Baby Love

In case y’all ever wanted a story where Beca and Chloe have a very exciting gender reveal party, here it is. You can find this story and a bunch of my other Bechloe family stories right here

Beca was a bundle of nerves today. Today they would be finding out the gender of their baby and she honestly could not be more excited. Because Beca and Chloe both have best friends with a penchant to do things dramatically, they were coerced into having a gender reveal party (albeit it took more convincing on Beca’s part than Chloe’s). Aubrey being the amazing planner she is, somehow managed to find a day that fit everyone’s schedule. Now they have all of the Bellas, a few Trebles here and Chloe’s family in New York to celebrate this day with them. Beca’s mom was unable to make it, but they agreed to FaceTime her during the reveal.

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Chicago for One

I heard about this and I physically could not resist writing. Just a little Sabriel fluff because I can. trekchik, this is for you.

Gabriel doesn’t even like football.

He sips at his beer and watches the… which one is that? Linebacker? Wide Receiver? Run down toward the goalpost. As many football games as he watched growing up (thanks to his dad and four brothers), It would reason that he’d be able to follow a game. Sadly, though, this entire thing escapes him. He glances at the scoreboard displayed on the Jumbotron, groaning over the fact there’s still eight minutes left and it’s only the 2nd quarter.

Gabriel lifts up an arm as a beer vendor climbs the steps leading to his section.

“Beer me,” He calls out. The beer vendor pulls a plastic cup from the tray and passes it over as Gabriel hands him a $10.

“Got the section all to yourself, I see?” the vendor says as he makes change. Gabriel glances over at the six adjacent empty chairs.

“Yeah, I’m here for a bachelor party… Not my bachelor party,” he quickly adds when he sees the flicker of pity in the man’s eyes. “My brother’s. But he… uh, well he missed his flight out of San Diego. As did everyone else.”

“Hmph,” the vendor says as he offers Gabriel his change.

“Keep it,” he mumbles, waving the guy away. The vendor thanks him and continues up the steps.

“Why we couldn’t watch a football game in San Diego, I have no idea,” Gabriel mutters to himself.

It’s a lie actually; he knows exactly why Michael wanted to fly his entire wedding party to Chicago.

“Look, I’m a Bears fan and I want to go to a Bears game for my bachelor party,” He’s complained when Gabriel brought up the idea of a beer-and-strippers type of party. “And if I’m going to a Bears game, I might as well do it in Chicago. I’m only getting married once and I want to do it right!” Michael didn’t appreciated Gabriel’s laughter at the last comment.

Gabriel wonders if this might be the first recorded case of a Groomzilla. He has no idea how Eve puts up with his shit.

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