30 Stunning Images From My 12 Years Of Travel In Norway By Paul Edmundson (Via BoredPanda)

Part 2 - Part 1 here

For 12 years I have had the pleasure of travelling and exploring Norway’s spectacular landscape, creating beautiful images along the way. From sunrise hikes to camping in the snow, the journey has been a rich experience. I have seen world class views at every step and been left breathless in awe of nature’s magic. These 30 images take you on a visual journey from the fjords to the mountain tops to challenge the limits of your imagination. I hope it will inspire your own journey to Norway.

Photo Captions: | 1. Geirangerfjord as seen from Ornevegen viewpoint | 2. View from Otternes farm towards Flam | 3. The coastline of Jaeren | 4. Geirangerfjord as seen from Skagafla | 5. Stegastein Viewpoint has a drop of 650 meters | 6. Stalheim Hotel and the Naeroydalen | 7. Jaeren is Norway’s flattest part | 8. Nigardsbreen glacier | 9. Naeroyfjorden seen from Bakka | 10. Rain clouds in the Aurlandsfjord | 

Text and photos by Paul Edmundson

More info: pauledmundson.com