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Haki is running late.

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“So I had my avatar marry Izana because apparently you can do that” resulted in a child that looks a lot like his father but got none of that laid-back personality and a whole lot of pointless energy (which he uses, of course, for evil)

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Different types of SMIRKS~

Ah, the smirk. Every young adult novel, teenage girl and fanfiction’s favorite and overused verb to use for a male character because a man who has that smug and infuriating smile is unbelievably attractive to the female audience for some reason.

Out of curiosity, I googled up the exact definition of the word “smirk” and they defined it as “smile in an irritatingly smug, conceited, or silly way.”

I was annoyed with how they had such a generalizing and basic description because growing up, I have seen this word used for all sorts of context and each time, there is a new, hidden meaning behind that smile/sneer/leer. 



1) The cliche I-Am-Better-Than-You-And-I-Will-Make-Sure-You-Know-It Smirk

This smirk is the one most often used and thought of when people hear the word. You know that one person you’re competing with whether it be sports, exam scores, martial arts, etc? And that one smile that shows that they know they’re just better, smarter and more skilled than you in every way? That is smirk number 1 right there.

2) The I-Am-A-Sassy-And-Snarky-Bastard Smirk

You see that annoying and utterly majestic guy sitting in front of you? Maybe a thought crossed his mind or you probably said something embarrassingly stupid. Either way, he will always have a smart-ass response for you along with a sarcastic or dry smile to accompany it, knowing he had just roasted you and you need some ice for that burn. That is smirk number 2. 

3) The Amused-Half-Smile Smirk

This smirk does not necessarily have a negative connotation. You probably entertained that guy in some way that he can’t help but crack a smile of pure and genuine amusement. If not entertainment, you or someone had made that person change their opinion of you and especially in a positive manner. Somehow, smirk number 3 is just so charming and can induce stomach flutters, you really cannot get mad. 

4) The Crooked-Smile Smirk

This smirk is solely reserved for flirting and hooking up. That awkward yet cute smile he flashes you when he thinks he looks cool while trying to buy you a drink. It can show some teeth, but not an outright grin. That is smirk number 4. 

5) The I-Have-The-Upper-Hand-And-You-Fucked-Up-Smirk

You are in deep shit when you see this smirk. Unlike smirk number 1, your life is probably in danger here and you are on the losing end against a chess-master. You lost. Everything went according to his plans and now you are in the palm of his hands and at his mercy. That dangerous and sinister smile is smirk number 5.

6) The I-Am-Eye-Sexing-You-Smirk

See that dirty and perverted guy who looks like he is fucking your body by just looking at you? You see that shameless and horny smile while you receive nudes from him? This smile can either make you want to hop into bed with him or just run with goosebumps. That is smirk number 6. 

7) The I-Fucked-Up Smirk

You are fine. The guy seemingly confident and haughty is clearly not. Not when that weird and supposed smirk looks strained and he is sweating bullets. That’s right. He messed up in this game between the two of you and he is trying to put up a brave front, but failing miserably. That is smirk number 7.

8) The Cheshire-Cat-Grin Smirk

He just trolled and manipulated you real good and he is having a grand time seeing you struggle your way out of problems. He will dodge any question or demands you have and he will always have that mischievous, I-am-up-to-no-good look on his face. Overall, clearly untrustworthy. That is smirk number 8. 

9) The I-Am-About-To-Kick-Your-Ass-Real-Good Smirk

Run. You won’t get that far, but it was worth a try. Smirk number 9 is just downright full of bloodlust and murder is going to happen. 

10) The I-Am-Hot-As-Hell-And-I-Know-It Smirk

He is sexy. He knows it. He is handsome. He knows it. He has fangirls dropping to their knees at the sight of him. He knows it. If he wasn’t let’s say, a serial killer, he could have been a supermodel…and he knows it.
It’s written all over his face. That overconfident and cheeky smile is smirk number 9. 

And that wraps things up. Feel free to add more~

I’ve been thinking of a Cooking Show AU for a while. Hope you enjoy these Cooking Show AU headcanons of mine! (Just gonna include all the neutral characters + Royal families!)


Corrin - Enjoys eating the food that everyone has prepared. Their cooking is decent.

Felicia - She helps Jakob handle the dishes. She’s broken some of them while they were filming. (They eventually made an episode dedicated to all the bloopers. A good majority have Felicia somewhere in the frame.)

Jakob - Aside from handling all the dishes, Jakob is also the cameraman. Usually cooks appetizers.

Mozu - Makes a lot of dishes that remind her of home. While they’re simple, they’re quite delicious.

Kaze - Dices vegetables at Sanic speed. It’s a miracle he hasn’t cut his fingers yet.

Izana - His dishes look as beautiful as he does. Most of his dishes are healthy ones. Adds an elegant flair to everything he cooks.

Silas - His cooking ranges from “Okay” to “Are you Sully?” Good at making stuff with wheat in it.

Azura - She prefers to make drinks instead. Very calm, even when somebody sets something on fire.


Ryoma - Never uses lobster. Never.

Hinoka - Her ramen and onigiri are pretty good! She enjoys putting filling in her onigiri.

Takumi - Swift when cutting fish for sushi. Never understands why some of the cast snicker when he uses pineapple.

Sakura - Always makes bento with very adorable designs. Everything turns out cutesy. Almost too cute to eat.


Xander - Constantly competes with Ryoma for Corrin’s favor. Mainly cooks Nohrian dishes and is a bit nervous to make something he hasn’t made before.

Camilla - Always has praise for everyone’s cooking. Is absolutely ruthless in cooking competitions.

Leo - Prefers to make food that have tomatoes in them. Always has criticism for just about everyone’s cooking.

Elise - Exclusively makes desserts. Nobody can beat her when making desserts.


I think I’ll draw more about my other Kanas next

[parts 1, 2, and 3 I guess]

Neutral Confession Quotes
  • Azura (Birthright): "I... I love you too... Please forgive my many faults... and promise to stay with me, forever."
  • Azura (Conquest): "I finally know what true happiness is. No matter what happens, dear love... I will always be with you."
  • Azura (Revelations): "I somehow feel that I've always loved you... Together we will save the world. Please, never let me go..."
  • Felicia: "I'm so glad I didn't mess this up. I love you..."
  • Jakob: "I love you... I was always afraid to say it, but from now on I will tell you every single day. I love you."
  • Silas: "I've always cherished you as my best friend, but now you're so much more. I love you, and I'm honored to be your partner in this life. I promise to never leave you again."
  • Kaze: "My liege, my love, I adore you with all my being. I promise to treasure you forever and to keep you in my heart, always."
  • Mozu: "You've opened up a whole new world to me. Let's explore it together."
  • Shura: "This dream was built to last. No matter where the future takes us..."
  • Izana: "We were destined to be together. I'm not even making that up!"