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DIY Inspiration: Pixel Painted Furniture. First seen at one of my favorite sites for cool content: (and for lots more furniture images go to the top link). This furniture is from a collaboration between Studio Badini Createam and Selab. 

TIP: You can find legal personal use images of art from museums - just google “free art images museums”. Also, lots of free onlline photo editing programs like can pixelate your photos.


Things that inspire us: 

Peacock Armchair by Dror for Capellini

“A peacock tail is a remarkable creation. The feathers are lightweight and fragile, but become powerful when positioned in a particular way. I wondered if it was possible to give this quality to a textile. Could a strategic configuration give fabric uncharacteristic strength?

We discovered that folding felt into a gentle wave provided enough structure to support a person’s body weight. When gathered into a crescent, the undulating form mimicked the shape of a peacock tail (and the backrest of a chair). As a fowl’s tail is made solely of feathers, it was important for our design to somehow let the felt stand on its own.

The Peacock Chair consists of three felt rings, which are folded and clipped into place on a simple metal frame. No stitching, glue, or additional material is required for the felt to maintain its distinctive profile. Manufactured by Cappellini, the cocoon-like lounger, now part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection, is among the Italian furniture maker’s most iconic pieces.”

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This ornate desk on display in the Ross County Historical Society’s Victorian parlor once belonged to James Emmett of Waverly, Ohio. Emmett reportedly saw the desk in the palace of the Doge of Venice, Italy while he was on his Grand Tour of Europe. The “Grand Tour” was a tradition in which young men would travel to the major tourist cities of Europe when they had completed their education. Emmett purchased the desk and brought it back to Ohio. 

Ivory inlay surrounds the tortoise shell panels, and delicate ivory spindles span the top. Each drawer pull features the head of a satyr. The lower drawer pulls are gilded lion or gorgon heads with a ring mounted in their mouths. The very top of the desk is crowned with a gilded statues of Roman gods.

Decorate Your Home With The Best Empire Style Furniture From Bernadette Livingston

The empire style furniture is basically the elaborated neoclassical style of furnishing of the period of Napoleon the first emperor of France (1804-1815). The roman inspired furniture ranges played a major role here as the Roman government converted to an empire from a republic. But there was no distinctive style of this type of architecture. This style of furniture was inspired largely by Percier and Fontaine- the architects of Napoleon.

This period mainly combined the martial symbols as well as the grandeur of Rome with the elements of Greek architecture and the ancient Egyptian motifs. Besides, the conventional classic motifs, which were already found in the reign of Louis XVI, were supplemented by the symbols of imperial grandeur. These include:

• The monogram and the emblem of the emperor- the bee
• Egyptian motifs after successful campaigning in Egypt
• Representation of the military trophies

This type of furniture can be characterized easily by the symmetry in decoration and by the clear-cut silhouettes. Besides, the furniture ranges of this era are architectural in concept, massive in size and also trimmed abundantly in brass and bronze on mahogany, ebony and rosewood.

Apart from that, the Mahogany-veneered furniture ranges with ormolu mounts (a kind of brass used to imitate gold) assumed the shapes of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman tables and chairs with pilasters headed with busts, sphinxes or palm leaves and with winged-lion supports. There was no classical prototype. Rather the modern designs were enlivened with the motifs of ancient ornaments or with symbolic implications in reference to the reign of Napoleon.
So, if you are interested in this furniture style and want to decorate your interior with the style of the French emperor, then visit Bernadette Livingston Furniture. Here you will find a complete range of high end and luxurious empire style furniture, which will define your class.