I don’t understand why people are saying Mary is 100% innocent. Like, yes, she’s not a bad person but the whole “Omg but she never ACTUALLY cheated on Joseph, it was just flirting!!” thing is really kinda gross.

Like, it don’t matter that she didn’t actually rob the bank, Karen, she was still casing the joint.

That silly idea that you were thinking of writing? Write it. 

That embarrassing self-insert that you made? Write a story where they make out with someone you’d like. 

That oc who’s just a little too overpowered, maybe? Keep writing them. You’ll just have to make ridiculously powerful villains.

In a short amount of time you could die, and the universe will not care if you wrote about that self-insert, or typed up that silly story, or indulged in that oc. So why not do it? Fuck it.

Dear young lesbians,

It’s okay to like girls. It’s okay to be crazy about them and to dream about kissing them. It’s okay to want to have sex with them, you are not a fetish. It’s okay to stop dead in your tracks when you see a beautiful girl and your mind goes blank because holy heck you’re so gay. It’s okay to have crushes on girls and to want to be with them. Sometimes, coming to terms with your sexuality is hard; it’s a process. Take your time.

  • <p> <b>Dick:</b> *compares skin tone to Jason's* You're pretty pale, Jay.<p/><b>Damian:</b> *also compares* You really are.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Yeah well it's kinda hard to tan when you're dead.<p/><b>Dick:</b> ...<p/><b>Damian:</b> Huh. I would have thought the hell fire would've given you some color.<p/><b>Jason:</b> *throws Damian across the room*<p/></p>
Daily positivity ✨☀️

It’s okay to have thighs that touch
It’s okay to have acne
It’s okay to have big arms
It’s okay to have small lips
It’s okay to have cellulite
It’s okay to have crooked teeth
It’s okay to have scars
It’s okay to have small breast
It’s okay to have wide hips
It’s okay to have a flabby stomach
It’s okay to love yourself, okay?