tfw your best friend thinks you’re the bees knees and wants to show you off to everyone 

BUT REALLY these two are super good for each other, they both admire one another so.. 
when they were kids, seiji designed himura’s hero costume and vice versa, and when they got into U.A. Himura sent in that design that Seiji made! 
Seiji actually forgot he did that and so was very surprised and embarrassed when Himura proudly announced that he has designed his costume lol 

their class (and maybe other departments) learns that Seiji is really good with sewing, so if a costume ever gets damaged, but isnt damaged enough to send it off to the design department, seiji will patch it up for his classmates! His classmates pay him in sweets a lot haha

himura belongs to @insert-witty-saying-here !

so. i’m gonna explain how important this is to me. i haven’t drawn anything in almost 4 years because my depression killed my drive to draw. completely. i literally just. couldn’t anymore. at the time i stopped drawing i had damn near become an alcoholic because of the things i was going through. i didn’t want to do anything that i cared about anymore. i’d try and i’d just immediately get upset and toss it out. tonight i had drawn an example of Numei’s current left eye for an rp, just sketched it super fast to get my point across. I showed it to some friends, got encouragement from @shadedsecret that I should try to pick it up again. i said no at first, but i was watching some stuff and just. went at it. and for once i’m happy with it. well, enough. enough to keep it. enough to actually share it. and that’s a huge deal.

so here’s numei. current numei, i mean. she looks more.. man-ish than she actually is supposed to be but i just, chalk that up to being ridiculously rusty. and here i am posting it at 3 am -shuffle dances out-