I think I’ve hit my stride with these Ivy’s 😊 this is not the final form of Summer Ivy, but I wanted to have something ready to go for Twin Cities Pride next weekend. I cannot wait to be out in the parade with my fellow Heroes from Heroes of Hope spreading the good word of what our organization does and supporting the LGBT and GSM community 💙 as a queer lady, I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been since it was announced that Harley/Ivy is canon, and my friend Anna and I have been planning a Harley/Ivy duo for a while now so there was no better time to do this then at Pride! I’ll see all of my fellow Minnesotans there :) #pride #lgbt #gsm #harleyandivy #ivyandharley #ivy #poisonivy #poisonivycosplay #batman #villains #dccomics

She was waiting for him. Days and months were passing by turning into years. Heavily rains were flooding the Cities, washing away the streets into the rivers. The Moon and the stars were falling apart losing their silvery ashes onto the Earth Orb. God was bleeding with his fading light. Sky became severe and dark. Silent damp. She has left the window open, cold watery air filled the interior, perfuming her skin and absorbing awaken deer nature. Forest walked deeply into the room. Warm resin scent was tempting the wolves. She was still waiting for him. Wilderness was softly penetrating the Town.