Link Round-up: Beyoncé's "Formation" Of Cultural Perseverance and Historical Trauma
Beyoncé's "Formation" Of Cultural Perseverance and Historical Trauma

One week after Beyoncé ‘s newest single and music video “Formation” was dropped, voices from across the aethernets are still buzzing. The video collapses historical linear time,  unapologetic and demanding in its visual college of the complicated history of southern US black culture. It is not steampunk, but engages in the historical narrative in the tradition of other African diasporic art movements I admire, such as afrofuturism and steamfunk, and deserves to be highlighted.



Day 13 (Feb 13th): Brett Dalton
AU/Fan Theory

Jason Bourne AU

“The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity. The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still.”

Quotes from a 3 am phone conversation with my brother

“I’m almost halfway done killing myself”

“Start getting used to penises in preparation for when we go see deadpool. Watch some gay porn or something.”

“My love for undertale is very complicated now due to how the internet has absorbed and butt raped it. It’s still my game of the year, but now I think of it as a tainted lover. The love of my life in fact, but this lover has contracted herpes, and the stuff has spread all over it’s mouth and butt hole. I still love it to death, I still want it in my life, but I want it to sleep on the couch, you know?”

“Oh my gosh, change your skype picture. You look like a mannequin of yourself. It looks like a Chantal you’d find in a wax people museum. I didn’t know you were selling action figures of yourself.”

“Kiwi (our family dog) is acting like a total female dog right now, and I think it’s because mom’s still on her trip to california. I mean, she’s more obsessed than ever with the tennis ball, and I kind of want to throw it away, but I’d feel like a monster. That ball is her universe, I can’t imagine what it would do to her if I just got rid of it.”

“Oh your dorm bathroom smells terrible? Let me share a sound with you that will instantly give you oxygen.”


There’s a difference between keeping something a secret and keeping something private.

Secret: not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others

Private: belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only

Grace has said time and time again that she wants to keep parts of her personal life private. This means there are things that belong to her, not her and her audience. We know she’s with Chester. That’s not a secret. However, we don’t talk with Grace about Chester because that’s private. 

See the difference?

Hot Chocolate

Fun fact: in the Legends universe, Luke absolutely loves hot chocolate to the point where, after its availability is greatly diminished (due to an over-complicated story line) he uses his position as Jedi Master to secure a supply. In the meantime, both the Imperials and smugglers look down on hot chocolate for being (a) lower-class and (b) non-alcoholic.

In other news, Luke Skywalker has cemented his place as the original precious cinnamon roll of Star Wars.

People wanting or not wanting to shave, do their nails, or wear makeup, is not misogynistic.

Other people expecting feminine or female people to to shave, so their nails, or wear makeup, is misogynistic.

Other people expecting masculine or male people not to shave, do their nails, or wear makeup, is misogynistic.

It all comes down to a choice that no one has the right to make for another person. Do what makes you happy. Never mind what other people do with their own bodies.

Sapat na sa kanyang magustuhan ang isang bagay o tao, pero ayaw niya itong mahalin. Iba ang gusto sa mahal. Sa simpleng aritmetik: gusto is want. Mahal is need. Maari kasing mahalin ang isang bagay kahit hindi mo gusto, pero parang mahirap gustuhin ang isang bagay na hindi mo mahal.
—  It’s Not That Complicated, Eros Atalia