Junghope Being Cute pt. 2
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everything these days is j*nerys this, j*nsa that… remember when we used to argue about who was azor ahai? let’s do that again. satin is azor ahai and in this essay i will

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Geoff getting very angry at Lil J because Lil J genuinely thought he was going to be left after he's taken

This being when Lil J is really new to the crew. Like really, really new. He didn’t feel like there was enough of a connection for the crew to come get him, and he was too new to have any information that the crew would’ve been worried about getting out. So Jeremy had just accepted that he was going to die there, being tortured for information he didn’t have on a crew he didn’t really feel apart of.

But then the crew does get there. They get there in a flood of gunfire and yelling and blood, and Jeremy doesn’t realize until Geoff cuts him free and starts peppering him with questions about what’s hurting him. What is it that’s causing him so much pain. And Jeremy just cries harder, his heart twisted. “I thought, I I didn’t, I just…you’re here. You’re here. You’re here. For me? Just for me?”

I wanted to put it on because Oliver asked me to

Felicity, I watched as Oliver, you, and William lost everything important in life because of that hood. And I wanted to, I wanted to put it on because Oliver asked me to, but I couldn’t. The truth is, I saw what the hood did to you and your family, and I couldn’t do it to mine. Maybe that was selfish, but I just couldn’t make that kind of sacrifice, and I couldn’t ask that of Lila or J.J..

It’s not selfish.

« Ma tête, mon cœur, mon être, je t'ai tout donné, j'ai plus rien. J'ai tout essayé, j'ai tout donné, j'ai plus rien »


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Hi Amlee, just wanted to share this with you. My girlfriend is born December 12, 1994 and I am December 12, 1992. We met at a New Year's Eve party last year, we're both Arianators, our middle names are both Madison and our initials both say J.M.J. My name is Joelle and hers is Jane. We were in awe when we first realized this lol.

Omg that is what your soul mate look like, she look good right?

C'est la première fois de ma putain de vie que j'admets que j'ai besoin d'aide, que j'ai besoin de quelqu'un, que j'essaie d'en demander mais que j'en ai de personne. J'ai besoin qu'on ramasse les morceaux à la petit cuillère et qu'on me dise qu'on sera là pour m'aider à me relever et que ce soit vrai. J'ai besoin qu'on me dise et qu'on m'apporte l'aide que j'apporte généralement aux autres. Pourtant j'vous jure que j'explique aux gens hein mais juste ils préfèrent me laisser crever que perdre leur temps avec moi et ils ont raison, j'leur en veux pas c'pour ça que je demande à personne de venir j'en vaut pas la peine tout simplement.

What FanFiction and AO3 need is a “suggested story” list. When you finish one fic you really liked and you now need to fill the void, you just click on the option and find a similar one.