasn’t going off, and the kitchen smelled of baking bread.

Couldn’t blame him for being nervous, really; he could recite Darlene Wilson’s text invitation by heart by now, what with the number of times he’d read and re-read it.

Steve, I know my son doesn’t check his texts. You two are coming to family dinner this Saturday, no excuses! Sam will tell you the rules.

The rules?

“Ahh hell,” Sam had muttered. “Okay, there’s really only one rule: you gotta cook a dish to bring with you.”

Steve had brightened. “I can do that!”

“From scratch.”


So here he was now, fretting over dinner rolls while Sam took a long shower upstairs. Steve had been excited about the challenge of baking bread from scratch… at least until the first batch had come out burnt to a crisp, and the second batch had come out like soggy hockey pucks. Sam’s perfectly-cooked pork chops sat in a foil-wrapped container, ready to go. Mocking Steve. Taunting him. He was gonna get these rolls right if it took him all day.

“Steve, we gotta leave in 30!”

Okay, he was gonna get these rolls right if it took him the next 30 minutes.

The timer went off just as Sam entered the kitchen, and both he and Steve waited with bated breath while Steve took the rolls out of the oven. They were perfect.

“Third time’s really the charm,” Steve grinned, more than a little proud. Sam hummed his agreement before looking amused by something.

“Did you know your hair’s full of flour?”

Darlene took a bite of the warm dinner roll while her 3 year old grandson tried his best to wriggle out of her lap. Sam was talking animatedly with his big brother about the latest ‘damn fool’ thing their cousin had done, but Steve was watching Darlene. It wasn’t that he needed her approval, was the thing. It just would be nice.

“Well, Captain Rogers–”

“Please, ma’am, Steve.”

“All right, Steve. These rolls are… hm…” she paused thoughtfully, and Steve’s stomach dropped. He’d wanted to show that he could take care of Sam despite their dangerous lifestyle, and yeah, rolls weren’t the biggest gesture, but–
“These here rolls are damn good,” she finished, grinning with a smile so like Sam’s. Sam’s head whipped around.

“Ma! You never swear, what the hell!”

“Samuel, watch your mouth.”

Steve slipped his hand into Sam’s as his partner sputtered, feeling strangely accomplished. When Darlene asked for the recipe, Steve kept the table in teary-eyed laughter as he dramatically re-told the failed efforts of the dinner rolls. Sam snuck the last roll home on his to-go plate, and they shared bites (it was damn good) between buttery kisses later that night. When he finally felt sleep tugging at him, the man he loved already snuffling with his face mashed into his pillow, Steve felt like he was going to burst from happiness.

At least until they saw the state they’d left the kitchen the day before.

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Do you have any theories on the lack of Stonathan interaction? I mean it almost feels like they purposely went out of their way to have them not interact AT ALL? Where do you think they are going with this story wise?

The whole thing is that if Steve was part of the Jonathan and Nancy story he would have taken away from the J*ncy romance scenes. They couldn’t have him bickering with Nancy and trying to win her back when Jonathan was supposed to fuck her. 

Steve wasn’t originally supposed to be part of the second season, if he was it would be as a bully and an antagonist so they had to stick him somewhere when they improved him. They put him with the kids and had Nancy lose interest in him because he became a good person and redeemed himself. Nancy had no reason to run away from Steve other than to lose interest in him and not love him despite him being such a great guy (which does happen, and it could have been done tastefully but instead the Duffer brothers fucked it all up). 

They cut the teen storyline severely because Eleven was given her own individual plotline and they had to make room for it. Nancy and Jonathan were thrown to the side, Jonathan got no character growth at all and Nancy became a cheating and uncaring jerkward that just wants Jonathan because of some unknown reason.

Jonathan has become ‘the boyfriend’ essentially, and his only purpose this season was to help Nancy be happy. Apparently in the Duffer brothers’ eyes, the only way she can be happy if she’s fucking a guy she barely knows. 

Jonathan has been reduced to a trope to serve Nancy’s character. Steve has had immaculate character development, but the thing is that if Jonathan and Steve interacted it wouldn’t go properly. 

In the beginning of the season, Jonathan was obviously being a jealous little hoe and Nancy was hanging out with him and growing apart from Steve. If Jonathan became friends with Steve, Jonathan would have probably warned Steve of this or even stopped Nancy from coming onto him because he had grown to like Steve. Therefor, J*ncy wouldn’t be canon and the Duffer brothers wanted them to get together.

If they became friends near the end, Steve would have been jealous even though he tried not to be. Being friends with Jonathan wouldn’t work because Jonathan has what Steve doesn’t, and Steve would try to warn him off of Nancy or even bicker with him over stealing his girl. He would resent Jonathan.

Nancy’s relationship with the boys has driven an irreversible and immovable gap between Jonathan and Steve. The only way Steve and Jonathan will ever be friends is if they are both cut off from Nancy somehow, which will most likely never happen.

They don’t want Jonathan and Steve to be friends, they don’t want them to get close because as most show writers do they put themselves into the characters. Everyone sides with Jonathan, the awkward and gawky teenaged boy who doesn’t really fit in and never gets the girl. They want him to have the girl, so he’ll get the girl and Steve will never be friends with Jonathan because of it.

They really missed their chance on an amazing pair, friends or more than that, Charlie and Joe have great chemistry and their characters are amazing. They could be the snarkiest unlikely friends, we could have an iconic duo… But the reality is that it will probably never happen, which I knew from the start. I always ship pairings that never become canon and never really have the scenes they should because the focus is on the hetero couples that don’t really make sense in the first place. I know it sounds bitter but it’s just kinda the truth.

I am a responsible adult so I brought home a lost kitten- Stony

(I firmly believe Steve’s a cat person)

(Prompt from @amerileste-cressderqueen )

Tony is in the workshop, it was he doesn’t know o'clock, but he’s pretty sure it’s still daytime outside… right?

“JARVIS, what time is it?”

“It is currently 3:03 PM, Sir.”

“Thanks, J.” He pauses, where the hell is Steve? He normally made Tony eat but he hasn’t seen Steve since this morning when he gave Tony his morning kiss and went off to run. “J, has Steve arrived yet?” he asks, he’s a little annoyed, but mostly worried, what if Steve is in trouble? What if he was kidnapped what i-

Suddenly the very man he was panicking over came into the shop “He appears to be in front of you, Sir.” There’s an amused tone in the AI’s voice and Tony glares at the nearest camera. He looks at Steve again, who seems a bit nervous and is obviously hiding something between his arms, he walks towards the blond man who looks Tony in the eye and changes an expression of one of determination as he starts to lift whatever it is he’s hiding in his arms, Tony just hopes it isn’t a broken toaster or Bucky’s hand (again, which had been due to a stupid stunt Clint had dared Bucky to and which the dumb man had done despite Sam’s warnings).

“I am a responsible adult” Tony raised an eyebrow “so I brought home a lost kitten.” When Steve had started lifting the kitten it had decided to climb higher up and make itself comfortable between Steve’s upper arms and chest, which Tony can’t blame the kitten for, those pecs and arms were a thing of beauty, ripped and so damn hot and… Tony snaps out of it when the cat meows.

Tony sighs, Steve had already adopted an injured turtle and Tony had to stop him from buying an entire box of puppies. “Steve, honey, darling, we can’t keep the c-”

“His name is Sergeant Fluffs and I already got him a bed, a litter box, foor and a water bowl.” His face is determined, the type of determination saved for missions. Tony looks at his boyfriend incredulously.

“You named him Sergeant Fluffs. And bought him everything.” Steve gives a nod.

“Steve, we already have a turtle who, might I remind you, tries to eat my clothes sometimes because she somehow thinks it’s lettuce.”

To this, Steve responds by playing dirty, being truly evil. He held the kitten up next to his face and gave Tony the puppy-pouty look, the cat somehow seemed to catch up because he gave a similar expression. Tony pursed his lips and tried to glare, it wasn’t working though, he lasted a total of 10 second before sighing dramatically.

“Fiiiine, you win you big softy.” He said getting closer to the artist and planting a kiss on his now smiling lips, being interrupted by Sergeant Fluff meowing and then starting to sniff Tonys face.

“He’s getting to know you” was Steve’s answer, lowered the kitten so it would be laying between his chest and arms, Tony looked down at the little thing, it had to be 3 months at most.

He puts his hand in front of the kitten and when it seemed satisfied and done with its sniffing, Tony starts to pet it gently.

“Where did you even find him?” He asks as the it purrs contently.

“I was driving around brooklyn and saw the lil thing alone in an alley, meowing, he looked so scared… I need to bathe him.” Steve says, looking down at the small creature, he has brown fur with black and orange patches and big brown eyes. Tony smiles down at the little thing and looks up at Steve, his boyfriend has adoration in his eyes, the same look he has for that evil turtle. Tony swears that thing has it out for him. He cups Steve’s cheek, and pulls Steve down to a tender, sweet. When they pull away Steve looks dazed, just like he always does after Tony kisses him like that.

“Yeah let’s go clean Sergeant Fluffs.” Steve gives Tony a huge smile. Tony loves this man, so much.

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You are trash and stop attacking ohnips :). This is why people hate tumblr and feminism.

Bee Movie is a 2007 American computer animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.[n 1] Directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner, the film stars Jerry Seinfeld and Renée Zellweger, with Matthew Broderick, Patrick Warburton, John Goodman and Chris Rock in supporting roles. Its story follows Barry B. Benson (Seinfeld), a honey bee who sues the human race for exploiting bees after learning from his florist friend Vanessa (Zellweger) that humans sell and consume honey.

Bee Movie is the first motion-picture script to be written by Seinfeld, who co-wrote the film with Spike Feresten, Barry Marder, and Andy Robin. The film was produced by Seinfeld, Christina Steinberg, and Cameron Stevning. The production was designed by Alex McDowell, and Christophe Lautrette was the art director. Nick Fletcher was the supervising editor and music for the film was composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams.

The cast and crew include some veterans of Seinfeld’s long-running NBC sitcom Seinfeld, including writer/producers Feresten and Robin, and actors Warburton (Seinfeld character David Puddy), Michael Richards (Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer), and Larry Miller(who plays the title character on the Seinfeld episode “The Doorman”). Coincidentally, NBC was host to the broadcast televisionpremiere of the film on November 27, 2010.[4]

Bee Movie opened on November 2, 2007. Upon release, the film was met with mixed reviews, with primary criticism directed at the film’s premise. While ultimately barely profitable,[5] its box office performance of $287.6 million failed to recoup its $150 million budget.[6]