J Crew pants

mrawesome365  asked:

I went on a limb and bought a pair of J Crew navy corduroy pants. Google images isn't helping out much. It's a new fabric for me so I'm not sure how to compliment it. Thanks!

Another great buy! With fall approaching wear them with a chunky shawl sweater. Maybe a beanie? Depends on what you have in your wardrobe. I like these options:


Gold and black. GOLD AND BLACK.

I’m going to see FKA twigs tonight so I thought I’d do my first #slowjam. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been walking around wearing this and thinking the entire time, “I look so good tonight! Goddamn godDAMN.” And that’s what a good outfit does. It makes you feel like you are the baddest bitch around. And if you feel like you are, then you walk like you are and you talk like you are and therefore you are!

People might say fashion doesn’t matter, what matters is how you look on the inside, and yeah, okay, that’s nice, but looking hot as hell never hurts. And “looking hot as hell” is subjective, angels. You do you and don’t give a fuck if other people think you don’t look as hot as you feel; they don’t have to get it and they don’t have to agree with you to have it remain a truth. Just remember this works both ways: if someone’s fashion includes long, tousled hair and A&F, respect that and see that hotness too. Let people own their chosen aesthetic and encourage their confidence shown while rocking it.


Shoes: Reebox
Pants: J. Crew
Bra: Urban Planet
Blazer: Second-hand
Bracelets: Forever 21, J. Crew, Club Monaco
Necklaces: Forever 21, also presents from people and a Saint Francis of Assisi token