nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to the feeling of utter gut wrenching, chest smashing grief of watching JVJ die……it’s so fun to love the Amis and experience the euphoria of Do U Hear the Ppl Sing and let yourself believe for a moment that les miser-fucking-ables is about those kids and their passion for freedom BUT LOOK, ValJ out lives them all and once you arrive at the finish line of the EPILOGUE, once you’ve dragged yourself through the sadness of Fantine and Eponine and Gavroche and the Amis, and then YOU HEAR IT?? The DAMN REPRISE of Fantines death, WITH THE SLOW MOURNFUL OBOE THAT ECHOES MY WEEPING and “Now you are here….” begins and suddenly you just FUCKING REMEMBER JEAN VALJEAN and how we started with him two hours ago, angry and bitter and shaking his fist at the world and NOW WE ARE HERE watching a man who has overcome so much, DYING, watching a man who changes himself, who knew he couldn’t fix the whole world and decided to focus on just one woman, and then just one child’s happiness FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE 

And you’re just sitting there in your seat, watching him die

and you think, with the hazy cloud of tears in your eyes and that damn melody echoing in your ears, that Les Miserables is about him, it’s about Jean Valjean. And how he loved so damn much. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. FANTINE IS THERE AND SO IS EPONINE AND HE STANDS UP AND HIS BLANKET COMES OFF AND HE’S HALOED IN WHITE LIGHT AND YOU KNOW HE’S GONE and then those fuckers say it……. the entire point of les Mis

To love another person is to see the face of God

and it’s over. You’re DONE. TEARS. because damnit, they’re right. And somehow SOMEHOW grief is suddenly replaced by some kind of pure redemptive light in your chest—no your SOUL—and it’s back ……..Do u hear the ppl sing.


nothing compares to the feeling of true, complete, overwhelming, bitter sweet, utter PEACE of knowing that Valjean’s life is over and that his fucking love that came from the Bishop and touched Fantine’s life and Cosette’s and Marius’ and even javert’s is gonna continue to live throughout the rest of TIME AND SPACE and even

live through you too

what a fucking show. damnit. Shit. Ain’t nothing like it my dudes

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Ya doing kinkcanons for horror bois? I need to know about Jason and leatherface then. Cause we all know they respect wamen 😤💯👌

My kinkcanons for dem bois who respect wamen:

Jason Voorhees:

- Loves to cuddle after sex, especially for a long time.
- Huge fan of foreplay.
- Loves both vanilla and hardcore.
- Loves to fuck both with and without his mask on.
- Bites a lot (that’s his shit) especially on thighs and on the chest, and loves leaving lots of marks. 
- Loves to give his partner oral.
- At first he’s very gentle and wants to make sure he doesn’t harm his partner in any ways. But as soon as they’ve gotten to know each other more he releases his inner animal.
- Likes to be both submissive and dominating.
- Loves to fuck his partner up the wall.
- Has no problem with experimenting new positions or try out new toys.
- Is very selfish and won’t share his partner with anyone.
- Cums in big loads.

Leatherface (Bubba Sawyer):

- Is very submissive.
- Fucks with his mask on.
- Loves being dominated and called names.
- Loves being humiliated.
- Doesn’t mind to watch his partner being fucked. Is a watcher.
- Big cuddler, sometimes he would rather cuddle instead of having sex.
- Loves to bite.
- Likes trying new sex toys.
- Will worship the fuck out of his partner’s body.

My Ghostface kinkcanons.

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Im just imagining CROC finding a batch of orphan newborn merpups by some shore. So they take them back to the HQ, and is bombarded the whole lost light pod. A few of them pick up the six pups, and start grooming their fins and scales while cuddling their tiny body to give them warmth. The little ones just peeps indigiantly, their eyes still not fully open. The HQ is soon filled with purring from both the pups and their adoptive merguardians. ❤

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Yesssss more headcanons and imagines of adopted pups being taken in and loved by their guardians.

I love this idea to bits but at the same time you’re implying here that there will be other seaformers who will get a chance to take the orphaned pups in if the liaison brought them to CROC and, later, the Lost Light pod after the babies get a clear bill of health to be taken in by now parents.

Because do you wanna know who is going to claim those orphaned pups moment they hear about it? Just straight up say, ‘THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN NOW HISSSSSSSS’ and no one dares fight them in fear for their own mortal souls?

That’s right- Chromedome an Rewind. It’ll be a great way for the couple to have pups to call their own. Seeing as how there is a real risk Chromedome could hurt Rewind thanks to not only due to Rewind’s minimer status - he very tiny! - but because of Chromedome’s poisonous quills.

I don’t know why but it’s been headcanoned by my friends and I that these two would have a huge litter of pups. Some from the results of (very) careful mating sessions while the majority are orphaned/stranded pups who they took in after they learn about the babies needing a new home. The liaison, at some point, will end up simply going, ‘Looks like Chromedome and Rewind will be adding to their litter’ if they or CROC learn about some stranded pups needing homes. )

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Positivity Friday: I FINALLY got a formal diagnosis of autism! I am a 27 trans man and the assessor said I was "The most obviously autistic person he's ever seen!" I cried happy and now I feel free to stim and ask for accomadations and just to BE. you know? I feel like...I don't have to question my mental health anymore. It's been too long and I am SOOO happy.

Yay! I’m so happy for you! I got my diagnosis recently, too, and I know that validation is such a great feeling!


h holy sh it


A friend of mine sent me a text and was all, “Hey you like snakes right????” and I was all, “IS THE EARTH ROUND?” and then she was all, “My dad breeds snakes (which I vaguely remember from the one time I went to her house in high school but I wasn’t really into snakes then)!” and then she sent me these pics of two BPs who’re het for albino and two HONDURAN MILK SNAKES WHICH I HAVE LOWKEY ALWAYS BEEN IN LOVE W.

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Slashers react to being kissed for the first time?

The first time the slashers are kissed…

//Kind of put it into a headcannon/drabble if that’s alright. Enjoy~


  • It was about 4 in the morning, you and Freddy stayed awake to watch your favorite movies all night. 
  • He kept wanting you to go to bed, as he could feel your exhaustion radiating off of you.
  • You had refused to go to sleep after the fifth movie, giving him the reason that you didn’t want him to pull anything dumb while you were asleep, that and you wanted to watch just one more.
  • He’s been teasing you all night with snarky comments, so you decide to tease him back in your own way.
  • You gave him a quick kiss and walked away as if it were nothing, just to see what he would do.
  • Freddy is a really good kisser, as it turns out. 

You and Fred had been up for about 19 hours, binging your favorite movies all night. All week you begged him to watch with you, and he caved in after a hundredth time you’d asked. The giant bowl of popcorn next to you was now nearly empty, a few empty energy drink cans crushed and put to the side, candy wrappers crumpled into a small pile, it was a mess all around the couch. The credits appeared on screen, telling you to put in the next disc. You stretch as you get up, bones cracking and popping as you yawn.
“Shouldn’t you get some sleep?” he questioned.
You shake your head lazily in reply, looking at him with a gentle smile beneath your dark circled eyes.
“I could watch that movie over and over and never get tired of it.” you sigh, though you can see Freddy’s eyes roll.
“It wasn’t incredible.”
You acted offended and stick your tongue out, putting your hands on your hips and leaning in front of him. Your face was 2 inches away from his, and you glared at him with the hardest stare you could muster. It turned into a staring contest, and you were just about to burst out laughing, but not before your impulsive thoughts turned into actions. Leaning in even closer, you surprise Freddy by giving him a smooch on his top lip. Your heart was thumping heavily against your ribs as you quickly sit up and turn on your heel, picking up the empty popcorn bowl while doing so, leaving him stunned behind you. Once he snaps out of his daze, he jumps up, loudly complaining, “Hey, no fair!”
You turn your head over your shoulder and stick out your tongue playfully. He’s in front of you in less than a second, making you gasp and stop in your tracks. Grasping your hair with his left hand, he pulls you into a hot-blooded kiss. While holding you in place, he caresses your neck while biting your lip gently. He pulls away smirking, leaving you wide-eyed and blushing.
Freddy ruffles your hair and saunters back over to the couch.
“I win.”


  • The first time you kiss Jason, he’s confused as hell.
  • He’s not sure why anyone would want to kiss him in the first place, unless it was his loving mother.
  • Jason’s chest starts to feel a bit jittery, which puzzles him further as he’s never really felt that before.
  • Doesn’t really know what to do next, so he boops your forehead with his mask in response, hoping to return to you the same warm feelings you gave him.

You and Jason weren’t doing much at the time, just listening to music on the radio to drown out the pouring rain and crashing thunder outside. His breathing was steady and his eyes closed, relishing the opportunity to relax without any distractions. 

A particularly loud crack of thunder sounds, white light flashing through the windows. Jason’s eyes snap open and his breathing becomes uneven as he wraps his arms around you protectively. You squeeze his arm reassuringly, and though he reluctantly lets you go, you stand up and walk to the windows, covering them with dark curtains. You turn the volume up on the radio ever so slightly. Shushing him gently, you walk back into his open arms and lay your head on his chest comfortably.

 With little to no hesitation, you press a kiss to the chin of his mask. Jason was a little confused and wasn’t sure how to react, so he just stayed still for a bit. After a few minutes of him processing what happened, he nudges your forehead with the lower half of his mask to hopefully return the sweet gesture. When you let out a small giggle, Jason rests his face in between your neck and shoulder, sighing contently. 


  • You were spending the night with Michael, not really for any reason other than to be there with him.
  • After you both ate, you asked if he’d like to watch a movie, too, which he thankfully agreed to.
  • While sitting on the floor in front of a TV, your eyes start wandering over to his form, not thinking twice about the chance of him catching you staring
  • You lean over and kiss his mask without thinking
  • Michael’s kind of shocked and looks away, and you’re worried you upset him
  • When he lifts up his mask, your worries wash away.

You had been planning a night with Michael to spend time together, holding each other, eating a nice dinner, and maybe watching a movie. It was around evening, and you prepared a really nice dinner. Michael ended up wolfing down the meal, as it was extremely rare for him to get his hands on real food. After helping you clean up, you made the offer to watch a movie or two, as you had brought a few with you. 

His eyes were fixed on the small TV, watching the VHS film intently as light the light from the screen flashed over his emotionless mask. Both of you were sitting on the floor in front of the screen, a small space between you and him. Your eyes had strayed from the film and were drawn to him instead. His broad chest rose and fall with his breathing. Michael’s giant shoulders hunched as he leaned forward to see the picture better. With your eyes trailing upwards, you observe his slightly scarred neck just above the popped collar of his coveralls, then you rested your gaze on the face of his mask, and you could faintly see his eyes through the eyeholes. His big, beautiful, blue-grey eyes just held so many stories and memories, but none that he would ever share.

He doesn’t seem to notice you leaning over until you give a quick kiss on the cheek of his mask. He shuffled a little and looked off to the side for a minute, and you think you may have offended or upset him. Your heart drops at the thought. Surprisingly, Michael sloughs off his mask and turns to you, back straightened and long hair covering most of his face and eyes. His head tilted downwards and he stared at you beneath his eyebrows. Pointing to his lips with a very faint smile, he murmurs, “A kiss right here would be nice.”


  • You and Bubba are staying up late, reading to him while he listens to your melodic voice
  • After realizing how tired you actually are, you throw the idea of going to bed out there.
  • Bubba reluctantly agrees to go to sleep.
  • After giving him a goodnight kiss, his heart just soars and he becomes so happy that he kisses you all over your face.
  • He’s never really been kissed by someone, especially not by someone who really meant it.

You were reading a lengthy book aloud with Bubba in your room, his arms wrapped around your waist as you leaned against his chest. He was spacing out just listening to your smooth, gentle voice reading one of his favorite stories. After finishing a particularly long chapter, you yawn and look at your watch, it’s almost 2 am.

“Bubba, we both need some sleep, it’s getting late. I’ll read more tomorrow, alrighty?”

He whines quietly and slightly squeezes your side, not wanting to leave you. You shush him softly and press a kiss onto his lips through his mask. Bubba’s face practically glows bright red. Head to toe, he’s just blushing, covering his face with his hands while mumbling and giggling happily. Nearly squishing you with his arms he rocks back in forth he gives you little kisses on your face and neck as you giggle. When Bubba calms down, he just holds you tightly for a while. You feel yourself beginning to nod off

“Tomorrow I’ll read more” you repeated, “Okay, Bubba?” He nods and releases you from his grasp. Before you exit the door, he bounds to his feet and is by your side in a second, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you backwards, giving you a quick sugary kiss on your cheek. You chuckle slightly and blush, leading him back onto the bed and making him lie down. Blowing out several candles, you look at Bubba’s tired eyes. Gently placing your hand on his masked cheek, you whisper, “Goodnight.” With that, you walk out and softly close the door.


// ╰(・∇・╰) starter / plotter call! meaning i may make a random starter or pop into your im with some ideas! i might be a bit selective with these just because i do tend to get a lot of drafts at times and feel a bit overwhelmed. but figured this would be a good way to get some new interactions and plots going!