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Absolutely cannot wait to be out of this course and start working towards my DELE. I need to take a break from art as a career choice for a while before I end up hating it and drop it for good.
I am not improving, I am not being taught anything and with every semester I just get older and no further forward. Je.. mid-life crises at 21-years-old, not good.

5 more months. Just 5 more and I am outta here. No puedo esperar.

theres a new moon on Monday i aquarius. its always darkest before a new moon. like a purge of bad thoughts and habits that drown you, only to come out to your highest being and truest potential. its okay if you know where you are going one  day and the next is totally confusing, you’ll be  fine <3

February 5

Today’s Goal: If you’re sad, take some time to try and remember the joy that will undoubtedly follow.  Remember its always darkest before the dawn.

Other than having issues with where I’m living, I’m honestly not in a bad space.  I’ve got a good job.  I’m making enough money to survive and pay all my bills.  I’m not behind on any bills and I’m able to take care of myself and have my own space.

Yesterday, though, I learned my the mom of one of my best friends is dying.  My heart is breaking for her and there is nothing I can do.  I know that words are meaningless at a time like this.  I cried yesterday because I feel so horrible.  I called my mom and told her I loved her. I’m hoping that my friend will come out of this time stronger.  I’m going to be there for her, a long distance shoulder to lean on.  As hard as it is, it’s all I can do.

Stay Strong

Its always darkest before the dawn

Its always darkest before the dawn
Its always darkest before the dawn, ive been told
Its always hardest to forget their smiling faces
Or the way you knew deep in your soul that they loved you endlessly
Its always hardest to look away after hours of staring at them because they caught you staring
Its always hardest to smile at your friends and tell them you’re alright even though you feel like screaming for hours on end
Its always hardest to say the words “im moving on” as you light your 25th cigarette of the day
Its always hardest to sit across the room from them knowing youre not on their mind, not even for a second even though they are all that consumes yours
Its always hardest to try not to cry in every bar or restaurant because everything reminds you of them
Its always hardest not to drink yourself into oblivion convincing yourself that it numbs the pain even though you know that all it does is intensify it
Its always hardest to be in love
Its even harder to be inlove with someone who is trying so desperate to stay away from you
Its always darkest before the dawn
But for me there is no dawn, only more darkness ahead

anonymous asked:

sending lots of hugs. things will get better, it just takes time (as cliche and annoying as it is to hear that, its true)

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Thank you so much for the message, I truly appreciate it.

I want you guys to know, anon or not, that I appreciate and love you all so much for helping me. Even when I don’t ask for it you’re there to help me. Seriously from the bottom of my heart I thank you.