This Day in 1D History - September 13



  • Liam answers Twitter questions with Heat (feat. “I’d eat Zayn. Dunno know why, but I would.”)
  • boys meet fans (and Harry overshares) outside the Daybreak studio
  • Liam shows off his Calvins (”sorry, Mummy!”) on Daybreak


  • Niall gets suspicious…
  • Niall plays golf in Dublin (because how else would he celebrate his bday)
  • Harry gets a quick cuddle from Jack Whitehall at Ray Ban’s 75th Anniversary party


  • Zilo / Narry German ProSieben interviews posted


  • Liam wishes Niall happy birthday :)))


  • Niall celebrates with Vegas (WITH LOUIS)

Have you considered… Amari with a ponytail? 

Okay some of us are getting riled up cause of this Haylor situation but let’s just be proud of the fact that Taylor maintained a friendship after a relationship, which even she said herself, was new and I’m glad that she’s not just in a happy place with herself, but also with Harry. It makes it all the more better that it’s all in the good.

“No, darling,” Cora laughed, gently pushing Robert away from her and straightening her skirt. “That’s quite enough. I’ll be wrinkled.”

Robert nuzzled back into the warmth of her neck. “I promise to be more mindful,” he breathed against her skin, spreading goosebumps across her flesh. He kissed her softly again.

“Robert,” she sighed happily, closing her eyes and tilting her head to grant him better access.

The past week had been blissful. After all the hurt feelings and neglect, after all the cross words and strained silence, after all the jealousy and temptation, they’d found their way back to one another as they always managed to do. Gratefully and lovingly, they renewed the vows that they all too long ago had promised in the intimacy of their room. Wordlessly. Vows made by the tenderness of touches and tears. They had found love then, and they would never let it go.

With this renewal, there had been a new spark. A new physical attraction between them that hadn’t existed in years. While it was true that they’d always enjoyed the intimate time spent together, there was something new again. Something akin to when they first discovered one another that now created a magnetic-like pull. Hands touched where they could. Lips met when they could. And they made love. Early mornings, Baxter interrupting as she tapped on Cora’s door; stolen moments midday hiding away in her room; at night, Bates being sent home early with a smile.

And now he kissed her, sweetly, in the seclusion of the library before everyone was to meet the children for tea. He whispered endearments and Cora kissed him again. That is, until they heard Mary’s familiar sarcasm filter into their quiet.

Cora took Robert’s hands in hers, and pulled him away. “Darling? Darling, the others,” she whispered as she heard them approaching in the hall, their shoes echoing.

Robert hummed, standing straight and smiled down at her. “Very well,” he grinned. “But we must set aside time for it later-”

“Time for what?” It was Mama.

Robert glanced at Cora before tossing an answer into the air with a quick lift of his brows, “Oh. Something with Mr. Thompson. It’s nothing to worry you with, Mama.”

Violet pursed her lips with a wave of her hand, “I have no interest with the development,” she settled into the red velvet of the sofa. “But I would rather like to know where the two of you were earlier today.”

Cora and Robert exchanged a quick glance. Cora recalled precisely where they were when Mama had stopped by an hour before luncheon. They were in her room. They were in her bed, Cora having feigned the need for a lie down and Robert having stolen away quietly to meet her there.

“I waited for close to an hour to speak to you.” She drummed her fingers on her cane.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mama.” Cora sighed with a shake of her head. She moved to the other sofa, next to Edith and Rose, and sat down. “I had a bit of a headache.”

Violet hummed.

“Hello, Nanny,” Tom stood as Nanny entered with the grandchildren. Sybbie giggled happily and reached her hands toward him. “Sybbie, my love.”

“Daddy!” She laughed as he leaned down to kiss her.

Robert held out his hand to George. “Good afternoon, George! Sybbie.”

Much more shy, their grandson nestled his face into Mary’s lap, and she stroked his blond hair. Sybbie jumped up and down at the sight of her grandfather.

“My, but she does remind me of Sybil,” Violet smiled at Cora who nodded. Warmth filled her heart.

“Hello, Donk.” Robert sighed and picked up a tea cup from the tray that Barrow had placed on the table. The others laughed quietly.

She walked to Cora, then, and put her hand on Cora’s lap. “And hello, Flower.”

The room seemed to go silent, and Cora’s cheeks burned hotly. Oh dear.

“Flower?” Mary asked with a raised brow and then brought her eyes to Cora.

“Oh,” Cora blinked and tried to wear an expression of indifference, but it was fruitless. She looked at Robert.

Sybbie looked around, “Yes. She’s Flower.” She rose on her toes. “Donk’s Flower!”

“Sybbie, darling, shh-” Cora leaned toward her.

“Donk’s Flower?” Mary sat up straighter and looked at both of her parents.

“Donk said she’s his flower,” Sybbie twisted toward her aunt and smiled. “And then he kissed her!” She hopped again.

“Oh, Cousin Robert!” Rose brought her fingers to her mouth, covering an adoring curl to her lips.

Violet tilted her head. “I see.” She looked at her cane as she twisted it on the rug, “Perhaps, Robert, you and your flower,” she peered meaningfully at Cora, “should keep to your garden.”

Robert shook his head as all the others laughed.