SamBucky fic where Sam constantly refers to Bucky as “your friend” to Steve whenever Bucky pulls Some Shit™. This ranges from endangering himself on a mission to “eating my last fucking pop-tart Barnes!  And leaving the empty box in the pantry!? who raised you?!”

“Steve, your friend is getting on my last nerve. You bring this stranger into my home and-”

“You’ve been dating for 6 months”

“You bring this stranger into MY home!”

Louis rented the nicest cabin he could find on the easy side of the mountain in 2011. He rented the easy side because Harry didn’t know how to ski. So 4 guys got a cabin with 5 bedrooms and 3 floors for 5 days. It was the end of the season, so discounted rates, but they still paid around $1,500 US total. Just for the cabin! When they didn’t have much money! They tweeted about it, about how much fun they were having, they messed around on twitcams. Harry posted a picture of himself with Louis even though Stan and Jonny went, too!

Then they flew back to London together where their moms picked them up and took them out to dinner and they went flat hunting for the place they lived together for 9 months at least.








Understand the differences.

Thank you.

He was swallowed by the darkness between the stars.

Another version of Rhysand.