TOZX finale

The game had bad parts. The manga had bad parts. The novel had bad parts. The anime had bad parts. We hated those.

The game had good parts. The manga had good parts. The novel had good parts. The anime had good parts. We loved those.

Just mix and match everything for the Definitive Edition, guys.

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What is your onion on Soviet Union? Where can i read unbiased history on this coz i found most works on USSR are too pro-West and anti communist. Thanks for cucking.

its complicated maybe ill give my fuller opinion sometime in the future. regardless if you want a relatively balanced book about soviet history ive been reading volume 1 of stephen kotkin biography on stalin which goes up to 1928. even though its a biography its goes really really in depth in the greater socio-economic situations and its pretty good its more like a book about the history of the soviet union with stalin’s life as a frame of reference 

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Do you think furuta has ever shown a good side of himself? Some are saying that in that omake where he covers up kijima while sleeping though no one was there to see him

I’m sure that he’s not all bad- no tg character (or real person) ever is! I actually find characters like Furuta really hard to get a grasp of their motives so I’m not sure if I can give a convincing explanation of my thoughts. 

One aspect to his character that I think complicates things is its hard to tell just how far Furuta immerses himself into his different personas, even when no one else is around. I can imagine he’d be a method actor. He did put the blanket on Kijima yet he also stepped on (or ‘disrespected’) his corpse. I can’t tell if that was meant to be his true distaste towards Kijima coming out or if it’s a general indifference towards death and the notion that you should respect the dead. Considering his morbid birthday poem, I’m tempted to entertain the latter is at least a part of it. Whereas Urie holds a lot in the idea of having a body to mourn, I can imagine Furuta taking the stance that once you’re dead the body is basically (for lack of a better word) just a hunk of meat.

Considering how conflicting all his actions are, I can’t really say one way or the other whether covering Kijima in the blanket was an act of kindness or ‘acting kindness’. I’m just going to sit back and wait for more insight on his character!

AU where they still don’t know each other’s identity and they’re both in their 20′s and Marinette gets pregnant and when she finds out she tells Chat that she can’t be around for a while cause she’s preggers and Chat’s kinda upset but then Marinette tells Adrien and he’s like wOAH OH MY GOD and then it’s just Adrien sneaking out for patrol at night while Marinette just kinda whatevers. Bonus points if she’s like ‘OH MY GOD ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME’

but the best part is the reveal

Marinette brings the baby on her first night back to patrolling. The baby’s in a baby carrier and he’s sleeping. Very cold, he wears a beanie.

‘this is my son louis’

‘thats my son louis’



Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his