Trump Administration Position on Supreme Court Case Suggests Melania Trump Could Be Deported

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard a case involving a Serbian woman who was deported after it turned out she’d misrepresented a fact about her husband during the process of becoming an American citizen. The Trump administration argued to the court that not only was the woman in question’s deportation defensible, but that any inaccuracy on official paperwork, even regarding the most trivial and “immaterial” issues, can justify deportation and the revocation of citizenship. It’s a position that even conservative chief justice John Roberts found to be an extreme one….

What’s particularly interesting about the Trump administration supporting such an argument is that Melania Trump appears to have committed just such an omission on her own naturalization paperwork. In 2016, a lawyer representing Melania—a native of Slovenia who was naturalized in 2006—attested that he had reviewed her immigration documents and found no evidence that she had ever violated U.S. law. Later that year, however, the Associated Press uncovered records showing that she had in fact done paid modeling work for several weeks while she was staying in the U.S. in 1996 on a visitor visa, which would have been a violation of that visa’s terms. If, as her lawyer’s statement would appear to imply, Melania did not subsequently disclose this violation on other immigration documents, the Trump administration’s current position would thus suggest she—the First Lady of the United States—is subject to deportation.

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