Re reading tmi after tid
  • Every time Magnus mentions Herondale:That's Will!! He's talking about Will!! Willlll *screams*
  • Ithuriel:godamnitt how many times are you gonna get captured
  • Brother Zachariah:*hyperventilates* omg *whispers* j e m. JEMMMMM!! My JeM! James CarStairs you are JAMEs CaRSTAirSSSSs!!

TID Appreciation Week | Day 3: Favourite scene » Chapter 21, Clockwork Princess

“She was rising, growing. Her bones stretched and elongated, a lattice being pulled outward and upward as she grew impossibly. Her skin had turned gold, and it stretched and tore as she hurtled upward like the bean stalk from the old fairy tale, and where her skin tore, golden ichor leaked from the wounds. Curls like shavings of hot white metal sprang from her head, surrounding her face. And from her back burst wings-massive wings, greater than any bird’s." 


Bruised (Falling) - Song for the angel Ituriel

Mundane hands bruised me
Ripping me apart
I’m falling slowly
And yet I won’t crush the ground
I’m falling, help me
I am caged on mortal ground.

Poor Ithuriel (SPOILERS!!!)
  • Man this guy has life hard I mean think about it...
  • The Infernal Devices:
  • Ithuriel:lalalalala I'm an angel I live forever lalalalala-
  • John Shade:*captures Ithuriel and traps him in a clockwork angel locket (which happens to belong to Tessa and the locket protects her life so...) hehe
  • Ithuriel:*sad face* uggghh
  • -18 years later-
  • Tessa:*sets Ithuriel free and kills Mortmain, saves shadowhunter race*
  • Ithuriel:FINALLY! FREE AT LAST! Oh yeah...Tessa you may have some bad nightmares that could drive you mad, but I AIN'T YO PROTECTOR NO MORE SUCKER! (Haha he didn't really say that....) *flies to Heaven singing*
  • Then LATER...
  • The Mortal Instruments:
  • Ithuriel:lalalalala so happy I'm fre-
  • Valentine:*Captures and traps Ithuriel in his basement*
  • Ithuriel:*sighs* ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME? NNOOOTT AGGGAIIINN gosh dang it....
  • That angel is getting trapped everywhere, he needs that guy from Star Wars,
  • "It's a Trap!"
  • Just watch, I bet he gets trapped AGAIN in The Dark Artifices...