Jérôme Jarre


Celebrity campaign for Somalia has raised almost $2 million to relieve famine

  • A viral aid campaign led by actor Ben Stiller, Colin Kaepernick and others has raised nearly $2 million for famine-stricken Somalia in just five days.
  • The movement began after French social media celebrity Jérôme Jarre, concerned about a lack of media coverage surrounding the famine Somalia is currently experiencing, put out a call to action to his followers.
  • After figuring out that there is only one airline currently making commercial flights to Somalia — Turkish Airlines — Jarre set a seemingly impossible goal: What if, using the hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia, his fans could get the company to respond?
  • Soon Stiller and other social media influencers joined in, posting short videos on their respective platforms appealing to the airline to let the initiative use one of their cargo planes to deliver supplies.
  • To their surprise, the airline didn’t just accept — it offered to make multiple trips. Read more (3/21/17 11:40 AM)

anonymous asked:

a little question: are you guys happy about the new president?


let me explain

i remember in 2012 voting for the first time and we basically could vote for the left party aka françois hollande (who wanted to legalise same sex marriage) or the right party aka going for nicolas sarkozy again (aka work more to earn more, all about the money) ; the alt right, communist and democrate candidates had been eliminated so it was quite simple to pick

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