Body Switch IV

Running down the stairs is strangely easier for Kise in Aomine’s body. Instead of taking the stairs two at a time, he is pleased to discover he can now leap over a maximum of five steps and still make it down in one piece. Kise concludes that Aomine has steel coated lungs and a mountainous pile of stamina - his body is barely breaking a sweat after fifteen minutes of light running, jogging, and dodging various obstacles in Touou Academy’s school grounds.

Well, maybe Aomine was born a mutant and developed special skills during after school activities.

He isn’t surprised to discover he feels rather jealous.

Kise dashed past a group of teens with heads bent, hovering over a smartphone as they watched a video in the stairwell of Block B. He imagines Aomine as a secret agent on an undercover mission, toting a high tech handgun with an attached silencer, a katana and decked in a sleek, dark Kevlar bodysuit and looking as suave as Jomes Band in the 008 spy mission series that was currently airing on Channel AT9, if you subscribed to the action series pack, only 6,800 yen monthly, and an added 1,000 yen if you wanted an additional streaming of reality survival shows.

He pictures Aomine saving a hot blond, voluptuous female from being abducted and sold by an infamous drug cartel and then reaping the benefits later on somewhere in a luxurious hotel room with his newly acquired lady friend.

They would then proceed to fall in love and raise beautiful tanned, fair haired children of the future and retire to a quiet Japanese countryside home and coach basketball to a powerhouse school until the day Aomine would die of old age, a bad back and skin issues and his children would kindly donate his vast collection of gravure magazines to all deprived high school boys who loved sports.

The school bell rang, signaling the start of club activities. Kise shoved Aomine’s size eleven feet into his outdoor shoes, tossed his school shoes into his locker, and raced out into the sunshine, making a beeline for the train station. He was on his way to Kanagawa, to meet Aomine for a pre-planned after school meetup, mostly to play one on one, and partly to check up on how well his body was being taken care of.

The ride to his home city was painstakingly mind numbing. Kise had to stand in a crowd and endure a gaggle of third year girls from another neighboring school, spontaneous giggling outbursts, a sudden squealing fest and a lot of illegal gum chewing and smacking of lips as the girls applied, licked off and reapplied their lip glosses like unsatisfied makeup artists. Thankfully, he got off once the train slowed to a stop at a very familiar station, and then he was off racing to slap his electronic ticket onto the scanner and dive out through the sliding doors.

He arrived at the basketball court three blocks away from his house, panting and feeling a slight stitch in his side. Bent over, he supports Aomine’s weight with one hand on the fence, inhaling as much oxygen as he can manage.

Blond hair comes into view, and a fair skinned hand tilts his chin upwards. Eyes the color of amber meet his.

“Looking good.”

No shit, Kise thinks. That’s my face I’m looking at.

He catches himself, taking a step back and gives Aomine his brightest smile.

“Aominechii, hello. How have you been treating my body?”

Eyeballing him with a narrowed stare, Aomine grunts, and Kise finds it incredibly awkward to watch his body slouch, shrug, with one pinky finger in his right ear, digging for gold.

“S’okay I guess. I haven’t been using any of your face products though. Your face hasn’t fallen off yet so it’s pro’bly gonna be okay.” Aomine drawls lazily in Kise’s lowest tone.

Hearing his own voice drop deep like that brings shivers zinging up and down Kise’s - well, Aomine’s - spine.

“Bet you’ve been scaring everyone in school, huh.” Kise replies, dropping his gaze to rove the rest of his original body.


Aomine has dressed him in a black t-shirt, the rattiest pair of basketball jersey shorts he owns - from way back during Teiko days - and his Asics basketball shoes. There’s a piece of crusted tissue stuck on Aomine’s left shoulder, and an unidentifiable stain just under his collar. His hair looks like it hasn’t been washed for several days, and has lost its usual shine to grease and rumpled bedhead. There’s a thin, long scratch that is scabbing on the side of his left lower arm, and a blackish grey scuff mark on his left shoe, which is normally immaculately white. Irritated with how unrefined Aomine has made him look, Kise shakes his head and flicks the tissue crust away.

“I kept those shorts hidden in the back of my closet.” He grabs his body by the arms and turns Aomine around to inspect further. “And my closet is extensive, Aominechii.”

“S’what you tryna say?” Aomine mumbles back, grudgingly allowing himself to be fussed over.

Kise grabs him by the chin, highly annoyed. “I’m saying, did you go through my things?”

“Heh, like you haven’t gone through mine.” Aomine snorts with Kise’s nose, and the blond feels a spike of anger rise. “I know what you can be like.”

“Yeah?” Kise frowns, not a hard feat with the deep scowl Aomine permanently wears on his face. “What am I like?”

“You’re a straight laced model boy with no porn in his room, boring.” Aomine responds with a smug grin that makes Kise’s face look dangerously handsome.

Feeling the heat simmer down, Kise lets his own chin go and brushes past Aomine, making sure to bump his shoulder hard. He tosses Aomine’s bag on the bench and frowns down at his shoelaces, which have come undone a minimum of nine times since he has put them on.

“C’mere.” Aomine goes down on one knee, picking up his shoelaces and tying them in a secure knot. “Don’t you even know how to make a dead knot, idiot.”

“Shut it.” Kise growls, but he is all bark and no bite now. “I just ran across the country to see my own stupid face and to find out another idiot hasn’t been taking care of me.”

Aomine looks up at him with his own eyes. “Who says I haven’t?”

Kise doesn’t really have any real proof.

Sticking Aomine’s lower lip out into a pout, Kise averts his gaze, focusing on a flower bush not too far from where he was sitting.

“Then show me.”