Its just the directors and his script

  • Andy Lincoln: *lowers his glasses down the bridge of his nose, the script in his hand* So me and Michonne are scavenging and having lots of sex.
  • Director: Yup, isn't that great-
  • Andy Lincoln: Yes but are we betrothed?
  • Director: Um, no.
  • Andy Lincoln: *blinks at the director incredulously*
  • Director: Listen, it's just a sexy road trip where you guys will finally get to spend some time alone.
  • Andy Lincoln: Not what I would have wanted for our honeymoon but if it's the best we can get, so be it.
  • Director: It's not...*sigh* they're not married and this isn't a honeymoon.
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln:
  • Andy Lincoln: *stares at the camera like he's in The Office*

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People refuse to believe that George Lucas is an absolutely abysmal director/writer. It's not the first time we've heard this, we all know how hard the original cast had to work just to make the dialogue actually usable. And unfortunately for Hayden he had the responsibility of playing one of the most iconic characters of movie history so then the fans take it even MORE personally when he fails to live up to their hype. Not his fault. But easier to blame.

yeah! i mean i am a fan of george lucas ppl that know me know this! but come on the man doesn’t know how to write a script or direct a movie… some ppl just don’t know how to execute the ideas they had. yeah carrie said it, mark said it, ewan said it, natalie said it i mean they all said it was hard to work with him as a director not bc they dislike GL but bc the man doesnt know how to direct! he has vision he knows how to create a universe rich as sw universe is but he just doesn’t know how to be a director or write well.

but yeah some fans took it personally.

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Petition for Chris Carter to keep his dirty hands off scripts for season 11 and stick to directing because his bitch ass needs to be stopped

I agree! And he’s truly an excellent director. I’m not sure why he can’t be satisfied with just that. Let Gillian and David write season 11 in its entirety. Let season 11 just be Mulder and Scully giggling in bed hiding from the world under the covers 

Astro co-stars in a drama with you. They have a kissing scene and you’re their favorite idol..

This was requested by anon! Thank you for the request!!


As you sit down at the table for lunch before you have to film again, you’re instantly flooded with the boys wanting to sit next to you. Minhyuk makes it there first and Jinwoo sits besides Minhyuk.

“Hey Jinwoo.. You two have that kissing scene today, right?” Myungjun asks slyly, trying to make Jinwoo nervous. Minhyuk looks over at Myungjun confused as hell and a tad bit jealous. Out of the corner of your eye you see Jinwoo mouth to Myungjun,

“KNOCK IT OFF!” While his eyes darted to you.

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Top 10 Films of 2015

Since my list for 2014 became an all time most reblogged post on Tumblr (source not needed it’s legit), I will now present the follow up with my Top 10 List for 2015:


Carol tells the story of a young woman and an older wealthy woman who fall in love with each other.  The film has everything going for it: incredibly gorgeous cinematography, magnetic and meticulously framed shots, a heavenly score, and two fantastic lead performances (cough category fraud). It is a shame that the Academy decided to snub Carol for Best Picture and Best Director. For shame. 


Room tells the story of a young boy who has been growing up in a small room for five years with his mother. The film absolutely destroyed me. With its poignant script and excellent direction, Room captivates the audience with its unique and deeply emotional tale about discovering the world and the inseparable bond between a mother and child.


Furiosa ft. Max is by far the best action film of the decade for me. Basically a 2 hour car chase, Mad Max is more than just a non stop action movie. With amazing set piece, masterfully crafted sequences, mind-blowing effects, and a screenplay full of nuances, Fury Road offers a thrill ride with layered storytelling beneath all the explosive surface.


It has been a while since I have seen a movie as unsettling as The Witch. Not exactly full of scares like Insidious or The Conjuring, this period piece horror film is a slow burner that is filled with a dreaded atmosphere from its very first shot, and the tension just gradually creeps up throughout the runtime, resulting in an unforgettable and terrifying entry to the genre.


Being one of my most anticipated film of the year, The Revenant does not disappoint. With stunning direction from Inarritu and out-of-this-world cinematography by Lubezki, this just cannot go wrong. The film contains one of the best scenes I have witnessed on screen, in particular the bear attack sequence and the fight scene in the end. Although the middle is a tad slow at times, The Revenant is still able to portray a captivating and brutal story of revenge. 


With the state of current horrors, movies like It Follows is always a nice change. Consistently eerie with well crafted suspense, this original movie (as well as a giant love letter to 80s horror) goes down as one of the more memorable addition to indie horror with a soundtrack to die for. 


Unhappy with her life, a Japanese woman travels to America to find the treasure in the film Fargo, believing that it exists. It’s a shame that Kumiko has been greatly ignored this award season. Slow but never boring, Kumiko is a visual treat with a unique script that is made possible by the talented Rinko Kikuchi.


Thoroughly slow paced and subtly eerie, Ex Machina is one of the best new sci-fi movies about A.I gone wrong. The entire film is a gradual buildup to the climax, where every secret comes out under the sun, and that buildup is fantastically done, leaving you craving to know what really is going on.


Not very known by many people (such a hipster amirite), Man From Reno is a truly captivating crime thriller that needs to be seen. One aspect I really admired about this movie is the fact that two of the protagonists are Asian, something that is rare in an English speaking film, let alone a genre film. Constructed like a puzzle with missing pieces, this Hitchcockian thriller  will leave you guessing and in shock with its twists and turns.


Another solid output from Studio Ghibli, When Marnie Was There is a poignant piece about friendship. As expected, the movie is blessed with impeccable directing and art, something that Ghibli is famous for, as well as their ability to tell a story full of depth and emotion. Marnie offers a clever script, mesmerizing animation, and a haunting revelation that will have its viewers reeling.


INSIDE OUT: Hilarious and emotional, Pixar rises again with their latest production.

SPY: A hilarious action comedy led by Melissa McCarthy and a scene stealing performance by Rose Byrne.

COMING HOME: A heartfelt love story about a man who attempts to reconnect with his wife, who no longer remembers him due to amnesia.

DOPE: An exciting and honestly fresh coming of age movie accompanied by beautiful cinematography and fantastic soundtrack.

THE FINAL GIRLS: A clever parody on the horror genre with an unexpected emotional core.

Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic inspired countless imitators but none more pale and weak than the adaptations which bear the name. The Syfy channel miniseries came close, but only because it felt more like Dune than, say, American Pie: Band Camp felt like Dune. But the film that people remember most is the 1984 David Lynch film, which the director took after turning down the Return Of The Jedi job. Lynch wanted something that reflected his vision, but as we saw in Dune, apparently his vision was “Let’s make the viewer wonder where reality ends and this movie begins.”

In the early 80s, Dune seemed to have everything going for it: auteur director, star-studded cast, designs by H.R. Giger, score by 80s sensation Toto, and the musician Sting? OK, Sting, I guess. In a Speedo. Well, maybe we’ll just have to see how it all plays out, right? I mean, even the singer of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” in some sci-fi swimwear can be magical if the script is good. Right?

Executive meddling tore into Lynch’s script and edited the film so far, far down from its original run time that it felt less like a movie and more like an odd collection of scenes that someone had spilled on a haywire sewing machine. Lynch hated it so much that his director credit read Alan Smithee, the go-to for directors who don’t want to be associated with a movie. Additionally, in the sickest burn since Pompeii, some versions of the film have changed his writing credit to Judas Booth, as in Judas “30 pieces of silver” Iscariot and John Wilkes Booth, because Lynch felt that the executives had betrayed him and assassinated his movie. That’s a pretty elaborate way to tell someone to go fuck himself.

7 Awful Movie Versions Of Books That Deserve A Second Try

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Hi there! This is a bit off topic but I just wanted to raise awareness about an amazing film coming out about Turkish-Japanese relations. It was funded and filmed by a Turkish crew, but the director and writers are Japanese. The best thing is that all the actors are POC from Japan or Turkey, and the script is in both native languages rather than English. I think people should know about it! It's called Ertugrul 1890, and the trailer is on youtube! Just thought you'd be a good blog to write to!

Sounds cool! Thanks for letting us know!

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It's always said that actors don't know what is going to happen and I agree. Also, it seems that Jason doesn't tell them what he has in mind... but I have a question. Bob is a very talented actor, and he can show a broad spectrum of emotions just using his body and his face. The point is that he is acting like a man who has fallen in love, do you think he knows it? I mean, he wouldn't act like that if there weren't facts in the scripts or "orders" from directors.

Well he’s begun to change the way he responds to fans about how Bellamy feels about Clarke and has begun admit his really important feelings for her.

The way I look at the way Bob, Eliza and JR speak about Bellarke is very much… well, a story they are telling. They aren’t intending to tell us what their intentions are for Bellarke. They aren’t intending to admit or deny Bellarke. They seem to me to want to avoid talking about it. A lot of what JR has said has been couched in terms of “not yet” “maybe some day” “right now”. If you look at the words he uses, you can often interpret them in more than one way. They are leaving the interpretation open ended. Some people thought “you will be happy,” was a confirmation that CL was endgame but it wasn’t. It was what they thought would be a satisfying story. 

You have to pay attention to the words. When I hear a writer say, “there will be no new love interest for Clarke,” which I heard, I had to think about that statement. No *new* love interest, not “no love interest.” That leaves the door open for a love interest who was already there. Mainly, Bellamy. The other option is Niylah. But  Clarke did not fawn of Niylah in Nevermore, she fawned over Bellamy. She told Niylah to run to be safe. She went after Bellamy and told him they needed each other. They built a growing relationship with Bellarke.

The actors seem to me to have an “act” they are playing. Eliza doesn’t talk about anything but the already canon relationship and she talks about it in glowing, endgame terms, same as she did with Flarke. She loved them. She can’t imagine moving on. The relationship will affect Clarke forever. All comments that are true for canon Clarke, but do not speak of where Clarke might be going in the script. I’m not sure what Bob was doing other than trying to avoid it, but now he’s changed. 

But yeah, his acting is very nuanced and he’s acting like he’s in love with her, and he has pointed to the moment where he thinks Bellamy has realized his feelings for Clarke in Hakeldama. So now he’s talking from a place of Bellamy currently having real feelings for her, witnessed by Raven, Murphy, Monty and Kane, although they avoids the word “love,” as they’ve been avoiding it for three seasons in regards to Bellarke. 

But frankly, Eliza has been acting as if she is in love with Bellamy, too. At least in my opinion and her feelings for him are particularly noticed by other characters, like Finn, Lxa, Abby and Roan. Again avoiding the word “love.” She’s divided and confused and afraid and truly not ready to feel the way she feels for him, but just because she’s not ready doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. 

Listen, this show is putting forth a subtle and slow love story and avoiding the word that would confirm it, but talking around it using the words that define love. They’re showing it on the screen, but not saying it. And in the social media, they talk around it and play with semantics and avoid saying it out loud while admitting the importance of Bellamy, Clarke and Bellarke to the show. 

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What is your pet peeve about Bollywood? For me, it's actors/actresses who can't act: Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, etc

Well, acting ability is subjective….

My biggest pet peeve is that so many people don’t take their work seriously. Cinema is always a business, but it’s an art form, as well. There needs to be a balance. Half the people are just doing it for the money. Very few people care about craft. Very few of the actors really put in the work required to better their skills. I mean Kareena has said that she’s never even read a script, and half the time she doesn’t even know what film she’s shooting for. Kareena, Saif, and Emraan have all said they don’t watch Bollywood films. Yet you expect others to? And the directors and producers…I mean even someone like Anurag Basu is plagiarizing scenes from American films.

Making a movie is fucking hard. But it bothers me that so many people are in this business because they feel entitled to be, and because they love the fame and they love the money and the glamour, but are indifferent to the art. And the sad part is, there are so many people in India who probably want to break into the industry and are SO into their work, but they can’t because it mostly closes its doors to outsiders.

When I was in India, I sat in a room with a director and he explained to me how scripting works. There’s literally just a chunk that says “song sequence.” Doesn’t matter what the song’s about. They don’t even think about the picturization. It’s just….“song”. And when I asked him why he hired his female actor, he said, “Because she’s hot.” I got to talk to a lot of people who made “artsy” films and they all complained about how literally no one in mainstream Bollywood gives a shit. And it makes me sad because there are some movies I LOVE simply because I can see the work that went into every frame of the film. It doesn’t even have to be good, but you can tell when someone cares about the films they’re making. But sadly, people are happy to see the same crap over and over, copied from southie films or regurgitated masala BS. As long as no one is demanding more from Bollywood, nothing will change.

Guillermo del Toro no longer attached to directing 'Beauty and The Beast'

Disney may be putting a live-action Beauty and the Beast movie into production, but that hasn’t stopped Warner Brothers from developing its own take on the classic story. Unfortunately,Deadline is reporting that director Guillermo del Toro has just exited the project because of scheduling conflicts. Now the studio is working to find a new director for the project, which will star Emma Watson. Del Toro is currently working post-production on his upcoming movie, Crimson Peak. The director is still scheduled to work as a producer on the film, and he even wrote the script for it. So even though he won’t be behind the camera, his presence will be felt.

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I think the amazing thing about that Jimmy Kimmel kiss is that Gillian has no idea what to do with her hands. If you look, she starts to grab his hair, but when she realizes it's a wig, her hands kinda run wild, maybe looking for something else she can use to hold his face to hers. And then I guess she decides gravity works too, and just throws David on the table.

Kinda makes you wonder how much of the scrambling and flailing around was scripted, and how much Gillian and David…ad-libbed, if you will.  We can all venture an educated guess as to where Gillian’s hands would typically go in that situation, and so Kimmel/the director probably had to redirect her a bunch of times. (The takes…the sheer number of takes they must have had to do for that scene…sweet baby Jesus. Also, OUTTAKES PLZ.) 

Anyway…yes. Pretty much all of life’s dilemmas can be solved by “throw David Duchovny on a table,” so props to Gillian for hoppin’ on that bandwagon a looooong damn time ago.

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I don't respect you but I respect your opinion on some things some times. What are your feelings on Chappie?

What Blomkamp does best is visual design and creating the look and feel of a sci-fi themed movie, what Blomkamp did right with his one hit wonder was sci-fi themed social and political issues which he’s now milking the hell out of as a result and it just doesn’t work anymore. 

Chappie, while having some heart, was a shallow and simplistic movie. Not challenging viewers one bit it came off as a confusing ode to Die Antwoord with some basic plot elements thrown in to keep the action going. Blomkamps hard-on for portraying over the top evil corporations and black and white morality issues really asked for some suspension of disbelief. He tries too hard to get his point across. The characters get away with ridiculous behavior, even in professional settings, just to further that plot. Not to mention how the audience is supposed to accept everything Die Antwoord does and is, while they bring their own caricature-ish personas to the screen with little explanation. 

The movie hides its mediocre script behind good visuals, and a sympathetic performance by Sharlto Copley as Chappie + Dev Patel as Deon. Who did amazing jobs. Even the ridiculous Vincent portrayed by Hugh Jackman and his mullet was entertaining to watch. It’s not without its fun, impressive, or touching moments. But in total Chappie was nothing but a movie that sticked elements that the director just really really likes together without exploring much further. And as shown with his previous movie Elysium, it not a magic formula that guarantees great results. It felt as if Blomkamp had so many ideas about what this movie was supposed to be that in the end they all cancelled each other out and the result became a mess.

& also screw you man you’re lucky I love to talk about movies

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You know, I'm really happy Guardians of the Galaxy was written by a woman, but people everywhere seem to be so happy that they're willing to overlook all the layers of misogyny that was still present in the movie. For example, there was a moment where Drax calls Gamora a "green whor*" and in that moment they were already friends so it was played for laughs, while it wasn't funny at all. idk i'm just frustrated, that was something I'd expect from some misogynist creep male writer, not a woman.

Ok so I finally got to see the film and I really enjoyed Gamora. Like you have no idea. But in order to answer your question I consulted with Mod R from fandomshatepoc (who’s not the same mod R from here reminder).

Here’s what we came up with:

  • we honestly don’t think it was played for laughs because Gamora responded angrily (thereby condemning that urge to refer to her with such disrespect).
  • if the audience laughed then that’s their shitty attitude
  • it kinda speaks to the fact that although Gamora is a mercenary (against her will mind you, she’s essentially been enslaved to Thanos since childhood) its misogyny that anyone would refer to her as w**** when men in the same job makes them legit.

All of the above bullet points I came up with before I found out that director James Gunn also co-wrote the script and just because Nicole Perlman wrote the first script (that got greenlit btw) doesn’t mean Gunn didn’t make huge adjustments. Its highly doubtful that James Gunn has grown much from this incident after which he issued a half-assed apology. He’s basically proved his jerk status imo.  Here’s an insight into how the scriptwriting process happened:

As severaloutlets have pointed out, though, “co-written” is perhaps not the most accurate term for how Perlman and Gunn divided their duties. Perlman—the first female writer credited on a Marvel film—spent more than two years combing through the obscure Guardians comics and drafting the film’s initial story. Gunn, known for helming offbeat hits like Super and Slither, then did an expansive rewrite, which he claims gave the film its irreverent sensibility and major character arcs. This co-writing-without-collaboration isn’t a novel situation in Hollywood, but Perlman and Gunn have given differing descriptions of their contributions to the final script.

So my recommendation would be to not chalk up the misogyny to being all Perlman’s fault. James Gunn is the guy you want to blame here.

rian johnson's tweet this pretty much explains it
and if he deleted it:
rian johnson - the director/writer of star wars episode 8 - was just having a conversation with his friends and he inserted this finnpoe fanart !! it doesnt seem to look like hes queerbaiting (and i certainly hope not) but what could this mean for episode 8????

wow! this is awesome!!! tbh, it’s hard to tell what the writers are thinking since the script for viii is already written, but it’s still good to see the directors tweeting/talking about finnpoe