so im doing gothos tower for fave location, and. why did they switch it to red windows?

like. season 1 and early card art(i guess?) had the green tinge going-which i really like, its toxic, and kinda…slimy? it works really well

but. then we get this



sorry card artists, im going green for gothos

octavia tried to commit suicide whilst screaming that she needed to feel something but people still can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that she has severe mental health issues, ptsd and depression… all they do is wish for her death, call her “octagon”, get mad at her for having sex to mask her pain and cry over her hostility towards Bellamy (without understanding that most of the time, those with ptsd take it out on the people they love the most)… anyways, I still hate this fandom and love octavia, have a terrible night x

  • Brain: Make sure you touch that light switch 5 times with each hand
  • Me: Why?
  • Brain: Because you don't want your grandma to get sick
  • Me: WTF???? Those aren't even related??
  • Brain: Probably
  • Brain: But consider this
  • Brain: What IF they were?
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: What kind of shit person are you, risking your grandma's health just so you don't have to do that simple thing?
  • Me: Good point

guys can I share a headcanon I really like even though it’s kinda extreme??

tbh I headcanon Alfred as being trans
like idk why but
-he hates cross dressing (like alot)
-isnt really sexual (ik he’s asexual but I mean it could be for other reasons)
-he’s not very dominant or anything (not saying ‘women’ can’t be dominant but you get what I mean)

idk I just really like it and it kinda is cute in a way?? I dk-

if ka//ura is canon then i will be stuck with a permanent cringe for the rest of my life


olly: okay so its not that im not happy to see you but… why r u here?? its still daytime. u could get burned!! :(

etta: forget about that!! i have very important news… im um pregnant?



olly: YES!!!!! all i ever wanted in life was to become DAD

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sending yousef away was pointless for me if he wasn't going to appear. SO, at least they should had given us a facetime... anyway, the final speech was good because is skam's end but i think they have left a lot of plot holes of s4 (elias behaviour, bakka, sana and yousef working in their relation,jamilla...)

literally all of the open plot holes you mentioned were of brown people and if that doesnt tell you anything then idk what does


this is the funniest thing ive seen in a while