what im sick of
  • being judged for liking one direction because “they’re gay”
  • being judged for liking taylor swift because “she’s dated so many guys”
  • being judged for liking 5 Seconds of Summer because they’re “One Direction wannabes”
  • being judged for wanting to go to warped tour because it’s either too “emo” or “mainstream” (i dont get how those coincide but)
  • being judged for liking bands like green day, blink 182, nirvana, etc. because “i’m being a typical ‘white girl’ and pretending to like bands i know nothing about” or because “theyre associated with mainstream bands so thats the only reason you like them” (which is not a valid reason but still) even though that was the music i grew up on
  • being judged for ANY of my music taste. no matter what you listen to, people have to be critics for no reason. someone’s music taste isn’t any of your concern, so accept it and move on with your life. i dont care about what you listen to. if you like it enjoy it all you want. but dont judge me just because we share different opinions.

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It's been Harry's birthday for just a few hours and there are already more people who have wished him Happy Birthday than the people who congratulated Louis on his first child. How people cannot fine this strange is beyond words.

Aaaaah, this seems quite on point to me! Very much on point!

But, hey, it’s all normal, why would one even question it?!

Adam and flower crowns headcanons

this is really niche but i had a thought and now i really need this so… I’m sorry

  • it starts when cabeswater starts sending them to say thank you for being its magician, the morning after he’s been forced to wake-up at 2am to go and move a stray branch he wakes up and there is a flower crown of roses under his pillow, he thinks this is ridiculous and just leaves it there
  • Cabeswater is not up for that and persists, everyday he wakes up with gradually increasing amounts of flower crowns all over his bed until he gives in and wears one to go to Ninos
  • cue stunned silence from the others when he arrives, Noah and Blue are the first to recover and obsess over how insanely cute their friend is and insist that they need some too, Adam is more than happy to oblige (at this point there are almost 40 of the things all over his room and they aren’t even going bad, just multiplying!) Gansey is also blown away by this new look and says that is suits him
  • RONAN LYNCH HAS NO CHILL, is Parrish really trying to kill him? Is he doing this on purpose? why does the stupid idiot look so fucking cute? this is not fair. he remains uncharacteristically silent for the remainder of the meal
  • Blue comes over to his apartment one day because he needs to find something to do with the stupid things, they are EVERYWHERE. Subsequently they spend the day doing some intense floral arts and crafts, by the end of the day they have: covered the tree in Blue’s room with petals, added copious amounts of roses to nearly all of the clothes Blue owns and attempted to make perfume (the perfume is by far the least successful of their ventures, Noah suggested adding cinnamon and poured in the whole jar, it smells like the place cookies go to die)
  • But people at Blue’s school notice that she has the nicest flowers in her hair and ask about it, all of the sudden Blue and Adam are running a blackmarket in flower crowns 
  • At this point the flower crowns have become Adam’s signature look (there is a petition circulating 300 fox way to change his nickname from coca-cola shirt to flower boy)
  • Ronan and Gansey aren’t even sure how it happened but now even monmouth had fallen victim to the flower crowns, they are EVERYWHERE, Gansey tries one on and decides to try and make a literal ‘crown’ out of flowers and spends a weeks worth of nights neglecting the henrietta model in favour of making an entirely historically accurate copy of Glendower’s crown out of daisies
  • When Adam and Ronan eventually start dating Ronan finds himself also losing against the flower crown war, he keeps dreaming them and having to hide them, there are drawers overflowing with flowers in his room, Adam eventually finds them and thinks that it is cute, Ronan insists that its not
  • One day Aglionby has a non-uniform day and Adam wears a flower crown because at this point it’s second nature, the other boys in his classes have only slightly more chill than Ronan, the entire day is filled with whispers of “no homo dude, but Adam Parrish looks fucking adorable”, no one can concentrate, entire academic careers are  ruined, anarchy reigns supreme 
I gave this meme a shot! (Rebornica edition)

Hi! I will be auditioning as Pilot from the (soon to be released) webcomic made by rebornica! I will be singing the song “I’m On top of The World” by Imagine Dragons!

Hi! I will be auditioning as Vendetta from the webcomic by rebornica! I will be signing the song “The Bad Touch” by The Blood hound Gang. (AKA The forbidden song)

halloween costumes that i come up with off the top of my head

aries- sexy kitty

taurus- ninja

gemini- frick i dunno be a pumpkin

cancer- pair of scissors

leo- panda

virgo- ballerina

libra- cupcake with a lot of sprinkles

scorpio- lol be a spider

sagittarius- just go as urself and ask ppl to guess who you are

capricorn- go as ur fav band member

aquarius- dress up as one of your siblings. print out a picture of their face and wear it as a mask.

pisces- star butterfly from stvfoe

  • Brain:Make sure you touch that light switch 5 times with each hand
  • Me:Why?
  • Brain:Because you don't want your grandma to get sick
  • Me:WTF???? Those aren't even related??
  • Brain:Probably
  • Brain:But consider this
  • Brain:What IF they were?
  • Me:...
  • Brain:What kind of shit person are you, risking your grandma's health just so you don't have to do that simple thing?
  • Me:Good point
  • me on sept 25, 2015:it's fucked up that you can't even put a flower under a tree in hhd
  • me now:it's fucked up that you can't even put a flower under a tree in hhd
  • me on my deathbed:it's fucked up that you can't even put a flower under a tree in hhd
  • my tombstone:it's fucked up that you can't even put a flower under a tree in hhd