Re reading tmi after tid
  • Every time Magnus mentions Herondale:That's Will!! He's talking about Will!! Willlll *screams*
  • Ithuriel:godamnitt how many times are you gonna get captured
  • Brother Zachariah:*hyperventilates* omg *whispers* j e m. JEMMMMM!! My JeM! James CarStairs you are JAMEs CaRSTAirSSSSs!!

Shadowhunter Week Challenge, Wednesday: Favourite Family

The Herondale family is an old Shadowhunter family. They have lived in a variety of places; notably in Wales, Yorkshire, London, Idris, and New York. The men of the family are known to be born with star-shaped marks on their shoulders, originating from when Will Herondale’s shoulder came into contact with the angel Ithuriel in the late 1870s.


Bruised (Falling) - Song for the angel Ituriel

Mundane hands bruised me
Ripping me apart
I’m falling slowly
And yet I won’t crush the ground
I’m falling, help me
I am caged on mortal ground.

Really Ithuriel?

City of Glass pg.513:
“It’s not a scar. It’s a birthmark, or sorts, and a Herondale family secret. The story Stephen told me was that years ago, a Herondale ancestor encountered an angel. The angel touched him on the shoulder, and the touch left a mark like a star. It is the mark of one who has had contact with an angel. The mark was passed on through his blood: all of his descendants have it as well.”

Clockwork Princess pg.419:
She had fallen asleep with her head on his arm, the clockwork angel, still around her throat, resting against his shoulder, just to the left of his collarbone. As she moved away, the clockwork angel slipped free and she saw to her surprise that where it had lain against his skin it had left a mark behind, no bigger than a shilling, in the shape of a pale white star.