“It’s amazing: How could we lose Biggie, Pac, Dilla, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson? It almost feels like the devil’s winning. We gotta make music and we think, ‘If Dilla was alive, would he like this?’ I have to work on behalf of Dilla. When I put a weird-ass Jamaican sample, it works at first but it’s not until I put the [makes discordant musical noise] that it sounds like art or sounds slightly wrong. And now it’ll go to the radio now that it’s wrong, motherfucker. Now play this. Play this five-minute song that completely fucks up your programming. Play this. It’s best respect that we can pay to great artists that have inspired us so much is to never fuckin’…never sell out.”

 - Kanye West

Day 8. Was finally able to spend some time on an ‪#‎inktober‬ -piece! YEY!

Steve and Bucky. My babies that give me mad feels. I was apprehensive about drawing them (I wasn’t sure I’d be able to please my fangirl-feels, you know?) Anyway. It’s done now.

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Steve going on twitter to promote something or another (or maybe Tony told him to go on, laughing the entire time), and he sees that the 2nd most popular tweet is #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and he’s PERPLEXED, but nontheless he takes a selfie with sam kissing one cheek and bucky kissing the other and posts it with the hashtag #CaptainAmericaAlreadyHasTwoBoyfriends and twitter just explodes