here is a shorts version of the siobhan pants i posted yesterday!! tip: if you wear them with bodysuits/shirts that tuck in it can look like a cute playsuit - please enjoy :-)

  • comes in 12 neutral swatches from a palette I like to call “the only colours I would wear in real life”
  • base game compatible
  • do not include mesh when recolouring - inbox me for the psd to recolour!
  • has a custom catalog thumbnail
  • please don’t claim as your own!!!




Okay, allow me to explain:Recently, it was brought to my attention that some people on my page had a problem with me drawing black people because I, a black man, was drawing far too many of them (and not as stereotypes or tropes) when I’m known for having diverse character designs in the first place. This struck me as odd because there is literally no problem with me drawing characters of other backgrounds any other time, but the moment I start to draw us in a way that doesn’t make us look like the same stereotypes you’re used to seeing, it’s a problem? Check yourself. I literally got asked, “Do you ever draw white people?” And “You only draw black guys. Why?” In the same morning and I’m like, “Oh so this is a PROBLEM now?” Anyone that has seen my work knows that I draw people from all over. That said, there IS a conscious decision to represent my people in a way that is just and equal to how every other race has been represented since like…forever. Don’t come at me for actually taking the time and effort to show us in positive light. If me drawing people of color as characters and not stereotypes and over used tropes offends you, then get ready to hate my black ass then, because I’m not about to sit by and let us not be represented in a respectful, uplifting and positive light anymore and if you don’t like it well…. Too bad. But since it was an issue with me drawing my own heroes of color, I decided to do other heroes and villains from a game I’m fond of and make them people of color…. I specifically chose FFVII because it’s already a diverse case and to Square Enix’s credit, you could literally tell the same story with these designs. Enjoy.

“My friends are my power!”
(Because so many of you requested it)
Going with a design based off “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH3D” outfit. It’s my favorite outfit next to the new one for KH3.
I told myself I wasn’t going to do Sora (or in this case, Sky) but A LOT of people wanted to see that. So here we go!

The “key” is to redesign them with love and respect.

What is it that causes us to fall in love? We are met with those first, initial glimpses– a kind of curiosity, a longing for that which is both familiar and unknown in the other. And then comes the surprise of discovery; we share certain aspirations, certain appreciations, and that which is different excites us. Before each other, we are moved to bravery and we come to reveal more and more of ourselves, and when we do, those very traits that caused us some embarrassment or shame become beautiful in ways we did not understand before, and the entire world becomes more beautiful for it. There are, too, those intimate and nearly primitive stirrings, the scent of the neck, the delicious tremble of skin and breath. Yet for all their pleasures, they are as tenuous as light and air, and demand no fidelity.

And then there is this: Does not love depend on some belief in the future, some expectation beyond the delight of the moment? We fall in love because we imagine a certain life together. We will marry. We will laugh and dance together. We will have children.

When expectation falls to ruins, what is there left for love?

—  Eowyn Ivey, To The Bright Edge of the World
Real Estate In Japan

I know I made a “Housing In Japan” post in the past, but in this one I’ll be explaining important terms, conversions, and general information for housing searching. 

Here’s a Tokyo apartment I was looking at. I’m not packing my bags anytime soon, but I wanted to see what the average going rate was.

First of all, the description was just “2K”. 2K? What? Does that mean???? I was expecting something like “2BR+1B” or something.

So I went searching for the meaning behind the housing acronyms:

  • any number coming before an acronym is basically the number of bedrooms (or free rooms, whatever you’d wanna put in there).
  • K. After I read it, I was like, “oh. duh.” K stands for….drumroll everyone….Kitchen. So an apartment advertised as “2K” means there’s a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a Kitchen. 
  • DK. This one means that the Kitchen ALSO comes with a Dining Room!!!! They’re rarely separated by walls, so think of it as kind of a big kitchen. Sorta. There’s usually one of those bar things in the kitchen and then a separate space for a table. 
  • LDK. Ooh, this one gets fancy. This one means Living Room, Dining Room, AND Kitchen! None of these are separated by walls, and it’s definitely of the more spacious variety. 
  • R. Uh, yeah, this just stands for Room, as in number + R = rooms in the apartment. If you live in a 1R, it is literally one room. It’s basically the equivalent of a studio apartment, except the bathroom usually doesn’t have a divider/door.
  • SLDK. Now this must be high living. This one comes with a “Storage Room”, hence the “S” . Sizes vary, it could be simply a walk in closet or big enough to be a spare bedroom. 
  • J. J stands for -jo, as in tatami mat measurement, which is explained below. A room being advertised as “6J” means the room is the size of 6 tatami mats.

Otherwise, if you can read the characters, you can see it comes with a closet, genkan (entrance for your shoes), and a balcony.

Now for the sizing. If you’re a bumbling American like me, you probably weren’t raised with the metric system. Fun math fact for conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. So then you can do the math on your own if you’re into that thing. I’m not, so conversion calculators for me. 

In the picture above, the bedrooms are marked “4″ and “6″, but not 4 sq. meters or 6 sq. meters. Although most apartments won’t have tatami mats, it’s still a standard unit of measurement in housing. So, the average size of a tatami mat is 1.62 sq. meters. So, doing the math here (I’m pretty sure you’d multiply the size of the tatami mat by the number of mats), the room with 6 tatami mats would be 10.08 sq. meters. But how the heck does that help me if I’m unfamiliar with the metric system??? So converting this to feet, it would be 108 sq. feet. The header says the whole thing is 28.28 sq. meters, which would be 304 sq. feet. 

Either way, I have no idea how much area square feet takes up, but looking at Google Images it looks about the size of a standard dorm room for one, so probably quite small to an American. 

But this particular apartment is a super good deal. It’s $900 a month in the heart of Shinjuku, one minute away from the train station. So pretty much a steal. 

Lastly, let me explain the difference between “apartment” and “mansion”, アパート and マンショ (apato and manshon), respectively. An apato is an apartment in a building that’s 2 stories or less. Manshon’s are 3 stories or more (highrise building). Just because something is called a manshon doesn’t mean it’s fancy. It’s just the terms. The apartment above is a manshon (a “royal mansion”, specifically).

Hope this was helpful, you might need it someday. ;-)



Artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey’s artwork changes the race of classic Final Fantasy characters Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa.

I think these designs are amazing. Especially Sephiroth, who looks sooooooo much cooler now than ever before.

Elite Western gamblers and rattled casino bosses know her as Kelly, a fast-talking, sunglasses-wearing advantage player in her 40s. Her father, now deceased, was a wealthy factory owner based in Hong Kong. She says she lost $20 million of his money playing baccarat and slot machines. …. But when [Cheung Yin] Sun was arrested in 2007 for a $93,000 gambling debt owed to MGM, she vowed revenge. “I was in jail for three weeks. … Women attacked me, and the guards wouldn’t let me wear my own underwear. I lost 25 pounds in jail and didn’t get out until a relative flew here with $100,000 for the casino. I decided that one day I would get back the money by playing at MGM properties.
”Upon her release, Sun visited several Las Vegas casino gift shops and bought souvenir decks of playing cards. They look identical to those used at the gaming tables but have holes punched through their centers to prevent cheaters from slipping a souvenir ace of spades, say, into a poker game. Sun had no such intention. She scrutinized the backs of the cards. Some had crisscrossing patterns that went right to all four edges. The patterns on these cards, as a consequence of the manufacturing processes, were trimmed slightly differently on top and bottom, resulting in uneven margins of 1/32 of an inch or less. She spent around a thousand hours, over four years, training herself to recognize the minute variations on particular cards. Sun figured out how she could leverage these differences that were almost imperceptible and acceptable by industry standards. She wasn’t the first to recognize this vulnerability and capitalize on it. But she expanded on the strategy of exploiting unmatched trims, a ploy that has long been known as “edge sorting.” Sun applied it to a baccarat spinoff called mini-baccarat and earned herself a nickname, the Queen of Sorts.
Regretting Not Doing Something/Forgetting To Do Something 〜んだった

〜んだった goes after the dictionary (plain) form of a verb in a sentence. This can be used for past or “future” tense.

Although it is past tense, we still use the plain (present) tense of the verb and just add on んだった。This is applicable to all sections of this post.

When Talking About Yourself

この辺りは治安が悪い。もっと治安のいいところに引っ越すんだった。Kono atari wa chian ga warui. Motto chian no ī tokoro ni hikkosundatta.
This neighborhood is unsafe. I should have moved to a nicer area. (lit. this area is not secure. Should have moved to more secure/good area.)

When Talking To Someone Else

you usually な or ね at the end, depending on your gender, male and female, respectively–

もっと早く出かけるんだったね。Motto hayaku dekakerundatta ne(na).
You should’ve left earlier. (lit. should’ve left more early.)
This is the girl version, since the speaker (myself) is a girl.

Forgetting To Do Something

Past tense

おお、卵を買うんだった。Oo, tamago o kaundatta.
Ugh, I forgot to buy the eggs. (lit. ugh, was supposed to buy eggs.)

Future tense

わっ、明日テストを受けるんだった!wa-, ashita tesuto o ukerundatta!
Ugh, I forgot that there’s a test tomorrow! (lit. ugh, tomorrow was supposed to take test.)

Future tense in Japanese is completely dependent on context since there technically is no future tense, but it’s obvious from this example that the speaker is talking about the future (tomorrow).