Shizuo and Izaya's Final Fight

So remember the part when Verona was about to put a bullet in Izaya? Shizuo stopped her from killing him because “he didn’t want her to get blood on her hands”. Or in other words, the burden of taking a life. But like, I’m pretty sure that Shizuo knows Verona has killed before and that it’s not really a big deal to her. She’s ‘soiled’ her hands many times before and you would think he’d have no problem in stopping her from killing Izaya if he really did want him dead. Suspicious? I think so

Mercy Bid

Izashin post-canon angst… is finally done… I kinda wrote this on a whim but I’m dedicating it to @coleridges​. Congrats for the year abroad! And thank you @scarlet-blossoms​ for the beta.

Rating: T
Words: 8,300
Warnings: mentions of suicide, grief/mourning, mildly graphic description of Izaya’s injuries.

Mercy Bid

It only took one look at Shizuo’s body for Shinra to feel a part of his history close cleanly. He read the sad end to Izaya’s last and longest feud in the cuts on Shizuo’s torso, the dislocated shoulder he was carrying with no pain, and the way his eyes moved. Slow and unseeing. Shinra didn’t think Shizuo even realized he was in shock, but it didn’t matter.

None of that mattered anymore.

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….People are either charming or tedious.

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