it’s gettin’ there..
slowly, but it’s gettin’ there…
Drake -- Taylor Swift, Katy Perry & John Mayer ... No Bad Blood at My 30th Bday (PHOTOS + VIDEO)
Drake celebrated his BIG 3-0 Sunday night with a stacked guest list, but it was exes Taylor Swift and John Mayer who stuck out.

also the inquisitr bullshit version here -

which explains at least the background of this anon i got a few hours ago and didn’t post right then because wtf:

Taylor was pictured looking drunk af at drake’s bday party with a $2 bill stuck i down her top. 😂

which okay, at least now i know she at least was at a bday party with drake, but that second half is some bizarre shit. obviously what actually happened was she was smuggling a pair of nerf balls in for a pickup game after the cake.

anyway, until the album starts doom and glooming our way or something actually more tom related starts burrowing out of the pauper’s gravepit, i’m going to be easing back on posting taylor-only shit for the following express reasoning:

i really don’t give a shit.

When the GOP thinks they can get women, gay people, and minorities to vote for them without changing their anti-gay, anti-woman, and anti-minority policies

But what if Stefan leaves her multiple messages throughout the episode and by accident he says, “I love you.”