Iza Art

Quelaana of Izalith

Dark Souls Fan art.

Evening Digital Painting practice.

Quelaana of Izalith is one of the daughters of the Witch of Izalith. When the Witch attempted to recreate the First Flame, she failed and instead created the Bed of Chaos. The effects of this failure mutated all of the citizens of Izalith into demons. Quelaana was able to escape without any mutations, unlike her sisters and brother. This survivor guilt weighs heavily on her conscience, and she later asks the player to put her mother out of her misery.

For the pyromancers, Quelaana is known as the Mother of Pyromancy. She is the teacher of the human world’s greatest pyromancer, Salaman, who is also her first pupil. Your tutelage under her reminds her of her past with Salaman.

Software that I used to do this digital painting is Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Here is a “teaser” of one of my private projects I’m working on at the moment.

I want to become an Animator.

Since I’m an official graduate in ‘Interactive Animation’, I’ve been planning to do short animations for practice and to fill up my portfolio and now I finally got (some) time to start on something new!

The idea is to to use the existing scenes and dialogue from the Sherlock series as a reference and animate the characters in my own way.

Can’t make any promises on when I expect the first clip to be finished, rendered, edited and uploaded! Going on holiday first… and I’ve got some freelance work going on as well.

Don’t expect a Pixar or Disney quality movie from me in a few weeks that’s around 10 minutes long. I’m not a professional (yet) and I’ve got a lot to learn and improve! ;'p 

(What I spend most time on actually, is fixing problems and bugs I have with the software; Last night I had a bald Sherlock running around in my scene. We don’t want that again. After 2 hours he finally got his hair back.)

I hope you all are just as excited as I am to finally see the finished product.

Your support means a lot! It motivates me. <3

Lots of Love, Iza

Using the Morpheus rig for the characters - I don’t own this rig! Clothing and accessories made by me.


Hi! I’m opening up pay-me-however-much-you-want-as-long-as-its-more-than-a-dollar sprite commissions! Keep in mind my strengths are making entirely new characters, and that can maybe get you more than one expression sprite! 

Shoot me an ask or a message if you’re interested, thanks! I only accept paypal.






My short for Nickelodeon’s shorts program 2014 “Off the Shelf” is online, Check it out! My thanks go out to everyone involved who helped and worked on it, big and small, it’s all so incredibly appreciated! Gabe Swarr, Mary Harrington, Joanna Leich, Gene Vassilaros, Parvesh Cheena, Kate Micucci, Chris Eliopoulos, James Roach, Hugo Morales, Carl Faruolo, Geneva Hodgson, Jenna Boyd, Jill Sanford, Russell Hicks, Jam Filled, My Parents, Friends and Family for their love and support!! Thank you all so much and please check out the short!!!


I’ll also be posting a bunch of artwork and stuff from the making of the short!!! :D