Missed chances

I was invited to Necromancia’s yearly artbook last year but due to a communication mishap, they never officially received my contribution on time so I wasn’t actually in the artbook :’D

“but I’m not bitter”, says a very bitter person.

It was still fun though! The artbook was set up like super smash bros, but the players were all the artists’ OCs. Here’s mine, Lady Tohora and her whale Mister Sterling.

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Alycia looks desperate to get out of the 'the 100' discourse, her eyes on that mtv award photo... is like that one meme with the dog and everything burning around. I know it's not her fault or anything, she probably just wants to move on with her career, i wish people would stop harassing her too

I’m kinda at the point now that I really want her to come to ClexaCon, but if she really doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to associate with us, then I hope she decides to not attend. I don’t want her to feel obligated and then resent us even more. I don’t want her to go to ClexaCon and basically resent everyone she sees and meets. I am very good at taking social cues, and that is what I’m getting from her. I don’t think she wants the attention or the support. It’s understandable with everything that has happened, but I hate feeling like a burden on people. Idk, with adc everything comes in waves. Sometimes I feel like she cares and other times I’m like, okay, I got the hint.

I’d do anything


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Song: Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Quote: “You were my almost.” <and I wish you could have been my always>

A/N - This is in Dan’s POV…not really…kinda….I think….IDK DUDE OK?? I had to scroll sososo much to figure out what was the last one shot I did so this could be accurate OTL although its kind my fault for not numbering the last two

One-shot 49

She’s beautiful.

Absolutely breathtaking.

And you’re positive she was still fretting over her hair before she walked out through the double doors to walk down the aisle, even though every strand is perfect.

Today is a gorgeous day, an amazing, straight-out-of-fairytales day for a wedding. Exactly what you wanted. And every flower and flower petal were arranged exactly how she wanted. Exactly what you hoped. And it felt like everyone took a collective breath as she appeared. 

But you didn’t care at all. 

She was the only thing you were looking at and the only thing that mattered at that moment.

Her smile was so warm and so immensely happy you couldn’t break away. You loved the way her eyes would squint up when she smiled, even though she’s told you countless times she hated it.

Or the way she loved rain, and smelling the wet soil after a particularly rough storm.

And blasting the A/C just so she could cocoon herself in all the blankets.

You loved every single thing about her, and you know people say that all the time but once you feel so strongly about a person, you can’t let them go. 

It felt like eternity but she finally made it to the end of the aisle and you saw her be handed off…to her fiance, who looked just as bright and radiant as Y/N.

You would do anything for her. Even now. Even though she belongs to someone else you would go to the ends of the earth to make her happy. 

“Are you alright?” You heard Phil whisper worriedly next to you.

“Yeah,” you answered, shutting your eyes tightly before turning to give him a smirk, “why wouldn’t I be? Look at how happy she is with him.”


“If I’m not married by…60…I’m marrying you.” She laughed, peering up at you from your lap.

“60? Seriously?”



“You made us walk like a hundred miles to look at the sky?”

“You’re the one you said you wanted to go stargazing.”

“That was when it was six in the evening, not three in the fucking morning, Dan. I’m pretty sure we passed like two drug deals.”

“It looks nicer this way!”


“It’s raining! Look! Damnit Dan, look!”

“Ow! Don’t hit me!”


“Yes, Y/N, it’s raining. You’ve been yelling that for the past five minutes.”


You would have made her so happy.

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Your take on Anushka's recent comments about Salman ??? Film companion interview.

I was pleasantly surprised, I think she did a good job addressing it. She did more than I expected her to do, at least.

It’s unfair to expect that she be like “lol this asshole” about a person she just worked with, but she rightly called his comments insensitive and said that there was a bigger lesson that has hopefully been learned here, that you can’t use the word rape lightly the way many people do. And her comments about not knowing him at all were interesting, considering they just made a movie together but apparently had no real one-on-one conversations. Says a lot lol

Ultimately, she’s right in that it’s not her responsibility to go tell a grown man to apologize for something he said. If he hasn’t said anything, it’s because he never intended to. That’s not really her fault or something she should have to answer for.

I don’t even really care particularly about Moriarty. I didn’t even used to like plot theories, I was one of you!!! Just enjoying the romance. Saying I didn’t care about anything but the relationship. You all turned me into this by giving me attention for making videos and so making me watch the show more carefully, this is your fault.

Just found out what happened in dallas

A couple bad officers is not an excuse to go shoot officers who aren’t at fault. To people blaming the officers for not doing anything, these officers may lose their jobs if they spoke out against the racist ones and if this was the only way you could make money and feed your family, you’d want to try to keep your job too. Unless someone starts something where police officers can be assured they will not lose their jobs for speaking out, change isn’t really going to happen.

Those Dallas cops didn’t do crap, yet their families are suffering because a few dumbass cops put up a bad impression for the rest.
First it was the lives of people of colour that these bad cops took
Now their actions are taking the lives of innocent cops

This is not the way to go through with stuff
No wonder America’s working backwards, everyone fights one fight with another fight
This is why there are barriers when it comes down to the acceptance of people. One party’s innocent people get hurt by another so they retaliate on the other party’s innocent members and everyone just ends up hating each other.

Some of the people standing for the rights of black people don’t like cops so they hurt innocent ones. Do you think those cops’ children are going to like the people who shot their father? Probably not, unless they properly understand that the people who shot their father don’t represent an entire community, they’ll probably end up hating on people of colour and anyone standing up for their rights. Do you think those kids of colour whose father’s were shot by cops, are going to like cops? Probably not unless they understand, once again, a few bad people don’t represent an entire community.

What I’m trying to get at is hate brews more hate.

Don’t hate white people - it’s not their fault that SOME white people did and are doing bad things (hell, one of those cops in the previous two shootings was Asian, not white)
Don’t hate black people - it’s not their fault that SOME black people break the law
Don’t hate cops - it’s not their fault that SOME of them are racist
Don’t hate anyone - it’s no ones fault that some people are bad

Stephanie + Ethan

Ethan was frustrated. Yes he was a party boy and loved to hook up with most anything that moved and maybe he was a privileged sort that had his own off campus place that may or may not be a smaller sized penthouse, but that was not really his fault his family had a lot of money. He knew some people hated him just for that fact more than just sleeping with a lot of people. Yet there was one teacher who seemed to hate him more and that was his psych professor. She was a real hardass on him just because most the information came to him easy apparently meant he was cheating. So much so she arranged a special exam just for him in her office after his soccer practice. Once he left the field he drove over to her office not bothering to take a shower and went up to her office and the door was open. he didn’t say a word he simply took out a pen and sat back waiting for her to get this started. The only thing that made this slightly bearable was that she was incredibly hot and she had undone a few extra buttons of her blouse while she had been alone in her office.

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On Suyin being deceitful, s3 e5 is another example. When Korra asks "What happened between you two?", Suyin goes off on a censored explanation of what really occurred. For example, she says "When I was sixteen I left home to explore the world." As we later found out, she was forced to flee home so Toph could cover her mess XD If you really watch the scene, you'll notice the question is almost completely evaded in favor of a fanciful/egotistical narrative about how Zaofu came into existence.

that’s true…. good point…. one could consider that lying…..  
as part of her whole “nothing is ever MY fault” approach to life. 

which is why I sometimes wonder about THIS moment:

is this the first time Su has ever took responsibility and apologized for anything? 
or is she trying to emotionally manipulate her son with a “look you made your mother cry, are you happy now?” tactic?

We have our own insecurities. We may feel stupid when someone is better, when we experienced failure, when you never get anything right or when we are not like others. We feel unattractive just because we’re fat. There will come a time nobody wants to be your friend or no one will ever love you. We may feel that we can never accomplish anything. All of these negative feelings that will only put us down. Why are we feeling this? Is this our fault? Does physical appearance really matter? Does jealousy will help you to become better?

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in HIS OWN IMAGE; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” We are created by the Lord in HIS OWN IMAGE. How beautiful the Lord is! I want to share to you two of my mom’s patient for today.

  1. A charming small little girl entered our clinic this morning. She’s really cute with a big smile on her face. Her height is like a 2-3 year old child and she’s chubby. My mom called me so I can observe. They came because the little girl has colds. My mom ask about the little girl because she seems not to be normal. The little girl’s mom started to talked about her daughter’s condition. That charming little girl is in fact 7 years old already! She’s attending school but have difficulty in coping with her lessons. She has a buffalo lump and hirsutism as well.
  2. A high school student, maybe she’s already 13-14 years old, came to our clinic this afternoon with her mom due to her acne. She have acne and her face is reddish already but she still have her make up on! C'mon kid! She also then mentioned of taking GLUTATHIONE!!! because she wants to achieve that “mala-artista” skin!

Okay. Two different patient, two different scenarios with only one realization. People always look at what we can see. We always prioritize those who LOOKS beautiful and forget about those who are beautiful INSIDE. We always takes time to put make-ups on our face and forget the real meaning of beauty. I am not telling you to forget all about taking good care of yourself because it is also important. It is part of being healthy as well. But we must know that what the Lord appreciate is not what other people see but what is in our hearts. We must take our time more in praying, being a good person and serving others than any other events only people can see.

━ i’ve been staring out the window for the past half-hour now, trying not to break anything since i don’t want to pay for any damages. all because i was too excited for my pizza, but really, it’s not my fault either way. so ━ i’ve ordered a pizza and i haven’t had one in like a month so it’s understandable i was so excited for it. but when it finally arrived i ran to the door, flung it open and lost my footing so i fell forward ! that’s not even the bad part here though; the pizza guy dropped my damn pizza to catch me and had the AUDACITY to tell me “didn’t know you were gonna fall for me”. needless to say, i never slammed that door so fast in my life.

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congrats on 200! so cool. if you don't have any requests for burping contests yet (and you'd like one) how about during the second year study sessions? saeko tanaka is my fav but her little bro is pretty great too so if you'd like to write something with him here's an excuse? if not thanks for so many awesome reads! definitely not going anywhere. we heart you fairy kinkmother.

AN: if you ever spot me on a full moon i will be dancing around a bonfire in my backyard, wearing red lipstick and a leather jacket, screaming saeko tanaka’s name into the night. she is my wIFE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND

the fairy kinkmother always delivers

In spite of it being a study session, Chikara thought it was really amazing just how little actual studying ever actually got done.

It wasn’t the fault of any one individual person. Nishinoya had the attention span of a small bird in regards to anything that wasn’t volleyball; Tanaka lacked any and all academic motivation; Kinoshita was an enabler; and Narita, while actually was capable of studying, didn’t actually need it.

Chikara sometimes felt like his life was a sitcom – or a sports anime with a very strong comedic streak. Whichever it was, sometimes he just wanted to find the writers, shake them by the shoulders, and scream “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?”

Now was one of those times.

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I was pretty excited about Sulu being gay in Beyond until I read George Takei’s response to it, and Simon Pegg’s response to Takei…and now I’m just frustrated. Especially with fandom. It’s so insulting and reductive to dismiss this as, “older people just don’t get it!” and I’ve seen a lot of that. And are we really 100% okay with a straight person dismissing a queer person’s views on representation? Really?

Not to mention that if a new, queer character in this movie were “primarily defined by their sexuality”, whose fault would that be? Oh, right, Simon Pegg’s, because he wrote it. So is he saying that he is incapable of creating a three-dimensional queer character, or that audiences are too dumb/backwards to see them as anything but “the gay one”? I’m sure he meant the latter, in which case, a) most people who would dismiss Sulu in that way already have, simply because Sulu’s TOS actor is gay; and b) you cannot hope to make progress without taking risks, which necessarily include giving people at least a little bit of credit for being capable of change.

Whatever. I had no intention of seeing this movie anyway. I’ve said this before, but while I adore the Reboot cast and think they’ve done a fantastic job with the material they were given…what they were given is crap. Especially in Into Darkness, which enraged me more than any other movie I’ve seen in my life. And judging by the trailers, Beyond isn’t going to be much better than the first reboot film. So fuck it.

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If that thing about Daryl lashing out and that being why Glenn dies is true, I wouldn't say it Daryl's fault. As an audience, we know it's not going to result in anything good by lashing out, but these characters are under such extreme stress and Daryl has lashed out before, so it's not weird for him to do it after something like that again. Just thought I'd put my two cents in there. It's weird that people are saying it's Daryl's fault, when really, it's all on Negan...but maybe that's just me

I totally understand that, and I do agree. I wouldn’t put the entire blame on Daryl because like you said, Negan is the one with the bat and he’s choosing to kill people. 

The thing that pisses me off the most is that IF Daryl does lash out, it would make no sense? Yeah they’re under emotional pressure but Daryl saw what happened when Glenn lashed out and the first one was free. I can’t see canonical Daryl putting anyone in TF in danger so for them to potentially write in that Daryl causes Glenn to die is absolutely absurd and I hate it. 

We’ve seen Daryl go through guilt, and the most recent person is Denise literally an episode or two before the finale so why on earth we need to see him feel guilty over Glenn is beyond me? And why they feel that it’s okay for a white man to get a MOC killed by another white man is acceptable is also beyond my comprehension. 

Canon Daryl isn’t stupid enough to risk ANYONE’S life by lashing out so if it happens I’m gonna feel like all hope is lost when it comes to writing the characters accurately. 

Internet Friend Wanted

My name is Maisie I am 13 and I live in the UK.

  • I have normal teenage taste in music- Twenty one pilots- Fall out boy- Pvris- My chemical romace- Future- Clean Bandit- Lana del rey- I LOVE Bring me the horizon.
  • My favourite books are- The fault in our stars- paper towns basically anything by john green
  • My hobbies are photography reading and pretty much just playing with my cats.

I have a really good sense of humour- my ideal penpal/internet friend would have a few of the same interests- Preferably someone i could talk to over snapchat. My snapchat is x_maisie1  add me if i dont sound too bad!

Maisie xxx

ashdeer replied to your post “oh no i think i got a crush on someone”

I think the best thing to do would be to let them know that you’re anxious. Don’t let them know why if you don’t think it’s a good idea, but if you’re worried about them being bothered, definitely let them know it’s not their fault and that you’re just going through some stuff. You could work on telling them the rest later once you’ve calmed down a bit and have had time to think.

holy shit, this is some actually really good advice and im both impressed and grateful cuz usually no ones got anything good to add, oh my god, thank you <33333

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What I truly don't get is how everything related to the guys is a stunt? Zigi is a stunt, Hendall is a stunt, Chiam is a stunt, Louielle is a stunt. Freddie is a stunt. What's not a stunt? Like yeah Harry and/or Louis might be bi/gay (I do think they were attracted to each other, but I won't go into the scary soulmate stuff) but seriously not everything is just conspiracy. They are people. They like other people. It's not their fault that they can easily date another hot and famous person.

Part of it is because Larrie can only exist if everything is indeed a conspiracy.

If Larries alone are the ones who can determine what is “real” and what is fake and what is really happening, then they can ensure that nobody else’s words or actions can compromise Larrie. It means if say Cheryl says anything about any Larrie reality then Larries can insist she’s just being made to do it by higher ups. They can use these other conspiracies to build on the Larrie narrative. As though if literally everyone has to fake date, of course now it’s more likely all of Louis’s girlfriends have been fake. 

It’s also because of the conspiracy. So Niall being publicly pap spotted with a girl at an event? Larries have insisted in their own narratives that this type of behavior signifies something is fake, so they have to be consistent and claim they think the same for Niall. Otherwise if they start arguing against it they will find themselves in a position where they start admitting the reasons they find such things fake don’t really make any sense, that it is perfectly reasonable to believe Niall is dating this girl, that paps really will just take shots of everyone. If they start arguing like that, it means all their arguments against Freddie and Danielle getting pap spotted can now be refuted by their own arguments.

So that’s why they go for the Everything Is A Conspiracy route. It’s just laziness from them honestly.

Horse Show Recap

I had such a fun week - it’s been forever since I’ve gone to a show, much less anything more than a one-day. My horse was such a good boy, and seemed to really enjoy himself in the jumpers. Today we went double clear in the classic and ended up 4th due to time faults. I immediately saw where I could have made better turns to take off time, but I’m trying really hard not to beat myself up over it, because I otherwise rode really well, and was so pleased with my boy. We also improved so much even just from the beginning of this week. I’m also reminding myself that this is the first time my horse and I have shown in the jumpers together, so it was mostly about feeling him out and learning how to do it together, and I could not be happier with him!

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why do you hate 5sos?

i don’t hate them. i’m not huge into them or whatever, but i don’t hate them. but i don’t think it needs to be pointed out that they’re just not really part of the scene. i mean they KINDA are i guess. they get talked about in AP sometimes, (but anyone can get talked about in AP if they pay you know? they’re a business) and they’re friends with some of the people in the scene (like all time low) and they’ve obviously been trying to break into the scene for awhile 

they just don’t quite fit

they’re always gonna be more in the one direction scene than our scene i think? 

and it’s not really their fault i guess they’re just doing what’ll get them the most fame (and it’s not like they’re lacking on fan girls or anything) 

but then you have someone like tyler posey who was not involved in the scene at all until what? like a month ago? and he’s on the APMAs and already better accepted than 5sos have been in the years they’ve been trying.