Amuse Presents 10th Anniversary: SUPER HANDSOME LIVE 2014 ~EVER LASTING SHOW~

It’s been announced!! Amuse will be holding Super Handsome Live again this year! This year is also the 10th Anniversary of SHL!

Super Handsome Live ~ Ever Lasting Show ~


  • 12/26 - 17:30 (doors open) / 19:00 (show starts)
  • 12/27 - 17:30 (doors open) / 19:00 (show starts)
  • 12/28 - 11:30 (doors open) / 13:00 (show starts) & 17:30 (doors open) / 19:00 (show starts)

Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Hall
Cast: Aoyagi Ruito, Izuka Kenta, Uehara Takuya, Kaku Kento, Kazama Yujiro, Kamiki Ryunosuke, CROSS GENE (Casper/Sangmin/Shin/Seyoung/Takuya/Yongseok), Koseki Yuta, Sakurada Dori, Totani Kimito, Hirano Kinari, Hirama Soichi, Matsuoka Kodai, Matsushima Shota, Mizuta Kouki, Mizoguchi Takuya, Yamashita Ginji, Yoshizawa Ryo, Yoshimura Takuya, Watanabe Shu

Tickets: ¥7500

The AmuMoba ticket lottery will be open from 10/2 (12:00) to 10/6 (23:59); results will be announced from 10/11 (10:00) to 10/14 (23:59). General tickets go on sale 11/15 (10:00~)

Furthermore, Mizuta Kouki, Mizoguchi Takuya and Aoyagi Ruito will be hosting this year’s Handsome Live UStream. Details haven’t been announced yet, but they’ll be streaming on Stolabo Tokyo.

And the Official Site is HERE!

Congrats Amuse and SHL on 10 years of handsomeness! \(^o^)/


I finally found the time to scan my visual book of the SHL2014.
I did my best to scan the most possible without making any damages to my book so sorry for the bad quality. I added photos for the images who were really impossible to scan.

Please,credit me if you want to use my scans. Thank you! ^_^

Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!hMBmyC4C!Hw-A2gPYdRqudS4quA8sIR28fMOrjtf4J6EbdatqoB4  


I went to the karaoke to record the new SHL video: “Never let go” from 2014.

As I have only my old phone to do it, it’s not a good quality video, sorry ><

You can download my video here: https://mega.nz/#!BZ42xDDT!UMHUlqWl4kh_YKGq4vLjfdM_BeqCH7TQcHO6K9TajTg

I really hope it will be on the SHL little dvd we will have at the end of the year^^

(Please, do not put the video on streaming website. If you want to share the video or the link, credit my tumblr ^_^ Thank you!)