The Greek Fight - 28 October 1940

On this day 76 years ago, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini made an ultimatum, asking that Greece allows Axis forces to enter the country peacefully. The Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas refused to surrender his country, however, and signaled Greece’s entry into the Second World War with the single phrase “Then it is war!” 

Italy stationed troops in Albania and attacked the Greek border right before dawn. On that day, the people of Greece took to the streets, people of all ages and ideologies chanting “όχι!” time after time as a form of resistance. 

Although the country had little equipment, all of it outdated, its people fought bravely. The Italians’ plan to capture the pass at Metsovo and break into the Greeks’ supply, which would be decisive to the war, was thwarted by the Hellenic warriors. Men, women and children, the sick, the elderly and the handicapped all helped recapture the villages initially taken by Mussolini’s men, who - along with the Albanian reinforcements - suffered heavy losses. 

The local population did not know how to hold a gun or strategize. They were short of food and clothing, and the long journeys over the mountain terrain, surviving harsh weather conditions, were deadly. Nevertheless, they held the Pindus Mountains successfully and cleared the area of Italian units. 

It is no wonder that Winston Churchill later exclaimed the words “Hence we will not say that the Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.” 

To those who fought for their families and their country, both soldiers and civilians. 

To those who were part of one of Europe’s bravest, most successful resistance armies. 

To those who gave their lives to save not just their homeland, but the entire world - to stall the invasion of Russia, to hold off not one, but four armies at once, and to protect their allies. 


Small worlds.


Extreme Glass House by Santambrogio

This is no movie set or any kind of art object; it is in fact a residence. This glass concept home is created by Italian design firm Santambrogio. Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio have said that it was the desire of the client to build it in glass completely. Located in Milan, in the middle of a wood. The glass material used for the construction is 6 to 7 mm thick. The material can be specially heated during the winter, which is one of the best and most demanded characteristic feature of the house. 

As you can see, everything in this house is made of glass including the floorings, ceilings and the staircases — yes you’re reading it right, glass staircases. Even the book cases, the tables and the cabinets are made of glass.

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Source Photo’s: news.arcilook


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Un mueble mmodulUS es más que un mueble …

Un mueble mmodulUS es más que un mueble ya que cada uno de los módulos y de los complementos que lo componen puede formar parte de muchas composiciones.

Los diseños mmodulUS son objetos vivos en el tiempo ya que, gracias a su modularidad, permiten una reconfiguración constante.

Cinco módulos y una serie de complementos, fáciles y rápidos de montar,  permiten renovar el espacio una y otra vez, incluso en el mismo día y con un mínimo esfuerzo, según las exigencias y necesidades.


“The Emergence of Adam Driver: The unlikely breakout star of HBO’s girls was once an aimless Indiana kid who got in fights and set things on fire. Now, as he prepares for major roles in the next Martin Scorsese movie and Star Wars: Episode VII, his colleagues are comparing him to De Niro, Pacino, and Brando.”

“Breakthrough: At age thirty, he has served his apprenticeship and is ready to go.”

“In the driver’s seat: The Indiana-raised actor, a former Marine, on location in the Everglades.”

“The Outsider: Driver worked as a security guard prior to his acceptance at Juilliard.”

“Happy Ending: Driver, shown here with a baby gator named Al, says he used to make people cry before he learned to ‘calm down.’”