Self-Destruct (Jaime Reyes x Reader)


PROMPT?:  Young Justice Blue Beetle/Reader: Jaime is sent out on a mission with the reader, a somewhat senior member on the team, and finds himself getting distracted by his crush and fumbling in attempts to flirt with her. Meanwhile, she just wants to get the kid out in one piece… and maybe give him a reward for his efforts if/when she does. (Preferably fluff.)

A/N: y’all when i fOUND OUT I FINALLY GOT TO WRITE THIS I SCREAMED i am such jaime trash jfc and i have had this story prompt in my notes since the day you sent it in. Also the timeline in this was kinda confusing but I’m sure it makes sense

WARNINGS: scarab talking = bold, telepathic link = italics, not all the time though, cursing, blood, yelling

Jaime was entranced. You had been on the team waayyy longer than he had, Jesus, you were best friends with Nightwing and Kid Flash. He had heard about you for his entire interaction with the team, but he never imagined you’d be.. this. Your soft (h/c) hair and the way your body formed in the triangle with the boys. You had joined the team when you were Nightwing’s age when the team was formed, and you kicked ass. The senior team constantly complimented you and showed your training videos from years back, even when you were just a kid. Sure, you were still just Jaime’s age but you could hold your own against Nightwing. That was saying something. “Are you kidding me? I’ve been gone for like, six months. How did this happen?” you angrily whispered, throwing your arm back to motion to everyone else in the room. “(y/n), look- we called you back because we know we needed you.” Nightwing looked down at  you. He caught Jaime’s eye who was intensely watching you and he went to go walk to Bart and faceplanted not even three feet in. The impact made a large enough noise to make you flinch and turn around, and jog to him. “Hey buddy, you okay?” you smiled, helping him get back up as Bart lost it across the room, already knowing of his crush.

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Prompt: headcannon: this elitist asshole demon who wanted to get rid of dip to “keep our kind clean of human filth” starts a demon brawl with dipper and that. that is the thing that made alcor the dreambender a household name and put him on the “frequently summoned demon” list

I feel like I need to apologize in advance for all the Zalgo in this. (…let me know if anything needs clarifying/translated.)

Afardow the Prideful had more than earned their name and the right to keep it only theirs. Only the finest of sacrifices would do to tempt them from the Mindscape, only the most perfect of summons with the highest quality materials, and they were powerful enough to demand them.

Though they would eagerly accept the sacrifice of lesser demons to their glory. If a demon could be bound so easily, then they were unworthy to call themselves demon and deserved to be sacrificed to give power to the more worthy.

Other demons tended to avoid them with more care than they commonly put toward not meeting with each other. A basic precaution, since while most meetings of demons led to fights, it was a guarantee if they didn’t meet Afardow’s extremely high standards of demonkind – and it was the rare demon that could.

After the Transcendence, it took time for Afardow to hear the rumors of Alcor. Little surprise when they held themselves as being above gossip, and so few would dare approach them anyway.

But hear about him, they finally did, around eight years after the world changed irrevocably.

And they weren’t happy.

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Okay, I finally made this post ! You could consider as a NaruSaku AMVs and MMVs masterpost (kinda) ! I will update it every month to add new videos downloaded.

I will divide it in 3 categories: AMVs, MMVs and Others (MEP, collab…). The links in bold are my personal favorite, the links in italic are videos made be me and between brackets you will find the theme(s) of the video (angst, happiness, humor, parallels, hurt/comfort…) and also tell you if it has mentions of another pairing(s).

note: some of them have the same title because they have the same song BUT the content is not the same at all.


  1. A little more us (humor, happiness)
  2. Safe and Sound [tribute] (hurt/comfort, tribute)
  3. Apologize (+NaLu from FT. angst)
  4. “When it’s real, you can’t walk away !” (parallels w. DE from TVD)
  5. I’ll keep watching over you (selfless love, tribute)
  6. Without you (angst)
  7. Wish I could explain (angst, happiness)
  8. Insecurity (angst, hurt/comfort, happiness)
  9. Find a way (angst, devotion)
  10. My escape (tribute)
  11. And you let him go (angst)
  12. All I want 天国の地球 (angst, AU)
  13. Run (not mainly about NS but mentions of it. parallels w. Minakushi, friendship/family, tribute, hurt/comfort)
  14. I’d come for you (devotion, hurt/comfort)
  15. Say something (angst)
  16. Forever (hurt/comfort)
  17. You could be happy… (post-ending feelings. angst)
  18. Rescue me (+Minakushi. friendship/family)
  19. Lucky Strike (humor)
  20. She will be loved (hurt/comfort, second love, anti SS)
  21. more to me. (happiness, anti SS)
  22. Fuckin’ Perfect (characters, parallels)
  23. Promise of a Lifetime (Kage summit arc centered, PoaL, angst)
  24. Wish you were here (tribute. humor, happiness, angst)
  25. Ships in the Night (parallels, RtN tribute)
  26. Monster (Sai arc tribute)
  27. ‘Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.. ’ (angst)
  28. What do I stand for ? (tribute)
  29. It will be just like you were never gone (hurt/comfort)
  30. “He always saved me” (tribute. hurt/comfort)
  31. Break off the Chains (Sakura’s POV)
  32. love the way you lie… (hurt/comfort)
  33. What’s a soulmate ? (quotes, tribute)
  34. You lead, I’ll follow (fluff, happiness)
  35. Sooner or Later (tribute. happiness, hurt/comfort)
  36. Honey ♥ (happiness, hurt/comfort)
  37. Just The Way You Are (fluff, happiness)
  38. Impossible (angst, hurt/comfort)
  39. Angel sweet, love of my life (+ObiRin. angst, hurt/comfort)
  40. Need a little love ♥ (humor, fluff)
  41. Wish I could turn back the time ♥ (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  42. Entertain The Pain (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  43. Breath Me (Sakura’s POV. angst, hurt/comfort)
  44. Just The Way You Are (fluff)
  45. Still Alive (hurt/comfort)
  46. Miles Away (angst)


  1. 這不是我 That’s not me (Naruto’s POV. post-ending)
  2. Find a way (Kage summit arc centered, angst)
  3. Meant to be broken (post-ending feelings. tribute, angst)
  4. Heart ♥ beat (love/friendship, happiness)
  5. Sakura’s Wedding Dress ♥ (+love triangle w. SS. angst)
  6. According to Sasuke (second love, anti SS)
  7. Let Me Be Your Love (second love, anti SS)
  8. one masterpiece (angst)
  9. Chapter One ☆ Shounen to Shoujo (AU)
  10. What If this Storm Ends ? (4th Great Ninja World arc centered, angst)
  11. Who I am (angst, hurt/comfort)
  12. “Keep Holding On” (chap 663 tribute)
  13. A little Pain: no need to cry (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  14. What You Mean to Me (fluff)
  15. Not Enough (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  16. The Listening (Sakura’s POV. happinness)
  17. Distance (post-ending feelings, angst, hurt/comfort)
  18. One wish ★ Starbust (fluff, happiness)
  19. It’s you (+MinaKushi. fluff)
  20. 声をきかせて / Let Me Hear Your Voice (happiness)
  21. Could It Be ? (Sakura’s POV. love/friendship)


  1. All of me [MEP] (fluff, angst)
  2. “want you to know who i am” (tribute)
  3. .still alive. (hurt/comfort, hope)
  4. She’s out of My League (humor, parody trailer)
  5. 10 Things I hate about you (+ShikaIno. humor, parody trailer)
  6. You do it to me ♡ [MEP] (+NaLu from FT. love/friendship, happiness)
  7. I like that ! [collab] (happiness)
  8. Promise me, Sakura (AU)
  9. L.O.V.E Like Woe [MEP] (humor, happiness)
  10. Remember Me ? (based on a doujinshi. fluff, happiness)
  11. smile!.. (happiness, humor)
  12. Lego House [MEP] (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  13. I will be your soldier [MEP] (+MinaKushi)
  14. Smile! (Sakura’s POV. happiness, humor)
  15. I think I love You better now (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  16. I’ll follow ! [MEP] (fluff, happiness)
  17. GUARDIAN angel [MEP] (hurt/comfort)
  18. Pink & Perfect ♥ [MEP] (+MinaKushi. happiness)
  19. Best Song Ever ! [MEP] (happiness, humor)
  20. She Will Be Loved [collab] (hurt/comfort, second love)
  21. I will be here for you. (hurt/comfort)

Characters: Dean x Reader


Summary: The reader still has no memory, until something changes.

Part 4 in Missing Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Italics are flashbacks. 

Part four has arrived!! I am loving this series so much, but I am afraid to say there are only maybe 1 or 2 parts left. We’ll see how it all goes, it’s just a warning. But get ready for lots of flashbacks and fun memories! Enjoy!

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Some of the things that were announced/shown this Sunday (words in italics are links)


Titanfall 2 ( 1 | 2 )

Madden 17

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Fifa 17 ( 1 | 2 )


Star Wars

Battlefield 1


Quake Champions

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Fallout 4/Fallout Shelter/Skyrim Special Edition



The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Brotherhood

Dishonored 2

Other news and games

The Walking Dead Season 3

Mafia 3

ReCore to be launched in September

Drunk (Michael)


Anonymous said: “Can you write one with Michael and he decided he wanted to go to a party and he comes home really late and you checked to see if he was okay and ou found him butt naked laying in the living room and you decided to help him into bed, but he has other things in mind. 😉😉 THANKS I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG SORRY THIS IS SO LONG!!”

It’s literally in the middle of the night but I felt like I kinda owed you something and I also felt very inspired to write lol

I hope you enjoy this :) x (sorry it’s so short) 


You are woken by the door slamming shut, pulling you from your dreamless sleep. It takes a few seconds for your brain to catch up, but then you remember that Michael, your best friend of all times who you are sharing this apartment with, had decided earlier that he wanted to go out and party tonight with some of his mates. 

You roll over to your side you check the time. 3 am your phone says (really, Michael?). You groan and close your eyes again, hoping that you can return to your peaceful sleep again without being interrupted this time. 

It takes about two minutes until you realize that it’s awfully quiet in the apartment. Almost too quiet. 

Michael is usually one of those people who are very loud and chatty when they get drunk, which you assume he is right now. It doesn’t make any sense though, you haven’t even heard him go into his bedroom. 

You sigh before you pull yourself out of bed (very reluctantly) and walk out of your bedroom with heavy steps. You shiver as soon as you are met with the slightly colder air in the hallway, you are only wearing one of Michaels t-shirts that you had “accidentally” ended up in your room after your laundry had gotten mixed together the month before, after all. No wonder your cold. You cross your arms over your chest as you quietly walk through the apartment. 

He is indeed not in his room, meaning that he’s either in the living room or in the kitchen. 

“Michael?” You call out. 

At first you are met with nothing but silence. But then you can very loud and clearly hear something that sounds like a mixture of a string of swear words and giggling. 

What the hell? Isn’t he alone? 

Another giggle that is definitely Michael’s breaks the silence and it is coming from the living room. 

“Michael, what are yo- oh my god!” You shield you eyes with your hands, but it is too late, you’ll never get that imagine out of your head. 

Michael is lying on the couch, struggling with getting his boxers down his legs, but they are stuck by his knees. His whole junk is out on display (which you, very involuntarily, just had to witness) and he is clearly extremely drunk. 

You don’t really know what to do, you can tell that he is super drunk, but you can’t really just walk up to him while he is completely naked, can you? It’ll be embarrassing for the both of you in the morning if he remembers it. 

You clear you throat as if to let him know that you’re there since he doesn’t seem to have noticed you yet. You get no response except a relieved sigh when you guess he managed to get his underwear off. 

“Michael, could you- uhm… Could you cover up or something?” You ask, keeping your eyes closed. 

“Y/N?” He asks, slurring out your name, followed by a giggle. “Come join me. Why aren’t you joining me?" 

"You’re naked, Michael. And drunk. Please out your clothes back on so I can get you to bed.” You say, waiting. 

“Whhhyyyy? I’m sooo hooot, Y/N.” He complains, dragging out the words. “I’ve been all hot and bothered all evening and- oh my god, Calum told me about this really hot position that he saw in a video, pleeeease can we try it, Y/N???” Michael says and you almost choke on your own spit. 

You can hear him standing up from the couch and walking up to you, stumbling slightly. 

“Wait, are you wearing my shirt? You have noooo idea how sexy you look in my shirt, baby." 

"Michael, let’s just go to bed, yeah? You are going to regret this tomorrow, so please just put some clothes on?” You say, feeling your cheeks heat up when you can suddenly feel Michael’s alcohol stained breath hit your face. 

“Don’t be such a boob punch, it could be funnnn. Right?” He says, still trying to convince you. He prods you hands away from your eyes, but you squeeze then shut immediately. “Come on, open your eyes.” Michael sing songs, giggling. 

You open you eyes, but keep them strictly focused on his face, which isn’t as smug as you thought it would’ve been. He looks awfully pale all suddenly and his eyebrows are scrunched together. 

“Are you going to throw up, Mikey?” You ask and he nods quickly, eyes widening. 

You successfully manage to make it to the kitchen sink (gross) before he absolutely empties his stomach. Your hand is on his back, soothingly rubbing circles as he continues to throw up. 

He whines and grabs for your hand before his body starts to convulse again. 

“Shh, it’s okay. Just let it all out.” You say. 

If you hadn’t felt so sorry for him, you had probably been laughing by now. He is standing hunched over in the kitchen, his white, perky bum sticking out and one sock still on his foot. His hair is pointing in every way possible and he is so drunk he can barely stand on his feet. This would make a hell of a Christmas card (you’re not that cruel though, Michael would literally kill you). 

“Make it stop.” He groans, leaning against the sink, breathing heavily. All thoughts on trying out new sex positions long gone. 

After another few minutes of throwing up and another few minutes of waiting for him to throw up again, you slowly start to make your way to his bedroom (after you’ve made sure that his stomach has calmed down enough). You had made him drink at least two glasses of water first, to rinse away the bad taste of vomit but also to possibly decrease the hangover he is going to wake up to. 

His arm is draped over your shoulders and he is leaning almost all of his weight on you. You’re trying the best you can not to look any further down than his chest area, but when he lies down on his bed with both his arms and legs spread wide, it is inevitable unfortunately (he is big, you have to admit, but not as big as he had made you think he was after all these years of bragging, “can barely wrap my hand around it”, total bullshit). 

“Goodnight, Michael.” You say and lean down to place a kiss on his forehead. “Sleep tight.” You can hear him mumble something right before you walk out of his room, but he is already fast asleep when you turn around. You shake you head but can’t help but smile. What a night.


A/N: I’m so sorry for any mistakes (we all know autocorrect can be a bitch sometimes) but I’m not used to writing like this, but I’ll make sure to check it in the morning. Hope you liked it anyway! x

update: I’ve fixed it the best I can now! I wrote this on my ipad so it was a bit of a mess, but hopefully it’s okay now :) x

#51. ‘The Circle Will Never End’

Wake Me Up Series: The Circle Will Never End- One Shot #51


Note: A little bit of Niall and Harry to help you through your week (well, what’s left of it now). This is all pre-Gemma, so Niall is a single pringle and everything. I quite enjoyed writing this one because you get to see in Niall’s head for a bit, and I don’t feel like we’ve gotten that often in the series. So, I really hope you like this one! Enjoy, lovelies! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS ONE!

Also, this takes place a month after: Part 12: A Mumma’s Most Terrifying Dream Come True.

Harry’s texts are in bold, Niall’s texts are in italics. 

Any visuals/links will be linked with the italicized and highlighted/capitalized texts.



Niall liked his beer. A lot.

And it wasn’t just any ordinary beer, no. He liked that kind of beer that put hair on his chest, the proper Irishman beer - at least, that was what he liked to call it. He liked the beer that wasn’t from any well known manufacturers, but beer whose name could not be recognized at the drop of a hat. And he preferred his beer with small slices of oranges - some clung to the side of the glass, and the others used as a small side snack - in the comfort of his own home with a good golf game playing. Because for those who didn’t know, Niall also really liked his golf.

But even with his favorite match playing - Rory McIlroy had a pretty stellar game, and Niall enjoyed it so much he had decided to keep it on his DVR that day - and his favorite pint of beer and orange slices, he felt lonely. In fact, he was lonely. Terribly lonely. The days of One Direction were gradually falling to a slow crawl, and while Niall still saw the lads nearly everyday, he missed them. He missed it all.

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A Peek into the Future P4

—I forgot Tikki… can we just assume she’s sitting on Marinette’s shoulder the whole time?

When Marinette’s panic attack subsided, the two Ladybugs eased into a more comfortable conversation. One revolving around a certain blonde model

“Is Adrien still modeling?”

Of course, the older Ladybug knew exactly where he was. Aside from the small flicker of a smile, she was good at hiding it. “Yes, but he’s drifted into the background of the fashion industry.” Marinette tilted her head in question. “He actually works more closely with his father instead of being the one in front of the camera.”

The girl gasped. She was sure she was hearing it right, but she just had to ask, “He’s better with his father now?”

“Better than ever. Although, I’m pretty sure a certain cat helped along in that.”

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Quick PSA for the new post box (since I’m seeing some confusion):

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