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Mimi, how do we do the lettering and make our post look professional? (Like do bold and italic lettering and link texts, all the good stuff) Also, do you use your phone or computer to make your posts ? Or both xD

I always use my laptop for EVERYTHING. I only use the app to check on things and scroll through my dash. 
For the text tips, First you select your text then some small icons will appear:

Bold: Click on the B icon or Ctrl-B

“I want to see Jungkook’s ABS this next comeback”

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Italic: Click on the I icon or Ctrl-I

“I may own the world and still envy whoever touched Rapmon’s dimples” 

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SOMEONE PLS KEEP V’s TONGUE IN HIS MOUTH !!! oh no …not again … I am o-okay DEAAAAAD rip

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Jhope and the Sun have a lot of things in common: 

  • Both are hot
  • Both are incredibly far from me

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Yoongi can: 

  1. Write and produce songs
  2. Rap dance and play the piano
  3. sew, cook and do archery
  4. Make both girls and boys come (To see him … Don’t have a dirty mind lol)
  5. F#CK you and you (He said that btw)

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Find something beautiful HERE , HERE & HERE

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That’s it for the basics I hope it was of some help ^^
By @mimibtsghost

Roll Credits | A Season 3 Westallen Series

So, you hear me talk about Roll Credits sometimes on here. But unless you actually go to the Series tab on my AO3 account (or follow my side blog), you prob don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will sum up what RC is, give you links (AO3 only) to all the fics currently in the series and the ideas I have that just haven’t been written yet b/c I lost inspiration (which is not to say it won’t come back someday, just that for the time being those ideas are on hold).

Roll Credits is essentially a collection of missing westallen (mostly) scenes from season 3 episodes. I never write one for an episode before it airs, because I rly try to make these scenes fit canon as much as is humanly possible, and so I want to see what the episode gave us, so I can know how to realistically fit it in.

It should also be noted that while these are “deleted” scenes from the episodes, they do all relate to each other. So, there may be references to previous fics in the series included in later ones that you wouldn’t know just by watching the show. They’re believable in canon, but they aren’t mentioned in the episodes b/c I came up with them, so it’s more beneficial to read all the fics to fully understand and appreciate them. Still, for the most part they are minor things that can be ignored and the fics can still be understood. The only exception to this are fics that are more or less written in a mini-series and take place one right after the other. The 3x16 and 3x19 fics are specific examples of this.

Listed below in BOLD are the fics I have written (with their links). In italics (and w/ ‘TBD’ as the ‘title’) are the ideas I have not. All are listed chronologically by episode.

* - requested fic (before title)
- fic includes smut (after title)

TBD: 3x03 - Barry returning to his date with Iris at the end of the episode.

Pretty Eyes, Pretty Lips: Post 3x04 - Iris has a hard time leaving Barry to go home. 

The Flash and Related Topics: Post 3x05 - Barry takes Julian out for a drink.

Late Night Distraction: Post 3x05 - Barry stops by Iris’s place after going out with Julian.

*TBD: 3x06 - Wally tells Iris about his dreams about being Kid Flash before anyone else

A Breath and a Kiss: Post 3x07 - Barry needs a place to crash, at least for the night. Iris volunteers.

Lay Me to Sleep: Post 3x08 - Barry comes home to an emotional Iris, furious and heartbroken that he didn’t tell her he almost sacrificed himself to the Dominators.

TBD: 3x09 - Barry & Iris morning after fluff

*Tears Above His Heartbeat: Post 3x10 - Barry and Iris share a sad, tender moment after a long, sleepless night worrying about the future. 

Eskimo Kisses: 3x11 - Barry and Iris being cute: an extended version of their last scene in the episode.

*Her Flash, Her Barry***: 3x12 - Barry shows Iris just how much of him she has. In bed. (Request-ish for @wanderer765. I came up with the idea, but she wanted it verrrry badly. lol.)

TBD: 3x13 - Wally & Jesse talk about their argument earlier. Wally addresses all the reasons he likes her that have nothing to do with speed.

TBD: 3x13 - Barry & Iris post-ep angst; Barry didn’t know Iris knew he was still having nightmares.

TBD: 3x14 - Barry & Iris smut (implied in the ep) following the “breakfast” scene.

The Calm: 3x16 - Barry agrees to go home with Iris after being pulled out of the speed force. 

TBD: 3x16 - Jesse checks in on a sleeping Wally after her small victory over Savitar.

If the Sofa is Empty: 3x16 - Barry asks to crash with Cisco. Again.

One More Night***: Post 3x16 - Iris demands one more night with Barry.

TBD: Post 3x16 - Barry has another nightmare about Iris being killed by Savitar, but this time he’s at Cisco’s; Cisco overhears him and responds accordingly.

TBD: 3x17 - Barry asks Joe for permission to re-propose to Iris.

TBD: Post 3x17 - Barry & Iris fluff immediately following the proposal

The Echo of Heartbreak: 3x18 - Barry can’t stop thinking about his broken engagement with Iris, even with his ring back on her finger.

Someone to Come Home to: 3x19 - Barry reunites with Iris

Touch Me, Trust Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me***: Post 3x19 - Barry tries to reassure Iris about the future.

A Flicker of Light: Post 3x19 - Barry wants to see Iris smile. (morning after angst cuddling)

TBD: 3x20 - Wally visiting Jesse on Earth 3.

Interlude***: 3x21 - Barry prioritizes alone time with Iris. (a.k.a. they pick up where they left off when HR interrupted them…)

Like It’s the Last Time***: 3x22 - Iris requests one more thing of Barry.

One Night of Weakness: Post 3x23 - Iris insists on staying alone at the loft her first night without Barry.


So this should satiate some of your Leggy hunger, at least for the time being. There’s some smut 😏, some fluff, ya know, a little bit for everybody.


Also, send feedback, thanks. Like reblog, comment.

ALSO I hope you people enjoy this and actually give feedback because spent some decent time coding everything on my phone for the italics link everything. So….


The house was empty when Peggy opened the door.

She scrunched her brow and frowned slightly. Gilbert should be home- it was his day off. She pulled off her coat and heels, tossing them on the couch as she passed them.

A breathy moan sounded through the house and her heart managed to drop and climb into her throat at the same time. She padded down the hallway in her stockings. Her steps were silent as she made her way to the bedroom. The door was open and a whimpering moan floated through.

“Oh mon dieu!”

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Self-Destruct (Jaime Reyes x Reader)


PROMPT?:  Young Justice Blue Beetle/Reader: Jaime is sent out on a mission with the reader, a somewhat senior member on the team, and finds himself getting distracted by his crush and fumbling in attempts to flirt with her. Meanwhile, she just wants to get the kid out in one piece… and maybe give him a reward for his efforts if/when she does. (Preferably fluff.)

A/N: y’all when i fOUND OUT I FINALLY GOT TO WRITE THIS I SCREAMED i am such jaime trash jfc and i have had this story prompt in my notes since the day you sent it in. Also the timeline in this was kinda confusing but I’m sure it makes sense

WARNINGS: scarab talking = bold, telepathic link = italics, not all the time though, cursing, blood, yelling

Jaime was entranced. You had been on the team waayyy longer than he had, Jesus, you were best friends with Nightwing and Kid Flash. He had heard about you for his entire interaction with the team, but he never imagined you’d be.. this. Your soft (h/c) hair and the way your body formed in the triangle with the boys. You had joined the team when you were Nightwing’s age when the team was formed, and you kicked ass. The senior team constantly complimented you and showed your training videos from years back, even when you were just a kid. Sure, you were still just Jaime’s age but you could hold your own against Nightwing. That was saying something. “Are you kidding me? I’ve been gone for like, six months. How did this happen?” you angrily whispered, throwing your arm back to motion to everyone else in the room. “(y/n), look- we called you back because we know we needed you.” Nightwing looked down at  you. He caught Jaime’s eye who was intensely watching you and he went to go walk to Bart and faceplanted not even three feet in. The impact made a large enough noise to make you flinch and turn around, and jog to him. “Hey buddy, you okay?” you smiled, helping him get back up as Bart lost it across the room, already knowing of his crush.

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Okay, I finally made this post ! You could consider as a NaruSaku AMVs and MMVs masterpost (kinda) ! I will update it every month to add new videos downloaded.

I will divide it in 3 categories: AMVs, MMVs and Others (MEP, collab…). The links in bold are my personal favorite, the links in italic are videos made be me and between brackets you will find the theme(s) of the video (angst, happiness, humor, parallels, hurt/comfort…) and also tell you if it has mentions of another pairing(s).

note: some of them have the same title because they have the same song BUT the content is not the same at all.


  1. A little more us (humor, happiness)
  2. Safe and Sound [tribute] (hurt/comfort, tribute)
  3. Apologize (+NaLu from FT. angst)
  4. “When it’s real, you can’t walk away !” (parallels w. DE from TVD)
  5. I’ll keep watching over you (selfless love, tribute)
  6. Without you (angst)
  7. Wish I could explain (angst, happiness)
  8. Insecurity (angst, hurt/comfort, happiness)
  9. Find a way (angst, devotion)
  10. My escape (tribute)
  11. And you let him go (angst)
  12. All I want 天国の地球 (angst, AU)
  13. Run (not mainly about NS but mentions of it. parallels w. Minakushi, friendship/family, tribute, hurt/comfort)
  14. I’d come for you (devotion, hurt/comfort)
  15. Say something (angst)
  16. Forever (hurt/comfort)
  17. You could be happy… (post-ending feelings. angst)
  18. Rescue me (+Minakushi. friendship/family)
  19. Lucky Strike (humor)
  20. She will be loved (hurt/comfort, second love, anti SS)
  21. more to me. (happiness, anti SS)
  22. Fuckin’ Perfect (characters, parallels)
  23. Promise of a Lifetime (Kage summit arc centered, PoaL, angst)
  24. Wish you were here (tribute. humor, happiness, angst)
  25. Ships in the Night (parallels, RtN tribute)
  26. Monster (Sai arc tribute)
  27. ‘Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.. ’ (angst)
  28. What do I stand for ? (tribute)
  29. It will be just like you were never gone (hurt/comfort)
  30. “He always saved me” (tribute. hurt/comfort)
  31. Break off the Chains (Sakura’s POV)
  32. love the way you lie… (hurt/comfort)
  33. What’s a soulmate ? (quotes, tribute)
  34. You lead, I’ll follow (fluff, happiness)
  35. Sooner or Later (tribute. happiness, hurt/comfort)
  36. Honey ♥ (happiness, hurt/comfort)
  37. Just The Way You Are (fluff, happiness)
  38. Impossible (angst, hurt/comfort)
  39. Angel sweet, love of my life (+ObiRin. angst, hurt/comfort)
  40. Need a little love ♥ (humor, fluff)
  41. Wish I could turn back the time ♥ (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  42. Entertain The Pain (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  43. Breath Me (Sakura’s POV. angst, hurt/comfort)
  44. Just The Way You Are (fluff)
  45. Still Alive (hurt/comfort)
  46. Miles Away (angst)


  1. 這不是我 That’s not me (Naruto’s POV. post-ending)
  2. Find a way (Kage summit arc centered, angst)
  3. Meant to be broken (post-ending feelings. tribute, angst)
  4. Heart ♥ beat (love/friendship, happiness)
  5. Sakura’s Wedding Dress ♥ (+love triangle w. SS. angst)
  6. According to Sasuke (second love, anti SS)
  7. Let Me Be Your Love (second love, anti SS)
  8. one masterpiece (angst)
  9. Chapter One ☆ Shounen to Shoujo (AU)
  10. What If this Storm Ends ? (4th Great Ninja World arc centered, angst)
  11. Who I am (angst, hurt/comfort)
  12. “Keep Holding On” (chap 663 tribute)
  13. A little Pain: no need to cry (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  14. What You Mean to Me (fluff)
  15. Not Enough (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  16. The Listening (Sakura’s POV. happinness)
  17. Distance (post-ending feelings, angst, hurt/comfort)
  18. One wish ★ Starbust (fluff, happiness)
  19. It’s you (+MinaKushi. fluff)
  20. 声をきかせて / Let Me Hear Your Voice (happiness)
  21. Could It Be ? (Sakura’s POV. love/friendship)


  1. All of me [MEP] (fluff, angst)
  2. “want you to know who i am” (tribute)
  3. .still alive. (hurt/comfort, hope)
  4. She’s out of My League (humor, parody trailer)
  5. 10 Things I hate about you (+ShikaIno. humor, parody trailer)
  6. You do it to me ♡ [MEP] (+NaLu from FT. love/friendship, happiness)
  7. I like that ! [collab] (happiness)
  8. Promise me, Sakura (AU)
  9. L.O.V.E Like Woe [MEP] (humor, happiness)
  10. Remember Me ? (based on a doujinshi. fluff, happiness)
  11. smile!.. (happiness, humor)
  12. Lego House [MEP] (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  13. I will be your soldier [MEP] (+MinaKushi)
  14. Smile! (Sakura’s POV. happiness, humor)
  15. I think I love You better now (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  16. I’ll follow ! [MEP] (fluff, happiness)
  17. GUARDIAN angel [MEP] (hurt/comfort)
  18. Pink & Perfect ♥ [MEP] (+MinaKushi. happiness)
  19. Best Song Ever ! [MEP] (happiness, humor)
  20. She Will Be Loved [collab] (hurt/comfort, second love)
  21. I will be here for you. (hurt/comfort)

Sometimes I poke around in my drafts (150+ atm) and find so many posts that I just 100% forgot about…half finished reblogs too, if I needed to stop and come back to them later for whatever reason, or wanted to edit in some coding later. (I mostly tumblr on moblie, so saving to drafts first gives me all the paragraph coding instead of having to also type that in manually. I often do manually type it all in for all my itallics, bold, links, etc.)

I wish I could sort them? Some things I just saved for myself for later, some are unfinished things I’ve started writing (like that livebearer post I need to get back to?), and some are reblogs I intended to respond to and forgot about. (I forget about a lot of conversations I start, I’m sorry.)

I feel like I tumblr very inefficiently.

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Hiii!!!! I wanted to know how you customize your link to the pics in ur post??? If that makes sense or how you make the link is like "xx"??? I have somebody asking me and idk how to do it. Thank you!!!

omg sorry i didn’t see this until now so you just simply type some text and then highlight it and tumblr should be suggesting some options (bold, italic, headline, LINK, strikethrough…)

then you paste in the link you want and done :)

(if you want more help you can IM me anytime)

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So you steal someone's audio without credit yet slap your own watermark over it, with no acknowledgement of the original?

I was confused as to what you meant for a second there but I noticed the link to the original didn’t get pasted in. That’s why “the line” in that post was italicized. I always make link text italics or bold so people know it’s a link since tumblr on desktop doesn’t underline links anymore. And the watermark I have is something I do by default for every video edit I make because believe it or not I do put work and time into the edits I make. 

By now just about everybody has heard the original audio post so they know where it’s from already. I went back and fixed it just because it’s the right thing to do. 

And just in case you think I’m lying about the way I link to credit sources here’s some examples I’ve done in the past: 

Lance wooing Keith

Lance; make ‘em wait for it

Keith; you’re just like the rest of them

Pidge want’s to punch a Nazi 

So there’s a handful of examples. So typically whenever text is italics for me it’s 9/10 times a link or meant to be a link. 

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Hi! Um, how do you put links to other parts of stories on your work? Like when you have part two and you put a link to part one? How do you do that? Please help!

hi! i don’t think there’s a way to do it on mobile– if someone knows, go ahead and add on to this– but while you’re on the computer, you can just highlight whatever word or phrase you want to use for your link.

once you do that, a bunch of options for things like italics, bolding, and linking should pop up! the link symbol looks a little like an infinity sign, i think? once you click on that, a little bar pops up for you to paste the link into. hope this helps!

edit: after doing a bit of research, to do a link on mobile you have to type it out in html format.

Characters: Dean x Reader


Summary: The reader still has no memory, until something changes.

Part 4 in Missing Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Italics are flashbacks. 

Part four has arrived!! I am loving this series so much, but I am afraid to say there are only maybe 1 or 2 parts left. We’ll see how it all goes, it’s just a warning. But get ready for lots of flashbacks and fun memories! Enjoy!

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do u know of any other cute merharu doujins?? i love merharu ;;v;; (also best of luck on your driver's test!! you're gonna do great!)

Oh my god I know a BUNCH of mermaid Haru doujinshis, you just gotta know where to look!

The links in italics are the ones that haven’t been scanned/are currently on sale





first of all, merry christmas! it’s still early december but i’m putting this up now just in case more of you change your urls i probably forgot tons of people cause i don’t recognize some people anymore OTL
so this is it, thanks to all of you for this year, it’s been better than the last one, still i hope it’ll get better soon~ i wish all of you a wonderful new year, merry christmas and all the happiness in the world ♥ ;v;/

special thanks in italic (hover over your link ♥), most important in my year in bold

[  rukichii / princenyeh / aozoro / pagansminions / locksters / lady-phantomhive / rukixakuchxkx / ulquioras / reira69 / taak10 / kazanogi / ellaperkele / hlflores / shutokuhigh / takaokazunyari / garekis / mmakotoz / baskebu / k-urie / aqrilene / matoki-kpop / shingekinobl / futabasan / kagamiiz / aetherreise / lifesflames / shinigami-sustituto / tsundergaay / fuckyeafma / yoshitakas (*so sorry for misspelling your url up there maria) / nakurawari / noeins / natsudragneels / trafalgar-dlaw / kazuyamiyukl / neeshinoya / emilystrawberrymilk / murasockibara / kuriiyama / shotabutt / yegas / t-oridori  ]

please listen to this and this, and have a wonderful december, don’t stress out too much and spend time with those who make you happy, don’t let anyone ruin anything for you!! thank you again. - hanna

Some of the things shown/mentioned this Monday on E3 (words in italics are links)


Xbox One S

Gears of War 4

Xbox Play Anywhere

Killer Instinct: General RAAM Reveal

Forza Horizon 3


Final Fantasy XV

The Division: Underground

Battlefield 1

Xbox Live news

Minecraft Realms

Xbox Design Lab



We Happy Few

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Tekken 7 

Dead Rising 4


Sea of Thieves

State of Decay 2

Halo Wars 2

Project Scorpio


Just Dance 2017

Ghost Recon Wildlands

South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Eagle Flight

The Division: Survival

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

For Honor

Grow Up


Assassin’s Creed Movie

Watch Dogs 2 ( 1 | 2 )

STEEP ( 1 | 2 )


God of War

The Last Guardian

Horizon Zero Dawn

Detroit Become Human

Resident Evil VII: Desolation

Sony’s VR


LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Batman Arkham VR

Final Fantasy XV

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare HD

Skylanders Imaginators: Crash Bandicoot Reveal

Death Stranding


Days Gone

Other games or news


Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Sneak peek

Gran Turismo Sport

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Wilson’s Heart


wonkyuheart  asked:

do you have picts of wonkyu with their same wardrobe or couple stuffs?? thank you .. i love you and your tumblr :D

Hello there!^^

WonKyu’s couple dress/stuff? Well, they have maaany such stuffs which they love to share with each other! Thanks so much for asking!! I hope this gives you lotsa wonkyu feelss :)



[NOTICE] For full list of wonkyu items, check here -> link.

Some of the things that were announced/shown this Sunday (words in italics are links)


Titanfall 2 ( 1 | 2 )

Madden 17

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Fifa 17 ( 1 | 2 )


Star Wars

Battlefield 1


Quake Champions

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Fallout 4/Fallout Shelter/Skyrim Special Edition



The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Brotherhood

Dishonored 2

Other news and games

The Walking Dead Season 3

Mafia 3

ReCore to be launched in September