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Oya, is a great Orisha, sweet and scary at the same time, who is present in the light winds but also in hurricane force winds, squalls, thunderstorms and sparks. She is named as Ade Laye: “who kills with fire” and saved the duality of the great mother and the great warrior who accompanies her beloved Shango, in all battles. She is a warrior’s heart, know that you will fight and defend what is theirs, the battle from day to day is your happiness. She knows how to win, have fervor for the war, either in life or in the art of love. Oya is said that she expresses your love and joy in the same proportion that expressed his anger. Thus, began to identify more with the activities related to the man, that take place outside the House. Colors: Brown, red, and pink. Symbols: Sword, Iruka. Elements: Fire, air moving. Domains: storms, winds, lightning, death. IYA Mesan Orun, Oya!

and leesh is back at it again with her fun tags! she tagged harry and eva (i’m going to pick pre-breakup heva). also, like, in case you forgot this gif existed…it does. and it’s glorious. who needs manips when you have this?

rules: choose a couple of fave photos/gifs/manips/etc of your ship! copy and paste the questions down below! answer as if you’re the characters that have been tagged! then tag some more of your fave ships/characters to answer next!

imma tag: serena and liam @primetimewritings, my parents @marisa-writes, annie and harry @alototalk, harry and olivia @styleslegends, harry and kodi (idc if they’re broken up I GOTTA KNOW) @ninetyfovr, and stevie and liam (I SHIP THEM SO HARD RJ SO HARD)(poor word choice i now realize) @madminniefics

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anonymous asked:

Could you do like a dabble of Harry cutting his hair and him being all shy, nervous and like insecure on how it looks and Eva reacting to it and complimenting him and making him feel good???? This is all I want in my life!! Pretty please with a cherry on top!! HEVA is my everything

Harry doesn’t cut his hair in the IYA-verse, but I’m more than happy to write a non-canon blurb for you! <3


The moment Harry heard the snip of the scissors, he wished he could’ve taken it back. He shut his eyes, refusing to watch his hairdresser cut through the ponytail tied tightly at the base of his neck. His fingers drummed nervously against his knee the entire time. It felt like it took hours to when in reality, not even a minute passed. 

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The children of Yemaya tend to be strict, authoritarian, arrogant, lovers of luxury and jewelry, preferably blue precious stones, pearls and corals. They have much spirit of self-improvement, they are constant and determined fighters. Never lose dignity against the ups and downs them reported life, they are intelligent, persuasive and highly skilled. The children of Yemaya tend to be very good parents, educating with love, dialogue, righteousness and respect.

Maferefun Yemaya todos los dias!


Iya mo dupe, f’Oba èè. Iya mo dupe, f’Oba éò.
Reina Madre, le doy gracias. Reina Madre, le doy gracias.
Oba nlá toro aro, ago l’ona. Iyá mo dupe, f’Oba, Iyalode. Ase.
Poderosa Reina, la profundidad de color añil está temerosa dentro del río,
hágale un camino para ella. Reina Madre, le estoy agradecido, Madre del mundo.