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oisuga + 2 or 46! please & thank you

46: “this wasn’t how i planned our first date!”

When Oikawa watches Suga sock Karasuno’s captain in the stomach (multiple times), Oikawa’s pretty sure he’s in love, and says as much.

“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa blurts, entranced by the way Sawamura doubles over in pain, “I’m in love.”

Iwaizumi turns to look at Oikawa, thinks for about two seconds, then continues stretching. “With whom,” Iwaizumi humors him, focusing on touching the ground with his fingertips.

“With Mr. Refreshing,” Oikawa continues, still watching Suga as he ruffles Hinata’s hair. Suga’s smile takes up half of his face, all pearly white and bright. Oikawa wonders why he hadn’t noticed before.

“You better focus on our practice match with them,” Iwaizumi grunts before smirking at the floor. Iwaizumi is best at baiting Oikawa. “I don’t think he’d be impressed by a loser.”

Oikawa gasps and looks down at Iwaizumi’s hair. “Iwa-chan! We’re going to win, of course,” Oikawa declares, eyes flashing. “And then I’ll ask him out.”

Aoba Johsai does win, but only after the third set, and by a point. Oikawa is happy, but even more so when a perplexed but seemingly pleased Suga says yes to his invitation.

Oikawa’s ecstasy devolves into pure misery the following Saturday as he stands on the Aoba Johsai volleyball court, dripping wet from the still-running sprinklers in the gym. Suga is with him, staring curiously at the ceiling before attempting to salvage the remains of their picnic basket and cloth, seemingly unbothered by the water drenching his and Oikawa’s clothes.

They can both hear the screams of “You’ll never take our setter alive!” from somewhere in the distance. Oikawa figures that the libero and wing spiker from Karasuno had probably (most likely) snuck in and pulled the fire alarm. He wants to strangle them.

“This,” Oikawa moans, “wasn’t how I planned our first date.”

The sprinklers finally stop then, and Suga shakes the water from out of his hair. “It’s all right, Oikawa, really,” Suga laughs, wringing the bottom of his shirt. “It’s partly my fault, anyway, because of those two.”

“Suga-chan,” Oikawa whines, “this date was supposed to be perfect, you know!” He plops down on the floor and puts his face in his hands, thoroughly embarrassed. And just really, really sad. Is wanting to get to know Mr. Refreshing and his kind laugh and playful violence better too much to ask?

“Oikawa,” Suga calls. When Oikawa refuses to look up, Suga bends down and gently pries Oikawa’s hands off his face. Oikawa pouts, his normally tufty hair flat, wet, and ridiculous against his forehead.

Suga leans in to kiss Oikawa on the cheek.

“I hope that makes you feel better,” Suga grins at the now sputtering mess that is Oikawa as he lightly pushes back the wet bangs on Oikawa’s face. At this point, Oikawa flushes a very healthy red, pointedly looking at the floor instead of at Suga.

“I really like your gym, so let’s have that picnic next week,” Suga chuckles, “I’ll ask Ennoshita to tie them up next time.”

Oikawa nods, still stunned into silence, but smiling.

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nickname: Kyungsoo/Bianuś/Biankuś/Mimbla

star sign: sagittarius

gender: femalee

orientation: Kim Jongin, Song Kyungil and Matthew Noszka lol

favorite color: grey and dusty pink and blue

time right now: 11:26 pm

average hours of sleep: 5-9

lucky number: 3 and 8

last thing I googled: dusty blue lol

favorite fictional character: idk who to choose ;;

dream job: one that allows me to travel and create (I’m interested in way too many things)

what I am currently wearing: grey leggins and a mint hoodie

height: 172 cm, I think?

number of blankets I sleep with: 1

when did you create your blog: I think it was October 2012

current amount of followers:  hehe does it matter?^^

what do you post about: bw exo with lots of Jongin 😍

do you have any other blogs: yep it’s @kaimdown (100% Jongin😉)

when did your blog reach its “peak”: have it?:p

who is your most active follower: @kaifection 😘

what made you decide to get a tumblr: my best friend had it and also I couldn’t keep my love for shinee private anymore

do you get asks on a daily basis: nooooo

why did you choose your URL: Idk what was I thinking when I created it as a thirteen year old lol

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me: wears dirty aviators indoors, looks like im having 3 hang overs simultaneously, has nothing on me but a 50 euro bill and one (1) glove, sounds like a cross between a chainsaw and microsoft mike, is maybe half your height
me: still flirts with you like im the hottest thing in a 50 mile radius

Top 5 Songs That Remind Me Of Captain Swan

Tagged by the wonderful @cat-sophia. She’s doing an amazing job with those GTKY posts. And since she already mentioned all the popular choices in her post that leaves me with a slightly more difficult task. So let’s see…

1) Stand By You - Rachel Platten

“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you” - I mean is there even more perfect song for Captain Swan at this moment? I get so emotional whenever I hear it. And the best thing about this song is that it’s not sad or devastating. It’s full of hope and faith and love. If you want something to cheer you up I highly reccomed to listen to this song. 

2) You Matter To Me - Sara Bareilles & Jason Mraz

“It’s addictive the minute yourself think, the things that I say just maigh matter to someone/All of this time I’ve been keeping my mind on the running away” - what a lovely duet, I’m telling you. I love the simplicity of this song and the lyrics are perfect for Killian and Emma and how their walls crumbled thanks to the love they have for each other. 

3) Never Seen Anything Quite Like You - The Script

“Sometimes words just ain’t enough for this love that’s more than love”  - I admit the chorus isn’t the perfect fit for the canon Captain Swan (there’s one line that doesn’t work) but the rest of the song reminds me of all the sweet moments and that part I just quoted? simply amazing and makes me cry everytime. 

4) Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon

This video is the only explanation you need to understand why this song is perfect for them. I can’t even count how many times I watched… Srsly, it’s almost embarassing. 

5) Ready To Love Again - Lady Antebellum

“It must be time to move on now, without the fear of how this might end” - this song is my Emma Swan anthem. Everything is perfect and everything hurts but not really. 

Character that...

I was tagged by @natsustarrevolution, thank you~!

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Character that…
Has yellow eyes: Kise Ryota - Kuroko no Basket
Has blue eyes: Wataya Arata - Chihayafuru
Has red eyes: Matsuoka Rin - Free!
Has white hair: Makishima Shougo - Psycho-Pass
Has black hair: Hak - Akatsuki no Yona
Has freckles: Yamaguchi Tadashi - Haikyuu!!
Wears braces: Ummm, I don’t know lmao.
Wears glasses: Midorima Shintarou - Kuroko no Basket
Is older than you: Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter (lmao I had to use him somewhere XD)
Is younger than you: LOL who to choose…. Kageyama Tobio - Haikyuu!!
Has your age: Well I’m sure some character out there is my age but I ain’t bothered to go look XD
Is taller than you: Tsukishima Kei - Haikyuu!!
Is shorter than you: LMAO Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan
Likes to read: Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul
Likes to eat: Murasakibara Atsushi - Kuroko no Basket
Likes to play video games: Katsuragi Keima - The World God Only Knows
Can run for 30 minutes: Fujiwara Takeru - Prince of Stride
Can’t run for 30 minutes: Lelouch Vi Britannia (or Lamperouge) - Code Geass
You loved and still love: Su-Won!!! - Akatsuki no Yona
You hated and still hate: Hanamiya Makoto - Kuroko no Basket
You loved but now hate: Netero Isaac - Hunter x Hunter (I have my reasons! ;w;)
You hated but now love: Seifer Almasy - FFVIII (thank you fanfic writers XD)
Is a cinnamon roll: Genos - One Punch Man
Is a sinnamon roll: Tsukiyama Shuu - Tokyo Ghoul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

I tag (not 12 people lol): @stubborn-dandere-heart @illgiveyoutheshadows @kenmamama @w-tchkid @chiyamabunny @gumichan-anime @gloriouscrowncreator @recklesssketches (only if you want to!)

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Give me 6 characters and I’ll tell you who i would:

  • Push off a cliff: L, at first I’m put him in “wrap a blanket around” because he looks like he needs love but I couldn’t stad the ther characters being thrown off a cliff i,M SORRY
  • Kiss: Sakurai Nana, the chick manager from POS because she’s so damn cute oh my god
  • Marry: TSUKKI, BECAUSE HE NEEDS TO GET HIS ASS KICKED ONCE IN A WHILE AND I’M 300% READY TO DO THAT also he’s like 40 cm taller than me and i have a height difference kink so
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Jian Yi, cinnamol roll too pure for this world, he needs to know there’s someone for him in this cruel and mad world
  • Be Roommates with: BB-8, because he’s so friendly and cute


anonymous asked:

Hi! :) I just wanted to leave you a message and let you know how much I appreciate your contributions to the Klaine fandom. You capture K&B exactly as I see them, and exactly how I wish we could see them now. You have always been one of my favourite writers in fandom, so I just wanted to let you know that what you put out there is appreciated and admired. Thank you!

Thank you! Gosh I don’t know what to say, this is so nice! Guess I’ll quit slacking off and go write something for you then!

[Get to Know Me]

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Name : Kailey

Nicknames : Don’t have one anymore, ohwell

Star sign : Aquarius

Gender : Female

Height : 5′ 4.5″

Favorite color : Either Purple, Turquoise or Grey 

Time right now : 4:49am

Average hours of sleep : During the week like 4 hours maybe? Weekends is probably 8-12 hours

Lucky number : 16

Number of blankets I sleep with : Usually just 1 

Favorite characters: Shit bro. I’m going to try to keep this at a reasonable amount. All of my Haikyuu!! children, especially Kenma ♡ Yukine, Nagisa Hazuki, Kaneki and Hide, Nicolas Brown, I may or may not have a slight love for the whole Prince of Stride squad already oops okay imma stop myself there.

Favorite books : I don’t have a favorite but I’ve read and love all of the books by Dan Brown

Favorite bands : hahaha haha h ah. Plz don’t get me started here ;-; I love way too much so i’m going to just skip this or else I won’t ever finish the tag.

Dream job : I don’t have one tbh … but i’m really into new media art soooo

What I’m wearing right now : blue/white joggers, a black tank and grey jacket

When did you create this blog: It was the beginning of January this year!

Current amount of followers : 97 thankyou all so much ♡♡♡

What do you post about : 112% gay volleydorks

Do you have any other blogs : yeahh, I have like 3 others

When did your blog reach its peak: probs when I made that Iwaoi headcanon a couple weeks ago. That was p cool B)

What made you decide to get Tumblr : I wanted my own personal bubble to do whatever I wanted with. Here I could be with all of my interests and likes without having to worry about rl people. Like a comfort space of some sort. and I may have been in search of some friends (but you didn’t hear that from me)

Do you get asks on a daily basis : no T-T but it’d be nice to get one every once and awhile, I’ll pay you in monopoly money c;

Why did you choose your URL :

2 reasons

  • 1. because it was referenced and talked about so often that it stuck with me.
  • 2. because I decided to see it as a positive thing. I get that it was an insult however to me all of the boys from each team have worked so hard that in my eyes, they are all kingsofthecourt , they all deserve recognition for being fantastic players.
  • 3. bc it’s cute af to me and I like it a lot

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