I feel like Mikado Ryuugamine is one of the most underrated anime characters out there. The kid is literally the main character but most part of the fandom would much rather talk about Izaya and Shizuo or even Kida (who barely shows up during the few episodes of DRRR! X2 i think) Somehow, I feel like its because of the way he looks. He is fucking adorable in my opinion but I feel like hes less ‘hot’ compared to Kida, Izaya, Shizuo and the other guy that i forgot his name but his brother is a psychopath with a huge sledgehammer or whatever the fuck you call it. I mean look at him, so innocent (not really) and adorable.

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And there is no other reason why he should be considered underrated I mean, hes pretty fucking interesting. You know how messed up he became in the fourth season (I think). So yall better start appreciating my smol child or i’ll throw a vending machine at you. I mean, everyone in the fandom is literally just like

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Even in the tags, his full name doesnt come out but it does for a friendless idiot like Izaya.