Sometimes, I forget how #blessed I am to ship Olicity, because Stephen Amell is basically the best person ever to talk about ships with fans and validate their feelings and to listen to them. He actually gives his own headcanons, he’s such a Felicity-hoe, and he’s not afraid to talk about all the positive things Felicity brought to Oliver’s character. Also, he shuts down antis so nicely…

Harry: i don’t get girls, they’re crazy. please give some advice before i go crazy

Sirius: have you tried kissing guys instead?

Harry: what?

Sirius: it worked for me

Harry: wait what

Sirius: I’m gay

Harry: what?

Sirius: totally gay. completely gay. just look at me and remus!

Harry: you and remus?

Sirius: for years.

Harry: so remus is gay?

Sirius: no, no, he likes women too. he’s bi. i’m gay

Harry: and you two are together. right?

Sirius: exactly


Sirius: but have you tried?